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Mcmaster Integrated Business and Humanities 2018
Hey everyone I just wanted to start a thread for people who applied to McMasters IBH program so we can discuss our application process with the video interview and everything, as we await patiently for acceptances!
Feel free to post whatever you would like to spur discussion.
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McGill Desautels 2018 acceptance

Starting a thread for bcom acceptances for 2018!

Please list the following in the thread:

1. Average Marks (11 and 12) or RScore if in QC

2. Are you a Qc, Canadian, or international student?

3. Date of Application and Acceptance

Congrats to everyone!      

McMaster Business 1 and IBH
This is a thread of people who have applied to either Commerce, IBH or both at Mac!  Please tell us a bit about your application process (average, when you applied, when you were accepted, EC's, etc.)
Good luck everyone! 
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Integrated Business & Humanities at McMaster University
For anyone interested applying to this brand new program at mac, or have any questions regarding course work, load, style, profs etc. Let me know! I am part of the first class to be a part of this program, and it's only October but i can give a general idea about what this program is like:)
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Is UOttawa bcomm good?
I got accepted into UOttawa's  Telfer Bcomm program and I was wondering if it was any good.
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If anyone got accepted into Rotman/know about the cutoff score for Calc READ THIS!!
For those of you who have gotten accepted into Rotman 2022 or 2021 what was your Calculus mark? Will an 80% in Calculus get me into Rotman with an average in the high 80s to low 90s?
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Queen's or Schulich?
Hello, I have been accepted into the Queen's Commerce program, as well as the Schulich School of Business. I have also been accepted into Laurier's BBA program, but I am not seriously considering it. I have no idea which school to choose and have searched through multiple websites and threads, however have not found any useful information.

I am interested in finding information about marketing, however many of these threads are concerned with finance and accounting.

Which is the stronger school for marketing? Queen's or Schulich? 

 Also, I have heard that Queen's is a much more math-based program than Schulich, is, regardless of what your specialization is. Is this true?

Thanks for the help!!
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Schulich iBBA or Rotman Commerce for Undergrad?
Hey guys, I've done my fair share of research and talked to people but I keep hearing mixed things. Some people say Schulich over Rotman by miles FOR UNDERGRAD while others say Rotman over Schulich anyday for anything. 

Doesn't matter which is cheaper in tuition, etc.

Could you guys provide your thoughts on this topic? Elaborate answers are welcomed and appreciated!
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Queen's Commerce Acceptances
With the last of Queen's Commerce acceptances coming on May 18, that is only 10 more Wednesdays'. Who has gotten in without being nominated for Chancellor’s Scholarship? If so, when and what were your averages.

We can keep this thread going as each Wednesday passes by.
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McMaster Business Admissions
So I just called McMaster admissions. 
According to my calculations, I have an average of 89.5% compiled of my top 3 3U and top 3 4U. 
However, Mac is saying I have an 83% average making me below the cutoff which is why I haven't received an offer. 
I'm super confused by this and don't understand at all why this is. The admissions guy couldn't even tell me why this is. 
Even my top 5 4U including one 3U course, my average is an 88.5%.
Can someone explain (if they know at all) how these admission calculations work?  

People with averages lower than mine are being accepted which is why I'm confused. 
If anything, I'll just have to wait!
Thanks everyone in advance and good luck to all of you in your university endeavors.
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McMaster, Laurier, Western Business
I got accepted for business at all three schools (Business 1, BBA and BMOS, not Ivey)
Mcmaster is a commuting distance so I would live first year on campus and possibly at home years 2-4. Western is relatively far so I know going there would require me to move to London. I visited Laurier and I love the atmosphere, however, it seems pretty expensive considering the BBA program costs 11k a meal plan is 5k and res is around 9k.
A big part of my decision lies on the social scene as well as the program because if I'm spending so much money on school I want to enjoy my time there as well.
I am a little worried about finances because a lot of it will be my own money and loans so a few questions I have are:
1.What are the social scenes like at these schools?
2.Which program is best if I am interested in finance, human resources or marketing?
3. In your opinion, which school is worth the money taking into consideration future jobs and costs for living on and off campus.
Lastly, I want to hear advice from people who experienced these schools first hand rather than what people heard so please tell me your opinions and explain why :)
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Ask a first year Rotman Commerce student anything!
So finals season is right around the corner and what better way to prepare than to do an AMA instead of studying? For grade 12 students considering going to Rotman next year, ask me anything! I will answer 100% honestly. 

Bit about me:
Accepted with a 94% average

Other offers received:
Schulich BBA
Waterloo AFM 

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Waterloo AFM Chances
Hey everyone. 
89% average as of right now, hoping to get to 92+ by midterm. 

I retook two courses in night school and gave legitimate reasons to why I did in my AIF. 
Does this hurt my chances significantly of getting admitted?

Also, for the video interview, the time ended as I was saying literally saying my last two words of my conclusion. Will that make a big difference as well?

Thanks everyone for the help!

NOTE: I also got an email saying they've reviewed my application but they'll consider me for the round coming up in May.
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Are grade 11 averages considered?
My first semester average was quite pathetic, and I'm worried that universities will frown upon this when considering me. So are grade 11 averages considered anyways?
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Finance specialization of Business Degrees?
Hi everyone, in grade 10 starting to investigate my  options. i'm leaning towards business as my uni major. What would a Finance specialization prepare me for in terms of careers? TIA
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First Year McGill Student (AMA)
I'm just about to finish my first year at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management. I got into all the major ontario business programs except QC. If you have any questions about Desautels or McGill in general (regardless of the program you applied for) , I'd be happy to help out!
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UofT Offer of Admission
Hello everyone.
Today I just got admitted into 2/3 programs I applied to at UofT. 
I got accepted to UTM Commerce and I have a question in regards to UTSC co-op Management (BBA).
It says I got accepted into UTSC, but says "Social Sciences and Humanities" and my offer letter also states that.
I did not apply for Social Sciences and Humanities, however, is that just a counter offer since I did not meet the requirements for the co-op management program? And does this still mean I have a shot at getting admitted into the co-op management program later on? 

Thanks, everyone in advance!

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If anyone has any questions about what first year rotman at university of Toronto is like shoot me a message! I can answer anything from the courses, what professors are the best, how to succeed, the pass/fail cut off, uoft colleges and which one is the best for you, literally any questions I can answer !
Accounting at UTM...?
Hey! So I applied to UTM and UofA and got accepted into both for commerce (I want to go into accounting). I’m leaning towards UTM even though it’s more expensive with tuition but I’m kind of scared... I’ve heard it’s super competitive in UTM Commerce and it’s hard to find jobs afterwards. Also, I do enjoy math and that’s basically all I’ve been exposed to at my school like I mean there wasn’t any stat courses I got to take so I’m hoping that I’ll excel in accounting and be able to earn my CPA degree and not feel like commerce isn’t for me, especially if UTM Commerce is supposed to be super challenging. If someone’s in their second year of commerce or has experience with stat courses, planning on commerce, or specifically going for UTM BCom can you tell me how it is at UTM or what you’ve heard? I would really appreciate any advice. Also, does anyone know if there is a Co-op program in UTM for commerce? Thanks a lot!
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Losing hope...
Still haven't been accepted anywhere starting to get extremely nervous. Not sure what I would do if I dont go to university next year because I dont have a back up plan or anything. Already in a victory lap so I'm not sure what to do of I dont get in. I hate this :')
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Laurier economics
So I applied to the Laurier economics degree specifically economics and accounting I might switch it to finacial management. So like if I get accepted I dunno if I should take it, I went to their open house and asked about the program and enjoyed the school (lazardis) saw the benefits, jobs and the employment rate which was pretty good. However I'm still on the fence because it's an econ degree which feels fishy and my parents disapprove. I mean I could just power through it and aim for a competitive average and switch to BBA But I dunno if i wanna go through all that I might just take my guelph acceptance but that school isn't really known for its commerce (farm school)...sigh any thoughts on the econ program?
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Is it worth it?
I'm in grade 11, and I'm interested in post-secondary programs at Ryerson (Business Tech Management & Business Management), and Business administration at University of Windsor. All of these programs only require one mathematics prerequisite (either Data Management, Advanced Functions or Calculus and Vectors). Here's the thing, in grade 9 I did horrible in academic and was forced to take applied grade 10, I did well enough, to be eligible for mixed 11 (which i'm currently in). With a mixed math course, I can easily take Grade 12 data management, but before I can take grade 12 AF, I need to take grade 11 functions (which i'll have to do first semester of grade 12). I'm just wondering with just taking Data Management put me at a disadvantage since it's not a rigorous course compared to AF or Calculus. Then taking functions then advanced functions a better choice since it's a safety bet or am I just fine with just DM and taking Functions then AF just a waste time and a risk. (it'll most likely lower my average). 
P.s. I have an extensive resume, which includes winning many business awards and competitions, if it matters.
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