Canada’s Top 3 Universities for Engineering

You know what you want to be—an engineer. So, it’s time to dive headfirst into your career, right? RIGHT? Not yet. You need post-secondary education and maybe some experience in engineering before you can move on to the first level of your career … and then you can start making money. So, how can you get from point A to point B in your career?

With post-secondary education, dear friends. If you’re undecided whether enrolling in university is the right path, you should read 4 Questions To Help You Decide If University Is For You.

If you’re still interested in engineering after reading that, (be warned, there are MANY areas in engineering to choose from) there are also MANY schools to narrow down. But which ones are the top of the top in Canada?

University of Toronto Engineering

Graduates walking past University of Toronto building, Engineering
U of T

If you choose U of T, be prepared to work your butt off. Although it’s respected for spewing out a high number of Nobel Prize winners and successful individuals that can be found leading the way for engineering, you will be expected to work HARD. This includes investing time in extracurriculars. Not to mention that the Government of Ontario invested $15 million in U of T Engineering’s new Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship. U of T is ranked within the top 13 world universities for global employability, AND the city of Toronto (where you will be studying) ranks among the top 10 for innovation and opportunity in the WORLD. Who is ready to sign up?!

Waterloo Engineering

Waterloo University's Open House, Engineering
University of Waterloo

Want to work while you learn? Or learn while you work? 100% of Waterloo Engineering students are in co-op! This can lead to an average earning of $14,670 per term over 6 co-op terms, so you can pay for tuition, books, rent, and maybe even FOOD. We all need to eat. Waterloo offers the largest co-op program on the flippin’ PLANET with connections to more than 6,900 employers. This means you gain 2 years of work experience before you graduate! The only benefit, or drawback (depending on how you look at it), can be based around Waterloo’s direct-entry. Direct-entry implies that you have to choose ONE area of engineering to pursue before entering your first year. So, if you know exactly which area of engineering appeals to you, this might be a perfect fit!

McGill Engineering 

McGill University Building, Engineering
McGill University

Montreal ranks as one of the best student cities IN THE WORLD. Yes, you read that right. With excellent employment opportunities and quality universities, Montreal can’t be beaten!  McGill’s reputation makes it a recognized and respected name around the globe. Similar to Waterloo, McGill offers real-world experience to its students through internships, research, and field study. Unlike Waterloo, co-op is not mandatory so you are free to choose what you want to do!

If you’re looking for assistance paying tuition, check out The Student Life Network’s “Canada’s Luckiest Student” Contest. All of these schools are highly ranked in Canada and offer programs that provide solid reasons to enroll. Based on your interests, you might decide that one school is better than another. However, this is only a small taste of the incredible schools offering engineering programs in Canada. Among them: the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and l’Université de Montréal. But there are SO MANY opportunities and highly-respected post-secondary schools across Canada, how will you ever decide?