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Bioengineering/Science programs
I was wondering what schools have the best bioengineering programs? Also, I'm not really dead set on engineering either, I would be willing to pursue a since degree too, but I'd like to have a career option after, so an arts and science degree worries me a bit?

If you have any suggestions that would be great!

(I have a 95% average with pretty good ECs)

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Queen's Science
I am trying to get into the BSc program at Queen's university. It has always been my dream school! I'm currently looking at a 85-87% average and a good amount of extracurriculars, including link crew, tutoring and student council president (which I know is nothing more than a title and they won't care at all)... but can anyone who has applied or is in the program give some insight as to what they look for, what you can do to better your shot at getting in and overall what my chances are? It would ease a lot of stress for me. 

Thank you!
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Do you need to be good at math to succeed in science?
Do you need to be good at math to succeed in science in university?

Also, is the math in sciences at university really hard?

Background information: 
I am in grade 12, and was planning on studying biological science at the University of Guelph. I am currently taking calculus and vectors (just finished vectors and starting calc now), and I am struggling to keep a 70 in that class. I finished advanced functions with a 72, but I have to admit I did not try as hard as I am now in calc. I've been receiving good grades in both chemistry and biology (in the high 80s). The biological science program requires two maths in first year. 

Thanks in advance! 
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