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How can I find scholarships for 2nd year undergrads in Canada?
Hi All!

I've been struggling to find scholarships available to 2nd Year Art History Undergrads in Canada. I would really appreciate it if someone could lead me in the right direction. I have worked hard to get a 3.7 GPA while dealing with financial stress. I really need a scholarship to get over the financial stress in the next year and focus more on learning and my career goals.

If you have any useful web-links, please feel free to share.

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How is Western University's Art History/Studio Art program?!
I've applied to the visual arts program that is a combination of art history and studio art at Western! I was just wondering if anyone in the program could tell me how they like it. Also..
1) How flexible is the program and do we have lots of choices on which specific art courses we would like to take?
2) Are the art history classes interesting?
3) How is the program overall?
4) If you know, what are you interested career wise after graduating from this program?

Thanks so much :)

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UBC Media Studies?

I was wondering if anybody knew about the UBC Media Studies program? It combines:
Art History and Visual Art
Creative Writing
Film Studies
Film Production
Information Studies
Critical Theory – English Dept., German Dept.
Computer Science
It is everything I am interested in, but I am afraid that it would be another arts degree where I may struggle to find a job after graduation. What is your opinion?

Thanks :)
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