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AMA: Brock BAcc Graduate, Carleton MAcc Graduate, Big 4 Employee
My name is Neal, and I graduated from Brock's Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program in 2016 and Carleton's Master of Accounting program in 2017. I was a yconic Student Ambassador for 2016-17. Although I work full-time at PwC now, I'm still around answering questions about accounting as a career and universities. 

My co-op work experience includes:
-Corporate Accounting, Henkel (Germany)
-Assurance and Tax, Collins Barrow
-Risk Assurance, Ernst and Young

I currently work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Assurance. . 

A snapshot of my time at Brock:  
-Served as an executive for several clubs  
-Participated in numerous internal/external case competitions and conferences  
-Served as a Tutorial Leader for Brock's first-year Macroeconomics course  
-Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (the top 10% of Goodman get invited)  
-Did co-ops and internships with 3 different companies in corporate accounting, assurance, tax and risk assurance located in Germany and Canada  
-Participated in a short-term exchange to France  
-Volunteered for the business school's Career Services office, where I critiqued students' resumes  
-Lived in residence (first-year) and off campus

A snapshot of my time at Carleton:  
-President of the Sprott MAcc Society  

Feel free to ask me questions below! Or you can add me on LinkedIn if you'd like to send a private message (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nsengupta).
Can multiple people from the same school get accepted?
What are the chances for two people in the same school to get into the same program? I’m talking about programs like AFM in Waterloo and Accounting in Brock? 

My friend and I want to go to the same program so we are planning to work together to get, however I would like to know the chances of both of us getting in..
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Early Acceptances 2018
Im a grade 12 students and will be applying for university in november, i was wondering my chances of getting an early acceptance for Accounting / Life science
English (gr 11): 92
French (gr 11): 95
Functions: 93
Accounting (gr 11): 95
Bio (gr 11): 86
Chem (gr 11): 92
[i took a fitness course and fast tracked french]
English (gr 12): 87 (summer school)
French (gr 12): 90
Adv Func: estimated 99.6 
Bio (gr 12): estimated 83
Accounting (gr 12): estimated 90
other courses are in next semester

University of Waterloo (accounting / life science)
University of Toronto - St- George (BBA rotman)
York University (Schulic) 
University of Toronto - Mississauga (Life Science)

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Wanting to become an accountant, should I consider schools that don't have a co-op?
Programs such as Ivey AEO & HBA, Queen's Commerce, Schulich Business, etc. do not have a co-op, so for someone who is dead set on becoming an accountant while other things such as tuition, residence, etc. are not a concern, do you think these programs hold comparable value to programs such as Waterloo AFM, Brock Accounting, Laurier Business, etc. who do have a co-op? Waterloo and Brock have the added benefit of having a MAcc, additionally all Waterloo SAF students who have an average equal or higher than 75% are automatically admitted into it.
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So, I saw online that there is 6 different co op sequences for AFM. I wanted to know if you get to choose which sequence you want. And when do you get to choose that. Also there is a star on some of the options which says “ curriculum and coop sequence are subject to waterloo senate approval” does that mean you can’t pick those, and if you do want those options you have to go through a bit more work to get it ? Thanks a lot !!
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creative industries - minor in accounting
Hey. so I wanted considering taking a minor in accounting in the creative industries program at Ryerson. However, I am not too sure about a few things. For one, if i do a minor in accounting what must I do after to get my CPA accideation. Like does it give me all the courses i need to have before going into CPA PEP, or do I have to take some CPA prep courses as well. Also, if I do creative industries (business) then a minor in accounting, what opprotunities does it open for vs if i were not to take it. These are my questions, I did research but i can’t find what i’m looking for which is why i am asking you guys, Thanks :).
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Creative industries Accounting
If i complete a minor in accounting at creative industries what do i have to do get my CPA acceridation. Also what opportunities does this minor give me? I am doing research but i can’t find exactly what I am looking for, which is why i am asking you guys. Anything helps! Thank you! :)
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Current AFM Student. Ask me anything!
Hi, everyone!

My name is Saad and I'm currently enrolled in the AFM program where I'm currently in my first year.

Some background information about me
-Had Admission Average of 91% in Top 6 U/M courses
-Was heavily involved in EC'S 

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding anything such as my university experience, Grade 12 memories, the advice I would give and much more. In addition, I'm looking to be an Ambassador for the University therefore, you may get a chance to meet with me during potential events taking place at the University or any Campus tours.

Good luck with the school year

Saad Virk!
Applications and Marks
Hey everyone!
So as University applications are coming up, I was wondering if they look at my midterm or my final.
I want to get into Queens and ill also be applying to all major business schools like Shulich, Ivey, AFM, Rotman, etc. Queens is just my main goal!
I believe my ECs are well rounded and strong enough, Im just scared my marks wont be.

Here's a breakdown of my marks so far:
- Advanced Functions taken in semester 2, gr11: 78%; im retaking this in nightschool at the moment and im highly confident I can get a 90+ because of the chill teacher and past students telling me its really easy!
- ENG4U: Took in the summer, got a 88%
- Im taking Kinesiology, World Issues, and Calculus this semester and Im really worried about Kinesiolology and Calculus. 
Before you ask why in the world im taking Kin, it was either that or Biology so didnt really have an option..
World Issues is no problem, but im scared my Kin and Calculus marks wont be good enough by midterms, im talking like low to mid 80s. (Its a possibility, could be worse or better but I just think thats where it'll be) 

So yeah, when applications come around, will they look at my midterms? I was convinced no they wont, because I still wont have a top 6, so I thought theyll look at my final and then my midterm of second semester to come to a conclusion. Is this correct?
Another question, whats a good average I should aim for to be competitive? 

Thanks guys!
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ECs and Application for Queens and Ivey
Hey everyone,
I'm a grade 12 student and I just have some questions regarding if my ECs are good enough and how the application process for these two go about with ECs.

Here's my ECs:
- Business SHSM student (4 years) 
- Camp counsellor job this past summer, working with Big Brothers/Sisters (3-4 months)
- Volunteer at my local temple and executive member of the committee there with my father (3 years executive member, 150+ hours)
- School Basketball team captain (gr 9+10)
- School Volleyball team (gr9, captain in gr10)
- School Volleyball team (senior, gr11)
- School Basketball team (varsity gr11)
- School Volleyball team ( current, gr12)
- (Positive I'll make senior varsity basketball again this year since I was on last year) 
- Basketball AAU/rep (gr9, 10)
- Tutoring middle school students in math, science, English (1.5 years)
- Plan, organize, volunteer for school events (1.5 years as executive member, 16 hours)
- Score keeper volunteer (tournaments only, 15 hours) 
- Stock Market club president (1.5 years)
- Math club president (1 year) 
- want to start a DECA this year, if it happens I'll be president hopefully because I proposed the idea!!

Those are my ECs. Hoping they are good, but to me, I don't feel like they're that significant...
Are they good enough for Queens and Ivey? 
And with said, how do the application questions look like? Hoping a current Queens/Ivey student could elaborate! 
Another thing, do I have a shot at being a Chancellor? 
I didn't have 90+ in grades 9, 10, 11 so how does that work out?
Thanks in advance everyone and sorry for this longgg post!

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How hard is it to get AEO status? Especially if your extracurriculars aren't the best
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I've heard a lot of bad things about Commerce at UofT and how it's hard to get a good job after graduating and I was wondering if that's still the case. I might be applying to UofT and I want to know if it's a good school for finance and if it has a great social life or not.
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5th Year Brock BBA/BAcc Co-op student, ask me anything! (IB and Big 4 Co-op)

I'm basically always on here so figured might as well make one of these and help out any prospective students.

- First 2 years spent as BBA Co-op student, secured first coop term through BBA
- Transferred into BAcc Co-op after 2 years
- Currently doing a spring semester

You kinda get the best of both worlds since I have been in all (both) the programs offered at the Goodman School of Business!

And since I know these are gonna be popular Qs:

- Avg (both major and overall) ~80%
- ECs: Leadership position in a club, some entrepreneurial stuff, sports stuff
- Work XP: General accounting internship at no-name organization doing very basic stuff, manual labour

Since attending Brock, I have received interview requests from:

Company / Quantity / (Co-op vs summer intern, Location) 

RBC x 3 (Various positions, co-op x2 and summer intern x1, Toronto)
Big 4 Audit x3 (1x Co-op and 1x Summer intern, Toronto...1 x Co-op in Calgary)
Big 4 Summer Leadership Conferences x2 (Toronto)
CPP Investment Board x2 (Summer Analyst, Toronto)
Scotiabank (Co-op, Toronto)
Grant Thornton Audit (Co-op, Toronto)
Canadian Tire (Co-op, GTA)
Ontario Securities Commission (CPA position, summer intern, Toronto)
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (Co-op, GTA)
TeamBuy .ca (Summer intern, Toronto)
Imperial Oil (Co-op, Calgary)
Suncor (Co-op, Calgary)
Regional CPA firm (Co-op, Hamilton area)
Small CPA firm (Co-op, Niagara region)
Publicly traded minerals company (Co-op, Toronto)
OMERS Pension Fund (Co-op, Toronto)
Big 5 Canadian Bank Capital Markets x2 (Co-op, Toronto)
Husky Energy (Summer intern, Calgary)
Accenture Consulting (Full time, Toronto)
McKinsey Consulting (Full time, Eastern Europe)

- Rejected from BAcc Co-op
- Accepted to BBA Co-op with 83.5% top 6

- Joined B4 Audit in January 2016
- Done 8 months of co-op, not at an accounting firm
- Major average ~85, overall ~80+
- ECs, unchanged from when applying to first co-op
- Completed a couple certificates in excel

- Get public accounting experience somewhere else. This is basically a must. I believe I was the only upper year hired from my school into B4 this past term without prior public experience. It's something I noticed during recruiting
- If you have the above, grades matter a bit less. Yes you still want to do as best as you can, but a high 70 is OK enough if you have prior XP. An 80+ is still ideal though
- Be prepared to explain why you left your previous employer (and don't speak poorly about them)

That's basically it. So feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to answer your Qs as best as I can!

*Even if nobody has posted in this topic for a while, feel free to do so, chances are I'm still lurking on here

Schulich supplementary apparently?! 5 ECs?
I don't know what to do!
The only two good ECs I have are volunteering at a hospital and at church ( i kind of teach), I have more than 400 hours right now. I am also  in Deca  but not an exec or the president.I joined the debating club and this breakfast club in my school this year, ill be trying out for baseball later this year.
Thats 6 ECs since i am not sure if schulich will count my two main volunteer experiences as 1 or separate ECs so i guess 5 EC's.
if I can pull of a 93 to 94% average will they push aside that my ECs suck and consider accepting me?

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Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides & Salary Centre

Sharing the link below to download RH's salary guide for Canadian Accounting and Finance professionals.  There is also an online salary calculator which is quite handy.


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Accounting and Finance? ANY advice !!!!! Want to become an accountant !!
Hi, I am currently in grade 12, I am thinking about becoming an accountant in the future. If you have ANY advice, please let me know. 
Some of the questions I have are: 
- Is an accountant a good profession? If not, what is a good profession in the business field? 
- What is the process of becoming an accountant (ex.CPA)?
-What university should I go to? (Ryerson???)
-How can I get co-op in university?
-What courses should I take in grade 12? 
-Is a good idea to take data management in grade 12?
-Do you have to be good in grade 12 advanced function to become an accountant, if so what mark?
Thank you so much.
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Accounting at Ryerson???
Hi,I want to become an accountant and I was wondering if Ryerson is a good university for accounting and finance. If u have any advice let me know. 
Thank you   
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Business (Accounting)
I am currently in grade 12, I am thinking about going into business (accounting). I know some universities that offer accounting programs are Waterloo, York, Brock, UofOttawa, Guelph, Windsor. I would greatly appreciate if those who have gone into a business program (preferably accounting) talk about their experiences at these schools and with averages and extra curriculars you got in with (if you remember). Thank you.
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chances to get into Schulich Queens and/or Ivey when I barely have ECs?
I pulled off a 98% average in grade 11 and hopefully I can do that in grade 12.
The only decent EC I have is volunteer every week for 4 hours as a cashier in a hospital gift shop for over a year now ( I volunteered at other places too).  in total i have over 200 hours, by the time I apply to University hopefully ill have 250 to 300 hours.
I joined Deca in grade 10 but not in 11...BIGGEST MISTAKE!! Back then I didn't know ECs were important for Universities!
If i join 5-6 clubs/sports this year and pull off a 94% + average can I possibly get accepted at Schulich, Queens, or Ivey?
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ECs for Commerce
Hey, I was at the university fair and got the same answer when I asked about application process, ECs pretty much makes up 50% of your application. 
Can you guys give me some tips on some good ECs? I have sports since gr9 (volleyball and basketball each year, captain 3 times) , tutoring for 1.5 years, a really good leadership job position just this past summer, I'm a SHSM student, 150+ volunteer hours and now all I really need is a club to diversify my ECs. People told me to start a DECA at my school but I tried and teachers didn't want to :(. I'm stuck on clubs and would love some insight on some decent clubs I can start that maybe one of you have started. (My school literally has 0 clubs). One club I was thinking about was just intramural sports during lunch time, I think that's a easy one the PE department would agree on. Any tips would be appreciated!
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Can I still be successful if I don't go to a prestige business school?
This may be a dumb question, sorry in advance.

The best business schools for accounting are Schulich, Queens, Rotman, Ivey ( more finance though), Mcgill etc. They all require averages in the 90s to get in which I know I won't be able to achieve. So I am gonna apply to programs like York Bcom  and pursue my accounting undergrad there. Will I still be successful?  I want to become a CPA.

( I'm not saying the schools I mentioned above are the only best business school/havethe best business programs,  AFM, Bacc and Laurier BBA  etc are also good programs, so don't get mad!)
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Hi I'm in Grade 11 right now and I'd like to know how much my Grade 11 marks will affect things for university.... 

Also, I am interested in applying to either UofT / Waterloo for Business... any tips??
Incoming Waterloo AFM Student! Ask me anything
Hey everyone! I'm going into the Accounting and Financial Management program (AFM) at the University of Waterloo in the fall. Throughout the duration of the last school year I was on this site 24/7 as it helped me seek clarifications when needed. I figured I would like to attempt to help students who will be applying to post-secondary locations in the coming school year by answering any questions you might have about the application process or any other relevant questions that you may have. (I also got into UTSC Co-Op Management, Rotman Commerce, UTM Commerce, Laurier BBA, Western BMOS, Brock BAcc and Ryerson A&F and got rejected by Schulich.) 

Do not hesitate to ask any questions!. My best advice is to attend the Ontario University Fair which, will be taking place on September 22-24, 2017, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre  as it allowed many of my questions to be answered as you are given the opportunity to network and interact with students and professors from each of the respective universities and you get to learn more about the programs offered, admission requirements, etc.