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Why does bmos have a poor reputation? What's the actual difference in course content that doesn't make it as good as other universities, other than it just not having the 'superior' degree title?
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Really bad math marks
Alright so I'm a student in Ontario and my math marks are really bad. My other marks are easily in the mid 90 range. But my math always barely scrapes by with a 50 or 60. I spend 3 to 2 hours on it most days and I 2 weekly tutoring programs. I seriously just think I cannot understand at this point. I want to go into business, but all of those programs want a 70 in math. Is there anything I can do other than use more time? I think I'm honestly too far gone for more time to help.
Adding a Program to OUAC Before Deadline
Hey guys. 
So I've already applied to a couple business schools a couple weeks ago, and have heard back from all of them to further complete my application. 
I forgot to add Brock Accounting however, and a lot of my friends are being admitted. 
Is it worth applying to one last program the day before the deadline? 
Will that affect my admission to Brock or any other university?
Also, do you guys know if they are still giving out early acceptances within the coming days? 
Thank you all in advance!
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Hey guys, university applications to Waterloo AFM have just begun!  

Please post about the following :
-Projected grade 12 average
-grade 11 average
-Date of admission beginning February
-Interview outcome if available
 -Other universities of interest 

 About Myself... 
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95% 
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics, business leadership, grade 12 english) 
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.
-Also interested in Queen's, Laurier, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott 

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!  
Business School Reviews?
Hey guys, looking at East Coast schools for business, particularly Dal and St. FX. Looking for some info about the co-op/ internship placements at both schools, what the student life is like, and some pros and cons for both.

 Reputation is important, but at the end of the day it’s not a dealbreaker for me. I want a school that I can get real experience through, and where I can learn the material the best (ie accessible faculty, class size, etc). 

 School Spirit and a strong community vibe is something I’m looking for; I want to feel at home and included at whatever school I attend (obviously). Not a fan of snobby people or a really “cliquey” atmosphere.

 I’m an Ontario student interested in moving away, but how do these schools compare to closer schools such as Trent or Ryerson? Thanks in advance!

*disclaimer: I know that schools like queens, Mcgill, York, u of t, etc have amazing programs but they’re unrealistic for me (mid-high 80s). Asking about more suitable schools, also ones which don’t require calculus as a prerequisite as I don’t have it (personal matter: long story, I love math and am pretty good at it).
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What can I do with my course?
I am thinking of choosing BBA with Financial Math in Laurier for co-op for a lot of opportunities that it gives me. I know I can definitely do a Financial course with this degree, but will I also be able to do some forms of accounting in BBA? Is there a minor option in this degree? what are the jobs that i can get with bba w financial math?
Which school is best for me?
Hi everybody! So I’ve applied to bigger schools (Queens, McMaster, UBC, etc) because of the reputation mostly, but knowing myself and coming from a really small high school where I have really good relationships with all of my teachers, I know i would probably learn better in a more intimate environment. I don’t want to just be another number at whatever school I go to - I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond than vice versa. Plus, the tuition is typically less at the smaller schools and I would get more scholarship money on top of that. However, I don’t want that to hinder my future when I can still get into the more prestigious schools.

Even though my high school marks are pretty good (high 80s/low 90s) and I would get into these schools for my program (econ/BBA),I think without the help and closeness with my profs in the massive class sizes would be hard for me to succeed. I know Queen’s Commerce is good for class size and reputation, but the odds of me getting in are VERY slim lol. 

My question is, what are the best schools with smaller populations (ie. StFX, Trent, UBCO, etc) that I’ll still get a reputable degree in? And is it worth it to pick a smaller school rather than a more renowned one if I get into all of them? 
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Which University Has The Best Business Porgram
The universities I have applied for are McMaster, Carleton, Universoty of Ottawa, Brock (bba), university of Windsor, and Guelph, all for their business programs. If I get into Degroote I will definelty go there but I'm worried I might be off by a percent or two. I'm pretty confident I'll get into the other programs so I was wondering which one is best. My aunt was telling me that if I can't get into McMaster Carleton might be the best option especially if I want to pursue finance which I'm planning on doing.
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Chances for Ivey AEO at Western University
I'm applying for Ivey AEO along with BMOS this year. My Grade 11 average was a 99 and I am also expecting my Grade 12 average (by March) will be 98/99. Admittedly, my EC's are pretty lacklustre. For example, Royal Canadian sea cadets for 3 years, school band for 4 years where I've been lead trumpet/section leader, working in a managerial position at my parents' business for 4 years, and many, many hours of tutoring. Within sea cadets, I've gone on summer leadership camps also. 

1.How do you think my chances would be for AEO? My sisters who've been accepted to AEO in the past (2012) have told me that it used to be fairly simple to get by I am unsure of how it might be currently. 
2. I am also applying for the Western National Scholarship program, would this greatly increase my chances of obtaining AEO?
3. Are they able to check how many volunteer hours you've obtained or how many hours you've worked? Most of my tutoring hours are unmarked in addition to my working hours as they were for my parents. 
4. Finally, do they look at Grade 11 marks for AEO or is it only Grade 12 marks? 

Sorry for the many questions, but Ivey is my dream school.
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Brock BBA
Was considering going to Brock for their BBA. I want to get into finance or possibly accounting and was wondering what you guys that about it. Please don't say go to queens or shulich because my berate is not good enough for those programs, I'm expecting to get an average of 83-84%
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Career and University planning advice from current undergrads

It’s new years time; university admissions and scholarship deadlines are just months away. This is a crucial time and what you decide today will stick with you for the next few years.

You’re trying to figure out which institution you want to attend, and what you want to study--but more deeply you’re trying to figure out what you actually want to do in life.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be - I have been through it. I’ve assembled a few friends in different disciplines who have volunteered their time to help out. If you want to figure out which university makes sense, if you need advice, please reach out.

Comment on this thread if you need any help, no matter your age, grade, or if you’re in University already!


Rahim Shamsy
Western Engineering and Business (Ivey) 2018
My projected average this semester should be about 93-94, however, I repeated a course, do you think Schulich or any university that I have applied for will penalize me for that? I've asked their admissions and they have said no, but does anyone know anyone who has gotten accepted with a repeated mark?
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Carleton or Universoty of Ottawa for Commerce
I plan on doing my commerce and was looking into Carleton and University of Ottawa as I'm confident I can get into them and also because it would be cool living in Canada's capital. However I don't know how good these programs are so could anyone tell me which one is better and if I should go to one of these universities or Brock for commerce.
I am not taking Calculus and Vectors, will this decreases my chances of getting into Laurier BBA?
I am taking Advanced Functions and Data Management but not Calculus and Vectors. Does this decrease my chances of getting into Laurier BBA? Do they consider students who have taken Calculus over those who have not? 

(I also applied to McMaster Commerce)
Online Advanced Fucntions
Should I be ok for university if I take advanced functions online as my teacher next semester is very diffcicult and many people have dropped her class. I plan on going into business or finance.
Hey there guys, I can really use some help. I told some of my freinds about my interest in McMaster Business 1 and most of them have told me that I have to reapply to the business 1 program every year (after I accept). Is this true?
Online Course HELP!!
Hey there guys, I could use some advice. Next semester I have Econ, Calc and English, I am planning on switching calc for some sort of business course and am wanting to take Law online. Is it easy to get around an 85% online with these courses? Thanks a lot!
Grade 11 Average
I did Advanced Functions in grade 11. Will it be included as part of my grade 11 average calculation if it's one of my top marks?
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Tips for Business School Applications
Hi everyone. 
Breaks around the corner and I'm planning on doing all my applications then. (Would be sooner but I want to complete my school work first).
I'll be applying to Western BMO's with AEO, Queen's Commerce, Shulich BBA, Rotman Commerce, Waterloo AFM, UTM, McMaster Commerce, and Laurier BBA, (Yes I know its a lot LOL). 
Projected top 6 including final of first semester and midterm second semester: 92-93%.
Here are some of my Extracurriculars: 
- I worked under my school board with paid co-op and was placed at Big Brothers Big Sisters; I coordinated a camp for 3 weeks, then ran the camp for the other 3 weeks working with children who lived in disadvantaged areas. I served as a mentor to these children.

- Intramural Sports Club founder and president at my school for 3 years; students who want to participate bring in canned goods which are then donated to the food bank.

- Executive member at my local temple with my father; plan/organize different events throughout the year along with over 300+ volunteer hours there.

- Basketball and Volleyball team member at school for 4 years; captain for 3 seasons. 

- House League Basketball coach for 2 years. 

- Investment Club and Stock Market Club president.

- Business SHSM student!

Those are just some of my EC's, are they good enough for the schools I mentioned, especially Ivey and Queen's?

Lastly, what are some tips for a solid Ivey, Queens, Shulich application in regards to their essays? As well as the Shulich video interview?

Thank you all in advance, and I wish you all luck in your post secondary selection/journey!

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I am a first year BBA student attending Wilfrid Laurier University, I'm here to answer any questions and clarify any doubts! AMA!!
Hey everyone, 

I figured y'all grade 12 students should have the chance to ask any questions about universities. I'm a registered boother for the University and I can definitely answer any questions about residence life and living alone in general, also feel free to ask about course work/load and basically any question that pops up in your mind! I was in your position last year and I definitely understand the stress that comes with grade 12, just know that it will all work out :)   

I also applied to: • Ivey 
                              • QComm 
                              • Rotman 
                              • Schulich 
                              • Mac Commerce
How are these EC's for Business School
I am looking to apply to Schulich, Ivey, Queens, Rotman mainly...
1. ) Project Manager at Volunteer MBC
2.) President and Founder of School Investment Club
3.) Heart and Stroke Volunteer
4.) Library Program Assistant
5.) Project Manager at Youth Leadership Development Program (Volunteer MBC)

How are these EC's?
Ivey AEO Acceptance
Ok so I am currently in grade 12 in ontario and my first semester marks are crap:
Law - 70%
Marketing: 65%
Advanced Functions: 95%

Second semester I will take 5 courses to make up for the only one god mark
So for second semester will look like:
Calculas: 95%
English: 96%
International Business: 90%
Food and Nutrition: 90%
Crafts: 92%

So with my top 6 including prerequisites my average will be around 93% give or take.

I have numerous references and experiences with EC activities so that will be a bonus. 

What are my chances of getting into IVEY AEO since they will see my first sem crap marks even though they will not be apart of my top 6?????????????
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