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Grade 11 Biology in Grade 10 Second Semester or Summer School?
 I'm in grade 9 summer taking civics and careers right now - and I thought I should fast-track one of the sciences that I might not need. I thought Biology because I might go to software engineering or computer science, so I only need physics and chemistry. But should I would take grade 12 biology anyway to 'keep options open', not for engineering? Are my courses too heavy for grade 10? I got 87% in Grade 9 Science.

French2 (Mandatory)
Computer Science2
Biology3 (Grade 11)

Will I be able to handle? Could I take Biology3 in Grade 10 summer instead?
Also, I'm thinking: Maybe I don't really care about what I get in Biology 12 even if I don't drop it - because it is not a prerequisite for engineering and I can just put it out of my top 6 if I have 9 grade 12 courses. 

For Grade 11 I'm thinking:               (also into grade 12..)
Eng3                                                    -Eng4
Functions3                                         -Calculus4
Advanced Functions 4
Chemistry 3                                       -Chemistry4
Physics 3                                           -Physics4
Biology 4
Visual Arts 3                                      -Visual Arts4
Computer Science 3                        -ComputerScience4
                                                            +International Business4 (Plus spare)

Is this a smart decision? I am considering dropping out of civics and careers just to free up grade 10 of any grade 11 courses. If I do that, I'm thinking of taking Biology3 in Grade 10 summer school instead.
Thoughts or advice on the biology route? Could I take Biology Grade 11 in summer school? Is that bad for immediately going in Grade 12 Biology in 11? Or general advice / experience?

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Software Development/Engineer jobs
What school should I got to if i want a job in this after my undergrad. Ik of UofT, Waterloo, And Queens. But If I'm only willing to stay in Toronto is UofT the only options? Or is Ryerson good enough as well?
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If you have experience with coding and financial analytics HELP!!!!!
I am trying to run a simulation where I look at historical data of stocks from the past 24 years. The requirements of the stocks are that they are trading for more than $5, and have a sufficient amount of volume per day (no penny stocks!).  Every time a stock goes up by 50% or more from January Year 1 to January Year 2, I buy the stock at the high price it has become. Then I sell it exactly one year later on January Year 3. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS??????
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Uoit Acceptance
Hi I am a grade 12 student and I applied to UOIT Video game development course and my average is 76 and I was wondering if I will get accepted or rejected?
Video game design which school is best?
recently looked at the Toronto film school and there program not sure tho from what i read online if it's good or not schools seems ok  but would love to hear feed back from other and what school you might recommend.

I want to be able to gain an entrance scholarship to any school that has the requirements I accomplish during my days in High School. I want to be able to do what I am most capable of doing. Computer sciences has made me want to be able to study all about the system and software. I feel like I won't be able to accomplish with such low apperances. I would like some advice on how I can become a better student.
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Flash Free Girl Games, Fun Games, Mini Games
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To start playing io games online
The gameplay is also very smooth and intuitive. You won't have a hard time getting used to how it plays, but at the same time you will also have to put in some effort to truly master the controls. It's a perfect balance between casual and difficult. Also, the monetization system is great. Sure, you can buy hard in-game currency with real money, but you can also obtain it for free if you interact with affiliated websites and the developers' ads. Of course, there is plenty more to be said about the game. If you're interested, then feel free to check out a review I wrote on this game.
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Thoughts on Game Development at UOIT?
Hey Guys, I have a quick Question for you guys. I have recently got an offer from UOIT for Game Development. I am thinking of accepting that before the May 26th, 2016 but I want you to tell me about this course, like Is it a good Course or Bad? or like, What Can i accept From this Program at this Specific. Also, If you are taking this program at this UNI this year, then can you please tell the laptop that I will be using with proper Name. 

Please and Thank You.  
Hello, I am currently looking into the Game Design BA at UOIT and was wonder what grades I will need to get in, I've started off a bit slow with my grades but am looking to pick it up. I am also curious as to how competitive this program is supposed to be.  Thanks so much!
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