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Choosing a science course for grade 12
I'm pretty much dead set right now on studying computer science. However, many universities require at least 1 science in grade 12.

U of T is my first option and doesn't require a science, but admission is hard and I need to keep some backups open.

I'm currently in grade 11 and took physics and chemistry. These are my midterm grades:

Physics: 84
Chemistry: 89

Neither of these marks would cut it in grade 12 for U of T comp sci. Science isn't really my thing as you can tell. 

Which grade 12 science course is easiest to pull off a 90? Grade 12 chemistry or physics? I'm pretty much equal at both in grade 11, despite my higher chemistry grade. 

I must add that I'm not too strong in math..

Which did you find easier in grade 12, and which will help me in computer science?
Business and Computer Science Programs
Hello everyone,

As a grade 12 student, I've been looking into a lot of programs that are suited to my top two interests,  business and computer science. I've been doing computer science in high school for around three years now, and I feel that this is a path that is very tailored to my interests. However, I also would like to follow a career path that involves business aspects as well, where perhaps combining both computer science and business would help me in the long run. To anyone out there who can post some feedback...

What degree fits best (ex. Business with Comp Sci minor, Comp Sci with Business minor, etc) in terms of successful career paths?

What business concentration would fit best with comp sci?

What university did you attend?

What were you primarily studying in your undergrad?

Any jobs/internships?

Any prior business or comp sci knowledge before going into the program?


I've seen that many universities are offering data science programs (Western, UBCO, McMaster, Wildrid Laurier, U of T, Waterloo, etc). After doing some research, data science seems to be a very interesting path that handles computer science and business analytics together. Does anyone have any input on these programs?? (friends who have done them, any thoughts on them, etc)


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Easy Uni for Comp Science
What are universities that are easy to get accepted into Comp Science? If you know some Uni can you please list their average of acceptance and their last year cut off for a for sure acceptance? 

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Carleton Engineering Acceptance
Hello everyone, 

         I was wondering what is the realistic average FOR A FOR SURE acceptance into Civil Engineering at Carleton, also into their Comp Science or software engineering. I know at their website it says that the ranges of average admission is 75%-85%-above. I know that this averages is varies on some factors such as the amount of students apply and the competition. My question is what is the realistic average to get into their Civil and last years cut off? 

    I hope someone will be able to give a me precise answers, thank you!
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Laurier BBA/Bsc
I originally planned on majoring in business so I didn't take any of the sciences. But lately I've been looking into computer science and found an interest in laurier's bba and bsc program as it doesn't require science prereqs. I was hoping someone maybe in the program could tell me some info about it and how hard I might find some of the courses due to my lack of scientific kknowledge.
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Waterloo Computer Science Applicants 2018
Hey guys!

There's no megathread about Waterloo CS yet, so I decided to start one. I'm interested in applying to Waterloo Computer Science. I personally have had a 96% average in grade 11, and I expect a similar average in grade 12.

I'm really scared about the admissions process, since I've never really won any Waterloo math contests (only placed top 25%), and my ECs are only average at best. Can you guys give my an assessment and predict whether I can get in this year?

Feel free to post your averages and ECs below!
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Computer science help
I'm a grade 12 students and I decide to take CS program in university; however, I realize my decision is late since I didnt take any CS in grade 10, 11 and even 12.

In the second semester I can take grade 12 CS but will I miss a lot of staff from grade 11?

What do you guys think? Should I just learn everything in internet instead of taking a course?

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Computer Science Admission
What is the realistic average acceptance to get into Comp Science at York because I know Comp Science is a competitive program to get into? What was last years cut off for a for sure acceptance?
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AMA Waterloo Comp Sci and Laurier Business DD (Laurier Side)
Questions about anything really. Anything about admissions odds are hard for me to predict but i can help you out a bit. First year in my 1A right now. Can answer questions bout both ze progums.
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Admission averages
I am expecting to receive these marks in grade 12. I want to apply to engineering (number 1 choice) and  computer science. Which universities do u think will accept me? And which type of engineering. And did anyone get similar or lower averages than I did and still got into engineering?
English: 80
Advanced functions: 80-84
Chemistry: 95 (online school)
Physics: 80
Calculus: 90 (online school)
Accounting: 89
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In demand engineering disciplines?
Even if some are currently saturated, all engineering disciplines are great choices due to the versatility. I know it all depends on how you sell your self and what you did out of class. However, in general, what are the types of engineering that's in demand? My understanding is that they are electrical, computer and software. Is there anything else I'm missing?
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QUESTIONS - Business/Computer Science Double Degree
Hey, I'm in Grade 12 right now and for a long time, I've had my eyes set on the BBA/Comp Sci double degree at Waterloo/Laurier. I have some questions:

-What does it take to get in? (marks, ec's, etc)
-What's the program like? Do you have more hours of class than the average student?
-Where can I look for scholarships and bursaries for this specific program?

I'm expecting about a 95% average. I have some other EC's like Student Voice Rep for Student Council, DECA President, started a cub through $1500 SpeakUP Grant, Leader for my youth group, etc. Sometimes when I picture this program in my head I see everyone being WAY over the top,. so I'm curious to what the average student needs to get in.

THANK YOU in advance, I appreciate any info/advice I can get :)
For Software Engineering, do I need coding experience to be successful ?
For undergrad software eng programs except for Waterloo, it doesn't say anything about the experience in coding to get in .Honestly, do i need experience or will i get taught how to coding in first year or smthn?
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Software Engineering HELP?
I'm in grade 12 right now and I'm looking to apply to software engineering program. My average last year was 92%:
math 95%
English 87%
com tech 100%
comp sci 88% (teacher decided to be rude and lower everybody's' mark by 7%)
Chem 95%
phys 85% (class average was 55)
bio 88%
leadership 90%

I can definitely do much better this year, my average would probably be around 95%

I've worked as a lifeguard last year, and right now I work at a company which teaches code to students
I'm involved in a lot sports
have a good variety of volunteering experiences (but only 80 hrs)

My questions are:

Is this good enough for programs such as u of t ece, or uw software engineering?
how many people do u of t and uw generally accept for these programs^?
Do unis look at class average at all?
Other than u of t and uw what are some other good software programs?
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Transferring from Ryerson Compsci to WLU
Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any information to help with this decision. I am currently a first year Compsci student at Ryerson (2021) and am considering transferring into the BSc Compsci at WLU. Im not really enjoying the experience here at Ryerson and can not really see myself surviving 4 years of this. I have to commute a total of 3 hours per day (1.5 each way) and I can already feel it affecting my physical health as well as affecting the amount of overall studying I can do. I visited a few of my friends at Laurier/Waterloo this weekend and love the atmosphere and overall feel of the Uni. Since its only a month into school I dont really have any marks to see if a transfer would be possible but if it helps my HS average was 83%. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Waterloo Double Degree - Comp. Sci and Business
Hello so I'm in Gr12 in an Ontario high school and I am hoping to get into the double degree program, computer science at Waterloo and Business at Laurier. I'm interested in this because I have a pretty diverse liking of subjects, though I am particularly interested in technology and I believe that having a business side to any degree would be amazing. If based on the information below, you believe I may not have that high of a chance, or you think I should pursue some other program, I am happy to hear your suggestions. 

My grade 11 overall average was about 90 (I am taking more M level courses in which I can get a high mark in this year). I participate in band, music council, peer tutoring, and a Grade 9 integration/bullying club at school. I was a camp counsellor over the 2017 summer and I have plenty of volunteer hours. I am also studying to certify myself in the CompTIA A+ by December of 2017. 

Thanks so much for any help/suggestions!
Software Engineer Student - 1ST YEAR
I am a first year software engineering student at the university of Guelph, if you guys have any question please feel free to ask. I can be any question and I will try my best to answer.
Waterloo ECE/CS?
Hello! I am a gr12 IB student and want to do Waterloo ECE or CS but at the uni fair, they said the engineering faculty in general has LESS THAN 10% ACCEPTANCE RATE. What would be an appropriate 2nd choice if I want to do a CS related career? I always wanted to apply software eng but admission rate is way too low. (also chance me pls)

grade 11:
MCR3U - 100
MDM4U - 100
SPH3U - 100
SCH3U - 95
ENG3U - 94
CIA4U - 100 
FSF4U - 97 (bless IB Econ & IB French mark boost)
ICS3U - 92 (teacher was really strict)

currently doing 4 HLs in IB for that ICS4U credit, RIP sleep

I have pretty mediocre ECs tho. A few club exec positions but nothing too great, a few contests/DECA but never won, a few sports but dropped them all this year, a few job/volunteers but it was working fast food & summer camp volunteer, a few math/physics summer programs but rejected by shad twice.
Waterloo Night School
I understand that Waterloo looks down upon night school courses, but if I give a good reason on my AIF I still have a chance. What should I write as to why I took Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors in night school?
Which University should I go to for Computer Science? U of T, McMaster or York?
I am currently working as a Software Developer and I did a 2 year Diploma (Computer Programmer) at Sheridan. Currently I'm looking to get my Bachelor's Part-time in Computer Science and I'm confused which University should I go to?
If I go to York, it will start sooner (in Jan) as compared to others, plus it is cheaper and I can get credits worth a Year at York (maybe same thing at McMaster too) whereas I will barely get any credits at U of T. 
So I was wondering would it be worth selecting U of T over York or McMaster for Computer Science and spending more time & money there? 
I've heard that Waterloo is good for CS but they don't offer it part-time so that is not an option.
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Next best universities for CS and ECE after UofT and Waterloo
Given competition and mark inflation, I will probably get rejected to UofT and Waterloo.
Which are the next best universities I should apply to for CS and ECE.
Assume a low to mid 90s average (90-95%), and average to below average ECs. 
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Waterloo's requirements says any 4u English. Can I submit writers craft instead of English
Im Lost
Hey im in my 12 year of high school and im rambling about my future. I have a good idea of what i want to pursue and that is computer science (thinking of attending Ryerson). But im still here talking about pursuing many carrers path (CS, CE, cop, Financial analytic). Ive always liked computer (how they work, software, etc). But im still lost, because to be realistic no job is fun. im looking to major something that will lead to a job that has good pay and some what fun. 

My courses rn (high chance of ending of with a 87% avg)
English -85
Advance functions 
world issues
Canadian Law

Also, any recommendations on Universities to attend that have good coop programs?