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Has anyone recieved an accpetance to U of T architecture within the past 20 days of March?
So I realized a few people got accepted into architecture at U of T (Daniels) in February. Im assuming they're doing a second round of offers now and so has anyone gotten their acceptances bc im still waiting loolll....
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McGill and Carleton acceptances for architecture
Has anyone recieved acceptances from Carleton or McGill for architecture?
If so, when did you submit your portfolios and how long after did you get your acceptance?
If not, does the status of your application say "decision pending" or "ready for review"
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2018 - Who is Applying to Architecture?
As I was finishing up my Carleton supplementary Application, I realized there aren't any threads for architecture applicants this year yet. If you're applying too, tell me where you've applied and where you've heard back from! That way, we can all network with our future classmates and/or scout out the competition.

I've applied to UofT, Carleton, Ryerson and Waterloo, finished my supplementary applications (excluding the Waterloo interview) and been accepted to UofT.
1st Year Ryerson Architecture Student.. ask me anything!
hey guys I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding Ryerson Architecture as well as how it compares to other architecture programs etc, and I thought it would be nice to directly ask someone who's had some first hand experience! So feel free to ask me anything, I know you guys are all anxious to hear results and have lots of things on your mind so yeah, feel free! I also did my waterloo interview/precis so I can answer questions about that process too:)
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Architecture Admission?
I have applied to Laurentian (Have received an offer of admission that is conditionless) Ryerson, Carleton, and Waterloo (rejected but I've expected such).

Anyone else hear back from the unis yet? I have my Ryerson portfolio evaluation on March the 10th. What should I be expecting?
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Architecture Acceptances 2018?
If you guys got accepted to any architecture / environmental design / urban planning programs, please include the following:

Date of Application: 
Date of Offer: 
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 Average: 
Province You're Applying From:

I know most architecture programs don't give out acceptances till later, but U of T started rolling out some.
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Is Laurentian a good location?
Based on the location of Laurentian is it a good place? What kind of people do well in that type of place. I can't decide if I like downtown toronto or sudbury more. I like them both, but I don't know if i'd get sick of living in toronto after a while. 
What are some good things about living in sudbury and at Laurentian?
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What is Ryerson Architecture focused on compared to Laurentian?
I applied to Ryerson, Carleton, UofT and Laurentian 
I don't really know alot of what they are based on, they seem really good though and what I would like. 
I know Carelton is more art than most programs, and UofT is more theory which I don't know if I'd like, I didn't apply to Waterloo but how does Ryerson and Laurentian compare to those 3? 
Mostly I am curious about how the program is different, the kind of people that go there (art students vs science students kinda thing) and how much location matters.
If anybody currently goes to Laurentian as is from more Toronto area, how do you like being in Sudbury? Is the commute to downtown every day bad/tiring or is it okay?
If anybody goes to Ryerson, how is it living in downtown Toronto? I like the city but I don't go often, I think I would like living there though. Sudbury and Toronto are so different, I don't know what is better. 
Any advice helps, thanks!!
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McGill Architecture Applicants for 2018
Hey guys, I just wanted to make this forum to get in touch with others who have applied to the McGill undergraduate architecture program!! I personally think talking to others will help keep me sane during this waiting period to see whether we're accepted!
Where are you from? 
How did you find the portfolio-making process? What kind of pieces did you put in?
What are your grades currently like/what is your current r-score (if you're from Quebec)?
What other programs did you apply to?

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Ryerson Architecture 2018 applicants
Hey guys!
I think we should connect and stick together during this stressful period! I am skeptical about my portfolio and interview.I've been scouring through so many of the previous years threads and they've given me so many insights. It'd be great if we could all keep updated with each other, well at least in my opinion! Lets get this thread going please!!

Good luck!!
University of Toronto architecture
Hey has anyone got accepted to U of T architecture for 2018?
Could you tell what was your average?

I'm handing in my term 2 marks for the second round and I'm sooo worried I just took my last test for term 2, so I'm not 100% sure but I'm getting an average around 88~89. 

Would this be enough? But I did kinda bad in term 1 and grade 11 marks are not really good.. would this effect my offer? 

Also, I'm a international student and some people say internationals should have higher mark than the domestic students to get accepted.
For example, if the admission average is high 80s, internationals should get low 90s to be accepted. Does someone know if this is true??

I can't sleep this days...this university thing is making me crazy..uhhhhhhhhh 
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Architecture: Ryerson long distant applicant.

I am currently finishing off high school outside Canada (A levels) and I have applied to the architectural science course at Ryerson. Are any of you long distant applicants as well? I have completed my portfolio but, I still have some questions to do with posting my portfolio, the Skype interview and the admission assessment exercises. They told me that I will receive the exercises by the 28th of Feb...but that hasn't happened yet.

Would really love to connect with those floating the same boat. I really want to get into this program!!
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Ryerson Architecture 2018
Hey, I am a current student at ryerson and I’m in civil engineering. I transferred and applied to architecture. I wanted to know if anyone has gotten accepted yet?
If you want to apply for architecture, which uni should you be applying to?
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U of T Acceptances?
I applied to U of T's Architectural Studies program and I still haven't received any response yet so I'm just wondering how they roll out acceptances...
Two of my friends already got into the program as of today, one for Arch and one for Vis Studies... we have similar level portfolios and essays, and our grades are around the same as well.

My marks from last year got me a 90% average, although I only had an 83% in English.
This year, my final average in first semester is 93%, and my English mark is 93%

Are acceptances closed for February? They got accepted from the same school at  U of T (Daniels), so do you think the department will offer any more admissions for this round?
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Should I take Gr 12 summer school english if i'm applying to Waterloo?
So I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I'm planning to apply for Waterloo's Architecture program but I don't know if I should summer school gr 12 English or not. My high school is notorious for its difficult English program (my friend's gr 12 English class' average is a 60), and my grade 9 and 10 marks suffered heavily as a result (81 and 78). When I took gr 11 English in summer school however, I received a 94, but I'm worried that if i take summer school again Waterloo's going to dock my marks. 

I don't plan on applying to other engineering programs as of now, but I'm still worried they might look down on it for Architecture (since it's so competitive). Even so, is it worth it? Because I feel like if I get only a satisfactory mark in day school, it won't do any good either. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated! My course selections are due in about a week or so and I'm freaking out haha;; 

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Retake gr.11 math
Hey guys... I want to apply for an architecture program at either Waterloo,McGill or Ryerson. So far, my gr.11 functions mark is really low (75%) and my school is semestered so I won’t have 12U calculus when I apply. Should I retake my gr.11 functions course just in case?
Architecture Schools??
In grade 11 and starting to look into Architecture programs in Canada mostly in Ontario. They seem few and far between. What schools offer Architecture programs and which is the best? And what classes should I take in grade 12 for them?
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Any Quebec students applying/applied to McGill architecture undergraduate program for Fall 2018?
What are your grades/what is your r-score like? How is your portfolio coming along?
Do you guys know if getting into McGill is difficult? I'm looking for pretty much any sort of advise!
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Architectural Science 2018
Anyone on here wanting to go into the architecture field? If so, where did you guys apply? What type of pieces and how many are you guys including in your portfolio?
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Prospects of getting into Architecture or Civil Engineering
Hey guys I'm currently an Ontario student in gr. 12 looking to go into Architecture or Civil Engineering. I've applied to Ryerson, Waterloo, Carleton, U of T, and McMaster.

My current grade 12 marks are:
English ENG4U: 91
Adv. Func. MHF4U: 84
Tech. Design TDJ4M: 87 (should go up)
Music AMX4M: 91

My grade 11 marks were:
English ENG3U: 82
Func. MCR3U: 92
Accounting BAF3M: 92
Economics CIE3M: 88
Chem. SCH3U: 90
Physics SPH3U: 87
Law CLU3M: 90

I'm quite worried about my current math mark. I know it meets the minimum requirements, but everyone seems to be getting an easy 90+ and idk if my measly 84 can keep up.

Also, Ryerson changed their requirements for this year and are asking for around 20 pieces for portfolio. What if I don't have 20??

Any input would be appreciated thx
Regarding admission into architecture
Hello guys,
I am a high school IB student, with predicted grades of 33-34
My HLs are Math, Physics and Visual Arts
I have applied for architecture in U of T, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. 
What are my chances of getting into these universities?
Please be honest and specific :)
Also, any tips?
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Retaking ENG4U to HINDER / IMPROVE my chances for admission?

Hi, I'm applying for Waterloo Architecture and I'm debating whether or not I should retake ENG4U next semester. It's a mandatory course.

Applicants to Waterloo Architecture are reviewed based on their marks before they're selected for an interview, but I'm not sure whether or not my 78% in ENG4UT will cut it. I took ENG4UT over the summer, and I feel my grade doesn't represent my true understanding of English (I got an 88% last year), so I want to raise the grade next semester, but apparently universities don't like repeated courses, OR summer courses (check the link below).

Will my 78% hinder my chances for admission? Should I improve it? I plan on getting borderline to mid-90s for the rest of my courses.


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Waterloo's New Engineering Program: Architectural Engineering
AE is coming to Waterloo! This one of a kind program will combine the mathematics and structures of civil engineering with the design principals of architecture. Some quick facts:

Start Date: Fall 2018
Stream: 4
Campus: Main Waterloo campus (with 2 terms at the Cambridge campus)
Course Calendar: https://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/ENG-Architectural-Engineering?ActiveDate=9/1/2018
Admission Average: New programs at Waterloo historically had high admission averages (maybe low/mid 90s or higher)
Portfolio: due to the time restraint, 2018 applicants do NOT need a portfolio, but this will likely change in 2019

OUAC will be updated soon :)