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Transferring to Waterloo or Western from York
I'm currently a Gr.12 student who has applied for both aviation courses in Waterloo and Western, I have been rejected from Waterloo because I did not meet the requirements and I'm on the reconsideration list for western.(I don't think I will be available to be admitted)
So I'm planning to go to York as a major of Law&Society under Professional Studies and transfer to either the commercial aviation management in Western or Geology and Aviation course in Waterloo. So I have few questions.
1) How hard will it be to transfer to Waterloo?
2) How many credits would I be allowed to transfer?
3)  Will my Gr.12 marks  be an important factor?( I am certain that I would exceed the requirements by the end of Gr.12 but just wanted to make sure)
4) How high GPA would I need to transfer?

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Do i have to go to Seneca college if i wanna go to the Canadian air force?
I wanted to start my pilot career by joining the Canadian Airforce. But I also wanted to go to Rotman business school for a backup plan. Would I still receive paid education as an officer cadet? Or must I attend Seneca?
Should I switch schools?
I’m currently in grade 9 and I’m contemplating about switching to Georges Vanier SS when during grade 10 because I want to apply forsch the SHSM for Aerospace and Aviation. Should I switch sschools? Or would it be better if I switch during 11? I’m kind of scared to switch ool because I might have a hard timewith a new environment.
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Waterloo science and aviation
Hi, i was just wondering if anyone knows how competitive science and aviation at waterloo is... I currently have an average of 88, what are my chances of getting in? Also i picked the physics specialization
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Hi, I am going to apply for the "Geography and Aviation" program at Waterloo and "Commercial Aviation Management" at Western. Has anyone in this forum applied these similar programs before? Since my timetable is a bit too tight and I can't have any space for Physics now, I am kind of worry that universities prefer students that have taken physics courses even though the admission requirements do not ask for physics.
My grade 11 and 12 courses are as follows:
ENG3U(Grade 11 English): 90
MCR3U(Grade 11 Functions): 93
HFC3M(Grade 11 Food & Culture): 91
GWL3O (Grade 11 Designing your Future): 91
SCH3U (Grade 11 Chemistry): Currently enrolled, expected to have 90+
ICS3U (Grade 11 Computer Science): Currently enrolled, expected to have 90+
CGW4U(Grade 12 Geography): 88
CHI4U (Grade 12 History): Currently enrolled, expected to have low 80s.
MDM4U (Grade 12 Data Management): Currently enrolled, expected to have low 90s.
MHF4U (Grade 12 Functions): Currently enrolled, expected to have 95.
ENG4U (Next Semester) 
SCH4U (Next Semester)
ICS4U (Next Semester)
MCV4U (Next Semester)

How do you feel about these programs and do you have any recommendations for university programs? If you are currently studying at Waterloo or Western, your suggestions will be SUPER HELPFUL for me, I will be much appreciated!
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How's Western University's commerce aviation management program?
Hi guys

I have received an offer from the commerce aviation management program (flight option) from Western University, but I can barely find any information online about the program itself. What are some possible career options for graduates from this major, and is aviation management popular at all in Canada?

Thanks to anyone who would like to help.
i want get admission in "academy of aeronautics canada" for pilot training ...want to know some information about this academy .
Good programs for Aviation?
I am currently a junior in high school and I am looking for programs in Aviation - I want to become a pilot.  I know that you don't need to go to uni and get an aviation degree, but I feel like that I should since it is faster and efficient than completing one degree while doing aviation courses outside of uni. 
I found out that Waterloo, Western and Windsor all have programs for aviation.  Also, I do not want to go to a college (like Seneca): in order to become a pilot for an airline, you need a uni degree. 
SO which ones would you recommend?
Also, should I take calculus and physics?
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Ontario Virtual School - Calculus and Vectors
I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has taken Calculus through OVS and possibly still have the tests and notes they made ect... Let me know, thanks! :)
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aviation with geography vs aviation with science
whats better, these two programs are offered at university of waterloo. which one is more competitive or better overall for a future in aviation
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bachelor's of aviation seneca
has anyone got accepted with low to mid 70s in advanced functions and physics at seneca's 4 year bachelor's program of aviation
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aviation/pilot and acceptance percentage
is there anyone on this site that didn't do that well in physics but still decided to go for aviation programs. i just wanted to know what type of programs or paths did u guys take that didn't require physics. thanks in advance
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