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Biology/Biomedical Sciences/Life Sciences - Will I be accepted?!
Hi everyone! I am currently a highschool senior applying to university of next year with a current top 6 average of 83%. The programs I applied are:

- UofTSG - Life Science
- Ryerson - Biology
- York University - Biomedical Sciences

Recently, I have been waitlisted to Ryerson Biomedical so I decided to switch to Ryerson Biology instead. Does anyone know how long it will take for them to get back to me? Also, how good are my chances of getting into UofT Life Science with an 83% average? I have been already accepted into York. 
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Thread for 2017-2018 Future Western Med Sci students
Hey guys, I got accepted in May for Medical Sciences at Western and I just wanna make a mega thread of all of us that will see eachother in less than a few weeks (if were in the same lecture).

Comment your acceptance average and when you got accepted?

Your Top 6 marks?

Your planned residence to live (im personally hoping for ontario hall)?

If your going to frosh week?

What will you specialize in for the third year? 

And any other things on why you chose Western over the other science programs?

And anything else you wanna say, well all be kind of family for the next 4 years 

Lets keep this thread lit, I can't wait to meet all of you (hopefully lol).
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1st Year uOttawa Engineering Student (Civil/Mechanical)- AMA!
If you have any questions about the program or student life in general- feel free to ask me! I also have friends in all the other engineering disciplines, and know quite a few people in biomed (both first and upper year), so have at it :)

Update: just switched from civil to mechanical so if you have any questions about switching programs in later years feel free to ask!

Update #2: I have another thread with a lot of replies-- i may have already answered your question so check here too:

AMA: Kinesiology Student, Researcher & UofC Medicine Scholar
Hey Everyone! My name is Mathieu and I am one of yconic's Student Ambassadors! I am currently a first-year Kinesiology student (majoring in Biomechanics) at the University of Calgary and would love to answer any questions you have regarding Universities in Western Canada. 

Who Am I:  
-First-Year UCalgary Kinesiology Undergraduate Student majoring in Biomechanics
-University of British Columbia Major Entrance Scholar 2016
-Thrive Volunteer, Right to Play VP Finance, KSS VP Public Relations
-UCalgary's Cumming School of Medicine Pathways to Medicine Scholar 2016
-SIPRC Researcher (Markin USRP Scholar): "Evaluating the effect of body checking policy on physical contacts in youth ice hockey players using video analysis."
-Acceptance into the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine MD Program in 2020 (P2M Scholar).

Please feel free to throw your questions below and I will be sure to answer them to the best of my ability and as quickly as possible!

University/College Collab Programs
Hi there, I'm looking into nursing and it seems like most (expect for maybe a few universities) university nursing programs are in collaboration with a nearby college (ie Western and Fanshawe). I am wondering if I will still get a university degree or if it will be a college degree. How do I apply to these programs? Is it through OUAC or? Is anyone currently taking a nursing program or taking a nursing collab program? Any thoughts on different schools that off this program - I'm hoping to be a nurse at a hospital in London (Ont) if that helps. Also, a prerequisite for many nursing programs is math and chem - is there really any chem or math in these programs though??
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Tour Universities Before of After Acceptances?
Hey Everyone!
So I'm looking into around 4 universities that are all relatively close. I'm just wondering if I should tour the universities I'm looking at before or after I receive letters of acceptances. My fear is that I'll tour a university and become "attached" and be devastated if I don't get in. I'm already researching a TON (like it's taking away from my studies eek!) into a University that I think is going to be my top choice and I like it so much already I'm afraid if I visit I'll become even more "attached". Thoughts? Should I visit Uni's before or after acceptances?
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Ryerson vs Guelph biomed sci
I got accepted to ryerson biomedical science and got on alternate offer from Guelph for their biological science but I'm planning on switching to biomed sci in second year if I end up going there. I just can't decide between the two! I like Guelph because it's a traditional campus and they are known for their science programs and I heard you get to work on human cadavers in third year, something unique in the Guelph program which is unlike any other school. But I'm not sure how I feel about the city of Guelph-
it seems small and quiet and not much to do. Plus, it's farther from home.

What I love about ryerson is that it's in the heart of downtown Toronto and it's such a big city. I think because they are not known for science programs I could get the advantage of having the professors know the students better and then getting a good GPA. Also because it's such a big city there is more opportunities for volunteering and ryerson does offer a co-op as well. It's also closer to home and I know the city extremely well. However, they do not have a traditional campus and I'm worried that because they aren't known for their sciences their program won't be as strong as Guelphs or have as much resources.

The deadline is June 1st to accept and I completely stuck between the 2! Someone help lol
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uOttawa vs Guelph?
I'm currently deciding between uOttawa's biomedical sciences and Guelph's biological sciences. In the future i'm hoping to either go into vet school or medical school which is why I'm stuck between the two! Thoughts?
Guelph or Waterloo?
Hi, I'm currently a senior in high school and am deciding between doing an undergrad at the University of Waterloo or the University of Guelph. I've gotten into the Biomedical program at both and don't know which one to choose. I want to eventually go on to either pharmacy or optometry school and so I'm wondering which one might be better suited to help me get there. I'm also interested in hearing about the diversity of the campuses and class sizes of both so if you have any information on that please feel free to share. I would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanks!
McMaster Life Science or Guelph Biomed?
Which would you choose and why??
I like both equally but for different reasons and I'm having a very difficult time deciding between them..
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Guelph or Queens for Science
I've applied to Mac Health Sci, and I've already been accepted to my other choices. Of them, my top 2 choices are Guelph Biomedical sciences and Queens Life Sciences. I am very set on medical school, so I need a place with the best program for me, but I am also looking for a school with a good academic and social environment for me. Any Guelph or Queens students have any opinions of the programs, which one would be the better choice if I'm going for medicine??
How to do well in math
I can't test well in math, and overall I am just not good at math. I don' t know what I can do to become better! Does anyone have some strategies or tips? I am in grade 12 right now and taking calculus.
I have done research on this, and a lot of sources say, its about hardwork. I honestly am working so hard and not seeing results. I do all my homework (and I understand it), I ask the teacher questions whenever I don't understand something, and I listen in class. 

Any advice?

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Is it too late too prepare for SAT?
Hi guys! I was just wondering is it too late to start prepare for SAT? I am willing to study hard during Christmas break and few hours every day after my break. When is the latest day to do SAT?
Is there any good websites for SAT preparation? 

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My biggest fear right now is that I won't get in my universities of choice and its seriously having a huge effect on my mental state right now (my anxiety is getting worse day by day). I am currently in grade 12 and I am taking 7 courses (my school has terms not semesters so we take all the courses at once, accept for math which is semestered) English-96 Bio-95 Chem-91 Politics-82 Physics-somewhere in the 60s Advance Functions- also somewhere in the 60s. I have pretty good marks in everything BUT Politics, Advanced Functions and Physics. My current plan is to bump up my politics mark (we've only had 1 assignment so far this , and to completely disregard physics and functions, focus on calculus (which I don't start until January) and an online course I'm planning to take. My top choice schools are McGill, McMaster and UofT but I'm worried I won't get in. My parents think I'm looking for the easy way out with the online school but to be fully honest I don't really care if it seems this way. I just care about getting high grades, and my entire life is school right now, I wake up at 3 every morning to study and go to bed at 10 since I study after school as well. Whats frustrating and stressing me is that I work so hard but I'm such bad results.

I still haven't spoken to anyone about my anxiety and I don't know if its just me overreacting or if its something serious and I'm scared but I don't want to be a burden either.
Scholarships for EC's and Volunteering?
I'm in grade 12 stressing out about uni applications as one should, and the only scholarships i've looked into are the academic merit based ones. They involve no nomination, application, EC's or volunteering of any kind. I am in a better place in terms of my motivation and health than I was in last year in grade 11, so I do genuinely believe that I could get a high enough average for an entrance scholarship. However, I have been involved in a lot things during my years of high school without even realizing it, and I was wondering if any scholarships based on community involvement would be available to me?
I go to an arts high school for dance...

I've been a "class rep" for 4 years: attends weekly meetings to discuss upcoming events/ performances in the program as well as any issues that may arise. Ex: the teachers strike last year almost cancelled one of our productions but we worked together with the teachers and students to put on that show in a week after not being at school for 3 weeks! Class representatives also act as a liaison with the teacher to help students who were away catch up, solve any problems that may arise, be in charge of the class when the teacher is not there.

I've been in a school dance company for 4 years: Dance companies not only have a piece in the two dance productions we put on a year (one each semester), but we perform at events within the community, school, and even school board. It involves practice for 1.5 hours weekly and could be more depending on what show/ event we are preparing for.

I've been involved in extra roles in our two shoes for 4 years: We have a winter production and a production in May called the "May Show". In addition to a class piece, and company piece, I have auctioned for an extra role each show which also demands many hours of rehearsal leading up to the shows.

In grade 12 the dance program has something called "leadership roles", as the grade 12's help run the productions as part of our mark. This has not been decided yet but I hope to be something called a "stage manager" who basically has a headset and sits behind the curtains to make sure dancers are on and off stage in sync with the lighting and music, ensure all the dancers are there before going on stage, and solve any other problems along the way while making sure the show goes on smoothly. The teachers said this role is something you would put on a resume because it demands a lot of responsibility and hard work to pull off.

In order to graduate with an "arts letter" you need 30 arts points. Arts points are given by participating in a company, being a class rep, auditioning for an extra role in a show, ect. By the end of my grade 12 year i will graduate with well over 60 arts points! :)

Also in addition to all involvement in the dance community of my program, I was a competitive dancer at a studio in grade 9 and 10 dancing 10+ hours a week in addition to company, and extra role rehearsals along with class rep duties.

Now that I am in grade 12 and have decided to take a spare each semester, I have time to volunteer now. I am thinking of applying to the high school winter volunteer program at my local hospital. If accepted i would start in January and work over 6 months to get 60 hours of community involvement. I believe applying for regular (not early) admission starts in January. Would it be stupid to take a volunteer position if I wouldn't be able to put it towards a scholarship when applying? I want to take it regardless of whether it would show on my uni application, but would I be able to put it towards something if it starts in january???

I have done all of the above while being on the honour role the past 3 years, and also maintaining a job for a little of my grade 11 year.

OK SO MY APOLIGIES FOR JUST EXPLODING WITH ALL THE STUFF I HAVE DONE, but all in all would my involvement in the dance program, dancing at a studio, and a possible volunteer position go towards any scholarship??? I will be applying to life science programs at UofT, Ryerson, and possibly McMaster and or Queens. 

In grade 9 when I decided to try being a class rep, and join a company, and try out for extra roles I didn't even know it could look good on a resume or go towards something. It was out of pure passion for dancing and for helping those in my program and it still is today! I haven't thought of my involvement in this program looking good on an application for university until my grade 12 year! My parents don't want me to live on campus anywhere, they want me to commute to York University like my sister did because they don't think i'm capable of anything. If all of the above doesn't go toward any type of scholarship at those universities than I will work my fucking ass off to get those academic based scholarships... But I need a scholarship, because I need to prove to my parents that I am capable of greatness and deserve to move away from home. So please! Is this involvement make me eligible for any scholarship at Uoft, Ryerson, Mac, or Queens? Thank you in advance.
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How does Applying to University Work?
I am going into grade 12 this year and I will be applying for regular admission using my grade 12 marks. I took grade 12 U english online this summer. Here is how my semester's will play out. Keep in mind I go to an arts school so the dance classes are different each semester and are mixed courses. I'm planning on using both dance marks in my top 6. Also I am taking physics just to get a better understanding of it as it is recommended for my program but not required. I am not taking physics to get a high mark for my top 6, I am purely taking it to learn.

1st sem:

Adv Functions

2nd sem:


I thought the way it would work is they would take my grade 12 english mark from summer school and include it into my top 6 as UofT Lifesci requires you to take english, chem, bio, and calculus. However my friend who spent a lot of time in the guidance office last year told me that your top 6 marks when applying to University come from the courses you are taking this school year. Apparently because I took english in the summer even though it is required for my program, it will not be included in my top 6 because it was taken before my grade 12 year even though it was a grade 12 course. Is this true? I thought my top 6 would be english, bio, chem, calculus, dance, and dance! Because of my english mark taking a spot they would take my calculus mark over my adv functions mark because calculus is required, and also physics would not be my highest over my dance classes which I get high 90's in. I thought it would work out that way! If this is true than would they not include english and my top 6 would be adv functions, bio, chem, calculus, dance, dance? Do they even look at my english mark if I took it prior to my grade 12 year???!!!

I am just incredibly confused that they would not accept english into my top 6 even though it is required for my program.

Also I believe you start applying in january when second semester of grade 12 hasn't even started. Would universities be looking at my 12th grade first semester mid term marks and than look at my dance and bio grade from last year as those same grade 12 courses are in second semester? I did not take calculus last year obviously because you can't in grade 11 but I am taking adv functions in my first semester so would they not look at my grade 11 mark for functions? Also the whole thing that confuses me is how do scholarships work if you are applying with only midterm marks and marks from grade 11? I plan to do really well both semesters to get really high marks so I am eligible for academic scholarships. Are scholarships going to be based off my grade 11 marks now because thats the way it works when applying to University? I am just so confused as to how it all works in terms of top 6 marks and summer school, marks they look at from 11th grade, and academic scholarships not being based on grade 12 marks. Thanks to anyone who actually read this word vomit lengthy post all the way through haha, and I would appreciate any clarification you can give :) 
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