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Computer Science Thread
Starting a mega thread for computer science applicants/acceptances for 2018! 
Please list the following in the thread: 

1. School Applied/Accepted to
2. CS Program accepted in 
3. Average Marks (11 and 12) 
4. Date of Application and Acceptance

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University of Toronto Computer Science Applicants 2018
Grade 11 avg: 98

Grade 12 avg: 96-97 
Grade 12 Marks:
100 Computer Science 
100 Computer Engineering
95 Advanced Functions
98 Calculus
90 English
97-98 Chemistry (predicted) (97 grade 11)
96-97 Physics (predicted) (98 grade 11)

Applying to UTSC and UTSG

1) Post your estimated entrance average
2) Post which campus you are applying to
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Chances to get accepted at UVic?
I am wondering what are the chances of getting accepted at UVic?

I have applied toward computer science.

My grades are:
PreCalc 12: 90%
English12: 92%
Civilizations 12: 93%
Geography 12: 93% (Science with the highest score)

Grade 12 GPA guess: 92% 

I have not taken my provincial exam yet, but in the practice exams,  I have gotten around 85-90%.
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Waterloo Computer Science Applicants 2018
Hey guys!

There's no megathread about Waterloo CS yet, so I decided to start one. I'm interested in applying to Waterloo Computer Science. I personally have had a 96% average in grade 11, and I expect a similar average in grade 12.

I'm really scared about the admissions process, since I've never really won any Waterloo math contests (only placed top 25%), and my ECs are only average at best. Can you guys give my an assessment and predict whether I can get in this year?

Feel free to post your averages and ECs below!
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Two questions about computer science and coding:
1) How is the computer science field? Is there a lot of math involved? Is it very difficult? Do jobs in this field pay well?
2) I'm very interested in learning a programming language. I am thinking of doing Java, but the internet says that learning Ruby or C++ looks better for employers and you would get paid more. Which one should I do? 

(I'm extremely good at math and science. This year, I got a 98 in MPM2D and 97 in SNC2D)
Ryerson and York computer science March round
Megaform for people who got accepted to ryerson and york for computer science. follow format below
Accept date: March 1
average: 86
additional info: optional
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Getting into UofT Computer Sciences (All campuses)
So Im interested in getting into computers science in University of Toronto. I applied to all 3 campuses. My first semester marks were horriLbe:
Physics: 66%
English: 79%
Biology: 83%

However this semester my marks are much better:
Pre-Calculus Math 98%
Computer Science 94%
Chemistry: 91%
LifeWork Transition:95%

I took Calculus last year and got a 95%

Will universities value your second semester or does your first semester determine admissions? Also, what average would secure me into each campus for computer science?
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University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science Admission Average 2018
Does anyone know the cutoff for cs UTSC last year? I personally have a 89% average with a 94% in advanced functions (still taking calculus), would this be good enough for UTSC CS COOP? If I don't have my calculus mark yet, would they look at my advanced function mark instead?

Thank You
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University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science Admissions Average
Does anyone know what the cutoff for last year's cs coop was? Personally I have a 89% average right with a 94 in advanced function. Without my calculus mark yet, would this be weighed the heaviest? Do I have a fair chance of getting in with a 89%?
York/Carleton University Dev Degree
I recently got accepted to York and recieved an email about a new program called the "Dev Degree", where you get 4500+ hours of work experience at Shopify and 4000+ hours of classes. Does anyone know if this program is any good? The work experience in this program seems to be good since 4500 hours will be around 2-2.5 years, which will surely help land a job after graduation. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance :)
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U of T Com Sci Acceptance???!!
people with lower averages are getting but I'm not???!! Why???!!!
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Uvic or Dal
Which has a better

1. Coop program for CS- Like google, facebook, microsoft, and other big companies come to recruit students.
2. Reputation for employment
3. Preparation for graduate studies
4. Which city has a better Tech hub
5. Which coop has a better pay
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UWO Comp Sci Help
So I was looking at the UWO website for the first year comp sci courses and it says this:
Computer Science 1025A or 1026A and Computer Science 1027B
0.5 course from: Calculus 1000A/B or 1500A/B
0.5 course from: Applied Math 1201A/B, Calculus 1301B or 1501B, Mathematics 1600A/
1.0 course from category A or B at the 1000 level
2.0 additional courses at the 1000 level
I'm not the best at math but I can definitely manage. For the 0.5 courses for the math, do I choose one of the 4 listed, or do I need to complete Applied math, calc, mathematics all in first year?
Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just confused by the 0.5 course "from" statement...
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Will I get in???
I will have a projected average of about  86-88% and have applied to Queen's Computing, Laurier Computer Science, and Western Computer Science.
What are my chances of getting into these programs? 
What were the cutoffs for these programs in recent years?
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UofT sent an e-mail, when will the decisions will be released?
I have received an e-mail from UofT stating that my application is currently under review. The decision of a friend of mine was announced 7 to 8 hours after her receiving this e-mail. If anyone has been accepted by the institution, when do you think I'll hear from them?

Thanks in advance!
How is Western Ontario computer science?
Title says all

If possible, can someone tell me what's the cutoff mark to get in? 

Thanks all!
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I'm an Ontario Student currently in grade 10 and I have to choose courses for grade 11 by next week. I want to go into software engineering (or something computer related) at either University of Toronto (St.George), Waterloo, or Ryerson. As of right now, my semester one marks are:

Math MPM2D1 = 98
History CHC 2D1 = 99
Music AM1 2O1 = 99
French FSF 2D1 = 96

This semester I have:

Science SNC 2D1
English ENG 2D1
Computer studies ICS 2O1
French FSF 3U1

As of right now, here is my grade 11 plan:

Gr.11 English ENG 3U1 (doing in summer school)
Gr.12 French
Intro to Com science
Com Engineering Tech (Mixed)
Com Engineering Tech: Robotics (Mixed)
Gr.12 English

Are these courses good for engineering or should I switch one of them with the following:

Gr.12 Data management
Gr.12 Advanced Functions
Gr.11 Intro to Anthropology
Gr.11 World History before the 15th century (mixed)

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5th year Computer Science Student at Waterloo AMA
Hey, I'm pretty close to graduation and am hosting this AMA session for any prospective students considering University of Waterloo Computer Science/Math for their undergraduate career. 

A bit about me - I'm a 5th year CS+STAT double major at uWaterloo, and formerly a Laurier-based BBA/CS Double Degree. I'm going into my last internship doing Machine Learning Engineering during the summer at a unicorn company and have done several other software development co-ops before that. I loved yconic when I was in grade 12, but now that I've turned old, I want to give back to the community that helped me so much through my anxious years. 

Ask anything about CS/Math/BBA or the industry, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

EDIT: As things will get busy for me starting this week, I'm going to stop checking for new responses in yconic on Friday. If there is a demand, I can do another AMA session before OUAC deadline for application responses :)
Laurier computer science applicants!!
hey guys, it March so many of us have already gotten acceptances or is waiting for one!
if you got into Laurier for computer science please say the date u got your acceptance on and depending on the phase you got in during, say your average! if you got in during phase 1(December to end of January)-say your top 5 grade 11 average, if you got in during phase 2: (beginning of February to end of March), say your average for top 3 grade 12 and top 3 from either grade 12 or 11 best marks. 
Should I replace Biology for Philosophy / Intro to Anthro, Socio and Psychology?
Chance for final course selection happens in a few days, so I'll keep this short and sweet.
For grade 11, should I replace Biology for Philosophy / Intro to Anthro, Socio and Psychology?

I'm considering going into the software / computer field, or business field. I have chemistry (AP) and physics planned as well.