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Ryerson GCM (Graphic Communications Management)
I am interested in Ryerson's Graphic Communications Management program, and I am currently in grade 12. I have a couple questions:

- Is GCM more design based, or business based (I have never taken a business class before) ?
- Are there many solid career opportunities after the program?
- Is pursuing a masters degree afterwards worth it?
- Is it difficult / stressful?

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Graphic Communications @Ryerson
I Have applied to the Graphic Communications Management Program at ryerson. I was just wondering what the exact average would be or what is the cut-off. I also wanted to know what average some of you guys got accepted with. If you could reply and tell me what average you got in with. It would really make me stop worrying.
finding a good graphic design program (visual communication design)
I'm currently considering OCAD and Emily Carr for their graphic design program, however I've read TONS of bad comments on the two schools on http://Ratemyprofessor.com... are they really that bad??? I recently found out that the University of Alberta also has a communication design program (basically the same as graphic design), does anyone know anything about it??? 

SFU has an interactive arts and technology program, but I don't know how relevant it is to design? I'm also looking for other universities (besides art school) that offer graphic design or anything related to it, thanks!!! (I'm not considering any visual art major, and Ryerson's program is more on the printing business side)
Ryerson Graphic Communications Management (BTech)
Hey all,

Recently stumbled upon this program on eInfo and found myself to be pretty intrigued by it. It seems to be a decently good match for me, as my strongest subject in school in CommTech (TGJ4M, currently sitting at 100%) and I see myself long-term pursuing law or business. 

Is anyone in this program and can shine some light on its contents? Anyone else know anything about it?

Thanks in advance.
Rejected for Grade 11 Mark?
Not sure if anyone's asked this yet but I know Ryerson's Graphic Communications requirements say Grade 11 U or M math or Grade 12 math. If my Grade 11 math mark is below the admission requirement will they wait for my Grade 12 math mark? I have it second semester.

 I know they probably will but I can't help but worry, considering the fact that I know universities don't really reject you based on your Grade 11 marks.

OR, if anyone else's course had the same admission requirements, what happened with you?
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Bad Grade 11 Math Mark?
I was in and out of hospital early grade 11, which caused my marks to be pretty crappy. I ended up getting a 63% in math. The thing is I wanna get into Ryerson for Graphic Communications Management, and it says that the requirements are Grade 11 U or M or Grade 12 U Mathematics (one of: MCF3M, MCR3U, MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U). 

The prerequisite needs to be 65% or higher to be eligible for admission... Yeahhh, you see my problem. I'm taking grade 12 Data Management (MDM4U) which is a course that can get me admission to the program. The problem is that its second semester.

WIll my grade 11 math mark get me rejected from Ryerson? Or will they wait until second semester to see how I do in math?
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Hey I am a grade 12 student and I got into both MIT at Western and Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson. I'm stuck between these two programs and i'm not sure what to accept. Is there a better program? Any tips about the programs?
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Should I Retake Grade 11 Bio/Math?
I wasn't in school a lot this year due to health issues. I took biology as a filler course which was a huge mistake, as I don't need any sciences for the career paths I have on my mind. I got a 58% in bio, I know, not the greatest. I was wondering if this mark would affect my chances on getting into Uni/college in the future. It's not a requires course but i'm afraid the bad mark may look bad on me. 

I also got a 63% in mixed math which could of been worse. Math is needed for me, but guidance said retaking it would be a waste of time unless i'm doing early acceptance in grade 12 (which I don't plan on doing). I'm planning on taking grade 12 data management.

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Western MIT and BMOSS, McMaster Multimedia and Commerce
I'm thinking of doing a double major in MIT and BMOSS at Western University. Has anyone done this or think it's a good idea? I feel like just MIT wouldn't be as strong of an asset alone were as this option could be more unique,better for resumes and more well rounded. However it doesn't have as much hands on media related as I would like through MIT.

Another option I've thought of is doing the BMOSS with a minor in Digital Humanities at Western. Thoughts?

Also, does anyone know if you can do a double major with McMaster Multimedia and Commerce? Would multimedia be a good enough program in its own for job prospects?

I'm interested in the more digital and technological side of art, graphic design, consumer behaviour, marketing , advertising, etc.

Any other programs you to suggest?

If anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! Thanks!
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Gap Year or Nah?
Hi! I'm a senior highschool student and I want to get into Graphic Design/Advertising. However, I know that I have a very slim chance of getting in right away because I had difficulty being creative with my hectic schedule balancing other course loads and lessons outside of school and my portfolio is crap ( lack of Photoshop/ Illustrator experience too). Plus, I'm not really sure if I'm "mentally" ready for it yet. Should I apply to another program that is similar such as Media Studies or take a gap year to work on my portfolio instead? I'm hesitant for both options because I don't want to waste a year doing a program that's my second choice and have the same problem of not being creative enough for my portfolio as I'm focused on other courses or wasting my gap year and not really accomplishing anything. Plus, I'm not that social outside of school so I don't think I will really have anyone to talk to during my gap year. I still really want to get into graphic design... just not now. Any suggestions on what to do on the gap year? Similar programs (that don't require a portfolio)? Pros and Cons?
Ryerson University - Graphic communications management
I'm really considering going into the graphic communications management nut am really stressing about the average I should be holding in order to be accepted. If anyone has any info please let me know!
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Graphic communications @ryerson 2016
Was accepted to graphic communications at ryerson for September 2016, just curious as to people opinions on this program, if anyone has any insight please share. Thanks!
Is there a multimedia arts (digital) program anywhere in Ontario?
Photography, video & sound editing, graphic design, web design, animation, etc. -- is there one program for all these areas? I can only find separate programs for each.
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Applying for Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University
I am currently a grade 12 student, and I know that I will be submitting the applications for universities soon. I am interested in studying Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson. I just have a couple questions for current students in the program or anyone who has the information.
1. What is required to get in the program except basic courses (i.e. portfolio, essay)?
2. How are the class sizes and teachers?
3. Should I live on campus?

Thank you.
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