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McGill Desautels 2018 acceptance

Starting a thread for bcom acceptances for 2018!

Please list the following in the thread:

1. Average Marks (11 and 12) or RScore if in QC

2. Are you a Qc, Canadian, or international student?

3. Date of Application and Acceptance

Congrats to everyone!      

Hey guys, university applications to Waterloo AFM have just begun!  

Please post about the following :
-Projected grade 12 average
-grade 11 average
-Date of admission beginning February
-Interview outcome if available
 -Other universities of interest 

 About Myself... 
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95% 
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics, business leadership, grade 12 english) 
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.
-Also interested in Queen's, Laurier, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott 

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!  
What are your thoughts on unpaid internships to gain work experience?
Not that I encourage that from employers who kinda take advantage of students but wouldn't that be better than not gaining experience at all prior to graduation especially for business programs with no built-in co-op placements?

I'm not talking about preparing coffee or doing photocopying but actual office work, exposure to applications/systems and other things.  

Are there really such internships available? In the end, our prospective employers post-graduation will be more interested in our work experience and not even ask about how much we made on those jobs, right?

Your thoughts?
Chances of getting a job after RyeU/Schulich??
If I complete an undergraduate degree for BBA at Ryerson TRSM but do my masters (MBA) at one of the top tier schools such as Rotman or Schulich, does that increase my chances of getting a better job?
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Western BMOS vs. Telfer Bcomm
I have been accepted to both Western BMOS and Telfer Bcomm. I don't have AEO for western but I am interested in ivey. Is it better to go to telfer and graduate with a guaranteed bachelor of commerce or go to western and most likely graduate with a BMOS. Is BMOS as good as getting a bachelor of commerce and would i have the same job opportunities after graduating??
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UTSC Co-op Management 2018 Acceptances
i couldnt find another thread for this. have you guys gotten in yet? and if you did, what was your average and are you planning on accepting it?

I got in over March break with a low 90s average
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Queen's or Schulich?
Hello, I have been accepted into the Queen's Commerce program, as well as the Schulich School of Business. I have also been accepted into Laurier's BBA program, but I am not seriously considering it. I have no idea which school to choose and have searched through multiple websites and threads, however have not found any useful information.

I am interested in finding information about marketing, however many of these threads are concerned with finance and accounting.

Which is the stronger school for marketing? Queen's or Schulich? 

 Also, I have heard that Queen's is a much more math-based program than Schulich, is, regardless of what your specialization is. Is this true?

Thanks for the help!!
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McMaster Business Admissions
So I just called McMaster admissions. 
According to my calculations, I have an average of 89.5% compiled of my top 3 3U and top 3 4U. 
However, Mac is saying I have an 83% average making me below the cutoff which is why I haven't received an offer. 
I'm super confused by this and don't understand at all why this is. The admissions guy couldn't even tell me why this is. 
Even my top 5 4U including one 3U course, my average is an 88.5%.
Can someone explain (if they know at all) how these admission calculations work?  

People with averages lower than mine are being accepted which is why I'm confused. 
If anything, I'll just have to wait!
Thanks everyone in advance and good luck to all of you in your university endeavors.
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Waterloo AFM Chances
Hey everyone. 
89% average as of right now, hoping to get to 92+ by midterm. 

I retook two courses in night school and gave legitimate reasons to why I did in my AIF. 
Does this hurt my chances significantly of getting admitted?

Also, for the video interview, the time ended as I was saying literally saying my last two words of my conclusion. Will that make a big difference as well?

Thanks everyone for the help!

NOTE: I also got an email saying they've reviewed my application but they'll consider me for the round coming up in May.
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UTSC alternative offer Social Science & Humanities?
So I applied for the Management Co-op program at UTSC. However, I got an alternative offer for Social Science and Humanities. Also on my joinID profile, the management program isn't there anymore. Does that mean I have no chance at all for the Management and pre-management program? Considering that they still havent gotten my midterm marks yet.
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Finance specialization of Business Degrees?
Hi everyone, in grade 10 starting to investigate my  options. i'm leaning towards business as my uni major. What would a Finance specialization prepare me for in terms of careers? TIA
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First Year McGill Student (AMA)
I'm just about to finish my first year at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management. I got into all the major ontario business programs except QC. If you have any questions about Desautels or McGill in general (regardless of the program you applied for) , I'd be happy to help out!
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UofT Offer of Admission
Hello everyone.
Today I just got admitted into 2/3 programs I applied to at UofT. 
I got accepted to UTM Commerce and I have a question in regards to UTSC co-op Management (BBA).
It says I got accepted into UTSC, but says "Social Sciences and Humanities" and my offer letter also states that.
I did not apply for Social Sciences and Humanities, however, is that just a counter offer since I did not meet the requirements for the co-op management program? And does this still mean I have a shot at getting admitted into the co-op management program later on? 

Thanks, everyone in advance!

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When does it make sense to accept an offer way before the deadline?
While googling, I noticed not all OUAC programs I applied to will have a rejection or offer status (i.e. some will remain blank) and it's probably more reliable to go with email correspondences for rejections.  For offers, I believe it takes 1-2 days for the OUAC portal to get the updated information.

So now I have a few questions on the back of my head:

1. Besides universities that only offer acceptance to only one program, will all other programs be courteous enough to provide an offer or rejection email/mail correspondence?

2. Because we can apply to entrance bursaries and scholarships even before receiving an offer of acceptance, when does it make sense to accept an offer way ahead of time?  This isn't anything like for Med School or Ivey but more a Math/Business or Business programs.

I don't want to accept an offer only to rescind it towards the end because that can screw up someone else's spot.

Schulich BBA vs Laurier BBA and Financial Math DD
I just got accepted into both programs and understand that Schulich is more reputable than Laurier's BBA program, but is that true for the DD?

Please the list the pros and cons of each program and your experiences in the program. Thank you for your help!
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Brock BBA 2018 Acceptances
When did everyone get accepted into Brock BBA. What was your Sem-1 midterm average (Grade 12) and your Sem-1 final average

I will start:

Acceptance date: Feb 23, 2018
Midterm Average: 81.3%
Final Average: 82%
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Why Haven't I Seen an Offer from Mac Business?
Hey guys, the title says it all. 
89% average so far. 
People with significantly lower averages are being accepted and I don't know why.
Someone please explain this and how the McMaster Business 1 acceptances work. 
Just want to get it out of the way!
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Has anyone asked why the WLU/UW DD cutoff is?
Edit: Title should read what not why

I emailed early February and they said they haven't got anything yet. I just sent another email asking but I wanna know if any of you guys already know.
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Trent Business vs StFX business?
Which has a better program? Looking to get into either accounting or finance but it could change after first year lol. I know they’re not queens commerce but just asking.
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Will I Get Admissions For Ted Rogers?
Hey there! I’m currently a grade 12 student and I was wondering if I will get into Ted Rogers Business Management with these marks?

International Business - 90, Data - 90, Accounting 85, Economics - 90, Business leadership - 95, English - 70 
Advanced - 70 
Do you guys think that I’m probably going to get in TRSM for BM?
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For ALL Business Students... Don't Be Discouraged!
Hello everybody! 

This post is directed mainly for those kids who won't get into Ivey, QC, Schulich, etc. This website is really great for answers and support, but the people who don't get 90's often get rained on by other users, which sucks and can really hurt their confidence. But for those students, I have good news...  

I was speaking with a Financial Advisor today who is very successful and works in downtown Ottawa under a major bank (for privacy reasons I wont specify which one). I asked them point blank: does the school that you attend make a difference when looking for a job?  

Their answer was simple. No. They said that when they see a university degree with the required certifications for the position, they weigh a degree from Carleton the same as one from Queen's. And for those looking at Laurier worried about getting co-op or not, they also said that co-op looks good, but isn't a dealbreaker either because internship positions are ALWAYS available for those who want them bad enough. It does add to your resume which is always helpful, and it never hurts to get your foot in the door... 

Now, maybe this is just one employer's opinion. But as so many people say: your school won't make or break your career.  

Another "famous" quote from Mr. Wonderful himself - Kevin O'Leary - is as follows (from his book Cold Hard Truth): "Though I like to say an MBA beside your name, I'll hire a moneymaker over a scholar any day". While O'Leary is far from the golden boy of businessmen, it's another perspective from a successful employer.

To summarize: At the end of the day, schools with the top reputations may indeed open up some doors for you, and if their program is known to be a great for your area of choice (Brock Accounting, etc), absolutely consider going there. But, attend the school where you will learn the material the best depending on how YOU learn.  

*Disclaimer: I agree that the highly regarded programs are fantastic, and those who attend those schools should be very proud of getting into them and learning from them! If they're what you're looking for, awesome for you! Just here to prove that employers hire who you are, not your degree.*
Brock BBA Co-op vs Ryerson Bcomm
Hi. I have received conditional offers for Brock Business Administration with co-op and Ryerson Business Management and am wondering which is the better program. I am thinking of going into either marketing or human resources.
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