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UTSC Computer Science-101 Applicant, acceptance??
I am eager to get into UTSC CS program.  I saw people on forum getting acceptance but seems to be 105 applicant.  

Just wondered if any 101 applicant got accepted yet? If yes, what is your avg?
5th year Computer Science Student at Waterloo AMA
Hey, I'm pretty close to graduation and am hosting this AMA session for any prospective students considering University of Waterloo Computer Science/Math for their undergraduate career. 

A bit about me - I'm a 5th year CS+STAT double major at uWaterloo, and formerly a Laurier-based BBA/CS Double Degree. I'm going into my last internship doing Machine Learning Engineering during the summer at a unicorn company and have done several other software development co-ops before that. I loved yconic when I was in grade 12, but now that I've turned old, I want to give back to the community that helped me so much through my anxious years. 

Ask anything about CS/Math/BBA or the industry, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

EDIT: As things will get busy for me starting this week, I'm going to stop checking for new responses in yconic on Friday. If there is a demand, I can do another AMA session before OUAC deadline for application responses :)
Why is it taking so long???
I applied to UTSG for computer science back in December and my status is not even pending omg, it's still "application received".... is something wrong? so many people got offers already, rip me
Am I ready for Computer Science
So I'm in Grade 12 and I applied to 4 universities for computer science (Ryerson, Laurier, Guelph and York). After reading posts here, I don't know if I'm ready for first year university computer science. My marks are; 
English - 90% 
Computer Science - 85%
Advanced Function - 80% 
Data Management - 84% 
Economics - 82% 
Earth and Space Science - 95% 
Calculus - 80-85% predicted 
Chemistry (70-80% predicted) 
Business leadership (90% predicted)

Am I a good candidate for computer science? 
Now in engineering, computer science transferUTSC computer science first year, look for transferring to U of T computer engineering
I have taken CSCA08, CSCA67, MATA31, EESA07, MGEA02 with mark of 90, 86, 100, 88, 95, they are equivalent to CSC108, CSC165, half of MAT137, an evironmental science not specific, and ECO101, am I possible for getting in computer engineering? I apply for the first year. I was rejected in high school before, and my English 12 is very low, with 68 only. But I have 98, 98, 98, 97, 96 in biology, precalculus, calc, physics and chemistry respectively. Am I possible for getting into engineering ?
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Can I get into Waterloo?
What are my chances of getting into Waterloo University for Computer Science? 
My A Level predicted grades are A A A in Maths, Chemistry and Physics.
My IGCSE Grades were A* in Biology and Physics and A in Maths and Chemistry.
In addition to this I have around 15 extra curricular activities and will also be writing the Euclid test, in which I hope to get a score of top 25% percent. 
There was a drop in my Maths grade for AS level. I achieve a C in maths. How much will this my chances of admission? Am I competitive? 

Getting a 3.7+ GPA for any and all computer science undergrads?
Just like how the title suggests, I'm wondering if there's anyone on this forum that managed a 3.7+ GPA for all 4 years of their comp sci undergrad. I'm not sure about numbers, but if there's anyone who was previously in the program or is currently in one, how realistic is this goal? If you don't mind sharing, what was/is your GPA? What school would you recommend for comp sci? Also probably going to get laughed at for this, but do you think medical schools will consider me if I do proceed with an undergrad in comp sci WITHOUT research? I understand you can be in any undergrad program for most med schools in Canada at least, but I'm wondering if that medical experience could pull me down. Anyone else think this whole thing is risky? I've done a little googling here and there and found myself that people have done it but that it's much more difficult than going into a science program.
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Waterloo computer science/software engineering
I am a grade 10 student that is currently choosing courses for grade 11. I have looked at all the prerequisites needed for uwaterloo computer science and software engineering which are two programs that I am very interested in. I will be taking all the prerequisites but I do not want to take the ICS3U which means I will not be able to take the recommended ICS4U. There are other courses that I am more interested in taking and computer science is said to be extremely hard in my school. Will taking computer science in grade 12 have a major impact on my future application that is enough for me to take it and drop something like TEJ3M even though I will likely be getting a lower mark. 
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grade 12 course selection?

I am planning to choose only 6 courses for my grade 12 as all my 30 credits will be covered by just choosing 6 courses. but all these 6 courses are my main 6 U courses. English/ Calculus/ adv Functions/ Physics/ Chemistry and computer science. I am planning to get into computer science program. Do you think it is a good idea to just choose 6 main courses or I should take one or 2 more courses to help me boost my average? 

P.S: I am a mid-high 80 average student. 
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Queens Commerce and Computing dual OR Waterloo CS and Laurier BBA dual???
Okay so I want to do computer science and business, but idk which program to pursue :(

Double degree at Queens (commerce and Computing)


Waterloo computer science and Laurier BBA

Pls help me, which has better job perspectives and if you got accepted to both why did you choose one or the other. THANKS
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Regarding admission for computer science
I am an IB high school student with predicted grades of 33-34. I have applied for Computer Science in U of T, Alberta, Calgary, Waterloo and SFU. As there aren't any additional portfolio requirements for comp science, what do you think are my chances of getting in these universities with 33-34 predicted grades? I know for a fact that Waterloo's AIF form plays a major role in the admission process. I also submitted my application for comp science just recently. Does this decrease my chance of getting admitted because there are rolling admissions?
I was thinking of applying to the University of Guelph as well. How is the university and the program? Should I apply to Guelph as a backup option?
Also, any tips?

Thanks in advance! x
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Career and University planning advice from current undergrads

It’s new years time; university admissions and scholarship deadlines are just months away. This is a crucial time and what you decide today will stick with you for the next few years.

You’re trying to figure out which institution you want to attend, and what you want to study--but more deeply you’re trying to figure out what you actually want to do in life.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be - I have been through it. I’ve assembled a few friends in different disciplines who have volunteered their time to help out. If you want to figure out which university makes sense, if you need advice, please reach out.

Comment on this thread if you need any help, no matter your age, grade, or if you’re in University already!


Rahim Shamsy
Western Engineering and Business (Ivey) 2018
What are my chances?
I am a graduating grade 12 student and I'm interested in Computer Sciences. I'm not sure if my mark is good enough for any university so i was wondering what are my chances? My avg right now is mid 70's. I live in Oakville Ontario.
My courses right now:


World History: 72
Math: 73
Physics: 78


Calculus and Vectors
International Business

Can I make it
I'm planning to go into computer science. I know I'm not gonna go to waterloo because they need high 90s. I have a 70% in advanced right now, 85 in english, And 68 in 70 in chemistry.. it's the midterms by the way. Will I be able to raise my marks from a 70 to an 80 or higher? 

My next semester is calc, physics, bio, computer science. Idk if I should drop physics and switch it with a bird course. Also what are some good bird courses?
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Biomedical Computing
I was curious about the stream of computer science called "Biomedical Computing." What kind of jobs can I get with this specialization?
Will I still get into university with a bad mark outside my top 6?
So here's my dilemma. It's the middle of my 1st semester and i'm getting a very poor physics mark (65%), but it's not a required course for my program. I have a 93% in advanced functions and a 91% in English, and i'm trying to get into the computer science program at U of T, St.George campus. If i do extremely well next semester (which i'm planning to) will i still get accepted despite a very poor physics mark? Even though it is not going to be in my top 6?
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McMaster computer science average?
What is McMasters 2017 computer science admission average? I can only find the one from 2015. These have to be outdated by now
Tips for raising average from 90 to 95?
I am currently a grade 11 student in Toronto. My goal is to get into Computer Science and the University of Toronto. In grade 10 my overall average was 90.3%. I believe that I work hard, and I do not leave assignments and studying to the last minute. My question is, other than of course working harder (Which I am going to do), how can I raise my average to a 95 or above? I took English this past summer and achieved a grade of 90 so there's no changing that. All answeres are appreciated!
Has anybody in their experience been able to get their Grade 12 English mark up from high 70s to 90s?
So I had thoughts to apply for Computer Sciences at UofT St. George but the average requirements are ridiculously unrealistic for me so I've decided to aim for UofT Scarborough since I live in Scarborough and it just seems like the smartest move. Now, I'd like to apply to UofT St. George but I hear people get in with like marks beyond 95 so I really don't know if I can get there. But for Scarborough I hear above 85 is good enough which I do believe I can work hard enough for.

I've already gone ahead and taken Advanced Functions in the summer with a 91%. It makes me sad because I know I could have done much better because I slacked off in the first week with 70s and 80s. Now mind you, I took this course and got a 78 in the first 1 and a half weeks and somehow boosted it up a whole 13 percent by the end. This is because I worked hard enough to try and get 100s on all my tests and it was only by the exam that I wasn't able to get AS high as I wanted to (got an 89).

I am currently taking French (in the Extended French Program, FEF4U), Chemistry (SCH4U), Computer Hardware (TEJ4M), and English (ENG4U) in the first semester. 

Next semester I have a spare, Calculus/Vectors (MCV4U), Computer Science (ICS4U), and Physics (SPH4U).

If you're wondering why I'm taking Chemistry and Physics, it's because I originally had plans to do computer hardware engineering and I guess you could say that it's now my backup. But, chemistry is going a little hard on me right now and I'm thinking of dropping it as it slightly interferes with my other courses.  

So that's a little background.

But just today I learnt that I got a 78 in English. Midterms marks go out in the second week of November and this is merely based on TWO marks. A short story test and a presentation. 

I screwed up big time for the short story test because I was unaware of it and ended up studying poorly during just a lunch period. I ended up getting only a 74 on the test which is just bad.

Secondly,  I did a presentation in which I do think I did very well, but I ended up getting an 85 because I DID NOT READ THE RUBRIC and so I missed out on a very crucial part that had to do with integrating the theme of a poem into my presentation.

So the test definitely seemed to be of a higher weight than the presentation.

ANYWAYS. All the backstory aside, if I theoretically got a high 70 by my midterm (it is possible to get a low to mid 80 but just playing it safe right now) because we have one more test on Tuesday which will be our final mark towards the midterms, could I theoretically go from this high 70 mark to a high 80/low 90 by the end of the semester like I did in Advanced Functions? 

I know that clearly Math and English are nowhere near the same thing and honestly, I've never had a particularly amazing record for English. In grade 11 I'd only get high 70s/low 80s because I'd hand in everything late and lose 10% off all the time (this was due to illnesses and such that I had no control over).

I am applying for a program that really pays attention to my English mark and I definitely want it much higher than where it is now. But I just don't know if it's possible now. I still have up to one free late. Then there's the exam which people say could always bring your mark down so you should keep it way up before you go in. 
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Computer sci first year question
Hi, I plan on enrolling in the computer science program in uoft st george (my first choice).. but I'm also interested in a minor in psychology.. How do I apply for both of these? Since I know you only officially declare a major (and minor?) in second year but you still have to apply for a program before you enter first year? It's confusing.. Anyways my questions : 

1. Should I apply to both programs and specify which one I want as a minor.. and how to do that? 
2.  I'm a 12th grade student currently so Is the deadline for 2018-2019 enrollment really this January? The uoft website is confusing me...
3. Does a major with a minor take longer than simply a major? (4 years full time) ( i know psychology minor wont necessarily add anything of value jobs wise but Im taking it just because im very interested in it and i feel it would make my uni experience better and more fulfilling, however if it ends up taking longer to graduate by having it as a minor then that's not something id want)
4. How many math courses are required for the whole comp sci program?
5. Is it NECESSARY to take a math class the first year? I'm asking because I really think that for me personally not taking a math class during first year is the way to go since i'd adapt more quickly to the uni environment instead of adding to the stress (im good at math but its not necessarily something i enjoy ) I know its necessary for the program but how would it affect me if i just take it the year after? 
6. What are the necessary courses to take for first year to get in comp sci and psych (minor)?

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Transferring from Ryerson Compsci to WLU
Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any information to help with this decision. I am currently a first year Compsci student at Ryerson (2021) and am considering transferring into the BSc Compsci at WLU. Im not really enjoying the experience here at Ryerson and can not really see myself surviving 4 years of this. I have to commute a total of 3 hours per day (1.5 each way) and I can already feel it affecting my physical health as well as affecting the amount of overall studying I can do. I visited a few of my friends at Laurier/Waterloo this weekend and love the atmosphere and overall feel of the Uni. Since its only a month into school I dont really have any marks to see if a transfer would be possible but if it helps my HS average was 83%. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
What electives did you take?
From your experiences in job search and workplace, which were the most useful electives to take? I am thinking physics or chemistry but not sure. Also for communication courses what do you recommend public communication, leadership, or interviewing?
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