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universities for business
Hello everyone, I'm applying through the ouac and I really want you guys to tell me about universities that are best for business/economics.
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Laurier BBA or York Bcom ?
My average is 90 average right now. I got accepted from York for their Bcom program.  My plan is to get my CPA and start my own business after graduation. Deciding between York or Laurier BBA. 

Pros of York Bcom - Toronto, possibility of high GPA, Cheap, Lot of south Asians,  Save money, International Reputation
Cons of York Bcom - Overshadowed by Schulich in terms of opportunities, Student satisfaction 

Pros of Laurier - Has Co-op, Lot of opportunities, Students Satisfaction
Cons of Laurier -  Expensive if you include residence, Risk of not getting Co-op, International reputation, Not many south asians, Outside of Toronto

Any suggestions? 
UW/WLU BBA/BMath Graduate - AMA
I've seen a lot of misinformation flying around this forum about a lot of programs, so hopefully I can answer some of those questions with more details. 

About me:
- Graduated from the BBA/BMath Double Degree program
- My home school was UW
- Involved with a lot of clubs and activities on both campuses
- TA'd for courses at both UW and Laurier
- Co-op terms in teaching, operations, systems work, and finance
- After graduating I worked in communications at UW and worked closely with people from the admissions team (no, I cannot tell you how likely you are to get an offer)
- Currently in a graduate program in Operations Research 

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the DD program, Math/CS at UW, or Business at Laurier. If I don't know the answer, I will try to direct you to the appropriate people.

Disclaimer: All answers are my opinion are not the official positions of the University of Waterloo or Wilfrid Laurier University
So I have seen posts from 2 years ago regarding Laurier's BBA program which states that if I have an overall average less than 3% of the cutoff average, I still have a chance of being accepted with my ABS form. Does this remain true? 

Also, does anybody know the cutoff for this year? 
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Which school is better?
Hi, I was researching different business programs and was wondering which of the following are the best for a BBA marketing concentration (hopefully with coop) as a lot of the discussions are finance and accounting based! Rate them in order and why you would rate them that specific way. Thank You! 

Brock University
McMasters University
Ryerson University 
Carleton University
University of Guelph
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UK Universities (Business/Economics) LSE,Oxford,UCL,Warwick,Cambridge
Currently, I am in sophomore year in high school in hopes of attending university abroad because of my own personal preference along with wanting to become more independent and explore outside of my comfort zone. I am intending to major in Business/Economics, and the UK seems to attract me based on its geographic location. (LSE, UCL, Oxford, Warwick etc.)

Don't worry, Canadian universities will still be on the top of my list (Ivey, Queen's, Rotman, Schulich) 

Does anyone here know about the uni life in the UK or is currently experiencing undergrad at a UK university? If you are Canadian, what were your steps to being admitted (marks, extracurriculars etc.)? Any financial aid or scholarships for international/Canadian students in the UK?  Please share your experiences and/or your peers' thoughts as well! 
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I accepted Schulich, now what??!
I just accepted my offer into the class of 2022 BBA class through OUAC, what do I do now? Do I book my enrollment appointment now or do I have to do something else first. Where do I select my courses? Someone please help lol
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Marketing or Finance
To start this off, this post may feel stupid to some of you but for me it's a legit concern.

I got into a couple universities, SFU beedie, U of T rotman. western BMOS, I Want to know what specific majors of business are they most well known for, but the main focus of this post is my future career choice and would like some opinions.

Basically idk if I should major in finance or marketing. I heard if I major in finance and minor in marketing it makes it so I can have a lot of opportunities while if I major In marketing and minor in finance it decreases my opportunities.

here's the thing, my interest and passion is in marketing, however I hear the salary of finance are much higher, and with Parent pressure they really want me to pursue finance for that $$$$. I know I shouldn't base my decision off other people, but they're still my parents. I would just like some advice or anything. I'm scared to major in marketing and be unable to get a decent paying job and live with student debt if I were to go to rotman, (I live in BC, my family has 3 kids going to uni so it's hard)
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Thoughts on Yale-NUS?
I am quite interested in Yale-NUS College based in Singapore since I want to study abroad for my undergraduate, majoring in Economics or Statistical Sciences. In addition, they seem to have great financial aid.  It's a different and unique experience than all the prestigious universities in the US and Canada, which means it is quite difficult to be admitted as well. 

Anyone know about Yale-NUS or know anybody from Yale-NUS? Any information about regarding admissions and experiences would be great! 

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Ryerson Accounting and Finance or McMaster Business 1
I need some help on deciding between McMaster's Business I (Major: Finance) program and Ryerson's Accounting Finance program. I'm most likely going to major in Finance, and want to attend the university that will provide me with the best opportunities for future employment and work experience.
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Fastest way to York university from Brampton??
I recently got accepted to the BBA program at Schulich school of business at York university, but I live in Brampton on bovaird. What is the fastest way I can get from the pertosa bovaird intersection to Schulich? And least expensive!! I cannot drive yet by the way so that is not currently an option and in addition I can't afford a car right now either. Apparently the zum 501 is a direct bus to York but that's from downtown Brampton and I'm not sure how long that takes and how expensive it is. Please let me know if anyone has an idea!!
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How do I follow threads/discussions here? I have never received a single notification. :(
Hovering over the downward pointing arrow to the right of the Avatar on the top right corner of the screen, choosing Public Profile leads to the "My Activity" page

To all the losers who posted unhelpful things, may you find your guiding light and succeed in life with those attitude problems.  :)
Is UOttawa bcomm good?
I got accepted into UOttawa's  Telfer Bcomm program and I was wondering if it was any good.
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Schulich BBA/iBBA Acceptances 2018
Who has been accepted? According to another thread, someone at the Dean's reception said the cutoff this year is 91 and the incoming average is 94.

If you've been accepted, please include date of supplementary completed, date of acceptance, and your average.
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Questions About Schulich Business School or Business Programs
Hey  guys, I am a first year undergraduate student in the BBA program at Schulich School of Business. Last year, I had a very difficult time choosing between programs and Universities. This forum really helped me and I want to help others who are confused or have questions. I have done quite a bit of research regarding various programs in science and business, along with Ontario Universities. I will try my best to answer any questions you have about first year and life at Schulich. I am currently commuting to the school. I am planning on applying to law school or an MBA program after my BBA degree, so I also know the various requirements about some of those programs. Ask away!
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Read this if you're going into a business program
hey guys, im a first year student at schulich, and i was probably in your place last year, stressing about ec's and averages, spending hours on this forum.

i know you guys are all smart, ambitious kids, wanting to get into queens, ivey, rotman, schulich, laurier, waterloo etc. I'm writing this post because I want to inform you guys on a few important insights that I gained only AFTER i started first year. 

1) Your program does not make or break your career
- this is so important for some of you to understand. yes queens is good, yes ivey presents opportunities in finance, but at the end of the day, your success is up to your GRIT, your determination, ability to consistently motivate yourself, pick yourself up after failure, and learn from mistakes. Your success in business depends on your ability to be extraverted, outgoing, enthusiastic. It depends on your ability to hold a pleasant conversation with people you just meet (NETWORKING). sure, a top program will provide you fantastic resources, but please please don't obsess over your program if its already between the top schools. also don't be condescending to people who choose to go to a program that YOU deem a lower tier than yours. those people may have traits that you don't have that will make them better students than you are.
this being said, i still want to give advice on HOW to choose your program, given that a lot of you will be receiving multiple offers. 
2) choose your program based on multiple factors, and choose wisely.
if you're SET on accounting, go to AFM (or even brock). big 4 love waterloo students.
if you're going into finance, in my opinion, your program doesn't matter a lot, u just have to have a crazy high gpa and be a very specific type of person (super driven, smart, sociable). but a lot of people interested in finance choose ivey, so u'll definately find a bigger finance community at ivey and queens than at schulich or afm. i don't know much about finance at laurier and rotman.
if you are undecided, which is probably the majority of you, i'd recommend to choose based on the experience you want out of university. Do you want to party and get out of town and away from your parents? choose ivey, queens or laurier. do you want a coop program so that you can alternate between work and school? choose afm or laurier (i highly recommend coop programs) do you want to stay at home and save money? choose schulich. do you want to drop out and hate life first year? choose rotman... haha i'm just kidding. for real though, rotman kids seem to have it SUPER tough and i already know a lot of people regretting rotman because their gpa's are really low, theres no coop, and the environment i heard is kind of hostile. but if you do choose rotman and end up graduating from there it is really impressive. everyone knows how hard rotman is. people who choose rotman tend to be the people whoare super ambitious and/or really idolize living in downtown. 
3) be conscious of your mental health
so on a very serious note, i know of a few business students right now that have depression that developed in first semester. i want to you to know that university is a whole different ball game. it really challenges your ability to push through some really tough times. you could be going through a break up and have 4 midterms in a week. please know your limitations. if you know you are not good at handling stress, and you break down very easily, i would recommend staying close to home. i know so many people who moved away and once frosh and all the partying ended, they started to get really homesick, and the homesickness did not go away. of course this isn't the case for everyone. however, as a business student, you're gonna go through a lot of stress. business isn't just about school grades, it's about building this personal brand also. it consumes so much of your life. if you have a life established back at home, e.g. you're a competitive dancer, you go to church, i'd say not to give that up and choose a program close to home so you can continue pursuing that passion. trust me, it's not smart to have your whole identity and purpose in school and your success in it. it's not healthy, and if things start going south, you'll lose hope in life very quickly.
4) more about schulich
since i go to schulich, i wana talk a bit more about it. social life in terms of partying and meeting a ton of people is gonna lack compared to those who move away, but again, if you have a life outside of school in toronto, it won't really matter. plus, if you're super outgoing and friendly, you'll make friends. don't choose this school if you want a traditional university experience. i do want to put it out there that you shouldn't put too much value on social life because you don't want to be someone who moves away from home for the social aspect and your grades fall into the 60s because you don't have self-control. at the end of the day, you're going to school for education and opportunities in business. 
the academic aspect is ok. don't slack on readings, do practice questions, and study in advance for things and you will do fine. schulich courses are curved, so be higher than average and you're blessed. there are some bullsh courses in first semester, but just push through them. 

there's so many topics to talk about and so much advice i want to give... but i can't collect all my thoughts rn. if you guys have more questions please post them and ill get back to you!

here's another piece of advice i just thought of: when you're choosing your program, look at the actual program courses. compare them across programs and see which courses seem more appealing to you. you obviously won't know that much about the course just by its name but if you have friends in the program ASK about those courses. make sure u choose the program that have courses that seem interesting to you and suit what you want to learn.
this is especially helpful if you dont know whether to go into  (for example) a business program or an art program. which seems better to you? intro to accounting or design studio?
be as informed as possible before making your decision.
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Ivey AEO 2018 Responses
I'm going to die of anticipation to know if I got an AEO or not. Post here if you got your's back! I believe they're supposed start sending them back starting this week right through until May.
ryerson university
Does Ryerson university have a Human resource management program? (4 years undergraduate)?
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How hard is it to transfer to a different university after first year?
Hi guys.
I will be attending university of Ottawa next year and i'm wondering how difficult the transfer process is. Just in case i don't like the university
Thank you
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Western AEO Ivey
Has anyone been accepted to Westerns AEO program (pre Ivey)???
What was your average?
When did you get accepted?
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Revoking Queen's Commerce
I got accepted to Queen's Commerce in January. It is my top pick, however I am facing immense challenges in Calculus. The condition I must meet is an 80% in the course, however after two tests I am currently sitting around 70%. This is coming from someone who has gotten 90s all throughout math in high school and who studies and goes in for extra help. I even got a tutor. Will Queen's revoke my offer right away, or is there any other way for them to remedy the situation? please let me know, even if I don't get an 80 will I still have a chance.
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Mcmaster Integrated Business and Humanities 2018
Hey everyone I just wanted to start a thread for people who applied to McMasters IBH program so we can discuss our application process with the video interview and everything, as we await patiently for acceptances!
Feel free to post whatever you would like to spur discussion.
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