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Architecture Schools??
In grade 11 and starting to look into Architecture programs in Canada mostly in Ontario. They seem few and far between. What schools offer Architecture programs and which is the best? And what classes should I take in grade 12 for them?
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Engineering or Architecture?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure whether I want to go into Engineering or Architecture... I'm creative and have a passion for art, but I also really like courses like math and science. If I put these attributes together, the perfect program seems to be architecture. The thing that I'm concerned about is that architecture programs are mainly studio and design based, and not including the technical courses I was expecting, like math, science, and tech. I prefer to have a balance so I'm able to gain as much well rounded knowledge as I can. Studying sciences, maths, and programming seems to have a wider variety of use and seems to lead to more stable jobs. With that being said,  I also think engineering would have better job prospects, considering that jobs with new technology and software are on the rise. I was looking into Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering, since it seemed to have a 'design' aspect to it as well as science and technology. So my question is, do you think I should stick to architecture or explore more design based engineering programs? If so, do you guys know of any like SYDE? 

*Also, my average right now is 94 so do I have a good chance to get into SYDE, Arch, or other similar programs?
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Waterloo/McGill Architecture Admitted Students
Got accepted to Waterloo Architecture yesterday (April 26)! Just wondering who else got in? 
UPDATE: Also just got accepted to McGill! (April 28)! Anybody else??
Debating now between U of T, Waterloo, and McGill. Also feel free to share what you thought about the précis test and the rest of the application as well and what other universities you have been admitted for/are waiting on.
General discussion for ppl applying to urban and regional planning. its my first pick so im really interested, if any current students or alums can give a little insight on their experiences. I applied to OCADU for environmental design, also architecture and urban planning at ryerson.
Urban Planning or Architecture
Ive narrowed my program choices to either Architecture or Urban Planning and I was just wondering if anyone could help me in this decision. Which profession is better job wise, which is more enjoyable and how much do each make as I havent been able to find a solid number for either

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Evaluation Session
Hey everyone, does anyone have any idea of what to expect during the Ryerson Architectural Science evaluation session? Like what do I have to draw during the sketch test? How many pieces should I have in my portfolio and do I have to have certain pieces of architecture drawings?
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Urban Planning Folks! Admissions, Outlooks...
I'm starting this thread for people who are applying to various Planning programs across Ontario, more specifically the Planning programs at the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University (since they're accredited).


1. Which programs did you apply to and why? Are you considering grad school instead?
2. Admissions average and ECs... Stuff like that.
3. How you feel about Planning and what you want to do when you're older.

I'll start!

I'm applying to Planning @ uWaterloo, Public Affairs and Policy Management @ CarletonU, and Social Sciences @ uToronto St. George. My average so far this year is hovering around a 91%, but I am really not sure if I can keep that. I'm fairly active with school clubs, and volunteer with my religious community on the side.

I'm a little bit torn between the three programs, since I don't know if I want to work in education, in international development/global studies, or planning/community development/public affairs... But I guess I'll see where life takes me :)
Hey, I applied to Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson and its my first choice, these are my first semester marks:

Adv Finctions: 92
English: 90
Forensic Science: 95
Art: 87 :(

What do u think my chances are for acceptance after first semester? Do u think I'll have to wait til mid term??
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Will I get into University with my marks?
I want to go into architecture and applied to U of T, Guelph (for Landscape), Waterloo Planning, Ryerson Architecture and Waterloo Architecture. I don't know if I'm getting ahead of myself here assuming I might get in to the programs. My grade 11 top 6 marks (with prerequisites) were:

English 90
Adv Func 68
Physics 83
Tech Design 94
Foods 94
Art 90

Do I even have a chance? I know I can bring my math mark up this year to 70-78% which is what I'm worried about and my physics mark which is at 78% right now...
Architect or Doctor?
I'm really stuck on the decision of whether I should be an architect (residential) or a doctor (pediatrician). I'm applying to universities in a couple of months and not sure which prereqs I should keep. The reason I'm having this problem is because of my skills and my career dreams. I am very skilled in drawing and designing houses, but don't know if atchitecture would be the career I'd be happy with for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I do believe I'd be happy with a career as a doctor but I am not skilled in the sciences. Like I'm just not naturally good at it and would have to study all day to get a good/okay grade on a test. I don't know if I should go to the career I'm naturally gifted at (architecture) or the career I'd enjoy but would struggle to get there (doctor).  Any advice would be great, thanks.
Ryerson Architecture Waitlist
Hey guys,
I'm assuming anyone that hasn't been accepted nor declined has been waitlisted. Anyone know their place on the list? Let's see if we can all gage how big this list really is. Apparently you can call the department to find your position on the list?
Architecture Acceptances
If anyone has gotten into any Architectural program (Laurentian, U of T, Waterloo, Ryerson, Carleton, OCAD, etc) comment and leave the date, school, and your average! thanks, hopefully this will help with everyones worrying!
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Waterloo Architecture
I received my architecture interview notice mid-March, it was on April 21st. You do not need overly high grades, my overall average is only an 84 but I still received an interview. My friend who has the same mark did not, I think her AIF did not score as well as mine. The most important things are your Admission Information Form(AIF) and your portfolio interview. They do not really look at artwork that is architectural based eg. buildings, bridges. They really just want to see your creativity and the different types of work you can do eg. watercolour, sculptures, acrylic, oil, sketches 

The Mark I submitted:
Visual Arts: 98
Adv. Functions: 80
Physics: 80
English: 80
Data: 86
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PhD at Calgary University
Hi Guys 

i am an international student (Syrian). Recently i got scholarship for CMD PhD program in Calgary University. The uni offered my 18 k a year and for 4 years. in addition, they will give me 75% discount on the difference between local students tuition fees and international students tuition fees. therefore, i  still have to pay around 9 k for tuition fees for the first and second years only as the last 2 years there are no tuition fees to be paid. 
honestly, i can't afford that, and i am currently looking for and additional funding if that is possible. 
My PhD proposal is about the preservation and reconstruction of the Old City of Aleppo, Syria. it is kind of Post-conflict study.  
i have tried to apply for other scholarships from the uni or from Alberta State Government but most of scholarships are limited on either local students only, or enrolled students.   
Now i know i 18k would be enough if i can find part time job which i can easily get. But i can't go for Visa Application interview saying; i might find Part time job. i think i will get rejected right a way. i am trying my best to join the program on September. 
kindly, if you have any suggestions just drop it in the comment box or you can email me on: 
Hey guys! I'm thinking of becoming a Architect can anyone give me any good University schools I should consider?