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What are my chances at getting into Uvic Music & Computer Science?
So I kinda messed up this term big time, and unless there's a miracle for me, I don't know if I have much of a shot at UBC, which is my top choice. I'm wondering if I have a good shot at Uvic (my second choice) for Music & Computer Science.

Pre-Calc 12: 73%
Calc: 79
English: 87%
Physics: 59% (yeah...)
AP Computer Science: 92%
French 12: 78%
Law: 91%

Unweighted Average: 79%

That being said, I just recently self reported for the degree and, since they didn't demand to self report every single grade, I reported the available high marks I have and according to the system, my estimated average is 85.75%.

My supplemental application included:
-7 years of drumming
-Coding experience with C#, Java, and Python
-Some amateur experience in writing and mastering music
-My soundcloud + a song from the 80s I fan remastered

When does it make sense to accept an offer way before the deadline?
While googling, I noticed not all OUAC programs I applied to will have a rejection or offer status (i.e. some will remain blank) and it's probably more reliable to go with email correspondences for rejections.  For offers, I believe it takes 1-2 days for the OUAC portal to get the updated information.

So now I have a few questions on the back of my head:

1. Besides universities that only offer acceptance to only one program, will all other programs be courteous enough to provide an offer or rejection email/mail correspondence?

2. Because we can apply to entrance bursaries and scholarships even before receiving an offer of acceptance, when does it make sense to accept an offer way ahead of time?  This isn't anything like for Med School or Ivey but more a Math/Business or Business programs.

I don't want to accept an offer only to rescind it towards the end because that can screw up someone else's spot.

Program Change (2018 Admission)
Hi there, I recently got accepted to Medical Physics program at Ryerson University. However, due to life circumstances, I decided to change my program to Architecture Science. I was just wondering if it is possible?
Western AEO application essay
I have applied to Western BMOS for my undergrad hoping to achieve the AEO status. However, I must write a 500 word essay concerning 3 extra curricular activities that demonstrate leadership, teamwork, initiative, achievement, commitment and breadth. In addition, I must write another 500 word essay regarding my work experience and it's responsibilities. I am really struggling and worried about writing this.
 I truly do want to make the essay perfect and I'm not too sure how to even start.
 Please help lol.
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What are my chances?
Hey guys, so I recently completed my McMaster Engineering supplementary application. I screwed up to be blunt, I feel decent about the video portion, but for the written portion I was unable to finish and it cut me off while I was typing (I know I'm stupid). My average is currently 92, but it should go up in second semester since my booster course is in that semester. Honestly, I just want to know my chances, just be honest please.
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Western MIT acceptance??
I applied to western MIT and for my top 6 I have an average around 90, however I have two extra courses I took as timetable fillers which are a 60%. Do you think I will be accepted??
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Western BMOS acceptance??
So I applied to BMOS at western and I am currently in grade 12. My top 6 marks average will be around  a 90% however I have also taken two other timetable fillers that are not included in my top 6 which averages are around a 60%. Does that ruin my chances for getting in??

I also applied to MIT what are my chances of getting in there as well??
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OUAC processing application
So today i applied to all of my programs and payed for them as well. Although, once i was done it said that it can take up to two weeks for my application to process. Does this mean that my applications won't be in before the deadline?
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McMaster Engineering Supplemental Application
Has anyone completed their supp app yet?  If so when do you get access to the written section?  The written section is separate from the interview, right?  How was the experience?
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Does Ted Rogers @ Ryerson need a supplementary app???
I've just applied to all the business schools that i'm looking to go to (hopefully), and all of them require a supplementary application. However, I can't find anything about a supplementary for Ted Rogers. Is there any???
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Carleton PAPM or UOttawa PoliSci (w. French Immersion)
Overall I love Carleton's PAPM course b/c it allows you to choose an overarching specialization as well as a concentration within that specialization geared more towards what you love so it's more tailored to you as a student and your exact preferences that range within that area of study but UOttawa offers French Immersion which is invaluable. It ensures that you learn the second language which is a huge advantage in this area of work. Along with PoliSci i'm also interested in International development which is what I'd choose as my concentration in the PAPM program. Because UOttawa's program is less specialized i'm not sure whether that equates to less opportunities etc.

Overall which is the better choice?
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Low English for University of toronto Computer science admission need help!
I am currently a grade 12 student in Ontario. I did ENG4U in summer school with an 83,  and my ENG3U was really bad with a 67(I heard people said uni doesn't care about g11 marks so I had never cared about ENG3U + my 3U teacher hated me lmao) and took Adv Func g11 with a 94. My current marks for G12 are
ENG 83 (final)
Adv Func 94 (final)
music 99 
calculus 97 
physics 92(probably won't be in my top 6 since I am having data management and CS in next semester and I am extremely good at these 2(Have programming certificate from CMU and got high 90s in G11 for CS and I have learned Data back to days I was studying SAT)
I am aiming for high 90s in all my courses and my predicted average is around 94-95(pulled down by English), I heard people say everybody who got accepted into CS has a high 80s-low90s in English. Does anyone know will my low English mark affect my application to UofT Com Sci and what are my chances to get in?
Cuz if the chances aren't great I might apply to Mathematics and Physics and study Financial economics(my buddy tell me Rotman isn't that good for applying master in the states since they give you a low GPA)
Huge appreciation for all replies
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OUAC when should I pay?
So I pressed "agree and verify" in 101 application, and it let me choose one way to pay and I chose "online banking". I already payed in my online banking account, but now when I log back into OUAC, it says "$0". Do I need to press some button on the site to input my payment reference number to confirm, or do I just need to wait a few days?
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Application to university
I want to pay for the ouac 101 today. I just wonder that would university know my grades right after I pay? Or they don't know until January...
OUAC 101
I dropped my chemistry yesterday. On OUAC current grade site, I am still "current enrolled" in this course. I am scared that university will see this first and then it disappears after a few days, which is considered as "dropping" course.
OUAC 101
In the OUAC 101, there is a academic background section. "Provide information about all institutions where you have registered in 1 or more secondary or postsecondary courses. Institutions include, but are not limited to, regular day schools, night schools, summer schools, online schools." In the questions below, I need to choose Diploma/Degree Type which makes me a little confused. Does anyone know how to do this part?
When does University of Toronto reject applicants?
More precisely, when do they start considering my second choice?
When do they decide that I am rejected from the first choice and consider me for their second choice? And if they do consider me for the second choice, around what time would I hear back from them?
get 85 on euclid contest
So basically I get 85 on euclid contest in grade 11. And I heard that since 2018 the cemc begins to pay attention to those who did a good job in euclid in gr 11. Does this give a boost in my application?
Do I want to drop the course?
So currently I am in grade 12. I have 7 U/M courses, 1 of them is chemistry which is super bad. I know that chemistry won't be counted into the average since its the 7th one, but would university mind my bad score? Do I need to drop this course?
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Chances of switching Universities.

About a year ago i began attending McMaster university for Engineering.

I finished off last year with a 3.7 GPA out the the 12 GPA standard system at McMaster, leaving me as a Transition student (Engineering Non-Degree).

I am looking into applying to different universities for the 2018 Fall term but im not sure what to do.

I had a great highschool average, with a gr12 avg of 92. I was wondering if itd be possible to apply to other universities with just my highschool marks? Im not looking into transferring any credits anyways. I wanna go into either engineering again or computer science but not at mcmaster as it just doesnt feel like the right school for me.

If i send in both my first year and highschool marks what are my chances of getting into engineering at a different school? If i apply for computer science would they even look at my first year marks as they arent the same program?

what if i only send in my highschool marks?
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Change of programs - Resubmit transcripts?
I applied to three programs at Ryerson, and sent in my transcripts back in January. I recently withdrawn one of my applications and switch it for another program at Ryerson. Does anybody know if i have to send in my transcripts again? Or does anybody know the email to ask admissions about it?
Getting into social sciences with a 70 in English?
I've applied for Mcmasmter, Western, University of Toronto Mississauga, Queen's, and  Ryerson all for social sciences. So far I'll mostlikely be passing English with 70-72. I have an 87 in my World Issues course and around 80-82 in my Law class. My question is, would I be able to get accepted into any of these with a 70 in English but 80s in everything else. If not, should I retake the course? For more information my main university I want to get into is Mcmaster, and it says the minimum is a 75 for overall average.
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Sending in Transcripts
Do I need to send in my transcript for IVEY AEO? I have submitted the application and it is in review, but do they need my transcript?
Also for Mcgill and Western, I've self reported my grades, but do they need my transcript now or just after I get my final grades in June.

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Deadline for Online Courses
I am currently working on French 12 online and plan to use that as one of my top 4 in my applications to Queen's Smith, McGill Desautels and Western Ivey. My online school doesn't have the same semester system as my high school-you can continue working on it until a year after you enrol, but I am curious if there are deadlines to have your online courses done for those universities?
I know at UBC you have to finish by February 1 because if not they worry you will never finish it!
Any input helps, thanks!
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