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1st Year Ryerson Architecture Student.. ask me anything!
hey guys I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding Ryerson Architecture as well as how it compares to other architecture programs etc, and I thought it would be nice to directly ask someone who's had some first hand experience! So feel free to ask me anything, I know you guys are all anxious to hear results and have lots of things on your mind so yeah, feel free! I also did my waterloo interview/precis so I can answer questions about that process too:)
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Waterloo University
Who got an interview? I'm super nervous and I wanna know what you guys are doing (if anything) to prepare for the precis!!
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Architecture Admission?
I have applied to Laurentian (Have received an offer of admission that is conditionless) Ryerson, Carleton, and Waterloo (rejected but I've expected such).

Anyone else hear back from the unis yet? I have my Ryerson portfolio evaluation on March the 10th. What should I be expecting?
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Is Laurentian a good location?
Based on the location of Laurentian is it a good place? What kind of people do well in that type of place. I can't decide if I like downtown toronto or sudbury more. I like them both, but I don't know if i'd get sick of living in toronto after a while. 
What are some good things about living in sudbury and at Laurentian?
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What is Ryerson Architecture focused on compared to Laurentian?
I applied to Ryerson, Carleton, UofT and Laurentian 
I don't really know alot of what they are based on, they seem really good though and what I would like. 
I know Carelton is more art than most programs, and UofT is more theory which I don't know if I'd like, I didn't apply to Waterloo but how does Ryerson and Laurentian compare to those 3? 
Mostly I am curious about how the program is different, the kind of people that go there (art students vs science students kinda thing) and how much location matters.
If anybody currently goes to Laurentian as is from more Toronto area, how do you like being in Sudbury? Is the commute to downtown every day bad/tiring or is it okay?
If anybody goes to Ryerson, how is it living in downtown Toronto? I like the city but I don't go often, I think I would like living there though. Sudbury and Toronto are so different, I don't know what is better. 
Any advice helps, thanks!!
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McGill Architecture Applicants for 2018
Hey guys, I just wanted to make this forum to get in touch with others who have applied to the McGill undergraduate architecture program!! I personally think talking to others will help keep me sane during this waiting period to see whether we're accepted!
Where are you from? 
How did you find the portfolio-making process? What kind of pieces did you put in?
What are your grades currently like/what is your current r-score (if you're from Quebec)?
What other programs did you apply to?

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Retake gr.11 math
Hey guys... I want to apply for an architecture program at either Waterloo,McGill or Ryerson. So far, my gr.11 functions mark is really low (75%) and my school is semestered so I won’t have 12U calculus when I apply. Should I retake my gr.11 functions course just in case?
Regarding admission into architecture
Hello guys,
I am a high school IB student, with predicted grades of 33-34
My HLs are Math, Physics and Visual Arts
I have applied for architecture in U of T, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. 
What are my chances of getting into these universities?
Please be honest and specific :)
Also, any tips?
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Waterloo AIF
There's this vague question on the AIF right below the chart where you have to fill out your activities...

Question 3 Extracurricular Activities - additional information (optional) Provide any additional information about anything in the above table.

I'm not sure what kind of answer this is asking for, do I write about how one of the activities has helped me? or do I just give more detail explaining what the activity is? 
Hi all,  

So im a gr11 student currently taking pre calc 11 this semester and not doing too well. I was planning on taking pre calc 12 next semester that way if i do poorly i could redo in the summer but my councellor pulled a 360 on me and was like "ummm,,,,,no" so now im shitting bricks and i dont know what to do because math is screwing me over. 

PS. I want to go to UBC for science so math is like hella important.

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Grade 11 Marks For Architectural Science At University
Hello to whom this concerns,

Thank you for looking into my discussion! I am really stressed and worried at the moment about my marks. I am extremely interested in getting into the architecture program at a good university in Ontario. I have been wanting to be an architect since grade 3, and I have had several teachers tell my parents that I would be an amazing architect. I am currently in grade 11, and we are half way through first semester, and my marks aren't looking the best! Please give feedback on whether or not grade 11 marks matter, which marks matter, and which marks that you feel I will NEED to get up. I have gotten a tutor in hopes of helping me get my math mark better, I feel I am just being lazy when it comes to homework and practice questions for math. My current marks are:

Art: 88% (This will be going into 90's for sure, aiming for 95).
Functions: 71%
Advanced Programming: 95%
English: 81% (This mark should also sky rocket easily).

Please let me know your honest thoughts, and what most architecture universities look for and what marks they look at. I am hoping on getting into ryerson or waterloo.
Architecture question
I will be entering twelfth grade this year and I have been seriously considering architecture programs but math and sciences are in the low 70s. Should I still pursue it?
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Waterloo/McGill Architecture Admitted Students
Got accepted to Waterloo Architecture yesterday (April 26)! Just wondering who else got in? 
UPDATE: Also just got accepted to McGill! (April 28)! Anybody else??
Debating now between U of T, Waterloo, and McGill. Also feel free to share what you thought about the précis test and the rest of the application as well and what other universities you have been admitted for/are waiting on.
General discussion for ppl applying to urban and regional planning. its my first pick so im really interested, if any current students or alums can give a little insight on their experiences. I applied to OCADU for environmental design, also architecture and urban planning at ryerson.
What should I pursue?!
Hello everyone
I'm a grade 11 student, and I've got way too many questions on my mind. 
So I originally wanted to go into Architecture but my cousin recently told me after I graduate from arch school, there won't be many job oppurtnunties. Also, Waterloo architecture only has a 76 enrolment and that would probably be my number one choice for architecture for its co op.
My question: Is my cousin right about employment? Or should I just try and pursue it? 
Next off, my back up to architecture was business commerce. 
My question: where should I go for business school? What is one of the top business schools out there that employers seek out employees from? Also what should be a good average for a top business school?
Sooo after all that, I felt business isn't enough I don't want to be working at some bank (if I even get there).
So thennn I've recently been thinking about engineering, computer software, software development, electrical engineering, etc. Again, I would love to go Waterloo for something engineer related but it's very competitive. 
My question: what is a good average to keep me competitive with other students? What's one of the best engineer schools (with co op)? What are the chances of landing a good job after I graduate? 
Next question non school related: what are some good extracurriculars I should consider? I'm in grade 11 and all I've done is played volleyball and basketball each year of high school. I got one year to do something special!
Thank you all for your help and I really appreciate it! 
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Urban Planning or Architecture
Ive narrowed my program choices to either Architecture or Urban Planning and I was just wondering if anyone could help me in this decision. Which profession is better job wise, which is more enjoyable and how much do each make as I havent been able to find a solid number for either

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Wrestlers Going To Carleton University Year One 2017-2018!!!
Hello everyone, I am a graduating high school student planning on attending Carleton University for Architecture. But one concern is the fact that they do not have a Freestyle Wrestling Team and Club. Therefore I am planning on creating a Wrestling Club for the 2017-18 season; a club requires at least 10 members and two leaders. Please comment below if you are attending Carleton and wants to wrestle at a level like CIS.
has anyone been accepted to Ryerson Architecture? If so, what's your current average and when did you get accepted? I'm starting to get worried.....
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ask me questions about architecture
Hey , I'm an architecture student at ryerson , I'm currently In first year. Ask me any questions you have about architecture and I'll asnswer them to the best of my knowledge and through my experiences. 

Please leave questions below , or if you need quick response email me at saifakbar1998@gmail.com or through Instagram @unsaifshots

Some general information about my applications and acceptances 

Midterm mark 83%
 Final mark 80% 

-ryerson arch 
-uoft arch 
-Waterloo arch 
-Carlton arch 

-Carlton arch
-ryerson arch 

Architecture Undergrad 2017 University Decisions Making
Hello everyone
I am an Ontario Grade 12 student, I am planning on studying Architecture in undergrad as well as a degree in Masters. But for now I am facing a hard time deciding which school I should attend for my undergrad.
I have been accepted by Carleton for Architecture-Design, Ryerson for Architecture Science and Waterloo for its Urban Planning; I failed the Precis for Waterloo Architecture therefore have been offered Urban Planning as an alternative. However I only want to pursue Architecture. Can someone please offer an insight to the experience acquired in each schools. I also would like to know which school is more reputable integrity wise between Ryerson and Carleton, and their reputation on the respected programs. 

Waterloo or Toronto Architecture?
I recently got accepted into UofT's architecture program, and I'm travelling to Waterloo next month to participate in my interview (keep in mind I live in BC) I'm pretty sure I can get into Waterloo, but I'm torn as to which of the two I should attend!

For Toronto I am drawn towards the city itself, as well as the prestige, but I am aware that their courses are more theory and humanities based (I'd prefer something more technical)

For Waterloo I am drawn towards how it's more technical, as well as the strong co-op program. But from what I've seen the location of the school (Cambridge) isn't the urban-lifestyle I hoped for. 
Since the architecture school is separated from the main campus I'm also afraid that I won't have a fun campus life, or that I won't make much friends (I'm a relatively social person)

Nevertheless I'm planning on doing my masters at UBC or UofT,

So pretty much it's an issue of lifestyle vs. style of education.

Does anyone from either schools have any input on this situation? I'd really appreciate it!
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Architecture Acceptance 2017
Hey I just wanted to start a discussion with other architecture applicants for high school class of 2017. 

I'm also curious if anyone has heard back from Ryerson yet haha. The suspense is killing me
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Best Architect School?
Whats the best Architect school? I'm leaning towards Waterloo for their co-op but their 76 enrollment scares me... (currently in grade 11 btw)
I also don't know how to draw for shit haha but I'm planning on starting this summer to complete my portfolio. Does anyone know how one can learn how to draw effectively?
Also got one more questions, lets say I complete an undergrad of Architecture, what are he chances of me getting a job quickly with a great salary? 
thanks guy
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Architecture Admission 2017 - admission poll and information sharing
Universities shall send out their offers in Architecture soon, (some might already received early acceptance due to excellent grades and early submission of supplementary requirements ). Would all Yconic Architecture applicants help to provide their acceptance to help each other?

Please share  : your latest average (IB/canadian/other curriculums), your province or you are international students, schools applied to and dates, dates of acceptance/refusal from each applied schools.

Mine: IB student from Ontario, predicted score 35, applied to uoft, Ryerson, Carlton by end Dec.
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