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Western BMOS good for accounting?
My question is just like what it's written up there.
I know it's not as good as Waterloo AFM or queens accounting, but is BMOS in Western good if you are willing to do accounting?
I haven't seen that many posts about BMOS on this site so I'm thinking maybe it's unpopular...
Would love if you guys answer me! :)
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how high is the competition of ryerson's business Please helppp!!!!!
i am bit concerned about getting in because my math is like in the 40's but everything else is like in 90's . Although a lot of people are saying ryerson is not get hard to get into...im worried because most business programs are competitive...if i manage to get like a 65 as my final math mark will i get in still?
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Rotman Commerce vs. Desautels Faculty of Management
Hi, I've applied to both Uoft (st. george) and Mcgill for their business programs and I'm looking for some advice on which school you think is better. Ranking wise, I know Rotman has better research and a better rep but I want to get a good feel for each school, rankings aside. If you have any experience or can comment on the difficulty, competitiveness, job opportunities, schooling in general, or the university please let me know! Also, if I currently have around a 94 average (hoping to bump it up by February) what are my chances of getting into the schools? Side note: I'm planning to take calculus out of my day school and it doesn't start until late february, will that affect my chances of getting into McGill, since I know offers go out right after apps are due?
Thank you!!
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Hi guys

Just for your personal opinion, I would like to know if it is possible if I could get into either UBC Bcom or Simon Fraser Bcom? Or even rotman or queens?
My top 6 averages is an 87
Adv functions 85
law 90
english 87
calculus 88
philosophy 92
accounting 82
my ECs include
- coach on school swim team( had swimmes qualify for provincials championships)
- competitive swimmer (swam total of 24 hours a week, winning the club attitude and most improved award multiple times)
- head pacer on my sister's 52 km swim across lake ontario
- HAP Member
- member of business council

Thanks so much for your responses, they will be greatfully appreciated :)
Best way to combine finance and computer science in university?
Some people that I know (and trust) have laid out a path for me, thought it's very vague: It involves somehow combining Finance and computer science in university and that's all I know. The idea is to work in the finance sector but having computer science as a nonetheless necessary skill. Can anybody suggest how I might go about this? Major in one, minor in the other? Undergrad in one, masters in the other?

I am interested in university of Toronto, however the BComm. in Finance and Economics comes as a specialist degree, which doesn't leave much room for compSci. Pls help!!
Accounting needed for first year business?
Hey, I've been visiting a few universities for business programs (such as rotman, ted rogers, and schulich) and they said that first year will be more of a generalized business program, I haven't taken any accounting in grade 11 or 12 and I was wondering if that will put me in a disadvantage for first year? Thanks for your help!
Bachelor of Commerce or Management?
I want to go into business Human Resources and I was looking at UBC's commerce program and the management program. I'm having a hard time choosing between the two as they both offer the opportunity to focus on HR in the later two years. what's the difference between the two? and the management program is at the Okanagan campus, commerce is at sauder school of business.
Thank you!
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UTM Management Transfer
Hey guys
I'm transferring to UTM from SFU and I've been studying at Beedie for a year now. My dad's job transfer suddenly got approved so I need to move to Ontario by the end of August. None of us were anticipating it so I took 2 summer courses. I got a really bad mark in my midterm for one of the courses and I'm doing alright in the other one. I'm scared I'm gonna get a C and a B- in these courses. One of the conditions in my admission letter says that I need to maintain a 3.0 gap but I'm afraid it will drop below 3.0 as it is currently 3.06. I won't know for sure till the end of August. Is my admission at risk if my gap falls below 3.0? They told me they usually finalize the admission on August 15th but that is the day of my exam. Can they decline you at the end of august?
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McGill Admitted but prequisite class grade dropped.
So I was accepted to McGill Management at Desautels with a 95 average and at the time i had a 94 in calculus. Now my calculus grade dropped to 80 (all my other grades relatively the same). Im worried my offer will be rescinded because calculus is a prequisite course and they ask for 85%
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Economics with management option at Laurier
Does anyone know what this course will be like? What kind of classes do you need to take for this course? Is there a lot of math even though the course has a management option? What kind of job can you get?
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Business Management (BM) at Ryerson University Acceptance 2017
Its already late April and I haven't received an offer yet. I have a 79.5% average within my top 6 marks as of mid-terms.

Data: 75
Advanced Functions: 74
English: 93
International Business: 78
English Studies: 77
Theory of Knowledge: 80

With these marks do you think I have a chance of getting an offer? Any feedback is appreciated.

- Thank You
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Waterloo Management Engineering
Im debating on doing management engineering at waterloo or Computer science at Laurier. I have a bunch of questions for current students or alumni
 what are the courses like? how hard are the courses? Is it hard to maintain 75 average to qualify for coop?
 what is an example of first year tuition (estimated amount you paid or are paying including res) how can I minimize costs for uni?

 ***What is coop like? how much are the salaries each year? Specifically in this degree , can you pay off tuition with just working during coop terms? With the degree is it possible to get hired in Cali? (most important question) All in all, is management engineering at waterloo worth the big cost?
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Can I secure Early Admission?
Currently, I am a Grade 11 student. I am thinking to apply to Western Science and Health Science, UOttawa Biology and Telfer (Finance and Management) and quite possibly McMaster for Life Sci or Guelph.  

My grades are the following:  
English3U: 78  
Chemistry3U: 91 

Predicted marks for this semester 
French3U 85+
Physics3U 90+ 
Biology3U 88+ 
Religion3M 85+ 

 French3U and Religion3u are mandatory since I go to a french first language high school which is catholic. I see that most students get Early Acceptance to programs but have Grade 11 averages in the 90s. Can I get into any of the programs that I want to apply for early admission.
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Bachelor of Commerce + MBA
I recently spoke with an adviser from Ted Rogers school of management and they sort of simplified my long term goal of potentially becoming a bank manager: 
4 years to acquire bachelor of commerce in business management major 
4 summers of intern/ employee level work at a bank, equivalent to 1 year of experience 
2 years of work at an entry level position at a bank = 3 years total of experience (recommended to pursue MBA) 
2 years in Ted Rogers school of management for MBA, totaling 8 years 
Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? 
Which University?
Hey Guys!

  So currently I've been accepted into Electrical Engineering at UOIT, Management Co-op at UTSC, and Management Engineering at Waterloo. I'm really confused on which one to go into.

A little background on me:
I'm sure on what I'm going into so my plan it to get my B.Eng, MBA, and then work in a bank. My stronger subjects are math and chem, and my weakest subject is physics. In terms of distance, UTSC is the closest, then UOIT, then Waterloo I'd be living on residence. There's co-op for all those programs which is great because I really like co-op.

Any thoughts or opinions on these programs? Thanks in advance!
Mcgill Desautels - Admissions for Quebec Students FALL 2017
Hey guys I was wondering if any Quebec students already applied to Mcgill Desautels? If yes, did any of you receive an admission letter? Please share your admission decisions with the dates and with your R-Scores. Best of luck to you all! 

P.S : What do you think about my chances?

- Management DEC from Bois-de-Boulogne
- I applied on the 24th of January
- Documents Received on the 24th of February
- Global R-Score : 29.66
- Math R-Score : 31.11
- English R-Score: 30.7

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McGill 2017 Applicants
Hey guys! Just created this thread for students that are 100% going to McGill or might end up at McGill. Feel free to post your program/faculty  and average I guess?

I got in Feb 21st in the Faculty of Arts (with the intent to do Economics) with a 94% average. I applied to Management as well, hoping I can bring my average up this semester. If I don't get into Queen's Commerce or Ivey, I'll most probably be at McGill in September! 
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I applied to utsc co op and my marks are
Advanced function-70 (upgrading in nightschool)
And overall mark-81
I know I won't get into the co op program but what are my chances of getting an offer for the normal program?
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How's Western University's commerce aviation management program?
Hi guys

I have received an offer from the commerce aviation management program (flight option) from Western University, but I can barely find any information online about the program itself. What are some possible career options for graduates from this major, and is aviation management popular at all in Canada?

Thanks to anyone who would like to help.
Ryerson Business Questions
So after this semester, I will be at an average around 73-74. But, by next semester when marks go out in may, I will be at an average of around 83-84(redo functions and calc mark). Does this make my chances of getting into Ryerson Business management, business tech management and retail management good? Or will May be too late to get in?
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Business Management Stress!!
I hrecently got my report card and my average is 79. The cut off range for the program at Ryerson is 78=84% so im stressed about when im going to get my acceptance IF I even receive one at all..
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Business School Admissions

Different business schools have different admissions requirements. It’s really up to you to research what the requirement are for each individual university, and cater to them.

Some schools require written essays or supplementary forms. The two keys to success with written applications are to:

#1: Start writing early. The earlier you start, the more chance you have to think things through and re-edit.

#2: Get people you trust to edit your work. This can be guidance counsellors, parents, university students, and other mentors. The more people you ask, the better.

Other schools have embraced the 21st century and require applicants to do “video interviews”. In this case, some key tips include:

-Test out your lighting.

-Don't look at the question on your screen; look at your webcam.

-Dress to impress.

-Be aware of any time limits on your answers.

-Make sure you are in a quiet setting.

-Try to make sure your background is neutral and your room is clean.

And then some schools, like my alma mater Brock University, do not require any supplementary forms or essays – admission was based purely on grades.

Do you have any application tips? Post them below!

-Neal, yconic Student Ambassador

Business technology management
I am a grade 12 student and i want to know if my grades for this semester are high enough for acceptance. I have a 70% in ENG4U, 85% in Business leadership and 51% in Ad functions. For math since my grade was not high enough i am taking data next semester to get at least a 70%. Is my english mark too low to get accepted? And what are the odds of me getting accepted to the program if i just missed meeting the grade requirements?
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