The Secret to Liam Elbourne’s Rhodes Scholarship

Congrats to Liam Elbourne, another standout Canadian student who won a Rhodes scholarship.

We’ve already met one of the 11 incredible, inspiring, accomplished Canadian students who won a Rhodes scholarship. That means we don’t need to repeat just how big of a deal it is to win this massive scholarship, which covers grad studies at the University of Oxford. In the case of Liam Elbourne, once you start to learn a bit about him, it’ll be immediately clear how he locked this down.

Who is this guy?

Studying at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Liam Elbourne is in the process of finishing up a BBA in Business and Economics at the Schwartz School of Business. He also happens to be the top-ranked business student at the school for 2017-2018.

Of course, Liam is more than just a great student. Somehow, amidst maintaining a 94.25% average, he found time to captain the X-Men. Not those X-Men, even though some may describe his feats as superhuman. No, we mean the school varsity soccer team.

Practice, games, homework, classes—still not enough. Liam was a TA, president of the German Society, and even won awards for community service.

But this is the Rhodes scholarship we’re talking about here. The most prestigious of prestigious scholarships. Being a great student with some extracurriculars isn’t quite enough. And for Liam, these achievements are just the tip of the iceberg…

Why did he win?

When we mention that Liam is an exemplary economics student, it might not be clear just how exceptional he is.

For starters, he co-authored a paper linking droughts to the historical assassinations of Roman emperors with one of his profs. The paper was then presented at the conference of the Canadian Economics Association at McGill University. He was the only one out of thousands of presenters that was still in his undergrad. As a nice little finish, it was later published by multiple acclaimed sources like the peer-reviewed Economic Letters journal and The Economist.

Beyond that, Liam was also instrumental in leading a year-long exhibition of Indigenous art on campus. It was so successful that the school asked him to organize another for the following year.

Last, but certainly not least, Liam has a reputation as a staunch advocate against sexual violence on campus. He’s led workshops and served as the sole male panellist for a panel organized by the StFX’s Women’s and Gender Studies department.

Just a friendly reminder that Liam is only 23 years old. So if he makes you feel like you’re underachieving, don’t stress, that feeling is pretty universal.

So, why did he win? Seems pretty obvious.

What’s next for him?

Academically, Liam will be pursuing further studies in Economics at Oxford. Beyond that? It’s pretty clear that he’s not gonna settle for just studying. Whatever sorts of extracurriculars he gets up to, you can bet it’ll be something impressive.

The cherry on top of all this? Now, this soccer fan is going to have a much easier time catching some Premier League games in person.