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Western Med Sci vs General Sci vs Kinesiology
I'm very confused about the differences between these two programs. My knowledge to this point is that both programs take the exact same courses first and second year, and in third year is where it changes. This is where I'm confused. What are the differences in the programs in third and fourth year? Which program is easier to get a good GPA in? Which program is considered harder? Better? Thank you!
Should I accept a scholarship offer from UBC or UVic? I need your opinions!
Hey everybody,  

Based on my situation, I would really appreciate your opinions about which offer I should accept: a $26,000 entrance scholarship from UVic, or a $20,000 Centennial Scholars Entrance Award from UBC.  

I am going into a bachelor of science, and my long-term goal is to enter medical school leading to credentials as a physician. UBC might give me an edge due to its reputation, but I may be better off financially if I accept the $26,000 offer from UVic because $6000 is a significant amount of money. I come from deep financial need, and that is why I need to consider these things very seriously.  

Here are the facts:  

Pros for UBC:  
The Centennial award will appear on my UBC transcript after graduation (which would look very good to prospective medical schools). 
If I receive external scholarships that cover my first-year tuition, any unused money from the annual allotment of Centennial Scholarship funds ($5,000) could be deposited to my bank account (so I could use it in the future or for living expenses).  
UBC has the Science One program, which I have been interested in for some time now.

Cons of UBC:  
Offers less money than UVic Is not compatible with the UBC Student Housing Assistance Grant.  

Pros of UVic:  
Offers more money than UBC.
I am eligible to receive more entrance scholarships from UVic that can be combined with my current UVic offer.  

Cons of UVic:  
I am not certain, but I've heard that UVic does not give remaining entrance scholarship funds directly to students to use for living expenses or for subsequent years if their tuition is covered by other scholarships. (Does anyone know if this is true?)  

Some other questions I have:  

For UVic and/or UBC, if I receive more external scholarships than I need to use for tuition in first-year, can the financial aid office deposit the money into my bank, or save them for me in second-year? I'm asking because I know that a lot of scholarships cannot be deferred, but I don’t want to lose any scholarship funds; what would my options be?  

Does anyone know if the UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is compatible with other UBC Major Entrance Scholarships?  

Does anyone know if UVic transcripts show that the student received an entrance award?  
Anyhow, those are the things I need to think about. Thank you for your feedback!
McGill Biomedical and Life Sciences Material Difficulty
I'm an Ontario student who has no AP/IB program offered at my school. I would go into McGill having completed only my 4U courses. Will the material covered in first year be all new, or will it be review? As well, if anyone is from an AP or IB background, did you find the material to be new or review? I'm wondering because I'm curious as to how I would fare in a class amongst students who were exposed to the material, if I would have never seen it.
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U of C Health Sciences - Admission 2018
Hey guys! Post news on here about U of C Health Sciences admission news, your average for admission and thoughts on the program.  Good luck to everyone
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Guelph Bio-Medical Science
I am a now second-year Bio-Med student at Guelph, so if any incoming first years or other high school students have any questions at all about the program or Guelph in general, feel free to ask me!! 

Conditional Offers of Admisssion UBC/SFU
I was just wondering what grades I need to maintain to keep offers of admission from these two universities (biological sciences-sfu and sciences-ubc).I have already been accepted to sfu and waiting on a response from ubc.  I have completed all the specific course requirements for these programs already. My school is semestered so I am not sure if i need to do well in random courses i have taken to fill semester 2. I have taken physics 12, calculus and geo. Physics and calculus are real average killers so i was wondering if they would effect my admissions offer. They aren't  required courses. If they do affect my average (which is right now 91.5%) i'll just drop the courses. Thank you for the help and knowledge in advance <3
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Guelph Biomedical Sciences
Hi guys! 
Does anyone know how many students get accepted into the biomed program at guelph each year? Their website doesn't mention anything. Is it one of the larger science programs or not? 
Thanks in advance! 
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Recently accepted - need help deciding
I've recently been accepted into life science with a major in biomed (regular) and life science with a major in biochem (co-op). My final goal is med school and I'm wondering which program would be the best for me. I know biochem has a co-op and experience is crucial to getting into med school but the biomed program just interests me a lot more. In biochem I would have to take calculus first year and I'm not that bad at math, I just hate it (90 in adv functions, 85 in calculus). If anyone here is in either of these programs or can tell me a little more about them, that would be appreciated. (i went to open house and made an appointment with a professor to discuss programs but i want more opinions)
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Ryerson vs York University for Biomedical Science
Hey guys I recently received conditional offers from both universities for the same program but I just can't decide which one to choose! I have visited both universities and I think both of them look fairly interesting. If you could kindly state your opinion down below that would be great! Please provide a clear explanation as to why you prefer one over the other.

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Is there a lot of essay writing towards the end of biomedical science undergrad program?
Hey people! I recently have been accepted to biomedical science in both York and Ryerson University. With that being said, I have heard that there are a lot of essay writings in your 3rd and 4th year. Is this true? I'm not asking this because I'm afraid to write essays but rather I want to know how much work to anticipate in those last two years. All opinions are welcome!
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Queens(Life Sci), Waterloo(Biomedical Sci), Western(Med Sci), UTSC(Life Sci)
Hey guys,

I have been accepted to the programs above, but I am still waiting on MAC Healthsci. I am in a huge dilemma because I cannot decide on which program to go to and I only have a few months left to decide. If you have any comments about the programs that i have listed, it would be much appreciated if you can share them. My plan after undergrad is med school so im basically looking for a school where i can get a high GPA. Also, looking for a school with a good atmosphere, nice peers and profs, and lots of volunteer opportunities because I am not planning on doing coop. 

Thank you in advance!!!!1
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Actual top 6 average needed to get into Guelph BioMed?
Everywhere online and even UofG's admissions office says that the cutoff for biomedical science is 84-89%, but knowing the program only accepts about 100 people, I know it's very competitive and the cutoff may be a little higher than that. What mark is actually needed to get into the program?

My first semester marks include: 87% in biology, 88% in advanced functions, 92% in chemistry, and 93% in philosophy. I don't think will be included into my top 6 because I think that my second semester of Calc, English, and Physics could bring my average above the 90% first semester avg I got. But, hypothetically speaking, what if my top 6 average stays at 90%? Could you get into the program with a 90%?
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Grade 11 marks
Do grade 11 marks matter? I'm in IB and my HL English and chem grades are pretty low. Does McGill look at predicted marks from grade 11 for early acceptance? Or do they look at semester 2 grade 12 marks? I want to apply for McGill science.
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International competitions and uni
Do international competitions such as the International Biology Olympiads help with university? My marks aren't that good. I'm in IB and have a 37 right now, with a 4, 5, 7 for HL and three 7s for SL. My low HL marks were mostly due to me slacking off. 

I've written three AP exams and have gotten 5s on all three

I want to apply to biomed or life sciences at McGill, Western, McMaster, or Queen's. I've checked the admission requirements and my marks meet the requirements but the programs are really competitive. 

McGill and IB
I want to apply to McGill for September 2019 and am and IB student in Ontario. I have a 37 right now. 4, 5, 7 in HL English, chemistry, and history and three 7s in my SLs of math, biology, and French. The sciences requirements says 37/38 so I don't know if I'll get in. 

I've also taken three AP exams, chemistry, biology, and calculus BC and got 5s on all three. Will this help? 

My low scores in English and chemistry were mostly due to me slacking. 

Do international competitions like the International Biology Olympiad help?

Also, when applying for early acceptance at McGill, when are the dates when applications need to be submitted? Are predicted grades from grade 11 the only grades they look at?

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Science/ Related Undergrad Decision Making
Hey guys, I'm a grade 11 student, still trying to decide on an undergrad. Science is the goal as it is something I enjoy doing, and I believe it will prepare me somewhat for the MCAT and med school; as the overall goal is medical school. I want something that offers a pretty good amount of electives, and is not so constricted as well as a program in which I can easily achieve a 3.8 or higher GPA. I preform decently well, and have good study and work habits.
Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Waterloo Conditional Admission to Pharmacy 2018

It's probably nearing university application time now, so I wanted to create a thread to answer some questions any CAP applicants may have.

 For more information on CAP, visit this site:
For more information regarding deadlines, visit this site:

If anyone is skeptical about applying, please don't hesitate! Really! I was hesitant to apply because I thought it was a long shot, but I made it and I'm so glad I did! 

Generally if you have a question, post it here, and if I can answer it, I'll try to. My response rate may be within 1-3 days, depending on my schedule. If there are any other CAP students roaming around on this site who can answer questions, feel free to answer! 

Med school without a BSc?
Hey just out of curiosity how would one get admitted to Med School with an undergrad in anything but a pre-med? On the MCAT wouldn’t they have biology-type questions? How would say a business student answer these questions without any prior knowledge?
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Hey guys,
Basically im going to western university and I dont know which program to go into for BSc, either biomedical, science (biology), or kinesiology, i have heard biomed is much harder then the rest. If you have any information at all, or are in the same boat let me know :) 
Thanks everyone 
Biomedical sciences (French stream u ottawa)
I've been accepted into Biomedical sciences at Uottawa in december and I was wondering how difficult it is to maintain a high average. I have a high grade 12 average, but I know that university is academically harder. I have good study skills and I am a hard worker. I was wondering if anyone who has been in the biomedical sciences program at uOttawa could give insight of the course/program difficulty. Thanks!
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has anyone gotten acceptances to any of the science programs at university of waterloo thus far (late feb). i know u of w has started acceptances for their business/humanities programs and i would like to know if they have started for their science programs (specifically honours science and life science in any major). if so, please state which program and what your grade 12 average was for all the courses you took in first semester.
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Best nursing programs in Ontario?
Hey, so I'm a high school student potentially thinking about getting into nursing, and I was just wondering what are some of the best nursing programs in Ontario? (Queens, Guelph, Western, UofT, McMaster etc.) If you have experience or have heard of anything that could be useful to me, let me know! Thanks!
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AMA: McMaster Health Sciences, Level 1 Student
Title says all. I empathize heavily with the premature, second-week-of-Grade-12 anxiety about university admissions. Not to mention, I relied on these forums to ease whatever feelings I had last year, so it's only natural that I give back.

Seriously, AMA. (ex. What Grade 12 courses did I take? What are some tips for the supp-app? What is BHSc even like? Is it the right program for me and my learning style?) 

Even if I'm not  the best source of info regarding a topic, I'm surrounded by enough people everyday that someone's ought to have an answer for you.
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