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Job Prospects for MSc
Hi,  are there any jobs in the science field that only require a MSc but is not only limited to research in labs? The only field I am aware of right now is Genetic Counselling, but in BC and pretty much in Canada, there are only few graduate positions offered. 

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I Think My Dog Is Autistic
Greetings fellow students,

I think my dog has autism. She does things that strongly suggest this fact. I go to Veterinary School at the University of Guelph and I have conducted a series of laboratory experiments (through my robust knowledge and specialization in urology and gynecology) to determine that my dog has been diagnosed with this. 

For instance, my dog once fell into my pool, which approximately takes up 87.4% of my backyard. She just fell in. She wasn't even chasing anything. 

Therefore, I must ask, how does one deal with an autistic dog, or pet of any kind? If you have any experiences with autistic animals, please tell me about your experiences below. I would love to hear! By the way, I have a 99 average in vet school. 
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Can you get into Mcmaster Health Sciences with an average in the low 90s?
My grade 11 average was 92%. Right now my average in my three courses is 90% and I'm trying to get my average to be higher. For your average, do they look at the top six courses or the cumulative? I heard that many students with high 90s get into the program.
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Animal Biology Program at University of Guelph
Hello there!
I was hoping any one in the Animal Biology program could give me an idea of what it's like? How demanding the program is? How many hours of study? 
I really want to get into it, and am looking to go into the Vet college afterwards. :) I realize that in order to be considered for acceptance at OVC you have to volunteer with vets, have an extra-curricular, and some other volunteering or job. So with all of that in mind, I think it's pretty important to know how much time I must dedicate to study! 
Any other tips are welcome as well! (Best Residences, Academic Clusters, French House, vets to volunteer with, Equestrian Club, jobs offered at Guelph)
Thank you so much! 
All the best to everyone!
After graduating I would like to become a vet. Is Brock University better or UOIT? And also, which program is better for me out of these two:  

- Brock University: Bachelor of Science - Sciences
- University of Ontario Institute of Technology - Biology

I do not care about tuition, location, parties, or social life! Thanks! :)
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Guelph Biomed vs McGill Biomed
I'm trying to decide between the two, they're both tied in my mind right now, so I was wondering if anyone is in the same position or could give me some advice on which program to pick.
My end goal is medical school, the level of difficulty of the program is not my concern, I'm looking for a place where I can have a good experience, be productive, learn in-depth material from good professors, and have access to a variety of volunteering research positions.
In addition, I have very specific dietary preferences, and I know that Guelph is the best for food, but does anyone know how McGills food is? Do they have sufficient options for people who have restrictions, or at least access to chefs or others who could help with an alternative meal plan?
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Do you need to be good at math to succeed in science?
Do you need to be good at math to succeed in science in university?

Also, is the math in sciences at university really hard?

Background information: 
I am in grade 12, and was planning on studying biological science at the University of Guelph. I am currently taking calculus and vectors (just finished vectors and starting calc now), and I am struggling to keep a 70 in that class. I finished advanced functions with a 72, but I have to admit I did not try as hard as I am now in calc. I've been receiving good grades in both chemistry and biology (in the high 80s). The biological science program requires two maths in first year. 

Thanks in advance! 
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Olds College: Exercise Rider Jockey Training Program?
Although I am on the go with Online Classes, working towards either a Certificate in Equine Science or a Diploma in Equine Science, I am considering the Exercise Rider Jockey Training Program at Olds College for next year (January 2017). I'd be coming from out of Province but have family in Edmonton currently.

I was wondering if anyone on here has done this program or known someone who has done this program within the last few years. How was it? What did you love? What did you hate? Does the College offer residence for this program? Did you learn a lot? What did you find to be the hardest part of the program? Any tips or advice? What would you recommend for fitness training/preparation? For mental preparation? Was the course primarily male or female dominant?

Thank You

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Animal Health Technologist / Vet Technician?
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know if there are any students on here who are doing or who have done
Vet Tech / Animal Health Tech.
Where did you go? How much was it? Did you like it? Did it prepare you for your job? Was it 2 year or longer course? Was their options for Equine classes? What are you currently doing? Do you have any recommendations to help get a better job in the field? 

From what we were told in our Co-op class, In NB, the average Vet Tech makes around $12.50/$13.00. However, I don't mind relocating. What does the average Vet Tech in your Area make?

I'm currently on a "work break" after graduating High School in June. I plan to work for a solid year or two, to save up as much as I can before heading away to University. The less debt I can come out with the better, right? Haha.
I plan to do Vet Tech, focusing in Livestock/Equine. Afterwards get an Equine-extension through University of Guelph.
However I'm not quite sure I have decided where to do my Vet-Tech program at. I am in New Brunswick, so I was thinking Dalhousie University in Truro (Former NSAC) as they are located on the Agricultural Campus and have the option for an Equine Elective. 

Is there anything I could do to help prepare me for Vet Tech? 
I am planning on trying to get some Shadowing/Volunteer work done at a Vet Office starting this upcoming Spring.

I graduated meeting requirements for Dalhousie*, my main course grades are as follows:

English 11 - 82
English 12 - 83*
Biology 11 - 89
Biology 12 - 94*
Chemistry 11 - 64
Chemistry 12 - 94*
Foundations Math 11 - 64
Foundations Math 12 - 87*
Pre-Calculus 11 - 60
Agricultural Science 12 - 88
Co-operative Education 12 - 90 (Equine Placement)

I also took other courses such as History, Graphic Art, Intro to Accounting, Leadership, Nutrition, Wellness, Family Dynamics and Culinary. 

How do requirements differ for your program?
I would love to take other Equine Courses as well, as that is were I really want to focus. Maybe ending up in Ontario or Alberta in a Equine-Vet Clinic. 

I'd love to hear from you; anyone who has, is or even knows someone in Vet Tech/Animal Health Program, or in other Equine Science courses. How it's worked out and any advice you have for me.
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