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I don't think Ill get accepted to commerce
Queens Commerce is my first choice and my Ecs are really weak!! I didn't realize the important they were for applying to business programs until grade 12. 
My ECs are
Treasurer of a youth organization outside of school
I volunteer every week for 4 hours in a hospital gift shop
I might teach kids religion on the weekends.

not sure these are good enough for Schulich or any business school. 
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not sure if i should apply to the top schools.

i  go to Mary Ward and I have an 81 average currently because my marks dropped because I slacked a bit and rushed to hand in some assignments.
I'm also struggling with math, but I just did a test today and I saw an improvement in myself..
I have until mid February  to raise up my marks.

my current marks are

functions - 70
calculus and vectors - 78
english - 74
religon - 82 
accounting 80 
psychology 100
international business 83 

English used to be a low 80 average
religion used to be a 93 average
international business used to be a 90 average
I believe I can bring my marks up including maths
but I feel like I'm also being too optimistic about math going up.
 The problem I have with math is silly mistakes and not fully grasping a concept and especially not focusing on the small details I usually skim over.

I'm prolly gonna get shitted on here because majority of threads I see of students posting marks are 90s for business.

the schools I want to apply to are Schulich BBA , utsc BBA, maybe queens but I have a  health problems so  Toronto schools I prefer i guess, Ryerson  AFM, york commerce and maybe rotman

If I'm getting too ahead of myself to maybe being able to raise my overall top 6 average to a low 90
should i just apply to ryerson york and guelph or something then?
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What are my chances?
So currently I am sitting on a 57%, but I have an incredible track record when it comes to volunteering in my community.  I am looking at applying to Nipissing, Algoma, and last but not least Mcgill.  Do I have a chance at getting in for Agriculture.  Here are a few references that have helped me strive in the agriculture department.
Kenny Stills - (416) 787-7350
Jesse James - (647) 667-5823
Vontaze Burfict - (416) 787-7350
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What is IVEY all about?
Just curious, not planning to apply but I don't underhand.
You apply to western then later apply to Ivey?
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Just finished my 1st semester at McGill Desautels Faculty of Management ASK ME ANYTHING
Hey guys! I spent a lot of time last year browsing this forum and I thought I would share my experience at McGill thus far. I'm living in New Residence Hall and I'm a U0 in the Desautels Faculty of Management!! Ask me anything you want regarding the program, the university, student life, life in residence, frosh, etc. :)
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Would I make it to schulich , Ivey, Queens ?
Hey my marks are pretty good but my EC are not that good.

Functions - 98
Calculus - 95
English - 83 ( Going up)
Other 3 Courses - 96 , 96 , 100 

Top 6 Average : 94.66

Extra Curricula:

Grocery Store Job
Sales Job
Sports Team
Business Club
Business Internship at a small firm

I feel like my marks are good but my extra curiclurs are okay at best.

What are my chances at Schulich , Western Ivey and Queens.

Thanks  Robert

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Queens BComm & Schulich BBA
Okay so a lot of people always highlight the good about the schools and as a grade 12 students considering both these school I want to ask what is bad about your experience from these schools and any helpful tips for someone who might be new at these universities?
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Chances at Schulich?
101 applicant 
English: 86 
Advanced Functions: 95 
Calculus: 93 
International Business: 92 
Food and Nutrition: 90 
Business Leadership: expected 90 I have no clue

I've got decent EC's (one business venture, soccer coach, two coordinator positions and competitive soccer)

Applied to Rotmans, Queens, Laurier, Degroote, Schulich and Ivey. Really aiming for Schulich because of location and tuition reasons. What do you guys think? 
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UTSC Co-Op Management Acceptances
If you got accepted in the first round to UTSC co-op management, please share your marks/average and ECs! 

To those who haven't got in first round, what is your expected average/your marks, and your ECs? Thanks! Just trying to gauge the competition. 
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Rotman Commerce
so i bombed the interview part but my written response was pretty good, if i have all the pre req requirements and and a low 90 average do i still have a chance?
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Schulich Interview Questions
I'm in grade 11 and I'm already stressed thinking about University and all. I wanted to know from those who have done the video interview for the Schulich Business Program at York, what were the questions you were asked? Thanks so much!
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Would admission bursary application affect my chance getting accepted?
Hi guys! long story short, I've applied to queen's and their admission bursary few weeks ago, but today I've found out a small writing mistake on the admission bursary application essay, would that affect my chance getting accepted to the actual program?
Queen's reference?
Hey all,

Does the referee for the PSE have to be able to attest to your extracurricular activities? The way that the question is worded, it seems like the person must be able to speak to the EC you wrote about. I was going to use a teacher (which is apparently preferred) but she can't speak to any of my ECs. Anyone can clear this up for me?

Thanks for your time!
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WATERLOO AFM vs Carleton BCOM co-op with concentration in accounting.
TItle, Says it all I am currently debating between these two schools and am having a hard time coming to a conclusion.  Also keep in mind I do intend on pursuing accounting and not finance. I just want my CPA, i do not want to work on wall street. With that being said, does Waterloo genuinely provide any benefits when it comes to career. Carleton has co-op just like waterloo does, . Also, with carleton's new MACC as well as the possibility to apply to Schulich's MACC upon graduation What benefit is there really to going to AFM as compared to Carleton?I mean why should i pay tens of thousands extra in tuition? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
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Queen's - declining reputation?
Have you guys noticed that the incoming average at Queen's is lower than many other universities? It's like 6-7th now. I swear I thought it was like the top 3 or something (maybe behind McGill or Western?). I've also noticed that people in my school rarely consider applying there for anything other than commerce. I applied to Queen's for Arts and debating if I should go. What do you guys think?
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Video Interview for Schulich

I am going to do the Schulich Video Interview soon, and I need to know how it is. What kind of questions are there, and how can I practise for it? Any other information would be great!

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How much does schulich look at extra curricular?
Hi how much does schulich look at EC's if your average is above 94. Is 94 + bad EC's okay to get in?

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Will I get into Ryerson BM?
Hey, my top 6 looks like the following
Economics 70
Physics 81
English 81
Psych/Soc/Anthro 89
Data Management 90
Native Studies 91

So my average is 83.1

My question is will I get into Ryerson Business Management? They take any of the 3 maths but Calc is their preferred one, is Data still fine if I scored a 90 or higher in it? It says their admission range is 78-82 but I'm still nervous so I'm thinking of taking a night school course to replace Economics and make my average even higher. 


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What are your top 5 Canadian undergraduate schools for Finance?
I was just wondering what you guys think are the top schools in Canada for business? Mine are 

1. Laurier/Waterloo DD
2. Ivey 
3. Queens 
4. Schulich
5. McGill
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