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AMA: UofT First Year Engineering Student (Track One). Ask about university, engineering, other subjects, admissions…whatever!
EDIT: Just to give another update, I'm half-way through 3rd year right now. Just went through the PEY process and wrapped that up, so if you have any questions on any of that, I'd be more than happy to share some firsthand experiences! 

I was also accepted to Waterloo, Ottawa, and Mac way back when, so you can ask q's about those as well.

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Sheridian College - Chemical Engineering Technology
Hi everyone, I currently have all of the prerequisites for this program in my planner.
I had a few questions and was wondering if anyone who has token a program in Chemical Engineering Technology at this or a similar college has had trouble finding employment after graduation.
Also if anyone knows what the difference is between this which is a 3 year program for an Advanced College Diploma rather than a bachelors at a University? 
I know that this program qualifies you as an Engineering TECHNICIAN and not an Engineer so does his also make a difference in hiring prospects for an employer??
This is the link to the program for more information.
Thanks for any help!!!!
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Are 3 year engineering programs BS?
So I'm in grade 12 and am going to be taking all the prerequisites for a program at St Clair college for the program "chemical laboratory technology" however, I am wondering from anyone of expirence with this or a similar engineering program if it is hard to find a job after graduation. I'm a bit skeptical that it is a 3 year program for only an advanced college diploma rather than a Bachelors. Other colleges in Ontario have this program aswell 
Here is the link if you want more information 
Or google search St Clair college Chemical Labratory Technology
Any advice to whether this is a good and credible program would be appreciated ?
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admission average calculation
hi all,
I'm a grade 11 BC student who just recently had course selection and my counselor said that ubc drops your lowest grade 12 mark and you can switch it with a higher mark. For example, if you got a 75 in physics 12 and you achieved a 92 in physics 11, they'd allow you to use that 92 in place for your lower grade 12 mark. Is it true that ubc does that?? 

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Is the "if it's not waterloo or uoft it doesn't matter" for engineering a lie?
Basically what the title says, as I've heard it a lot on this forum. I mean, other schools like Queens/Western/Ryerson/Mcmaster can't be on the same tier as Lakehead /UOIT/York right? I'm just confused and don't want to mess up when applying.
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What would u guys say a good average would be for chemical engineering to get into most universities just curious.
Engineering or Science?
I'm thinking about a eng or science undergrad. Could someone give me their opinions on those  two?
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2017 Waterloo Engineering Applicants
Hello everyone!

I've decided to create a thread all Waterloo Engineering hopefuls could contribute to.

Please include in your post:
• The discipline you're applying to
• Your average (you can be more specific about the breakdown if you'd like)
• Any extracurricular activities, awards, distinctions, jobs, volunteer experience, etc.
• Anything else you believe is relevant! 

Later next year when offers start rolling out, I'm sure a new thread can be created, good luck to all!

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Can I get into Ryerson or Uoit engineering????
My Marks are:
Advance functions: 77
Calculus: 76
Chemistry: 70
Physics: 75
English: 83
Nutrition health: 90
Business: 82

Can anyone plz tell me quickly:
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Do you believe in fate?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason ? Are the decisions you make in your life already decided? Is it already written out there what university you are going to be attending...?
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Issue with accepting offer in OUAC
I just got accepted into my #1 school yestersay and was instructed to accept the offer through OUAC, on ouac I found my offers page and clicked the one I wanted and selected 'accept' and then clicked 'save and continue' the status was then changed to 'unsubmitted acceptance'. When I went back this morning to see if anything had changed it had gone back to just listing the offer, no more 'unsubmitted acceptance'. I tried to accept again and once again got the unsibmitted acceptance message. Anybody know how to get around this?
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nursing and engineering
So recently i've been looking at what degrees i want and where i would like to go. I've narrowed it down to 1. nursing 2. science and 3.engineering. I've been looking at universities like UofT, Waterloo, Sfu, and UBC. I went to the UofT nursing webpage and i wasnt able to find/figure out the admission requirements. i am a high school student in BC. Looking at my Pre-calculus 11 mark currently and i think my final grade is going to be a 75 average. Will i even have a chance getting into engineering at UofT....? I was planning on retaking but UofT doesn't even consider a redo at all.  will any university accept me with a low grade 11 mark..?
McGill Science admissions 2017
Hey everyone,
just wanted to get a head start on making a thread for Science & Engineering admissions to Mcgill.
Please state academic average, admission date, and academic program
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McGill Acceptances Thread - Class of 2016!
*This forum is now open to everyone who got an acceptance from McGill, regardless of their field of choice. All students admitted to arts, literature, kinesiology, etc... are also welcome to post their acceptance. Good luck to those waiting for an acceptance! Post away!

Hello everybody from McGill!

I've seen a lot of forums related to acceptances from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. So this forum is to give students that got an offer from McGill University for engineering and computer science to post their offer.  This to get an understanding of the students that are applying to McGill for the class of 2020 for an engineering, computer science or any science discipline.

Please include in your post:
   1. Grade 12 first semester average
   2. Field of engineering that you've been accepted to
   3. Other universities that you have applied to, and whether you got an offer from them.
   4. Province of residence
   5. Any scholarships offered
   6. Month of acceptance

This will give us all a general idea of the competition base for the applicants of 2016. Please feel free to add anything else you would like to (in addition to the specified things above).

Also, as the title gives away, if anyone has any questions regarding McGill Engineering or Computer Science, this is a good place to get them answered.

Also, all non-engineering and non computer science applicants who are applying to a science major in McGill are welcome to post their offers or ask any questions regarding their program of interest!

Post away everyone! And good luck to those who are still waiting for an offer from McGill ;-)
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Queen's University Class of 2020 Acceptances
I know it's super early...but may as well. Comment here when you get into Queen's, and let us know what program you got into and the average you had when applying!
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IB and University
Just wanted to create a thread for IB students around Canada, for their top listed universities and programs, along with whether they have submitted their applications yet. 

If any IB student has already received a conditional offer based off their predicted grades, they can post here as well. 

Finally, for any former IB students: how is the university workload in comparison to the IB program (specifically the Full IB Diploma, not "partial")? 

Would you say IB was, in hindsight, worth it or not? Did IB prepare you well for university? 
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How to do well in math
I can't test well in math, and overall I am just not good at math. I don' t know what I can do to become better! Does anyone have some strategies or tips? I am in grade 12 right now and taking calculus.
I have done research on this, and a lot of sources say, its about hardwork. I honestly am working so hard and not seeing results. I do all my homework (and I understand it), I ask the teacher questions whenever I don't understand something, and I listen in class. 

Any advice?

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What were your highshool averages?
Mines is about 90-92%, is that sufficient for acceptance at schools like UBC,UVIC, or SFU?

Engineering at U of t
My average is an 87 and I'm hoping to get to mineral or chemical engineering. Do I have a shot of getting in? Did I just waste an application? 

Kinda freaking out 
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University of Toronto Engineering Acceptance?
When I Iog onto join.utoronto it says that I have been admitted to the engineering program for 2016. If I go onto OUAC however, nothing is posted. Also, if I click on the link that takes me to the Online Studen Profile, it also says decision pending. What does this mean?
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Supplementary Form Confusion
I have applied to the following universities for engineering. Which one require for supplementary forms? (Ontario Student)
Ryerson- I have applied but is there anything else I have to do?
Western- I want to write one but idk how or where to go 
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