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University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
UPDATED March 7, 2018

Come check out March Break Open House on March 10th! Registration and schedules can be found here: https://uwaterloo.ca/future-students/march-break-open-house-schedule

I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW on my second coop. Some quick facts about me:
-IB alumni from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Currently working at a digital health/medical device startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

Also, congrats to all students who received early offers!
Ryerson Engineering 2018 Admission
I have already got into York, UOIT and Centennial college for electrical engineering but still waiting for ryerson for Undeclared Engineering, which is my first choice.
Has anyone already got into ryerson engineering and with what gr12 average?

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Queen's Engineering 2018 Acceptances
Hello!  I was wondering if any of the high school class of 2018 has heard back from Queen's engineering and if you have, what was your top 5 average?? :)

I was also wondering if I have any chance of being admitted if my marks are....
AP Chemistry: 88% (final)
AP Physics: 92% (in progress)
AP Calculus: 94% (in progress)
English (not AP): 90% (in progress)
AP Statistics (data management): 95% (final)
Average: 91.8%

Edit: turns out I actually have a 92 in physics :))
Also, this doesn't go into the calculation of my average but if it helps I have a final mark of 93% in Advanced Functions

My ECs are decent, and I wrote all my AP's on my PSE so Queen's will know that I took them.  I would say that my PSE is average, maybe slightly above average, although I know that this is very subjective. This was only my first submission average so hopefully I will be able to get it to 92.8% at least by April.  Do you think I could possibly get in?

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Can I get into Ryerson,UOIT, York, and/or Guelph for engineering (Civil Or mechanical) English 81% 
Advanced functions 90%
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Physics second semester 
Chemistry 70% 
Tech Design 83% 
Challenge and Change second semester 
French Second semester
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uOttawa 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering- AMA!
Hey everyone! I did one of these last year and it seemed to help a bunch of people so I thought it would be good to do one of these again. I'm currently in 2nd year Mechanical Engineering with co-op at uOttawa! Feel free to ask me anything about residence, campus life, living in Ottawa, academics (even outside of engineering), admission, etc etc! Whatever comes to mind! Some background info:

-I play on the quidditch team (it's a real thing and we're fantastic)
-I was in Civil Engineering first year, then switched into Mechanical this past summer
-I originally applied and got in for Electrical and Civil
-I lived in residence first year (go Stanton!) as I'm from the GTA

Ask away! :)
Transferring into ECE after Studying Civil Engineering for Year 1 at University of Toronto
I recently received an offer of admission from University of Toronto for my 2nd choice, civil engineering. My top choices were electrical and computer engineering

Because the first year is quite general, I was thinking of accepting my offer anyway and going for a transfer after the year is over. Would it be advisable to do so?
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What are my chances?
What are my chances of getting into civil engineering at Western or Queens? I already have acceptances from Ryerson, UOttawa and Carleton.

12U Physics: 87% (Final)
12U English: 91% (Final)
12U Advanced Functions: 92% (Final)
12M Technical Design: 94% (Final)
12U Chemistry: 88% (currently)
12U Calculus and Vectors: 88% (currently)
11U Chemistry: 83% 
Highest other 11U course: 92%
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Ryerson/York Civil Engineering
What are my odds of getting in with these current marks?

English - 87
Adv Func - 91
Calc - 85
Chem -97
Physics - 83
BOHMA - 86

These are currently my midterm marks but I'm yet to hear back from either York or
Ryerson? Should I be concerned?
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Civil Engineering Acceptances
Haven't seen a thread about this. Wheres everyone getting in and with what averages? Which uni's have the best civil programs?
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Engineering admission 2018
I have applied for undeclared engineering at ryerson without knowing how competitive this program might be compared to other engineering programs... Is this program more competitive and thus harder to get into for a high schooler? Please let me know down on the comments. Thanks
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English 81% 
Advanced functions 90% 
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Chemistry 70% 
 Tech Design 83%
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U of T Civil Engineering
I've applied to civil engineering in multiple places but I want to go to U of T. I got into Ryerson, Waterloo and Western all with $2000 scholarships but have not heard back from u of t. I was wondering if you could tell me what you think my chances are?

Grades (top 6/required):
Functions: 92 (final)
Physics: 94
Chemistry: 97
English: 86 (final)
Calc: TBD
Tech: 96
The average with these 5 is 93

My EC's are:
YWEG (young women's empowerment)
Executive of Health and Safety and CSR at a JA company
President of Art Club
Skate Instructor for the city of Toronto
Work at Victoria Whole Foods 

Can I get in!!!!!????:(
What's up boys. I am currently enrolled at Burhamthorpe Collegiate Institute. My average this semester is pretty decent, sitting at a 59.333%. I know this exceeds some of the averages at the top engineering school such as waterloo but I have extraordinary extracirruclars such as male prostitution, abortion enthusiast, and webcumming. I have recently acquired 62 matches on tinder being my all time high. 
What are my chances for engineering at Canada's top universities?
Applying to UWO Engineering?
If you’re applying to Western engineering what’s your average? And have you been accepted?
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Ryerson Civil Engineering
I am a junior in high school and am considering applying for civil engineering programs in grade 12, specifically at Ryerson. I was just wondering, how hard is it to get into this program. I know that on their website it says u need an 80-85 average and Ryerson picks ur top six grade 12 courses to make ur admission average, which makes it seems really easy to get in. Am I right, or do I need an average in the high 80s to get in? I live in Ontario btw
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Can I get into Ryerson,York, and/or Guelph for engineering (Civil Or mechanical) 
English 81% 
Advanced functions 90%
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Physics second semester 
Chemistry 70% 
Tech Design 83% 
Challenge and Change second semester 
French Second semester
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What are my chances for UofT Track One 2018?
Hey guys, just wondering what my chances are for UofT TrackOne for the year 2018 and what the expected admission average is. Also, how heavily weighted is the personal profile because I did pretty bad on it. If anyone else is applying, what are your averages, ECs, and how well your personal profile went?  

Top 6 Marks:  
Overall: 94%  
MHF4UP - 90  
MCV4UP - 95  
SPH4UP - 94  
ENG4UP - 90 (expected)  
SCH4U1 - 95 (expected)  
HRE4M1 - 100 (expected)  

ECs from past 4 years:  
- Leadership: Vice President of STUCO (2018), Minister of Arts and Culture of STUCO (2017), President of Canadian Pavilion for School's Culture Shock, DECA School's Director of Outreach (2018), Link Crew Ambassador  
 - Employment: Swim Instructor/Lifeguard for the City, and at a private organization    
- Competitions: Competitor at DECA provincials (2017 & 2018), and HOSA Nationals  
- Volunteering: Cadets, In-Pool Aquatics Volunteer, Peer Tutor, Event Assistant at MBC  
- Miscellaneous: Jazz Band, Badminton Club  
- Awards + Academics: 5 Advanced Placement courses, 80th percentile in Avogadro's Exam 2017, Advanced Rudiments (First Class Honours with Distinction), Distinguished Marksman  
My Personal Profile: I did really bad. Both oral questions, I've been cut off by the timer without being close to finishing. Other than that, my responses for all three questions were mediocre.
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HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I get into Ryerson,UOIT, York, and/or Guelph for engineering (Civil Or mechanical) English 81%
Advanced functions 90% 
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Physics second semester 
Chemistry 70% 
Tech Design 83% 
Challenge and Change second semester 
French Second semester
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Chances for UofT Engineering 2018
With people beginning to get accepted for the first wave in all Engineering programs, does anyone know what the admission average will be like for this year? I'm especially interested in Track One, but I only have a 93% average right now. Anyone who's been accepted already, it'll be wonderful if you took the time to quickly go over your average, ECs, personal profile, and obviously to what program please! 

Side question, is admission average calculated by the 5 pre reqs, or with the addition to another U/M course?
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Effects of having courses in private school and night school on admission
Hello, I am a grade 12 student and I've applied to the following universities: U of t, Waterloo, York, and Ryerson. The programs that I have applied to are engineering, finance, and Mathematical and Physical sciences and my marks for the first OUAC transmission were: Advanced functions 95 
Physics 100 
Data management 97
 health and nutrition 94 
French 94 
I am taking English in private school and Chemistry in night school, and I haven't received a mark for English and Chemistry, but I will probably get a 90+. I was wondering if taking English and Chemistry outside of my day school is going to affect my admission?