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Rate my chances for U of T Chemical/Mechanical Engineering?
Hey everyone, this is my first time posting. I've been really stressed about my application and I was wondering if someone could rate, realistically, my chances at getting into Chem/Mech at U of T.

OSSD: Expecting ~95-96 Gr. 12 Top 6.

IB: Expecting 38-40 predicted points.

Personal Profile: Could have been worse. Probably did a 7/10 on it.

ECs: Not looking too great. Founded a Tutoring Club this year, I do Scout volunteer work, was part of a school council two years ago, participate in another school leadership team (non-Student Government) and participate in Robotics Club. No long-term involvement other than the school leadership team.

Any advice and critical feedback would be greatly appreciated. I want a realistic idea of my chances. In particular, I feel that my ECs and Profile would hold me back (especially when I see people applying as President of four different countries).

Thanks in advance!
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University Acceptances 2018 (Engineering)
Just wondering if any of you guys were accepted into any engineering programs yet... I knew that Waterloo doesn't send them out until March, but how about for other universities (Queen's, U of T, McGill, Carleton, etc)? List your programs and the university you got accepted into ^_^

P. S. Anyone heard back from Queen's Chancellor's yet? 
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Hey guys, I am applying to engineering and math programs and most of them require a supplementary. I barely did anything over the break (I REGRET THAT SO BAD, UGH), but i realized the early admission deadline is coming close. I want to get into Waterloo and I was wondering if applying for early admission would give me an advantage? I am kind of under stress now. Currently have a 95% average, but I'm expecting it to drop. Grade 11 marks were worse, 90%. Should i go for early admission?
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McMaster Engineering Supplemental Application
Has anyone completed their supp app yet?  If so when do you get access to the written section?  The written section is separate from the interview, right?  How was the experience?
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what makes engineering so hard?
I know this is probably one of the stupidest questions out there, but what makes engineering so hard? like I read university confession pages and they make engineering sound like death.  So anybody who's in engineering, could you please enlighten me I would like to know because then I'll think twice when applying for uni. Thanks!
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ubc engineering
this is probably a dumb question but, if i got an 86 average as a final for ubc applied sciences, what are my chances of being accepted? Would I be under cutoff? My EC's are: club volleyball/school volleyball, level 10 piano, volleyball referee, worked at elections and pne.  Maybe they'll accept me because more girls need to be in engineering... lol
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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW heading into my second coop. Some quick facts about me:
-IB alumni from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Next coop in medical device compliance at a startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

It’s winter break so I have a lot more time on my hands lol. Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
western engineering 2018
do you think an 87 average will get me into western engineering?
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University Admissions - Chemical Engineering, Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering
I have been worried about university admissions and if my average is good enough to get into the programs that I am applying to. My first option is Chemical Engineering at Ryerson, Biomed at Ryerson, and Life Sciences at Uoft. My average is about an 85 or 86, and my Grade 11 was really bad (68%). What are the chances that I get accepted into each program?

Also, do any of those programs require anything other than my marks?
Help with Physics
What is the minimum average for physics when applying for engineering for:
toronto, waterloo, mcgill, queen's and western?. Got an A first quarter and bombed my test and currently have a C for second quarter. Hopefully my midterm grade will be a high B. Is this good enough? 
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Ryerson engineering
I have a 82.5 average this semester and want to go to Ryerson for aerospace or chemical engineering, I know this is bad but due am willing to bump this up to a 86 next semester with calculus and my last 4u course. Do you think they will still accept me ?
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McGill Engineering
I have a few questions - does McGill have a general engineering program, or is it a direct application to chemical, bioengineering, etc.? What is the cutoff mark for engineering - would I get in with a 95% average? Are there supplementals needed for the application?
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Queens University vs McGill
I have applied to chemical engineering at both universities and am almost certain I will get accepted to both, since I have a 95% average. I am equally interested in both schools and was wondering how they compare especially when it comes to:
1. Academics : which school has a better engineering program? Which school has more work and research opportunities?
2. Location: How do Kingston and Montreal compare? What is there to do?
3. Sense of community / school spirit: Is it easy to make friends at both schools? Which school has a greater sense of community?
4. Difficulty: I would like to be challenged however I would still like to maintain a high GPA.

Thanks, all responses and any additional information is appreciated. 

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University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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What should I put as my first program choice for U of Toronto?
I am in grade 12 currently considering either Chemical Engineering or Life Sciences as my first choice but unsure which one. What is the admission rate for chemical engineering?
If I maintain an average of 90+ what are the chances of getting into engineering as a BC student? I am leaning more towards engineering as my first choice but I am afraid I won't get admitted that's why I hesitate putting it as first choice.
Advanced function mark
My mark is 85  percent in adanced function I am in grade 11 and  I am trying to get it up it is not midterm yet but close . Do people usually go up or stay in the same position with there marks in grade 12 Because I  need atleast a 90% . I am going for egineering as my career but I feels as 85% is really bad to the career I am headed do u guys believe i have a good chance of getting there and can anyone offer any great tips to improve there marks in math I do my homework, ask questions and don't usually get get confused during the lessons  but the test however I find very hard. I also want to go to Waterloo or university of Toronto for chemical engineering
How to get into Uoft Engineering ( Truth)
HEY GUYS this is what i noticed about getting into Uoft Eng ( based on self experience and peers around me)  

- Getting early acceptance/ ( march break round) is highly HIGHLY based on marks
* I had friends who had 93-96% averages with average/below average SUPPS and got in no-problemo

-Your chances are  ( a bit ) greater if your a GIRL with the same average as a guy wanting to get into a certain discipline 


WHY I THINK I GOT IN ( 90.2 % , Chem Eng)

- I had a REALLY good supplementary application ( 200 volunteer, have my own swim business, volunteered 3rd world country, competed in many UOFT engineering competitions, played an instrument, played a competitive sport, started my own club, had my own online business etc) *** honestly think this is what got me in 
-Im a white female ( not that common at UOFT/ a diverse university always looks better)
-My CALC/CHEM marks were very high ( marks most important for chem ( 93/92) ) physics was only 87 ( why i didn't think i was going to get in) 
-I got in in MAY ( last round probably due to my lower average), almost accepted queens cause i didn't think i was going to get in LOL so supplementary matters!
* I knew tons of GUYS  that applied to chem with higher averages than me that didn't get in
*Uoft prides itself on having chem being the most gender equal discipline 

Other canadian universities i got into 

- western
-Waterloo ( fuk that man)

* didn't get into MGILL 
( although a friend got into CHEM ENG ( second choice mech being first) with a 93.8)

If anyone has any more questions about what averages people got in with at certain universities/when i got into the other universities LMK! Hope this helps

#uoftadmissions #uoft
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Should I drop bio in my grade 12 year if I want to pursue chemical egineering
Hi I'm currently in grade 11 and want to become a chemical egineer and want to go to Waterloo or university of Toronto  to get my degree I am currently taking grade 11 bio but don't like the memorization and was wandering if I should drop it for a spare in my grade 12 year to get better grades in grade 12 does anyone know if I should keep bio for what I plan to become.  Also is good to take and submit computer science in my six courses when I apply or should I submit a different class like bio or data management?
Need advice
Should I take bio or computer science in grade 12 for chemical engineering to Waterloo and should i submit compuer science as one of my six courses to Waterloo for chemical egineering
Integrated Engineering WORTH IT OR NOT
Don't quiet get where you would end up with a degree in integrated engineer (im assuming into more of the business side of engineering)....does anyone know someone who has done this degree... what kind of jobs are they working.. whats the pay like.....is there enough job opening to get hired....and whats it like as a whole....also is it a better idea to specialize in engineer (civil, electrical etc) .......any help is good....thanks
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