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an enquiry
Can foreign students be chance to study on a scholarship through yconic?, because I am a Cameroonian and I wish to study in Canada or Australia, on a scholarship.
Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management(BBRM)- Equine Management
Hey! I just finished Gr.11 and will be starting Gr.12 come September and I'm currently rearranging my courses. I'm thinking of applying to the university of Guelph for the BBRM and majoring in equine management. Would Calculus be a recommend course to take in Gr.12? Or Exercise Science? I checked, these are not mandatory to get into the program, but would they be beneficial if I took them now? Also for anyone who is in or taken the BBRM program what do you think of it? Is it a useful bachelor? What are you doing now? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
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