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Regarding admission into architecture
Hello guys,
I am a high school IB student, with predicted grades of 33-34
My HLs are Math, Physics and Visual Arts
I have applied for architecture in U of T, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. 
What are my chances of getting into these universities?
Please be honest and specific :)
Also, any tips?
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Retaking ENG4U to HINDER / IMPROVE my chances for admission?

Hi, I'm applying for Waterloo Architecture and I'm debating whether or not I should retake ENG4U next semester. It's a mandatory course.

Applicants to Waterloo Architecture are reviewed based on their marks before they're selected for an interview, but I'm not sure whether or not my 78% in ENG4UT will cut it. I took ENG4UT over the summer, and I feel my grade doesn't represent my true understanding of English (I got an 88% last year), so I want to raise the grade next semester, but apparently universities don't like repeated courses, OR summer courses (check the link below).

Will my 78% hinder my chances for admission? Should I improve it? I plan on getting borderline to mid-90s for the rest of my courses.


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Waterloo's New Engineering Program: Architectural Engineering
AE is coming to Waterloo! This one of a kind program will combine the mathematics and structures of civil engineering with the design principals of architecture. Some quick facts:

Start Date: Fall 2018
Stream: 4
Campus: Main Waterloo campus (with 2 terms at the Cambridge campus)
Course Calendar: https://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/ENG-Architectural-Engineering?ActiveDate=9/1/2018
Admission Average: New programs at Waterloo historically had high admission averages (maybe low/mid 90s or higher)
Portfolio: due to the time restraint, 2018 applicants do NOT need a portfolio, but this will likely change in 2019

OUAC will be updated soon :)
Portfolio for architecture?
I plan to apply to Carleton, Ryerson, Laurentian, possibly Waterloo for architecture, and maybe Carleton for industrial design. Does anyone any tips on what the school is looking for in a portfolio? They say they are looking for creativity, but I'm not sure what type medium(s) the pieces should be in a portfolio, like 2D vs 3D, digital vs traditional etc.
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Engineering or Architecture?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure whether I want to go into Engineering or Architecture... I'm creative and have a passion for art, but I also really like courses like math and science. If I put these attributes together, the perfect program seems to be architecture. The thing that I'm concerned about is that architecture programs are mainly studio and design based, and not including the technical courses I was expecting, like math, science, and tech. I prefer to have a balance so I'm able to gain as much well rounded knowledge as I can. Studying sciences, maths, and programming seems to have a wider variety of use and seems to lead to more stable jobs. With that being said,  I also think engineering would have better job prospects, considering that jobs with new technology and software are on the rise. I was looking into Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering, since it seemed to have a 'design' aspect to it as well as science and technology. So my question is, do you think I should stick to architecture or explore more design based engineering programs? If so, do you guys know of any like SYDE? 

*Also, my average right now is 94 so do I have a good chance to get into SYDE, Arch, or other similar programs?
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University acceptance
My average was %68.25 in grade 11. Now my average so far in my first semester of grade twelve is a %81 what are my chances of getting into UofT or Ryerson for Architecture.
Minimum marks for Architecture
Hey you guys. So I'm kinda stressing out right now about my marks because I recently got my updated mark for Physics and I had a panic attack because of how much it dropped. So far, I applied for the following:

University of Waterloo Arch (#1)
U of T Arch (#2)
Ryerson Arch Science (#3)
I'm considering OCAD for Environmental Design too but I'm still thinking about it.

I'm in a non-semestered school, meaning I'm doing my 6 courses all at the same time. I'm about to get my first report card soon (apparently those marks won't be sent in, but the next batch in February will be) and my guidance counselor already gave me my marks in advance:
Advanced Functions: 86%
AP Calculus and Vectors: 90%
AP English: 95%
Interdisciplinary Studies: 93%
Visual Arts: 94%

My freaking Physics marks is actually inflated. My true mark is a 79% because my class recently did our first test in the course and the class average for the test is 65% (I'm probs in the lower end of that spectrum, but my teacher won't tell us our marks yet until next class, so I'm gonna get an update soon). My teacher wasn't able to get the test mark in for the report cards in time, so it looks like I'm doing really well when I'm sucking hard right now. 

I'm ultimately aiming for a flat 90 or low 90 average and boosting my maths and Physics especially but I'm worried that I won't be able to get an invite for an interview from Waterloo or Ryerson if my Physics mark keeps on sucking. I was wondering if individual marks that are highlighted in the requirements will affect my chances in getting an interview. Also, I'm wondering what the minimum average mark is to get an interview in Waterloo. Thanks!
Anyone here go to Ryerson for Architectural Science? I got some questions
1. How good do you have to be at art to do well in the program?

I took visual arts in grade 9, and media arts in grade 10, then technological design grade 11 and 12, so I have a wide variety of knowledge, but I'm like no van Gogh...

2. What kind of pieces should be in your portfolio?

I know how to use Autodesk Inventor and SketchUp but my AutoCAD skills aren't that great... 

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UofT architecture -One Idea essay
Can anyone share ideas on essays they submitted. What they looking for and what worked.
Even though images (section 2) is optional is it better to submit?

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College Architecture without calculus, physics
Would I be able to cope with the math or science courses if I didn't do calculus or physics?
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Courses that are safe?
I'm currently a grade 12 student looking into studying architecture, or art/design. I love the places I'm applying to, but there is a pretty lengthy secondary application of portfolios and essays for all the schools I'm currently thinking of. Does anyone know of a program that is on the safer side (that I can get into with grades only)?

My grade 11 average is 90, and here are some of the grade courses that I have completed:
Mandarin 91% (completed grade 11)
Data Management 94% (completed grade 11)
Advanced Functions 90% (completed grade 11)

And my current semester predictions:
English 93%
Business of Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies) 95%
Visual Arts 92%
Calculus 91%

Arch Technology: Sheridan, Humber, or George Brown
Which of these schools (Sheridan, Humber, or George Brown)  are better for architectural technology?
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OCAD vs Ryerson vs UofT
I want to get into the design field.

OCAD environmental design vs Ryerson interior design vs UofT Architecture
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Waterloo Grades, Math Contests, and Arch Portfolio
I am thinking of applying to Waterloo's Architecture Program. I know the cut-off is around mid-80s, and my grade 11 average was 90. I know I can do better this year, but I am wondering how Waterloo may treat summer school, online, and night school courses differently. I haven't taken any grade 12 courses out of my day school except for one, which is not in the admissions requirements, but if i decide to take something online or at night school, will the grade me looked at differently because it is not completed at my day school?
Also, I have been participating in the Waterloo math contests since grade 9. I've gotten a  couple distinctions and a medal, but last year (grade 11) I did not do as well as I did in grades 9 and 10. Will the mark affect my chances to get in?

For those who may know, what should I include in my portfolio for the interview? I have been going to an arts school for 6 years, so I have a substantial amount of art pieces from school, as well as personal projects I have worked on. In 25 minutes, would 10 pieces be enough? Is there a drawing test on the spot during the interview? What kind of questions are asked?
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Anyone have experience with UofT's Architecture program?
I have been looking at B.Arch programs, anyone have experience with UofT's in particular?
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Uoft B.Architecture to Masters?
Since uoft's arch program isn't architectural science, is it still possible to get a masters of arch with this degree?
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College to Uni...
Hey guys,

So currently i am in Sheridan College for architecture tech. I am browsing through possible uni options in near future for a master's degree. Any recommendations as to which schools I should apply to in Ontario.
Also am I able to transfer college credits to university?
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Sheridan: Architectural Technology
Anyone have experience with the Architectural Tech program at Sheridan? Do you like it? How's the co-op?
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Having a job while studying architecture???
I'm planning on studying architectural science at Ryerson next year, although I haven't yet heard back, and I am wondering if current students in the program or other arch programs have time to work. The program is a lot and I would be moving across the country to go there, so I'm trying to find as many ways to save and earn money while at school.

Also what is the best way to deal with student loans and debt??
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I didn't get into any of the Architecture undergrad programs this year, so I'm going to Waterloo for Urban Planning instead (with co-op). I was just wondering, that in order to become an architect, should I apply again next year to any of the Architecture undergrad programs or should I finish my degree in Planning and apply for Masters at McGill (I don't think there is any other school that you can apply to for MArch without doing your undergrad in it)?

I would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance :)

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Architecture McGil vs Ryerson
Hi everyone,

I have not decided yet  which  school I should  go.  As per  the curriculum,  McGil  focuses  on  theory  specially architecture history whereas  Ryerson places an emphasis  on  studio that seems  more practically.   I personally  inclined to  Ryerson.  I'd want to hear you guys  opinions.