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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
UPDATED April 5, 2018

I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW on my second coop. Some quick facts about me:
-IB grad from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Currently working at a digital health/medical device startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

Also, congrats to all students who received early offers!
University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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What should I do?
Hello I am a BC high schooler. I have a really important life decision to make but it is really hard. Since I was young I was dead set on engineering but recently, reflecting my past and interests, I realized that I have always really wanted to become an anthropologist. During my free time, I would always read and memorize the prehistoric facts and I was obsessed with primitive inventions and tools. However, because of today's high demand on engineering and computer science, I have forced myself to be interested in engineering. So, what should I do? Go for a major that I am really into? Or a major with a lot of value and profits?

What would you do if you were me, or what advice would you give me as a person who has more knowledge in life?

Thank you.
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What are my chances for UofT Track One 2018?
Hey guys, just wondering what my chances are for UofT TrackOne for the year 2018 and what the expected admission average is. Also, how heavily weighted is the personal profile because I did pretty bad on it. If anyone else is applying, what are your averages, ECs, and how well your personal profile went?  

Top 6 Marks:  
Overall: 94%  
MHF4UP - 90  
MCV4UP - 95  
SPH4UP - 94  
ENG4UP - 90 (expected)  
SCH4U1 - 95 (expected)  
HRE4M1 - 100 (expected)  

ECs from past 4 years:  
- Leadership: Vice President of STUCO (2018), Minister of Arts and Culture of STUCO (2017), President of Canadian Pavilion for School's Culture Shock, DECA School's Director of Outreach (2018), Link Crew Ambassador  
 - Employment: Swim Instructor/Lifeguard for the City, and at a private organization    
- Competitions: Competitor at DECA provincials (2017 & 2018), and HOSA Nationals  
- Volunteering: Cadets, In-Pool Aquatics Volunteer, Peer Tutor, Event Assistant at MBC  
- Miscellaneous: Jazz Band, Badminton Club  
- Awards + Academics: 5 Advanced Placement courses, 80th percentile in Avogadro's Exam 2017, Advanced Rudiments (First Class Honours with Distinction), Distinguished Marksman  
My Personal Profile: I did really bad. Both oral questions, I've been cut off by the timer without being close to finishing. Other than that, my responses for all three questions were mediocre.
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Waterloo CS vs. CE
I have recently been accepted into both computer science and computer engineering at Waterloo. I am looking for suggestions regarding:
1. Which major would give me a better career future in terms of co-op and work after graduation?
2. What electives should I choose if I take CS (CE is pretty much determined for me)? I have not had too much programming experience, but recently has developed particularly interests in AI development and big data.
3. Best residence (not general residence like Waterloo, Renison and St.Paul, but like V1, UWP, etc) for either majors.
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University Of Ottawa Software Eng Acceptance Stress!!!
On top of awaiting acceptance to Ryerson I am also awaiting acceptance to uOttawa Eng. My average taking those prerequisites into consideration is an 82.16%. The expected range to be admitted is a mid 80 which I don't have right now. I feel that I should switch my program from software engineering to computer engineering which only has a low 80 to be admitted. Should I make that decision and switch the program I am applying for or should I wait and see?
Ryerson Comp Eng (NO ACCEPTANCES!)
I am currently freaking out about getting into ryerson engineering. My average is currently an 86.66% and the required average is a high 80. I have heard that high 80's span from an 86 to an 89 and I have also heard that a high 80 is 88-89 or an 87-89. I don't know what range ill be expected to meet. Is an 86.66% good enough?
Waterloo or McGill Engineering?
I've been accepted to both Waterloo and McGill for Computer Engineering. I am unsure which one to attend. If I go to Waterloo, I will probably get a better job but have no fun during university and will get no time off. If I go to McGill, I will have a great time during my 4 years but not as great of a job outlook.
Please send some input. 
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McGill vs UBC Comp Engineering
Hey, so recently I've narrowed down to the two school I would like to attend next fall for engineering. However, I'm torn between them and need some more info before I choose either UBC of McGill. Any information of the schools would help me out greatly but I'm mainly looking for a direct comparison between the Comp Engineering faculties of each school. For example, any good profs, which school has the better facilities, labs, future career options, etc. The more in depth the better. Also, I know that UBC has a great coop program and was wondering is McGill has anything that compares to coop since from what I'm told getting good internships in Uni is extremely important for future success. Additionally, my French is pretty weak and I was wondering if that would reduce my chances of getting good internships if I choose McGill. Lastly, which university is more globally recognized for the comp engineering and would give me the best odds of landing an international job/internship?Thanks a lot for your help!
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Any girls going to Computer Science?
I feel nervous going into Computer Science, because of this reason. There aren't many women who are in the tech field, as it is male dominant. I have hope that more and more females are going to enter, as technology has evolved society today and more women are taking part in this. I just wanted to ask. Are any girls going into Computer Science for their undergrad?
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Is computer science worth taking?
ICS3U is a very difficult program in my school with averages ranging in the mid 60s. I consider myself pretty good at programming but it is unlikely that I can achieve above a mid 80  at best while putting my full effort into the course. I was planning on taking a bird course such as psychology so I could achieve a mark in the 90's but I looked at Waterloo's Comp Sci requirements which is a program I am interested in and they recommended taking ICS3U. Should I take ICS3U or take a bird course and go against Waterloo's recommendations.
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Computer science admissions
Hey, I’m trying to get into ryerson , or Utsg, utsc for computer science. 
My current grades are 
Adv functions - 82
English - 72
Religion - 84
Physics - 82
Calculus - 85 
Chemistry - 92
Manufacturing- 90
Computer science - 81
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Engineering Stream Waterloo?
Just wondering which stream is better 4 or 8? Going into comp eng and just wondering what to expect from each stream.
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Do my SAT and AP Exam scores matter in my situation?
I haven't been performing nearly as well as I could be so far in high school, I'm in 11th grade and so far I have a 3.6 cumulative GPA. I go to a private American school in the middle east (which follows the american curriculum). I plan on moving back to my home country of Canada next year for 12th grade in Ontario. I have 3 questions:

1. Is it true that my 9th/10th/11th grade marks are ignored and that colleges only look at the average of my top 6 first semester 12th grade marks? If a student has C's in grade 11 but then a 99% average in gr12 could he get into something like UofT?

2. If the above is true, does that mean that my AP scores and my SAT scores matter for college since they are not required when applying from a Canadian HS through OUAC?

3. If I took all the prerequisites for my college program in 12th grade (Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, English) and scored well in all of them, would those marks be looked at instead of my grade 11 physics or grade 10 chemistry marks?

Thanks in advance :)
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average admission grades
Hello. I am in grade 11 in Ontario. So I was wondering about my average mark for grade 11 and 12. I’ve seen a lot of people saying grade 11 marks don’t matter at all, only for early admission, but other people say universities make decisions based on first semester, second semester midterms and grade 11 marks. My grade 11 average mark is 89 right now but I have slacked off a little bit this year and I’m aiming for aaround 95+ for grade 12. Would there be a high chance for me to get admissions for engineering programs in universities like UofT, waterloo, ryerson, Mcmaster and such?
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Applying from High School vs University

I was wondering how post secondary institutions (most specifically McMaster, Western for Engineering if you know anything specific about these schools) look at your average when you're applying from University vs from High School?

I understand their standards for university transfer applicants are lower than they are for HS students, but on average how much lower? I'm trying to get a ballpark estimate. 

Thank you
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University Transfer Averages
I've applied to Western Engineering and McMaster Engineering from another university and I understand they treat the averages from other Universities differently than they do HS students' averages. Does anyone know about what the difference in equivalent percentages would be comparing an HS average vs a University Transfer Average?  
I've heard its about 7-8% difference, but I've also heard 4-5% and up to 12% so I am not too sure.  
I currently have an 85.3% average coming from another Engineering Program at another University.
What are my chance at following universities
Grade 11 Student New Brunswick
preferred programs Software Engineering/Mechanical/Mechatronics

Current grade 11 courses - doing all of them right now
English 112 - 89%
Pre-Calculus 110 - 85%
Chemistry 112 - 96%
Physics 112 - 90%

Universities -
1. University of Waterloo
2. McGill 
3. UBC
4. U of A
5. U of T
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Do universities really only look at the first semester of Gr.12?
I am currently a junior in high school (Gr.11) in Saudi Arabia. I go to a private American high school that follows the American curriculum and offers AP's and follows the system most public high schools in the US follow. I have not performed to the best of my ability academically and so far my GPA is something like a 3.5. I am moving back to Canada (Ontario) next year for Grade 12 and plan to work much harder. 

I have read that for Ontario HS students, universities only check the top 6 grades of the first semester of the senior year. Is this true? And are there conditions that have to be met for this to be the case? My dream school would be UofT or Waterloo. If I was to score 92%+ on all my classes in the first semester of next year, would I have a chance of getting into them for Computer Engineering despite my subpar Gr.11 grades? I have already scored a 1520 on the SAT. 

Thank you! :)
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Is VEX Robotics Worlds worth it for AIF / Extracurriculars?
I have the chance to go the VEX Robotics World Competition (In The Zone) in Grade 10, but I don't know if it's worth it in terms of extracurriculars. Does robotics actually mean anything of value or influence when applying for universities? Is going to the Worlds impressive at all on your extracurricular list? I don't even know if this Robotics gig is recognized well. Maybe someone wise who knows about extracurricular acceptances for universities, or experience with Robotics itself, can help offer some wisdom.

- I'd just be going this year in Grade 10 and discontinue in future grades. 
- Probably have interests in Waterloo Computer Science. 

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What computer programming languages to learn
I'm a grade 10 student interested in becoming a software engineer (or computer engineering, I'm not sure which one i want to go into yet). I don't have much knowledge in programming other than the computer course I took at school. My school taught us turing, which isn't really a well known language and it's not really used now but it teaches you the basics of coding so it's good for beginners. Anyways, I've been thinking of going to classes outside of school to learn another language so any recommendations? I'm familiar with Java because I went to a class in my community centre but that was like in grade 7 so i kinda forget everything now. I know HTML tho and i find it to be pretty cool and easy to learn for beginners!

Edit: I edited my question because I offended some people when i said "My school taught us Turing and honestly i wish they had taught us something like Javascript which is actually used to this day." I didn't mean to talk badly of turing lol i just wanted ideas for any other programming language that i could start learning that are actually being used.
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Ask Me Anything: First Year Computer Engineering Student at UofT
Hi everyone, first year engineering student at UofT willing to answer your questions! Feel free to ask about admissions, skule-work, extracurricular activities, scholarships, employment and so on! Edit: I also commute 100 km everyday so you can ask me about that as well!
Please allow me a few days to reply to your responses due to my schedule being pretty hectic!
Aerospace VS Mechatronics
As a child, I have been fascinated by aircrafts and spacecrafts. I have always loved the power of flying. However, as I was growing up, I started developing an interest in robotics. Both are related to each other - both are about machines. I always wanted to know how things work. But there's a part of me that wanted to go to the aerospace and a half of me wants to pursue the mechatronics part.
What are the differences? 
- take courses about propulsions
- focused more on how things work
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