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Chance Me Please!
-Computer Science  

-Ontario Student  

-UofT, Waterloo (Comp Sci, CFM, Double Degree w/ Laurier), Queens (Commerce, Comp Sci), Laurier (Double Degree w/ Waterloo, Double Degree within Laurier)  

Marks (projected):  
-Adv Functions (taken last year): 90  
-Calculus: 92  
-English: 94  
-French: 95  
-Music: 96  
-Musical Theatre: 97  
-Health Science: 93  

EC: -Anti Bullying Club/Grade 9 Integration into High School  
-Student Tutor  
-Peer Math Help  
-Jr/Sr Concert Band  
-Music Council

Also if you have any suggestions of programs/universities let me know, in Ontario though 

Thanks in advance :)
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Grade 12 will my marks be enough?
I want to go into accounting specifically Brock Bacc, McMaster Bcomm, or Laurier BBA or Economics (Haven't really considered Rotman, Queens, Schulich etc because I doubt I would get in). 

My functions mark is 66 and I was wondering since the cut off for functions in the Laurier programs is 70, would they still take me if I was just over that?

Next semester I am taking Calculus and Data so for programs like McMaster Bcomm and Brock Bacc which require ENG4U, and 2 4U maths. Would they only take my top two maths which in this case would hopefully be Calculus and Data?  If I did well in those two would the Functions mark matter much if it wasn't even in my top six? On a side note my friend in Functions who is doing worse than me had an 88 in Data so I could probably get over 90. 

My current marks are as follows:

English - 87
Law - 90
Functions - 66 (pushing for a 70-75 range)
French - 92

Projected Second Semester

Data - 90
Religion - 88
Accounting - 95 (This was my mark in grade 11 which I can likely get close to)
Calculus - 77

I just want to get an opinion because I'm going to apply sometime this week or the next and I want to know if I have a chance. I also want to have a backup so I am open to suggestions, honestly I've been hearing a lot of good things about Human Resources and I'm also interested in law but I don't know what would be a good undergraduate study. I would prefer something that is in demand because there is a lot of talk about getting a degree but not a job (specifically in arts etc). 

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Ryerson Accounting
Did anyone get an early acceptance for accounting @ Ryerson?? If not do you know when they will be sending them out?
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Hey guys, university applications to Waterloo AFM have just begun!  

Please post about the following :
-Projected grade 12 average
-grade 11 average
-Date of admission beginning February
-Interview outcome if available
 -Other universities of interest 

 About Myself... 
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95% 
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics, business leadership, grade 12 english) 
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.
-Also interested in Queen's, Laurier, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott 

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!  
Hey guys, university applications to Queen's Commerce has just begun!  

Please post about the following :  
-Projected grade 12 average  
-grade 11 average  
-Date of admission when available
-Other universities of interest  

About Myself...  
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95%  
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics (94%), business leadership (97%), grade 12 english (88%))  
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.  
-Also interested in Waterloo AFM, Laurier BBA, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott  

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!
Accounting Schools
Are there any good universities in Ontario Canada that has a good accounting and finance program?
Brock Accounting
Does anyone know if Brock sends out early acceptances and if so whether they've sent them out already? Also what would the cut off be like? I'm assuming a 90-93? 

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should i drop out of university?
my current gpa is 9/12 or a B+. i never liked school but i was always good at it so people always pushed me into academic related things. i want to go into fashion or acting or just general management of some kind. i would even be happy working minimum wage and sharing an apartment with a couple of friends. im currently in a business program. i dont want to work for the "big 4" or any of these big industrial companies. i just find it boring. i need to be creative. i would appreciate serious advice please. 

i do come from a privileged background so i dont understand what's so bad about making just enough money to live off of. i believe i would have more freedom instead of being bound by grades and studying. I dont even want what's after university. i dont want a job where i have to compete and work overtime. that is not success to me. i just want to be happy. i just want to do what makes me happy in life. i dont want to live in misery anymore. 

to university grads: why did you persevere through university? did you think the same things i did in first year? what made you change your mind? 

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Accounting and Finance AFM Waterloo
Hey y'all
   I was wondering what's my chances of getting into accounting and Finance at Waterloo this year. My grade 11 marks weren't the greatest averaging just about an 80 because i was fooling around for the majority. But here is my gr12
Semester 1
English - 90
Advanced Functions - 76 but i can bring that up because i got a 60 on a test for which i didn't study but my teacher knows i can do better
Economics - 90
Semester 2 projected
Calculus - 80-85
Accounting - 95-99 my school's accounting teacher is stupid easy
Challenge and change - 90

Overall average: 88-90


Thanks!! Please give me your thoughts and opinions on what's the chances of getting in and what other alternatives there are.

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Ryerson Accounting and Finance HELP
Hey there guys, I was wondering what marks some of the current Ryerson attendees for the accounting and finance section needed to get in.
rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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McMaster University Business I
Hey there, I was wondering if you guys could could tell me what marks you got last year in order to get into this program.
I need some help with choosing my program.
Hey there guys, I am currently in grade12 and could really use some help in choosing a potential program I want to apply for. I am looking to be a tax lawyer/accountant/economist... Something along those lines. My grades might not be the highest, but I feel like I am a hard worker (my opinion). Here is what my grade situation is looking like:
Advanced Functions: 78
Data Management: 80
Non Traditional Arts: 84
Most of these grades are my predictions for this semester. I would really like a BBA or a BComm. I want to stay away from a BA unless the program will guarantee me co-op. Thanks for your help!
How to get into Ivey at Western 2nd year?
What kinds of extracurriculars are they looking for? How many? What grades are they looking for? Is it harder to get in 2nd year? Do they look at grades from first year or only 2nd? Is Business 2257 known to tank your average like 1220E? Why does everyone say Western business isn't worth it and doesn't compare to other schools unless you're in Ivey?

Thank you!
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Business programs I can get in with a 80-85 percent average since I can't pull off a 90?
Idk what I'm doing wrong with my studying but I can't get high marks in math,  maybe i should study 2-3 days ahead instead of the day before. I'm not sure.
Over the next two weeks I have 10 tests to do, and I can't pull off a 94 average for top business schools such as Schulich, Queens, Ivey and Rotman. Maybe if i studied ahead i might but its hard to change study habits.
I know York BAS, Ryerson Bcomm or BBA ( forgot) is easier to get in. Can you guys recommend me other programs that are in Toronto?

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Waterloo AFM
I have a 90 average right now but my advanced functions mark is a 70. I know the minimum is a 75. Does this mean they won't even consider me? I think i may be able to bring it to a 75 but i'm still scared... Have they ever accepted anyone with less than a 75?
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Brock BAcc Student, Ask Me Anything!
If anyone is curious about the Brock BAcc program feel free to ask me! Or if you're curious about the admissions process in general for other business programs I may be able to answer your questions. Below I've include the programs I applied to last year and where I got accepted or denied. If anything interests you feel free to ask me.

Brock BAcc (co-op): Accepted
Waterloo AFM (co-op): Accepted
UTSC Management (coop): Accepted
UTM Commerce: Accepted
Ryerson Accounting and Finance: Accepted
Queens Commerce: Rejected
UOttawa Commerce (co-op): Accepted
McMaster Business 1: Accepted 
Does gpa matter in business school? There was a presentation in my university about how the next few years of school are gonna go (im in first year) they told us that gpa matters the least in importance. What matters most is networking and extra curriculars. Is this true? Would someone with a 3.7 gpa have the same chance of getting hired as someone with a 2.5 gpa? I think I’ll have a 3.7 gpa after finals this semester and people say that more doors will be open for me if I continue getting good grades, But now I don’t think that that’s true. I understand that networking is very important, but I was also told that most business grads don’t even put gpa on their resumes/job apps. So I don’t see how my gpa can help me at all. What is the point of a high gpa in business if it doesn’t even matter? I’m confused lol
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Rotman Commerce Supplementary Application
Hi guys I'm in grade 12 and I've just applied to Rotman commerce, UTM commerce, and Schulich bba. I'm a bit confused on Rotmans supplementary application. Apparently for the last few years Rotman required you to create and upload a creative video about yourself, but I've just got an email from rotman for the sup app and it only mentions a 120 second video response to a question. Is that the same thing as what I've been hearing about or is it something different? Also, what do you think my chances are of getting an offer in each program with the following averages so far (98.5 adv functions, 89 English, 95 business management, 95 religion mixed level) I've got calculus, international business, economics and communications technology next semester. I have part time work experience as a service clerk, part of a global issues team (top 20 grade 12s selected), tutoring..etc. thanks! Also, if anyone knows, what written and video questions should I expect for Schulich and Rotman? Also I'm pretty sure UTM commerce doesn't require a sub app right?
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hey guys, this is a new thread for 2018 graduates planning to go to Ryerson's business. if you are planning to go there what stream are you planning to choose after 1st year!! Also post your averages so far!
To those who have gotten early acceptance post your average so other can compare and determine what is necessary to get accepted as well
Any previous graduates or 2nd-4th years, how was your experience studying business at Ryerson
Thank you :)
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