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Laurier Biology BSc/BA
I applied to both BSc in Biology, Biochemistry, and BA in Biology. I love science but I'm more of a biology girl. I don't mind chemistry but I struggle more with it because it's not something I'm passionate to learn about. I graduated HS in 2017 but I came back to take advanced functions since at the time I was going to apply to strictly BSc programs. I recently discovered that Laurier has a BA in biology where I can learn the concepts and not have to worry about math or chemistry. My dilemma now is that I came back and wasted a year assuming I was applying to a BSc and I want to graduate and be able to get a job fast which I know a BA in Biology I probably won't get. If anyone is in the BA for Biology of BSc can you tell me how it is the first year, especially for BSc because I know first-year courses include fundamentals of Calculus and it's too late for me to take that now.
Also if anyone got accepted to any of the above programs can you comment when and what your average was!

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Philosophy11 over Biology11?
I'm in Grade 10 and Course submission has passed by nearly a month. I'm still undecisive about a particular course change I might consider. Philosophy I think might be something I might enjoy regarding thinking about things, but cutting Biology I'm scared will cut off the medical field even though I intend to go into computer topics.

I'd be changing Biology11 for Philosophy: The Big Questions 11.

My current roster of next years courses are...
Chemistry11 (AP)
Visual Arts11
Computer Technology11
+ Biology 11 or Philosophy: The Big Questions 11

Should I make this change? Is it okay to cut off a field even though I don't intend to go there at this moment? I could also switch philosophy for computer technology, visual art or financing.

Or atleast, can anybody say anything about one of the two courses from experience or word-of-mouth?
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Colipase is a protein co-enzyme
Colipase is a protein co-enzyme required for optimal enzyme activity of pancreatic lipase. What's function of colipase?
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Chances of getting into ryerson along with other universities such as uoft for sciences
Hey so I was wondering what realistic chance I have of getting into ryerson, uoit, uoft st George and Scarborough ( uoft for life science and biology for ryerson and uoit)? My average is about 81% which is pretty crap ik and ik that I basically have like no chance in getting into uoft but I’m way more concerned about ryerson. The courses that I’m raking this year is math (76%) physics (80%) and biology (88%) along with a spare. Since my average is low should I also take a grade booster next semester instead of a spare or?? Thanks !
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I want to be a surgeon!
Hi! I live in Ontario, Canada and am currently in grade 11. I did not realize that I would like to become a surgeon until after selecting my courses for grade 11, and did not do enough research on undergrad programs until mid first semester. Though after having done said research, I discovered that pretty much all of the programs I intend to apply to – Biomedical Sciences – recommend taking physics in high school. I did not take physics. I only took chemistry and biology. Now, while it is too late for me to take the course this semester, it is possible for me to take physics next semester. However, I would then have all three sciences (chem, bio, and physics), and I would have to drop the guitar class I have chosen to take (I love music!). This is not preferable, but it is possible. So should I do so? Is it worth it? Because it’s only recommended.
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Guelph Biomedical Scienc
I applied to Guelph Biomed and I’m worried about having a high enough average to get in. 
My marks so far are:
Biology- 95
Leadership (this is a university course)- 95
International Business- 95
And i finished adv functions last year with an 88

My two courses next semester that i will be using to fill my top six are chem and English. What marks should i be aiming towards in those classes to ensure i can get into biomed???
Grade 11/12 Courses HELP!!
I'm looking to keep my options open for uni (aspiring to go to McGill or McMaster for ArtSci) and I wanted to know if this plan will be too stressful! has anyone ever done this successfully??

Grade 11:
English: ENG 3U1
Religion: HRT 3M1
French: FSF 3U1
Anthro/Socio/Psych: HSP 3U1
Law: CLU 3M1
Accounting: BAF 3M1
Biology: SBI 3U1
Chemistry: SCH3U1
Functions: MCR3U1 (Summer School between Grade 10-11)

Grade 12:
English: ENG4U1
Philosophy: HZT 4U1
French: FSF4U1
Law: CLN 4U1
Biology: SBI 4U1
Chemistry: SCH4U1
Accounting: BAT 4M1 
Calc and Vectors: MCV4U1 
Advanced Functions: MHF4U1(Night School, 2nd Semester Grade 11)

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Undergrad Confusion
I am currently a high school student in grade 12. Applications are going in around this time and I am expected to apply very very soon, but the problem is I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to go. I need help..
I have interests in Biology, specifically human anatomy, medical related things and such.. 
Some possible programs that I am interested in are:
McMaster - Nursing
Ryerson - Nursing, Biomedical Science
University of Guelph - Biomedical Science
University of Waterloo - Kinesiology
Wilfrid Laurier - Health Sciences
Western - Health Sciences

I don't know enough about these programs to make any decisions which is my main problem.. espeically biomedical science. 
Currently, I have an overall average of about 92%. My average last year was 89%. 
Any info on any of these programs or any sort of help would be really appreciated!! Thank You
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why do science research jobs have low paying salaries
im curious over why a lot of science jobs do not pay very much. These are all people who have like graduate degrees and have studied for a long time yet their salaries are comparatively low. For example, research and academia jobs (especially!!!) and jobs like zoologist, biologist, biomedical sciences and stuff. And not to be offensive but why do so many people go into uni programs like life science where there are thousands of people enrolled when the job prospects are not that good nor the salary. I get that a lot of them want to be doctors but the probability that you actually become one is pretty low.
Thanks guys for answering! I'm in Grade 12 right now and I used to be interested in a program in  life science or biology until i recently realized this.
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Biology 11 Averages
I am in bio 11 online right now and I am finding it very difficult. No matter how many hours I spend studying, my average still remains in the 86-89 range. I find that my teacher's tests have questions that ask about things in great detail, have tricky wording, and he also puts things that are not in the textbook provided. I have borrowed another biology textbook from the library but my scores on the tests are still the same. I usually get above 90 for my other subjects so I don't know if I'm just bad at bio or if my teacher is making his tests more difficult than they should be. For those of you that have taken or are in bio right now, what was/is the level of difficulty of your tests/quizzes? And what was/is your average in bio?
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How do Double majors work when you graduate at UTSC?
I am interested to join UTSC Life Sciences. If you do a double major, for instance, Human Bio and Health studies, would both programs count towards your GPA? I heard from my classmates that you get to choose one major that you want to graduate with and the graduate schools will look at that GPA.

Also, If I want to Human Bio and coop Health studies. How does that work when I apply? Do I apply to coop psychological sciences?
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What universities allow you to major in a science and in an art as in the form of a double major?
Hi guys,
So I'm a student in Grade 12 and I am thinking of going into life sciences. However, I am also very interested in Political science and history, so I'd like to keep an open option to be able to major in one of those as well(I know weird combination). I know that U of T allows you to major in a science and major in an art as well, but it seems to be hard to find the info for other universities regarding that.  So what other schools allow you to do that in Ontario and outside of Ontario?
Ryerson biomed admissions
Hi, im a grade 12 student, so to be straight forward im a high 80's and 90' student in english, sciences and everything else, but i cant do math if my life depended on it so i was wondering if my chances to get into life/health science programs are screwed because my my math markssss ?? 

Please Help a Brother out!!
How's it going everybody?

Anyways, I am a newcomer to Canada and I really want to improve my writing skills.

I just wanted to know if you got any helpful tips for me when writing any literary work. It would be much appreciated.

Could you please suggest some interesting books too.

Thank you for taking your time reading this.
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Gap Years Between Undergrad and Graduate
I am currently still in high school, but in the near future I will be attending first year University. I would love to go to med school, when considering pathways though I would really like to start a family after gaining an Undergrad. I am currently unsure which would be a better option going to med school and not starting a family until my thirties, or staying at home to raise kids after finishing my undergrad and going back to school later?  
Is there any possible suggestions for an Undergrad that I would be able to finish(4-5 years?), then take a break to raise a family, and go back to potentially 10 years later (still valid?) to get a graduate degree and then obtain a job working with people?
Thank you
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AMA: Student Council President, Rowing Coxswain, High School Senior, UVic Applicant
Hi! I'm Chanel, one of the Yconic Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018. As a student in high school, I can easily relate to any questions you may have and am readily available to help you.  So feel free to ask me anything and I answer back speedily!

About me: 
Student Athlete: joined many sports from basketball to volleyball but transited onto the water for rowing
On Student Council for two years as Fine Arts Rep and School President
AP English Student with many courses aimed towards the Sciences (BIo, Physics, Chem)
Arts Student in Visual Arts (published illustrator), Choir and Drama 
Guide International Students from numerous countries like Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain, etc. 
Attended Private school and Catholic school 
Applying at the University of Victoria in British Columbia in the Faculty of Science 

Physics from High School Level to University Level
So this is the year I start applying to post-secondary schools. Like many others like me, I have a vague idea of what I want to do. The majority of my options are either business related (marketing, international, or management) and science (Chemistry, bio-chemistry, or biology) with some other interesting courses scattered around. 

After doing some more in-depth research into what the schedules are like for the science programs, I saw that some had physics as a part of their schedules. I'm not the best at physics unfortunately and I didn't do amazingly well in grade 11 physics so I decided to opt out of taking it for grade 12. 

My question is, if I were to apply and get accepted into these science programs with physics involved, will I survive? I mean, it does say physics as a recommended course so they might reteach the basics of physic right? Or am I going to have to do a complete overhaul and learn physics all over again during the summer?

TL;DR Some uni courses have physics in their schedules, I didn't take any physics besides GR11. Will I survive?

Specific programs I'm talking about: Ryerson- Biology (Honors) and Chemistry (Honors) and Biomed (Honors), UofT- Life Sci
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Need help with my grade 12 course timetable?
Sem 1
-Adv. Functions
-English OR Challenge & Change

Sem 2
-English OR Challenge & Change

Basically I'm debating whether or not to have English 1st semester or 2nd semester. Here are my pros and cons of including it in each semester:

Sem 1 Pros: 
1. Prereq course - gets the hard stuff out of the way
2. Gives room for courses in semester 2 (if I fail the ones in sem 1) which I will absolutely try NOT to do 

1. My mark usually drops substantially after midterm (English went from 85 to a 72 - I'm only worries about getting accepted , not necessarily a scholarship.. so having it in term 2 is more beneficial for this reason)

Sem 2 Pros:
1. Easier mark (for acceptance not scholarship)
2. It is my third attempt at this course... so I'm sure I'm not getting a 4th (and should give up anyways). So having it in term 2 is better bcuz I'm not getting a 4th chance if I fail it in sem 1. 

Right now I think Sem 2 is the best. What do you think? 

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Life Science Programs
As the title says, which undergraduate life sciences program is better in terms of reputation for future grad school (or medical school), student life, quality of teaching, and workload?

Life Sciences -McGill
Life Sciences -UofT
Life Sciences -McMaster
Medical Sciences -Western
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mcmaster health sciences
so... this is probably a really stupid question.... but how competitive is it to get into mcmaster's health sciences....  also what is the cutoff?... thanks in advance
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Any 2nd Year UofG Bio-Med Science Students?
Just want to ask around and get peoples opinions on first year electives in bio medical science at the university of guelph. Ill be picking courses shortly and i want to be able to somewhat balance out my semesters with a course that not extremely difficult. Any course/prof help would be greatly appreciated!
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online courses/ physics online?
so i've taken math and science 10 completion over the summer last year. this year i took pre-calc 11 and chem11. i was planning on taking like bio 11 or physics 11 during the summer this year but unfortunately my parents decided that this is the year we go on a vacation. At first i wasnt too bummed out that i wouldn't be able to take the course in a class so i thought i'd try it online. BUT the VLN said there'd be 2 tests that i have to write at a school so i wont be able to do any course online. Next year, i was planning on taking chem 12 and phys 11 but i want to go into chemical/medical sciences. So both bio 11 and 12 courses are required and if i do bio online, i'd be missing the labs, but same as physics.... So I was wondering, should i even take physics or even a course online?...btw grade 10 -> to gr 11 next year if it wasn't clear...
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