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1st year student at Waterloo Architecture, ask me anything!
Hey everyone! So I saw the AMA post from this Ryerson Architecture student (not trying to be rivals!), but I realized how helpful it was to those considering architecture/deciding between schools. Personally, yconic was a huge part of my life in Grade 12 - I remember checking it like 15 times the day before Waterloo sent out offers! Plus, Waterloo's interviews are coming up, so I thought I should start a thread to answer any questions regarding my program. 
Last year I also applied to architecture programs at U of T (offer in early Feb), Ryerson (evaluation session in mid March, offer in mid May), Carleton (waitlisted - alternative offer in late Apr) and McGill (waitlisted in late May, denied in late Aug), along with McGill B Arts & Sci (offer in early May - don't ask me why I applied to that lol). 
My studio deadlines and other finals are coming up, so I'll be pretty busy this month, but I'll try my best to answer any of your questions! 
Good luck to all :)
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Waterloo Architecture Interviews 2018
Hey everyone! Congratulations to all the architecture applicants who received an offer for Waterloo's portfolio interviews! With the interviews taking place in just about two weeks, I have some questions that maybe some of you might be able to answer! 
1. What are you wearing to the interview? (casual?, formal?, somewhere in between?, business clothes?)
2. How many pieces are you including in your portfolio for a 25 minute interview?
3. How are you preparing for the precis test and what are you expecting from it?
Thank you so much and good luck to all!
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1st Year Ryerson Architecture Student.. ask me anything!
hey guys I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding Ryerson Architecture as well as how it compares to other architecture programs etc, and I thought it would be nice to directly ask someone who's had some first hand experience! So feel free to ask me anything, I know you guys are all anxious to hear results and have lots of things on your mind so yeah, feel free! I did my waterloo interview/precis as well so I can answer questions about that process too:) I also got into UofT and OCAD for environmental design (so I can answer questions about that), and I never ended up sending out my application to Carleton because I got my Ryerson acceptance before the Carleton deadline
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U of T Architecture
I've been hearing that u of t's architecture program is very theory based. Could someone explain to me what that means?
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Architectural Science 2018
Anyone on here wanting to go into the architecture field? If so, where did you guys apply? What type of pieces and how many are you guys including in your portfolio?
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Architecture Acceptances 2018?
If you guys got accepted to any architecture / environmental design / urban planning programs, please include the following:

Date of Application: 
Date of Offer: 
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 Average: 
Province You're Applying From:

I know most architecture programs don't give out acceptances till later, but U of T started rolling out some.
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Architecture Admission?
I have applied to Laurentian (Have received an offer of admission that is conditionless) Ryerson, Carleton, and Waterloo (rejected but I've expected such).

Anyone else hear back from the unis yet? I have my Ryerson portfolio evaluation on March the 10th. What should I be expecting?
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Waterloo Architecture 2018
Since people started to get interviews for Waterloo, I thought I'd start a thread!
When are your interviews?
What was your gr11 average and what is your current gr12 average?
How are your portfolios coming along? What are you guys including in them?
What are you guys expecting for the precis test?
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Regarding admission into architecture
Hello guys,
I am a high school IB student, with predicted grades of 33-34
My HLs are Math, Physics and Visual Arts
I have applied for architecture in U of T, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. 
What are my chances of getting into these universities?
Please be honest and specific :)
Also, any tips?
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Hey, i was just wondering for those of you that have applied to ryerson's architectural science program, as for the portfolio did you add artwork that was based on in class art work or did you create artwork that was based on architecture. It would be much appreciated if you could state whether you were accepted or denied and also why. Any tips would be much appreciated. I am not sure as to what type of artwork i should add because i fear that my art won't be catered towards architectural studies. I currently have multiple pieces of work ranging from acrylic landscapes to oil painted faces, water colour paintings and figure studies. I am not sure if I should create sketches of interior and exterior spaces.
Retaking ENG4U to HINDER / IMPROVE my chances for admission?

Hi, I'm applying for Waterloo Architecture and I'm debating whether or not I should retake ENG4U next semester. It's a mandatory course.

Applicants to Waterloo Architecture are reviewed based on their marks before they're selected for an interview, but I'm not sure whether or not my 78% in ENG4UT will cut it. I took ENG4UT over the summer, and I feel my grade doesn't represent my true understanding of English (I got an 88% last year), so I want to raise the grade next semester, but apparently universities don't like repeated courses, OR summer courses (check the link below).

Will my 78% hinder my chances for admission? Should I improve it? I plan on getting borderline to mid-90s for the rest of my courses.


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Economic Development Director
Hey! I was just researching careers and i saw this career inline of an economic development director and wanted to know if anyone knew more about that career and how it actually is in the real world. I also was wondering if any of you had suggestions for nice programs in urban planning and management, i know there is a good program in waterloo with co op but i dont really want to go that far, are there any good programs relating to that nearby in toronto if anyone knows? Thank you so much for your help :)
Ocad vs Humber
I got accepted to Interior Design at Humber as well as Environmental Design at Ocad. I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between a Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Interior Design.

Is one more beneficial or flexibile to get jobs with? Do you think one school is better than the other?

Im getting mixed reviews after talking to some students and teachers so i wanted more input here. 
Waterloo/McGill Architecture Admitted Students
Got accepted to Waterloo Architecture yesterday (April 26)! Just wondering who else got in? 
UPDATE: Also just got accepted to McGill! (April 28)! Anybody else??
Debating now between U of T, Waterloo, and McGill. Also feel free to share what you thought about the précis test and the rest of the application as well and what other universities you have been admitted for/are waiting on.
B.Ends OCAD 2017
Hey there, I was just wondering anyone here who has received an offer plans to study B.ends at OCAD?, and why?
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General discussion for ppl applying to urban and regional planning. its my first pick so im really interested, if any current students or alums can give a little insight on their experiences. I applied to OCADU for environmental design, also architecture and urban planning at ryerson.
Ryerson Urban Planning
Discussion for people to share acceptances to Urban Planning at Ryerson and their averages if they feel comfortable. I applied late to Urban Planning and Ryerson and still waiting for reply. Currently a 90% average.
Opinions about this program?
So I recently got an alternate offer from Carleton to their Engineering Architectural Conservation and Sustainability program and I just wanted to know what opinions people have about it since i dont really know much about the program
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OCAD enviromental design
Hi, I was accepted to the B. Enviromental design program at OCAD university. I would appreciate if you can share some of your experience from this program. How is the program like overall? Likes/ Dislikes/ challenges?, is it hard to comute to ocad by public transite?, how does the grading system work? Is it curved?, subjective or objective?, is there co-op for the program?, can you do a exchange to another country on your third or fourth year? Can you pursue master of architecture is you do b. Enviromental design focus on interior design or just b. Ends ? Is there a gym in the school, or dorms? Do you spend most of your time in the studio? Is the work load bearable, and last but not least how will you rate the program? I am planning to visit Ocad in may, but I will appreciate any information provided.

Thanks forward!
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Canadian Architecture Schools
Hello, are there any architecture students out there that have resources and tips for those considering pursuing an architectural degree? I am currently a HS student and I'm not sure if it's something I really want to do, but I'd love it if you could share your own experience- thanks :)
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Architecture Portfolios??
Anyone willing to share any of their portfolios for architecture programs? I'm almost done, I have about 12 pieces but I'm just curious what kinds of things other people are doing! Or if you're not comfortable with sharing your pieces can you say how many pieces you have/where you've applied to?
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Arch Applicants discussion 2017
Just a General stream for architecture applicants.
Any arch students willing to give us applicants advice?
Anyone start their portfolio?
which schools are you applying to?
Whats your average so far?
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