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Job Prospects for MSc
Hi,  are there any jobs in the science field that only require a MSc but is not only limited to research in labs? The only field I am aware of right now is Genetic Counselling, but in BC and pretty much in Canada, there are only few graduate positions offered. 

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mcmaster pnb or queens biopsych??
hi so i have to make a decision on where i want to go right now because my offer ends very soon and i'm just wondering if mcmaster's psychology, neuroscience, and behavior course is a lot harder to get into than queens' biopsych course, and if anyone feels that one is better than the other etc. if you feel like it, please do share the different atmospheres in the universities as well! thank you!
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Chances of being accepted?
I'm in senior year of High School and beginning to apply to post-secondary. I've already finished my applications for SFU and UVic. My other schools of interest are UBC (Vancouver campus) and Concordia University, however, my GPA from last year was only sitting around 3.67, which worries me a bit.

Teachers have not sent out any grades so far this year, but assuming I score a similar/slightly higher average, what are the chances that I could get into these schools? I've done some volunteer work, and intend on doing more throughout this year, but don't do any sports or fine arts.

Though I'm not set on what I want to study, some courses of interest include Behavioural Neuroscience, Chem & Biochem, Anthropology, Psychology, Criminology/Criminal Law, Languages (French & English) and Social Justice type courses. Any insight on this/opinion helps, thanks! :)
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What program should i going to ?
hi I'm currently in grade 11 going to grade 12. Im kinda confused as to what I need to be doing regarding university. I know that my end goal is to become a Vet . my  and I know that I want to going in to th study of animal biology but dont know which university to go too
can you help me
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I want to do a BSc. But I don't know what to do after.
I want to either study biology or physics. But I don't know what to do for getting a job. Obviously I'll need more education after my BSc. As far as I'm aware there's only like 4 options for jobs: doctor (or other health care professional), researcher, teacher, or professor. These are all too competitive so I'm at a roadblock of what I want to do. I think I want to get a MD-PhD but I don't know.
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Families in Canada in Night school?
Thinking of taking this course for night school, so it can be my 6th U/M course for university. I can take it during the day but I want to have a spare during day school to focus on my three other courses (che, bio, english). How was your experience with Families in Canada in Night School? Also, do you recommend I take it during the day (and stick with a four-course load semester, I'm in highschool), or am I better off with it at night school? Thank you for your help.
Waterloo or Laurier for Kin?
I'm interested in kinesiology and minoring in psychology. I dont know which school to pick!
 I love lauriers campus and res, and meal plan, and small class sizes. However i love waterloos kin program, but really dont like the campus size, or the residence! 

Help me!!
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Choosing a degree...

I'm having trouble choosing a degree.  I have good marks (about a 90% average), I work 20 hours a week part-time, and I am apart of a Specialized High Skills Major in IT.

Aside from that, I have nothing spectacular for ECI.

School choices: 
University of Waterloo
Queens University
University of Toronto
McMaster University

I have considered engineering, science (healthcare etc), and business related professional degrees.  

Marks (%):
Grade 11:
Accounting 90
English: 88
Computer Science: 86
Physics: 92
Functions: 83
Biology: 88
Computer Engineering:92

Grade 12:
English :98
Advanced Functions: 83
Biology: 90
Physics: 96
Physics Co-op: 93
Comp. Eng. Co-op: 93

Currently taking:
11 Chemistry : 97
12 Computer Science: 91
12 Business Management and Leadership Essentials: 98

Currently have to take:
12 Chemistry
12 Calculus and Vectors
12 Computer Engineering

I enjoy A LOT of things, so picking a degree has been a challenge.  I want a degree that will be flexible, challenging and rewarding.  My math marks are what I dislike.  Hoping for low 90's in Calc and Vectors.  By rewarding I mean, I want to have the knowledge and ability to use my skills effectively to sell myself, and perhaps product, or services down the road.  I don't want your typical 9-5 job.  I'm the type of person willing to put an endless amount of hours forth while i'm young to be retired while everyone else is still working to pay their mortgage.  

"Grind in your twenties, build in your thirties, chill in your forties" that's what I want.  Unrealistic?  Perhaps, then again it goes back to your desires.  Maybe it is for you, you really don't know me.  I just need to get started somewhere, and i'm not sure where.

I'm not going to just pick a degree because some suggests it, because that would be the furthest thing from my goal of 'not working a day of my life', and by that I mean, work must never truly feel like work.

Thoughts and suggestions?

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