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ontario uni programs for comp sci rank
how would you guys rank the best universities in ontario in terms of their comp sci programs?
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Chance Me Please!
-Computer Science  

-Ontario Student  

-UofT, Waterloo (Comp Sci, CFM, Double Degree w/ Laurier), Queens (Commerce, Comp Sci), Laurier (Double Degree w/ Waterloo, Double Degree within Laurier)  

Marks (projected):  
-Adv Functions (taken last year): 90  
-Calculus: 92  
-English: 94  
-French: 95  
-Music: 96  
-Musical Theatre: 97  
-Health Science: 93  

EC: -Anti Bullying Club/Grade 9 Integration into High School  
-Student Tutor  
-Peer Math Help  
-Jr/Sr Concert Band  
-Music Council

Also if you have any suggestions of programs/universities let me know, in Ontario though 

Thanks in advance :)
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Social Sciences to Computer Science? Faculty Switch
What is required to switch from a social science major to a computer science major. Is it difficult and time consuming to switch faculties in 1st/2nd year? Please tell me about the requirements and courses needed to take to switch faculties. Thank you
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University of Toronto Computer Science Applicants 2018
Grade 11 avg: 98

Grade 12 avg: 96-97 
Grade 12 Marks:
100 Computer Science 
100 Computer Engineering
95 Advanced Functions
98 Calculus
90 English
97-98 Chemistry (predicted) (97 grade 11)
96-97 Physics (predicted) (98 grade 11)

Applying to UTSC and UTSG

1) Post your estimated entrance average
2) Post which campus you are applying to
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Do I have a chance of getting into Comp Sci for Waterloo or U of T?
In grade 11 my average was 89% but they are looking for low 90s, so if my average this year turns out to be low 90s, how much of a chance do I have to get into the programs?
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Not sure
I'm not sure what to do, I want to have a degree in Computer Science and I cannot get into McMaster for Computer Science because the average is way too high for me. I'm having a difficult time deciding on where I should go I was thinking of going to U of T mississauga for computer Science but i heard the tuition is very pricey and I would want to go to York or Ryerson but they're very far from hamilton and I dont think its a realistic everyday thing. I was thinking of going to Mohawk College first and then get a degree in Software Engineering from McMaster but i'm not sure if that will be a good idea and I do not want to take a student loan because i do not want to be in debt ( my parents have a certain amount saved up for me). So my question is, should I get a student loan and live outside of home and be in debt or take the cheap way out and go through college and then try to get into Mac for software engineering.
Top 6 need to include all prerequisites?
The other day I was talking to a ryerson representative and he mentioned that my top 6 don't need to include my prerequisites as long as I have completed them with a grade of 75+. I was wondering if this applies to the York and Western computer science program. Thanks.
Computer science acceptance
I plan on applying to York, ryerson, Western, or uoit for computer science and was wondering if I can make it in to any of these programs. 

 Grade 12 marks:
Advanced- 92 (night school)
Chem- 79
Eng- 80
ICS - 87
Calculus- 78
Robotics- 92

Average: 84.6%
Hey there guys, I was wondering what you can do with a BBTM. I am interested in this degree as it has automatic co op at Laurier and was wondering what you'd do with this. I would also like to know about the job prospects along with if I can do some sort of accounting degree or commerce with this and what marks people got from last year to get in. This info would be a major life saver and will help me with my future! Thanks!
AMA 4th Year Queen's Commerce/Computer Science Dual Degree Student
Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've been active on this forum! The last time was when I was in Grade 12 applying to uni. I found the advice and info on here really useful, so just wanted to give back with an AMA now that I'm nearing graduation.

A little background on me: I'm doing a dual degree in Commerce/CS which I've somehow managed to cram into 4 years (it was very painful, do not recommend). I'm going to be working in finance after graduation (signed back with firm I interned with in third year summer). I can answer questions about Queen's life, clubs, the dual degree, or whatever else you think might be relevant.

P.S. A little shameless promotion for my blog post on why you all should consider doing a dual degree: https://canadianuniguide.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/3-reasons-why-you-should-consider-a-dual-degree/
Laurier double degree with computer science and business
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had more information about the double degree offered at Laurier with computer science and business (not the program that is combined with University of Waterloo, the program that is only at Laurier). Does anyone know the average admission average? If I have an 86-87 average and strong extracurricular's do I have a chance of getting in? Any and all information regarding this program is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Weak problem solving skills and computer science
My problem solving skills have not been the best through out time and I am thinking about entering a computer science program in university. How can I improve this skill or should I consider another program?
University cut off
Should I be worried if my average of my top 6 is a few percent below the expected cut off and what are the odds of me getting in to the program?
I got a straight 0 on my chem test today, my chem mark right now is 75, how bad is that zero gonna affect my grade, what should I do, do I still stand a chance to go to university?
I want to study computer science at York U, my math is 95, and eng is 82. I'm just suck at chem, and this straight zero will drop my mark to 60 something, should I just give up on that or I still have a chance to get accept by York
UofT Comp Sci Versus Ryerson Engineering
So, I'm thinking about applying to Ryerson Engineering program and the UofT computer science program, do you guys think that one program would be better than another?
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SHAD applications
I understand that SHAD applications already have been closed, but I will want to apply for next year. I am currently in grade 10 with a unsteady average ranging from 85-95. (depends on how the semester goes). However, my math mark is at a decrease to 68% from an 80 previously. Will that affect my chances since SHAD focuses on maths and sciences? 

Also, any tips and stories from SHAD alumni? It would be great for your advice! 
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WLU Admissions
Is Wilfrid Laurier known as a good computer science school. It says that the admission range is Mid 70's. Would that mean that a low to mid 80 would be good enough? Thanks!
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Hey, does anyone know when Laurier will be accepting early admissions?

Also, curious as to what programs you guys admitted to, please leave a comment if you like :)

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Ryerson Computer Science
What average do you need to get into Ryerson computer science?
Thanks in advance
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Applying to UofT Compsci with a low advanced functions mark?
Hello, i am looking to study computer science at the St.George campus.
Going to do my application soon but my advanced functions mark is no good at all!
I was told the faculty only cares about Calculus and English plus the other 4 U/M courses.
Will my crap Advanced functions mark get me rejected? Thanks in advance!
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Queens Computing
hi guys. I’m interested in applying for Queens computing this year. Anyone in the same boat? What are your grades looking like. Just trying to get a feel of how competitive it is. Thanks!
Would I get in Laurier/Waterloo Double Degree?
I applied for both Laurier/UW double degrees from Laurier side because I heard they do early acceptances (i.e. the 3 rounds of offers) and my grade 12 marks are lower than g11 :'( 

mcr3u: 100
sph3u: 100
sch3u: 95
eng3u: 94
cie3m: 99
mdm4u: 100
fsf4u: 97
cia4u: 100
Bless the IB boosts

1st round: "Admissions during this phase are based on your best five 3U/M courses. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." so I would have a 98. 

2nd round:  "Admissions during this phase are based on your best six 3U/M and/or 4U/M courses. You must have a minimum of three 4U/M courses calculated as part of that best six. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." 

If this is solely based on the highest six 3 or 4 U/M courses, and does not have to include prerequisites, then I would have a 99. My school is not semestered so I wouldn't have finished any prerequisites by then. It only says "enrolled" in prerequisites, and does not specify that these prereqs must be included in the mark calculation. 

I'm pretty screwed for all Waterloo math faculty programs because they don't look at grade 11 marks, so this is my only chance LOL would I get in laurier side double degree? The website says cutoff is 93. Apparently they don't look at the "ABS" until April so would it be ok if I don't do it? 

there is no Christmas for g12s. There is only UNI APPS :'( 
Low English for University of toronto Computer science admission need help!
I am currently a grade 12 student in Ontario. I did ENG4U in summer school with an 83,  and my ENG3U was really bad with a 67(I heard people said uni doesn't care about g11 marks so I had never cared about ENG3U + my 3U teacher hated me lmao) and took Adv Func g11 with a 94. My current marks for G12 are
ENG 83 (final)
Adv Func 94 (final)
music 99 
calculus 97 
physics 92(probably won't be in my top 6 since I am having data management and CS in next semester and I am extremely good at these 2(Have programming certificate from CMU and got high 90s in G11 for CS and I have learned Data back to days I was studying SAT)
I am aiming for high 90s in all my courses and my predicted average is around 94-95(pulled down by English), I heard people say everybody who got accepted into CS has a high 80s-low90s in English. Does anyone know will my low English mark affect my application to UofT Com Sci and what are my chances to get in?
Cuz if the chances aren't great I might apply to Mathematics and Physics and study Financial economics(my buddy tell me Rotman isn't that good for applying master in the states since they give you a low GPA)
Huge appreciation for all replies
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