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About yconic
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You asked. We listened. At yconic we are committed to offering the help you want, in the way that you want it. Today that means Money for School and peer-to-peer support. Moving forward, your feedback will continue to inform us about how we can improve our products and services, making Your Student Platform even better.
Our Vision and Values
We want to be your most valued and trusted global youth partner. We believe we will accomplish our vision by continuously seeking new student and youth insights to inform the help we provide to you, our members. yconic has built a culture that attracts team members who share our passion and our core values for authentically helping others. Creating opportunities for people to give and get help is at the heart of everything we do.
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We are committed to transparency and integrity by holding ourselves accountable to our members, partners and each other.
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We are committed to continuous improvement of every aspect of our business, and we accomplish something every day that makes Your Student Platform better.
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We believe greatness is achieved when people work together. We believe the best ideas and results come from working with our members, partners and each other.
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Help Promise
We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve and ensuring we work towards a greater good for all.
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We dare to take on challenges without the fear of failure, to create opportunities for you - our members, our partners and ourselves.
Our Team
A banner photo of young people
Though yconic's organizational leaders come from a range of backgrounds, they share a common passion for inspiring positive change in their community. By authentically helping today's youth, they hope to inspire and cultivate our leaders of tomorrow.
Meet The Team