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Chances for Ryerson CompSci with 86.33% avg
What chances do I have to get in? Also, on Ryerson's website, the grade range given is 78-85%, so why haven't I gotten in yet?
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Who likes my schedule for classes
Grade 11- Semester 1
First Period - English (11)
Second Period- College Mathematics (11)
Third Period- Technological Design
Fourth Period- Computer Science

Grade 11-Semester 2
First Period- Physics
Second Period-' Construction (Wood shop)
Fourth Period- Computer Engineering

Grade 12- Semester 1
First Period- Auto Shop
Second Period- College Mathematics (12)
Third Period- Functions
Fourth Period- Accounting

Grade 12- Semester 2
First Period- English(12)
Third Period- Manufacturing
Fourth Period- Welding

I'm graduating this year but was wondering what you think the classes I took will help me with for the real world, and what you think my high school time would have been like with these classes, what would be a good next step, and if you liked the classes I took or when I had my spares: (Grade 11, Semester 2, Period 3) and grade 12 Semester 2 Period 2

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UTM computer science
Compared to Scarborough or St George, how is the computer science program at Mississauga. I know they have PEY like SG, but are there any particular differences in terms of courses, difficulty, pey/co-op placements, etc. Also i'd like to know what a realistic admission average is. On  einfo it says low to mid 80's, but that seems kind of odd considering its a UOFT campus.
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Should I go to Waterloo for Computer Science or Carleton's Interactive Multimedia and Design program?
I want to work as a technical director for an animation studio, creating shaders, fur, cloth, etc. and am interested in Computer graphics. 
If I go to University of Waterloo, I would minor in Digital Arts and Communication and specialize in Computational fine arts. At Carleton, I receive a degree in Information Technology and an Advanced Diploma in Applied arts. I would also perhaps minor in Computer Science.
Here is a link to the Carleton program: http://bitdegree.ca/index.php?Program=IMD
Queen's Computing Reputation
Hey everyone! I was wondering how the Computing program is at Queen's in terms of reputability, well-staffed, up-to-date course content, and just in general how good the program is. Thanks!
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Colleges in Toronto: Art Fundamentals programs
I'm a 24 years old female from Switzerland and I'm going to Toronto next year to do an university pathway program at a language school (April - August). After that, I'm planning to go to a college with something like an one year Art Fundamentals program, which covers many fields like graphic design, animation, photography etc. Because I don't know which subject I want to focus on yet. I've graduated with an vocational diploma in business and I've been working in this field ever since. So I don't really have any academic background in art.

But I've been able to be creative in the past at work, like designing Xmas cards, calendar and I also like drawing, photography, making firefox persona in my free time. I really like art so I want to change my career and I want to do that abroad, as I want to travel and widen my horizons.

I've been researching for a long time and found these colleges with basic art programs:

George Brown College: Art and Design Foundation Program (1 year)
Seneca College: Art Fundamentals (8 months)
Humber College: Art Foundation (1 year)
Centennial College: Art and Design Fundamentals (1 year)
Sheridan: Art Fundamentals (1 year)
OCAD: First-Year Art

Humber sounds good, so I'm planning to apply - but does anyone know more about the other colleges? I would choose based on their courses but an overall experience or opinion about the college itself would help me a lot to make a decision as well.
Tbh I can't finance the studies, but I will still apply and try to get scholarship/credit and work on the side to make it happen because I really want it.

Sorry for my long post D: but I would be very glad if you could share your opinion or tips etc. It's my first time going alone abroad. Thank you so much!
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Hi everyone, what are my chances of getting into UTSC for media studies? My average is currently at 85.5%. Do you think I will get in? Or do I need a higher average? All opinions are welcome, thanks!~
Video game design which school is best?
recently looked at the Toronto film school and there program not sure tho from what i read online if it's good or not schools seems ok  but would love to hear feed back from other and what school you might recommend.

Best Laptop for Engineering
Hey guys, 
I'm looking to buy a laptop soon for school and I want to be sure that whatever one I pick will be able to run any software I might need next year once I'm in university. I'm going to be doing engineering next year although I'm not sure where yet. I'd prefer a Mac as I'm used to the software and prefer their features, but if they can't run whatever software I might need next year I'd like some suggestions for PC's that will be run the software. 

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A new laptop for university
Hello everyone as the title stated, I would like to have a new laptop for y post secondary education. I have been browsing different models and puzzled by all the options. Right now, I am using ASUS S56C... and it only lasts for 4 hours (without internal browsing) .... 

So here's some specs I would like to have in my future laptop, and hopefully tech gurus can help me  :)

1. Long lasting battery (at least 6 hours, the more the better , if possible)
2. Graphic Card
3. Intel i7
5. DVD drive
6. Window Operation (I still don't know how to use Apple laptops)
7. At least 8 GB memory
8. 3+ USB Ports and 1+ USB-C port(s)
9. 256 GB+ Hard drive
10. 17" screen
11. Bluetooth

May have: 
1. Touchscreen
2. Good sound system
3. Glowing keyboard (cuz I think this is cool but it's not necessary at all)

Major usage:
1. Normal tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel)
2. Video editing (Premiere Pro - it freezes when I use my current laptop)
3. Photoshop
4. Tons of internet browsing at the same time (can up to 100 pages at the same time)
5. Graphic Design (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Price: As long as it is under $3000

Thank you very much :)
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First Step Towards Help
Hi, my name is Fifi & I became a member of this fortunate establishment so that I could gain informative tip & tricks as too the best route for me too take financially. I am open too many suggestions & I hope that I can get in touch with a lot others who have themselves going through what I may be experiencing
IB and University
Just wanted to create a thread for IB students around Canada, for their top listed universities and programs, along with whether they have submitted their applications yet. 

If any IB student has already received a conditional offer based off their predicted grades, they can post here as well. 

Finally, for any former IB students: how is the university workload in comparison to the IB program (specifically the Full IB Diploma, not "partial")? 

Would you say IB was, in hindsight, worth it or not? Did IB prepare you well for university? 
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For Waterloo Comp Sci/Business Double Degree, what average do I need?
In the admissions website it says you would need an average at least in the high 80s, but that is just the cutoff. What average would give me a good chance at an offer? Is a straight 90 enough or would I need to get at least a 92?
Is there a multimedia arts (digital) program anywhere in Ontario?
Photography, video & sound editing, graphic design, web design, animation, etc. -- is there one program for all these areas? I can only find separate programs for each.
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how hard is it to get into University of Toronto for Computer Science Mississauga
hey im currently in grade 11 and im wondering how hard will it be to get into University of Toronto Mississauga for computer science and/or computer engineering. Do they look at your grade 11 marks, do you have to list your extra curricular activities, and what grades do they look at( all your 6 highest grades in grade 11 or 12). Thanks and sorry for all the questions
Best School For Graphic Design In Ontario?
I want to go to a good school with great programs and maybe cheaper. Maybe even expensive-ish but worth it. I'm looking for college. Not University.