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Is an 87% high enough for food science?
Hey guys! I'm currently in grade 12 and interested in guephs food science Bsc. These are my marks:

Advanced Func- 80
International business-97
World issues-95

Top 6: 87% average

Is my average high enough to get accepted into this program??
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UOttawa Nutrition Sci vs. UofG Applied Human Nutrition
Which program is better? I think I will have about an 87 final grade 12 average (fingers crossed), but which school has the better program and would likely get me an internship or coop, etc?
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Misunderstanding of Peptide Synthesis
Technically, one usual way to produce such peptides is to buy amino acids from some of the world’s fine chemical plant production groups as raw materials targeted synthesis of a single peptide. As pharmaceutical raw materials intermediates, these peptides are usually used in western medicine formulations to enhance efficacy and improve the body’s absorption rate of drugs and absorption rate.

Other special synthesis is established on the basis, but there are several errors to note during the peptide synthesis for mass novice:

1. Omnipotent Peptide Cleavage Reagent
Most of the peptides can be cleaved from the resin by a combination of cleavage peptides, and this is often necessary for amino acids with specific side chain protection. For polypeptide sequences without side chain protection, 98% TFA and 2% water solution can be completed; the flexibility to use a combination of cut peptide reagents should be payed enough concerns.

2. Amino acid’s side chain protection is the same.
Basic amino acids (http://www.creative-peptides.com/product/amino-acids-4.html ) with active side chains need to be protected in the synthesis, and depending on the side chain, the protecting groups also have different choices. Selecting the appropriate protective group can effectively reduce the difficulty of synthesis.

3. Over long Synthesis Process.
The synthesis efficiency of each step in a short time can reach more than 99%, while long-time reaction on the positive reaction yield is very limited, which could greatly increase side effects. Therefore, it’s necessary to control the synthesis time as well.
McGill Macdonald Campus vs. UBC Vancouver Campus for Food Science
I've been accepted to both UBC and McGill for food science and can't decide where to go, I currently live in Ottawa so either way I will be moving. Does anyone had any advice to give in terms of the program, city, campus life, weather, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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Shad 2016 applicants
Hey guys, there is no thread on SHAD 2016 applicants, so i decided to start one :) I am super scared since i found like three grammar errors combined in my "why shad", and "creative" app how is everyone feeling about their apps?
hi guys i need some help deciding  so basically im a grade 11 student and next semester i have:
chemistry grade 11
English grade 11
calculus grade 12
biology grade 12
and currently this semester im taking grade 12 advanced function im getting a 90%
my questions are:
1) is calculus harder than advanced functions
2) do you think i will be able to survive next semester
3)do you think i should wait until grade 12 to do grade 12 bio or should i do it next semester

thankyou for your time!!!
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