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Ryerson Journalism
Hey! I just got accepted into Ryerson Journalism and was wondering if anyone else has? If so, what was your mark? Did you have any previous journalistic experience? Are you planning on living in residence and are you planning on attending in the fall?
Ryerson Journalism Class of 2022
Hi guys! I created an fb page in hopes that I can meet some future class mates and possibly roommates! Check it out! Thanks. :)
Ryerson Journalism - Non-academic requirements fee form
I applied to Ryerson's Bachelor of Journalism program through OUAC and paid the $50. However, their non-academic requirements fee forms says that I have to pay an additional $50 for "Tutition & Residence fees" 


I am so confused. Please help!
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Difficulty Level and Workload of Ryerson's journalism program.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difficulty/stress level of Ryerson's journalism program as well as the workload? I've heard a lot about how great their program is and plan on attending next year but I want to know to expect in terms of the classes/work.
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Anyone in Ryerson's RTA or Journalism program?
For anyone who is in Ryerson's RTA or Journalism program!

A) How are you liking it?
B) Was it hard to get in (What was your average and how long did it take?)
C) How is the workload like assignments and projects?
D) What is your game plan afterwards?

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What to do?
Hey there fellow Yconic members,

I'm a grade 11 student interested in pursing a career in communication/broadcast. My question is how difficult is it to land a good paying job within this field? I plan on applying to a number of schools, but Ryerson is my top school. 

Programs I'm applying to @ Ryerson: Journalism, RTA and Professional Communication
Ryerson University
Hey guys! I'm wondering if anyone could tell me a bit about Ryerson's journalism program (such as the workload, the difficulty level of the courses, what to except ect.) Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Ryerson Residence
Hey guys! I am currently in the middle of a gap year- I wasn't able to afford Ryerson/living in Toronto this year so I got a deferral on my admissions offer and will be attending next year. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it's like living in a double room in ILLC? (Obviously it's a dorm room so I don't expect it to be super clean or big, but is it extremely small or gross?) Also, how's the student/social life? I know Pitman is the party dorm, but do people from ILLC usually go to the parties or have any of their own? Also, how's the double room in Pitman? Anything anyone can tell me about living in either dorm would be appreciated!
Also, if anyone who is/was apart of the journalism program could tell me a bit about it- what it's like, the work load, what to expect or any other helpful tips- that would be great! 
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Hi, I am looking to go into either business or journalism. Two very different career paths, I know, I have not yet decided what I wanted. I am planning to get a average of 91.5 and I am a part of few different clubs. I have worked for almost a year as well. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting to a good business or journalism program (such as ones at York or Queens or Carleton). Thank you
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What's the best university in Canada for Journalism?
I've googled some schools and a couple showed up but I'm worried that that information might be quite outdated so I'd like to get thoughts from my fellow peers
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3 Things you should have in your Media School’s Portfolio
I know that there are (future and current) media students here. We’re just far and few between. If you’ve applied/ are applying to a media program that required a portfolio, what did you include?  

For me, some schools required a portfolio, while others didn’t. They all wanted to see my work, but they hadn’t really specified what to include – of course this was 4 years ago, so I hope things have improved for the new prospective students. If they haven’t, here’s what I included:

Photography Elements
If your end goal is Journalism, you’re going to need to prove you’re at least adequate with a camera. Nowadays, there is no “he’s the photographer, I’m the reporter” stuff anymore – being in a media field means that you’re going to be utilized in every single way possible. I would include some creative elements (staged photos that will really show your creativity and depth) and some newsy type photos (photojournalism style photos), which could be a civil rights march, or a “friendship walk” like we recently had in Brantford.

Writing Elements
Be diverse with your writing. Schools want to see you’re capable of writing a decent article, but they’re also looking for your long form journalism and your ability to write online content. It wouldn’t hurt to start a blog to add to your overall content for them to take a look at. If you can commit to a blog, it shows your passion and determination of seeing something through!
A Resume
This is something that a school may or may not ask for, but it’s a good way to show them where your experience is coming from. Alter your resume to only relevant media-related things. No one cares that you worked at McDonald’s for three years, but they do care if you were a newspaper correspondent at your school for five months! Make sure that it is relevant, and up to date. You’re trying to sell yourself here!

What have you/are you thinking of including in your portfolio? What do you feel would be best to include?

Best of luck with your portfolio building!

yconic Student Ambassador
RTA Media Production OR Journalism?
Hey Students,
I'm half way done grade 11, and I'm still kind of confused on what program suits me the best. I've been looking at Ryerson and what programs they have to offer. I'm interested in Journalism/Broadcast. I'm looking into both Journalism and RTA School of Media Production. Journalism seems like a lot of work as for the application and you have to make a portfolio. RTA Media Production is asking you to write 2 essays (seems easier than making a portfolio lol). I just need some advice one which one will land you a job quicker also if I do RTA media production I can always go back to like a college and complete a diploma in Journalism. Thanks 

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What should I take as an undergrad for law school? Does it really matter? And does it matter about the school or is it just GPA and LSAT scores? I'm looking into Journalism because I really like it, but I'm not so sure as the Arts are SO hated. I was also looking at MIT at Western but again, here come the Shakespeare on a sidewalk reading hooligan jokes. Advice appreciated.
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Can I make a comeback?
So I got my marks in for first semester today. Really disappointing. Had a bad first half - was literally failing all my courses due to depression but I got back on my feet a bit to start passing and such, I start this new semester with my head high (Grade 11 semester 2), I have a 63 average for semester 1 and all of those are courses I don't need to pursue for my career. Do I still have a chance (not early acceptances) or do the Universities look at really poor marks?
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Best schools for Journalism/media? 92 average for first sem Grade 11, wanna see what people have to say about the career paths
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Carleton Journalism Textbooks
I am a first year student and I know how expensive textbooks can get. If anyone is going into Carleton Journalism and wants some cheap textbooks then you should contact me. :)
Bad grade 11 marks and uncertain about university
I am currently in grade 11 and semester 1 is almost over. These few months have been hard for me because I've been getting lower marks than usual and it put a toll on my confidence into getting into university since the expectations are very high these days.

Right now, I am getting a 71% in math, 77% in french 85% in graphic communications technology and 80% in biology. My marks have improved a bit since the beginning of the semester. 

I'm interested in writing and i like sharing stories, ideas and thoughts with people. I'm wondering what university programs in ontario would be right for me? I have been looking into journalism and communications but i am scared that these majors will lessen my chances of finding a financially stable job. I know ryerson university has a very good journalism program but only 130 people are accepted. 

What courses should i take in grade 12?

What average should i aim for in grade 12 and how can i improve my grades? 
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Law School undergrad programs
What are good programs for undergrad before law school? In Grade 11 and want to have a good vision on some programs for my undergrad. Not sure what programs are good or not. All help is appreciated!
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Confused and Desperate
I honestly don't know what to do. I'm in Grade 11 and I've had a rough semester, and ready for a new start. I'm just going to begin off by saying I hate the area of mathematics and sciences. I'd rather do something like business, or English related, and when I explained, I was denied immediately by my brother and father. I know there aren't many careers English related that are open in demand, but I just don't know anymore. I said I wanted to go into Journalism because that's my dream, but I was rejected immediately. My marks are as follows:

English U: 90
Manufacturing Technology: 82
Personal Fitness: 65
Math U: 47 

I'm honestly ready for a fresh start at a new semester that is very English and history heavy (Law, American History), and I'm just struggling to pass math right now. I need serious help because it's pushing me into quite the depression. Any help is appreciated. 

(Brother keeps saying there are no jobs in selected field, I kind of understand this before he explained, but I just don't know what to do)
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Grade 11 Troubles
I've had a rough semester. I've learnt a lot, but I'm disappointed in myself. It's right before the Christmas holidays and I'm failing Math with a 44. In fact, all of my other marks aren't too hot. 

Math - 44
Woodshop - 65
English - 80
Personal Fitness - 60

English is the only thing I am interested in, although only with an 80, I haven't really put any effort until recently. I may fail Math this semester (although I may just take M level the next semester), I am trying to raise my other marks such as Personal Fitness and woodshop, but it's not going so well, and if I end up at a 70 in Woodshop and Personal Fitness, I'll be happy (I have a few assignments to turn in, and can make up the missed days in Fitness), any help is appreciated if I still have a chance for University. I love Journalism, writing, and before this year I hadn't knew that. If I don't go to a University for a media studies program, my parents and I will be heart broken. Are my hopes dead? Please. Any help is appreciated!
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Carleton Journalism Admissions 2017
Please post here with your HS average, date you applied, and date you were accepted if you have been offered acceptance to Carleton Journalism for fall 2017!
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Ask me anything: WLU-Conestoga Collab Fourth Year Journalism&PR Student
Hi Everyone! 

My name is Kat, and I am one of your Digital Brand Ambassadors here at yconic! I am a fourth year Journalism major specializing in Public Relations, minoring in History at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus. I have a post-graduate certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from Conestoga College. I wanted to create this post as a space to answer as many questions as I possibly can that you may have!

Who is Kat: 
 - I am a fourth year Journalism major, specializing in Public Relations with a minor in History. I have a post-graduate certificate from Conestoga College in Integrating Marketing Communications (By April, I will have finished 5 years worth of school in 4.)
- Photography Editor for the university’s school paper, The Sputnik, and Editor-in-Chief of the university’s yearbook, The Carnegie
- I’ve been a part of many organizations at Laurier: O-Week Icebreaker, Foot Patrol volunteer, The Carnegie (yearbook) volunteer, The Sputnik (newspaper) volunteer - I’ve completed work placements in Marketing Communications

What Kind of Things Can I Answer for You:
- Campus Life at the Laurier Brantford - Time management!! (I work full-time and study full-time, so I’ve gotten really good at this!)
- Anything about J-School - I will do my absolute best to give you the best answers I can!
- Organizations and clubs you can get involved in on campus
- The transition between high school, the workforce and post secondary education
- Gap years (I took two!) 
- How to get involved in your on and off campus communities 
- Course selection – after four years of course selection, I have it down to an art!
- What it’s like to live off campus during your post-secondary education (and not with your parents)
- The difference between college and university from the perspective of someone who has done both
- OSAP - Literally ANYTHING about OSAP
- Summer jobs - I've worked in some weird atmospheres like cleaning toilets for a summer, and some interesting and physically demanding atmospheres like in a Toyota Motor Manufacturing Weld Shop

Of course these are just a few things I can help you with! If you have any questions that are not listed above, please ask anyway! I’ll do my absolute best to help you out!

The comments on this forum are open for your questions below! Publish
I applied a couple weeks ago for carleton journalism through OUAC, was sent an 'application received' email and my carleton ID pin and login a few days later. My issue is that between the time it took to get my confirmation, a carleton admissions person (via email) encouraged me to send my transcript right away... which i did. now, a week-ish later, i received an application package in the mail that gives me a slip w/ my id #  to put in my transcript... which is already on its way to carleton. I'm from Alberta which is why this is huge a huge pain hahah. But because this admissions person didn't tell me that i needed to include that number- will my transcript be processed anyways??? I'm so stressed out so if anyone could give me some peace of mind that would be awesome.
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Carleton Journalism
I was wondering if anyone who goes/went to/wants to go to carleton in the journalism program knows the experience required to be successful in the program? I'm good at writing essays but i don't have any journalism experience. thanks
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