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UBC vs UofA
I am currently a second year student in an Ontario uni but really don't like my program so I am looking to transfer. Which of the two schools would be better in terms of the social aspect, reputation as well as which city for general living as I like both of the programs the schools offer, both would be for a bachelor of science specializing in agriculture or environment. Also just any advice or info on any of the schools or transferring would be helpful too! Thanks.
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Data management Survey HELPPPPP
Dear scholars

My data group is investigating the relationship between music education and academic performance. 

Please fill in this survey. Much appreciated 


Thank you and love you all ☺☺☺
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UBC(Arts--> GRS) or SFU(GES)?
Hey guys! So here's the deal, I got 13 days to accept my offer to either UBC or SFU. I got into the Faculty of Arts at UBC, and I'm hoping that in second year I can do Global Resource systems there. I also got into SFU's bachelor of Environment program: Global Environmental Systems. Both offers are extremely enticing and I'm torn between the two. The thing is though; I can't seem to figure out the difference between the two programs. Does anyone know how the jobs/career would differ between the two programs? How is the student life at both universities? Is there anyone here in any of these programs? Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it!!!
AEO 4% fact/myth???
Come someone tell me is it true that I cannot drop 4% below the admitted average? Cuz my there's a sub for my calc and the teacher is incredibly tough... our class avg dropped 17% and my calc average dropped from 90 to 80. that impacts my overall average a lot..... please help
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