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waterloo architecture
I'm a grade 11 student and I'm really interested in waterloo's arch program. but since they send out their interview offers after the first semester, I'm worried because i don't think i will have my pre reqs. my first semester is probably going to be :
physics 12
graphics 11 (i know that this won't be considered for my top 6)
3d rendering 12
english 12
I have already taken adv func and got an 89 (ik it not that impressive). so basically my 4 cources would be adv func, phyics, 3d and english.  i would be glad if anyone would help me with the following questions.
1. since i won't have my top 6 or all my pre reqs, would they consider the equivalent grade 11 courses? 
2. on the website the cuttoff is 85 but i have also heard people with low 90's not getting an interview. even if I get a like a 93 average for my first semester, would it matter that i have an 88 grade 11 average?
3. do you know anyone with this avrages that got in?
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Bachelor of landscape Architecture
How beneficial is this program? I got accepted, but everything online says how the jobs afterwards are random and don't really pay much. Would love to hear anyone else's opinion. This June 1 deadline got me shaking.
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Landscape Architecture UofG
Hey. I applied to Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph with an 80% average. I also included a BIF that I worked extensively on. I was wondering if anyone currently enrolled in this program would provide me with information regarding how they got in. What was your average? How was your BIF? These factors are important to me because this is my top choice and I would like to know. Thanks
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Bachelor of Landscape Architcture
I have recently applied to landscape architecture at the uiniversity of Guelph. I’ve submitted my BIF but never received a conformation email...I also just wanted to see if there where any others on here that also applied to the program.
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Guelph Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Hey, I'm interested in getting a BLA. How competitive is the program and what average did you have to get in? 
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Waterloo/McGill Architecture Admitted Students
Got accepted to Waterloo Architecture yesterday (April 26)! Just wondering who else got in? 
UPDATE: Also just got accepted to McGill! (April 28)! Anybody else??
Debating now between U of T, Waterloo, and McGill. Also feel free to share what you thought about the précis test and the rest of the application as well and what other universities you have been admitted for/are waiting on.
General discussion for ppl applying to urban and regional planning. its my first pick so im really interested, if any current students or alums can give a little insight on their experiences. I applied to OCADU for environmental design, also architecture and urban planning at ryerson.
Architecture + a bunch of random questions
So with the many options for architecture undergrad programs in Ontario, I was wondering what some of the pros and cons were to some of the popular universities such as Waterloo, Ryerson, UofT, Carleton etc. 

Are there any programs that offer you a minor or double major along with architecture (for instance in business). I'm not completely sure if I wanna do architecture for the rest of my life, so I wanted to be able to explore some other options. 

Also, does Waterloo allow you to do exchange programs along with Co-op?
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Will I get into University with my marks?
I want to go into architecture and applied to U of T, Guelph (for Landscape), Waterloo Planning, Ryerson Architecture and Waterloo Architecture. I don't know if I'm getting ahead of myself here assuming I might get in to the programs. My grade 11 top 6 marks (with prerequisites) were:

English 90
Adv Func 68
Physics 83
Tech Design 94
Foods 94
Art 90

Do I even have a chance? I know I can bring my math mark up this year to 70-78% which is what I'm worried about and my physics mark which is at 78% right now...
Ryerson vs. waterloo vs. u of T architecture?
I know waterloo has co-op for its architecture program, I've also heard that u of t architecture is very theory based, also heard that Ryerson has a decent program. Can someone tell me about their experience at different schools? Did you find that architecture is something you want to do in life after studying program? Which school has a higher employment chance after graduating from the University?
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Job prospect for architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and biological science (not doctor)?
What are the job markets for these fields? People said that u can get a job with a engineering degree right after graduation, whereas u need at least a PhD to get a decent job with a science degree. So if I get a bachelor's of art or science for the architecture program I might choose, the job market wouldn't be as good as it would be for civil engineering?
Also, what's the difference between civil engineering and architecture? And which one of architecture and landscape architecture has a better prospect?
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who is in or has graduated from UofT's undergrad architecture program?
who is currently in or has graduated from UofT's undergrad architecture program? How was it, was it good? were you able to apply to american schools for your masters? such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell? And were you able to find a good job/co op/internship before, during or after? Also, is the undergrad program recognized internationally?
Waterloo Architecture
I am considering going to Waterloo for architecture, and I have some questions. If anyone knows the answers I would really appreciate it! 
-does the undergraduate program take 4 or 5 years?
-do undergraduate students at the school of architecture automatically gain admittance to the masters program?
-I heard that if you do your undergrad at Waterloo, the masters program takes 1 year instead of 2. Is this true?

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