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Hey guys, university applications to Queen's Commerce has just begun!  

Please post about the following :  
-Projected grade 12 average  
-grade 11 average  
-Date of admission when available
-Other universities of interest  

About Myself...  
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95%  
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics (94%), business leadership (97%), grade 12 english (88%))  
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.  
-Also interested in Waterloo AFM, Laurier BBA, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott  

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!
Schulich BBA Acceptances
Hey everyone. 
So midterms are coming up and I think I'll end up with an 88-90 average top 6... 
I'm stressing that I won't get in since my average is nothing stellar, but I'm confident my supplementary application was great as well as my video interview. 

Also, on YorkMyFile, it says "No Decision Yet". 

Do you guys think I even stand the slightest chance during the May rounds of admission? Schulich was also my first choice :(....

Thanks everyone in advance.

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McGill Desautels 2018 acceptance

Starting a thread for bcom acceptances for 2018!

Please list the following in the thread:

1. Average Marks (11 and 12) or RScore if in QC

2. Are you a Qc, Canadian, or international student?

3. Date of Application and Acceptance

Congrats to everyone!      

AFM Prospective Students Group Chat
Hey guys! I created a group chat on Facebook for Accounting Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. If you applied to this program and wish to go there, feel free to join this group chat. We also have upperclassmen who can answer questions about the program in the chat. 

Link to join the chat: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fm.me%2Fjoin%2FAbacPb1p3jlWovUQ&h=ATNlQF8rz0zogxV6AOjBFu-RKdWGMgMiRS5HREnRu4u2qLLUngzI1OA3d8n4QcwGGfsRe7hDxTVX1hRQ6Z_1slSTgbBPavc7SY1UqkmUdWg_v09hNXyG9cICYs2HfNHBgquheQ
Laurier DD (finance), or Schulich
Hey guys I got accepted into both of these programs and am having difficulty deciding which to choose. I want to go into finance after school, but I want to go to graduate school first. The thing is I want to do graduate school in the States (preferably the ivy league) and yes I know that is very difficult but its my dream. So what school do you guys feel is better suited for a high GPA and atmosphere for business for someone looking to get an MBA degree after? 

Ps. I want to work in New York after I'm done school. 
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Canadian Student applying to US for Undergrad
Currently, I am in sophomore year in high school in hopes of attending a post-secondary institution in the US. However, with the social and political environment in the US, I am questioning my decision on whether I should prepare for the US or not. I intend to major in Business/Economics and have a variety of extracurriculars I am involved in (that I actually enjoy)  Don't get me wrong, I will still aim for Canadian universities (Western, Queen's, UofT etc.), but the US seems like a more suitable opportunity for my personal goals of studying abroad. 

I understand US universities look at grades from 9-12, but I wouldn't say they were exceptional (average is in the high 80s-low 90s from grade 9 to now). At the same time, financial aid would be necessary for me to pay tuition. 

Some schools I'm interested in: Wharton (UPenn), Cornell, Columbia, Yale-NUS (Singapore), USC, UC Berkeley 

Is it worth going to the US in your opinion along with spending time doing standardized tests like SAT/ACT and self-studying AP courses? For my junior year, I don't plan on taking any "laboratory sciences" they recommend on Ivy Leagues and top universities. Should I just take one in case?  

If there's anyone that is attending college in the US or know anybody studying abroad, feel free to comment on this post! I would like to hear advice and personal experiences of the decision-making process and the difference of low-acceptance rate university. Thank you!

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Hey guys, university applications to Waterloo AFM have just begun!  

Please post about the following :
-Projected grade 12 average
-grade 11 average
-Date of admission beginning February
-Interview outcome if available
 -Other universities of interest 

 About Myself... 
-Projected grade 12 average 93.5%-95% 
-Grade 11 average 93% ( included 3 grade 12 courses, economics, business leadership, grade 12 english) 
-EC'S: Deca, president of accounting and financial management club, president of investment club, coach for school tennis team, coach for school baseball team, badminton team, ultimate frisbee team (fall and spring seasons), part time job as a tennis stuart, weekly childcare worker at my church.
-Also interested in Queen's, Laurier, Ivey, Rotman, Telfer, Sprott 

 Good luck to all! Hope to see you next year!  
Rotman vs Schulich vs Laurier DD For Finance
I applied to Rotman, Schulich, Queens Commerce and Laurier  DD(BBA/Financial Math).  Haven't been accepted or rejected to any.(My current average is 88 because of a 79 which destroyed my mark but I will have at least 93 after midterms come out on Tuesday).  

I want to go into finance but I am not too confident about my chances with Queens.  So I was wondering which of the other 3 are the best for finance.  I don't really have any factors to influence my decision apart from how good they are for what I want.

I've looked through hundreds of posts but can't find any concrete answers.  So I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight as to which one is the best for a career in finance, if there is a clear choice.

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Schulich vs Laurier BBA/Financial Math
I'm not exactly sure what to do in business, was leaning towards finance but due to some factors I did not apply to Ivey and Queens might reject me. 

I'm not asking for someone to pick for me but I wanted to compare the two.  Even if its just some pros/cons to one of them.  My future is still not completely set.  I wanted to do investment banking or something but I'm not sure anymore without Queens/Ivey.  Might still want to go to Law School after.

Anyways, I was just trying to get some info about the two programs to help my choice.  I also applied to Rotman so if you know a little about that it would be helpful.  
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Masters for AFM
Hi i was just wondering how the masters program works for AFM. Since I got early acceptance, does this mean I have advanced entry into the masters stream? Any help would be appreciated.
Best universities for commerce/finance?
Hey everyone, I am currently in grade 11, and very interested in pursuing commerce/finance in university. 

Do certain universities provide better commerce programs than others when it comes to focusing on a specific field (ex: finance or accounting)? If so, which universities have the best commerce program with regards to their finance program?

Thank you for your help!
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Heyyyy ya'llllll!!!!! Anyone else attending this program next year?? I also accepted my offer and was excited to hear who else is goin.
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I've gotten into these programs and now I am having a hard time making a choice.
-Required to take calc first year to qualify for second-year commerce program. calc is my weak point
- close in distance
- free bus pass
- u of t degree
- same profs and courses as Rotman commerce
- large competition: 30% first-year students make it to second year
- accredited by CPA Ontario
- summer internships
- prep for CPA exams
Guelph Accounting
  -No need for calc, just advanced functions
 - have to live away from home ( uni experience)
- There are 4 terms of co-op: pay is good
- 90% employment rate 6 months after graduation
- accredited by CPA Ontario
-prep for CPA exams

These are all the pros and cons to each side. I already know about other programs for accounting, but I only applied to a few. I would greatly appreciate any help
I plan on doing my masters after 2 years of working after my undergrad degree. 
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First Year Accounting and Financial Management Student (Waterloo AFM)
Hi everyone, I am a first year AFM student at Waterloo and last year I was in your position. I was trying to figure out which university programs to apply to and I heavily relied on this website to make my final decisions from first years in the respected programs. If any prospective students in high school are looking to pursue the AFM program at Waterloo I would love to answer any questions, and talk about my experiences so far! I was admitted with a 91% average with excellent EC's. 

BBA/BA Double Degree Co-op at Laurier
Hey guys so I got accepted to this program late February and I was wondering if this program is really worth it for someone looking to do further education after their undergrad? Also if I were to not do further education will this program be enough to get a nice paying job (six figures)? I'm concerned about Laurier's reputation in the business workforce as I know it isn't as prestigious as schools such as Ivey and Queens. Also how hard is it to maintain a high GPA in this program? (btw I would like to do further education in the States)
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Ryerson accounting and finance 2018 acceptances
If you applied to ryerson accounting and finance did you get accepted yet? What was your average for first semester?
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Ryerson Accounting and Finance (Bcomm) accept repeated courses?
My advanced functions mark last semester was a 72% which falls below the minimum requirement for Ryerson A&F program. I am doing advanced functions again in private school and hope to get it above the minimum requirement. I was wondering whether this program accepts repeated courses taken in private school?

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Ottawa Commerce or Western BMOS??
University of Ottawa has a large co-op program and I would be graduating with an honours bachelor of commerce. Western does not have a co-op program and I would be graduating with their bachelor of management and organizational studies. If I went to Western I would also want to attempt to do a double major which could help beef up the degree a bit. Could anyone please give me some advice as to which is the better option. In addition I understand that neither of these are considered top tier business schools so you don't have to tell me that!
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Chances of Getting into Schulich, AFM, Laurier?
Hey guys. 
Top 5 4U so far:
ENG4U - 88
MHF4U - 100
Kinesiology (had no option so had to take this) - 84
Calculus and Vectors - 61...... 
Top 5 4U average is 83.6. 

Projected average for semester 2 courses by midterm:
Data - 92-93
Law - 90
Business Leadership - 92

Top 6 4U excluding calculus: 91.3-92 

ECs: Captain of basketball and volleyball school teams, executive member at temple with over 300+ hours, president and founder of investment and stock market club, executive member of student council, and camp counsellor/mentor for children who lived in disadvantaged areas (paid co op). 
My interview for schulich went great, Waterloo not the best but I still got my points across.

Do you guys think with this average and ECs I stand a chance at either Schulich or AFM? 

Thanks in advance!

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UK Universities (Business/Economics) LSE,Oxford,UCL,Warwick,Cambridge
Currently, I am in sophomore year in high school in hopes of attending university abroad because of my own personal preference along with wanting to become more independent and explore outside of my comfort zone. I am intending to major in Business/Economics, and the UK seems to attract me based on its geographic location. (LSE, UCL, Oxford, Warwick etc.)

Don't worry, Canadian universities will still be on the top of my list (Ivey, Queen's, Rotman, Schulich) 

Does anyone here know about the uni life in the UK or is currently experiencing undergrad at a UK university? If you are Canadian, what were your steps to being admitted (marks, extracurriculars etc.)? Any financial aid or scholarships for international/Canadian students in the UK?  Please share your experiences and/or your peers' thoughts as well! 
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Accounting And Finance
Hi, I recently decided to becoming an engineer was a bit too tough due to my weakness in the sciences. I have decided to go into business and am planning on doing Accounting and Finance at Ryerson next year. For that program, Ryerson looks at your English, Advance Functions and Calculus marks, as well as 3 other U courses. I have my top 6 courses at a 90 Average but none of them are business courses, My question is: are there any business courses recommended to be taken before going to Ryerson for accounting and finance? If so, which would be helpful?
How to fund my Queen's Commerce Degree
Hi everyone! I got accepted into Queen’s commerce last week and I’m really excited to be going there next year. However, I realize the tuition costs plus living costs are quite high. I’m looking for advice from any upper-year students at Queen’s on how I can best finance my degree. 

Here are some tips I gathered just to start things off 
1. Rent with friends after the first year to save on residence costs 
2. Apply to be a don 
3.Buy second-hand textbooks 

Now here are some questions I have. 
1. What perks do you have if you are a don? Do you get free residence and meal plan? What are the responsibilities? 
2. How much cheaper is it to live off residence and rent with friends? Is it realistic to not buy a meal plan? ( Do you have time to actually cook every day for every meal?) 
3. I heard Queen’s is less generous with general bursaries compared to admission bursaries. If this is true, how much less is the general bursaries? My dad’s job is in the oil sector so pretty unstable at the moment :( so I got almost the full admission bursary. 
4. Are there any upper year scholarships I can apply to later on? 
5. I was also accepted into the work-study program with gives you $2000. I’m just wondering how this works and what type of work you have to do? Does doing work study have a negative impact on how much you can study and participate in clubs( which I heard is pretty important for commerce)? 
6.I’m interested in management consulting so what can I do to get accepted to join Queen’s consulting club first year? 

Thanks for the help everyone! :)
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