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Anyone able to tell me about these programs/social scene at the schools??
Western: Media, Information & Technoculture - MPI?
Bock: Communication and media studies
Carleton: Media and Communication studies (communications)
UOttawa: Communioations
Laurier: Communications
Ryerson: Professional Communications

I'm looking into each of these but would love to hear from anyone in any of these programs or anyone who knows people in these programs. Also if you'd like to take jab at the likelihood of me getting into these programs with an 85% average that would be interesting. Career-wise i'm looking into Public Relations and if you could tell me how related any of these are to that i would appreciate it!! Also, if anyone could give me any insight to the social scene at these schools, that would be great because it's not something i can pick up from a tour.
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Why is everyone on this forum so dead set on telling kids not to go into any given program?
I understand that it's hard to find jobs in some fields. I'm sure almost everyone on here does as well. It seems that every post i see, there's always some anonymous commenter discouraging them and telling them "good luck working at starbucks/mcdonalds/burger king/etc." I just saw something that said the only useful degrees were engineering and computer science. Do you think that Engineers and Comp. Sci majors can do every job that our complex society needs? No, they can't. Yes, it may be hard to find a high paying job with certain degrees but who are you to assume that making money is all someone cares about? Coming from the home of a single mother who makes a little over 50k a year, I can tell you that having an average paying job isn't hell like people on here make it out to be. I would never go against what i aspire to do based on the amount of money I'd start off making.

It just seems that some people are so dead-set on tearing people's goals down on here and I just wanted to let people know that their degree isn't "useless" if it doesn't get them a job paying 100k off the bat.