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How easy is it really to get into university?
Everyone always tells me the easiest schools to get into are york and ryerson. But is that really? or just luck? Someone said that they got suspended and had 2 courses in the 60s and got into york. Are there people in the school that really left high school with that kind of transcript? I can't seem to get my average any higher than a 78 and I'm scared I won't get accepted into any universities. I've applied to UOIT forensice psychology and criminology, york criminology and criminology, laurier criminology and ryerson criminology
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Hi, I am interested in both law and life sciences. Overall, I would like to get into a Medical school with an undergrad BA degree (from criminology, or political science). To do so, would I have to take science electives, which specific electives are they? I am trying to get into UTSC, Mac, Western, or York. If there is anything else you think I should know, feel free to comment any suggestions!
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What Canadian Universities accept a B average?
Hello! I am currently a grade 11 student in BC. After I graduate highschool, I plan on going to University to study Criminology or Criminal Justice. The schools I'm hoping to get into are SFU, or York as they both and programs in that field of study. My current grades are:

Math - 76%
Social Studies - 81%
English - 79%
Physics and Chemistry - 70%

My overall average is about 80%. Do I have a good shot at getting into these schools? If not which schools should be able to accept me with these types of grades?
Ryerson vs york criminology
Hello everyone, I've just received my offer from York for their criminology program, and I'm very excited. However, I'm still debating between Ryerson and York, as I want to go to the school that'll lead to the higher gpa(law school is my plan). Obviously I know that it wont be easy, but generally speaking, how is York in terms of the marking, etc. Idc about the "bad" name Ryerson has, so would I be making a mistake going to either? What makes York better? Thank you.
Ryerson vs York - Criminology
Which school has the better criminology program? I plan on going to law school, and I am aware that criminology is not going to give me an edge compared to others; it is just something I am interested in. What school can i expect a better mark from? Is there really a difference?
Does criminology require grade.12 math?
I want to study criminology when I go to university but i do not have a grade.12 math credit. Does criminology require grade.12 math
I have a 68 % average in grade 11 would universities accept me
In grade 11 I had family issues which did not allow me to concentrate in school properly and my average was 68 %. I am now in grade 12 and my mid term mark is 75 % would universities still accept me?
What are some easy grade 12 courses that will boost your average
I took Grade 12 University english,religion and data I need a few more course and I want them to be easy so it can boost my average.
AMA: UofT St. George, Law school, Admissions, Student life, etc.
Hi everyone,

I'm probably a bit older than most of the users here. 
I'm in my mid-20s, graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in Psychology and Criminology a few years ago, and am currently in my final year at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. 

I want to pay it forward and answer any questions for people who might be interested in a similar academic/career path. Please feel free to ask about UofT St. George, the law school experience / admissions, or anything student life-related in general. 

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Chances of being accepted?
I'm in senior year of High School and beginning to apply to post-secondary. I've already finished my applications for SFU and UVic. My other schools of interest are UBC (Vancouver campus) and Concordia University, however, my GPA from last year was only sitting around 3.67, which worries me a bit.

Teachers have not sent out any grades so far this year, but assuming I score a similar/slightly higher average, what are the chances that I could get into these schools? I've done some volunteer work, and intend on doing more throughout this year, but don't do any sports or fine arts.

Though I'm not set on what I want to study, some courses of interest include Behavioural Neuroscience, Chem & Biochem, Anthropology, Psychology, Criminology/Criminal Law, Languages (French & English) and Social Justice type courses. Any insight on this/opinion helps, thanks! :)
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Criminology in Canada
I am interested in studying criminology and criminal justice in Canada. What are the best schools for this? Thoughts on SFU, Carleton, Ottawa, York, University of Toronto????? Thanks
Need criminology advice!
I am a grade 12 student interested in criminology and originally planned on going to Wilfred Laurier Brantford campus for criminology. Since I made the decision of wanting to go to university in grade 11, I needed to switch my english's to uni but guidance would not let. I finished with an 85% college English. 

People are telling me I should go to Humber and take community justice or police foundations as a base course and after 2 years branch off into uni, but I don't know if that is possible or a good idea? I don't want to be a lawyer, but maybe something like a Parole Officer, does anyone have advice? 
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Grade 12 looking to apply to ontario/possibly out of province universities, thoughts on carleton criminology and other criminology programs??
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Advice for studying Criminology in Canada?
I'm grade 11 student now, just need some advices about which school should be my aim if I want to study Criminology in Canada.Someone told me that SFU has the best Criminology in Canada but my parents told me Western University is the best…if someone has experience about studying Criminology,can you give me some advice? It's better if the University's address in Ontario, thanks!
Need help with my decision?
I have been accepted into u of t st George for criminology and into ryerson for both criminology and psychology. I have accepted my offer to psychology at ryerson but I am beginning to now regret this decision through talking with many people, however I've already paid by deposit fee to ryerson. I just want peoples opinions about if I made the right decision and if I want to switch, is it still possible after having paid my deposit?
Criminology Acceptance
Has anybody been accepted to either UofT St. George, Ryerson, Yorku Criminology program yet? and what mark?
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so I was just wondering, does anyone know how much, estimate or not, how much OSAP provides in the summer time?

thank you
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Not Accepted Yet? Help Pleaseeee!
Hey! So I applied to Criminology at Laurier Brantford Campus. The estimated acceptance average is like a 70% or something. I had an 86% average from last year and about a 89% average so far this year. I got early acceptance to both of my other university choices but have heard nothing from Laurier yet...
Is this normal? Should I be worried?
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Depression, failing grade 11, credits, making up for courses, highschool
All of this started late 2015 around November. I was going through a lot of problems in semester 1 (right now in grade 11, its about to end Jan 31st after my last exam), including an existential crisis. Anyways, this is my first semester (what I think I will pass with, because I am nearly failing).  
1) Please don't ask me what happened---I don't know myself  
2) I only have 5 days of school for 1st left before exams  
3) Mostly it was my mistake (inner problems: health problems, mental problems, all which are un-diagnosed despite all the blood and urine tests, but I still haven't seen a counselor, talked to a psychiatrist, and have lied to my parents, teachers, and doctor)  


 English: over 52% (although I have missed 20% ISU essay+10% another essay which is all part of 70% coursework. I still have a 10% oral summative left along with the exam worth 20%, which in total makes up 30% of course. My midterm mark was 52%. Although the teacher said I was improving and I know that I did a significant amount of work from when this report card came out :16th November, 2016)

 Chemistry: Mid term mark was 41% (still have summative and exam left; 30% to pass)

 Biology: Midterm mark was 54% (still have a mini presentation, +30% of exam/summative to do+ teacher said she is going to have a talk with em to discuss what exactly I can do to bring my mark up)

 Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology (one course): midterm mark was 60%. Have a lot of little/and 2 big assignments missing, otherwise did very well on tests/quizzes. If teacher allows me to hand in these assignments, then I will ace this course. Still have 30% of exam/summative left. 

 PS: I can manage to complete assignments if I have a drive/motivation to do them. I self teach myself a lot of things including in bio/chem. I am hard working, I just need someone to constantly push me, event though I was the one pushing people before. I wasn't successful in Pre-Ib math last year in grade 10, so I had to do a private online course which I still haven't finished and need the credit for before Feb 2nd, or else I wont get to take grade 11 math, and I would have to retake grade 10 math, and those $500 my dad paid (when he was financially in credit card debt, and still is. ) 

Im so fucked right now, I can't think straight and I was shaking so much just while typing this, because I have tested my parents' patience and resilience over this so much so that my dad's become really cranky and hopeless and talks of suicide, can't drive with concentration and fights with people at work because if me. I have literally murdered both of my hard working parents mentally. I know this is not a social forum, but I just want to know that I will pass if I ace the summatives and exams because I DEPEND on them. 

And if I can pass at least, I will dye trying to ace.

I also missed the OUF(Ontario Universities Fair)

I am looking to be a doctor, but due to long time in med school+ expenses, I decided maybe I will do Forensics program at UTM or pharmacy. My main goal is to stick to science field. 

So my question is, do I still have a chance at university? (I had my hopes for any of these U of T, McMaster, UTM( Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga campus) etc some college-uni program?)

or should I wait until end of grade 11? ( final report card) or starting of grade 12? 

btw, if you want to know I have:

Computer Science
Functions grade 11, or mixed math (college/uni level) depending in which one they can put me in based upon no of students. 

Over the summer:
Im thinking of doing Accounting (grd 11), Comm tech (grd 11) or one math from 2 grd 12 maths that I have so I don't have to do  2 maths in school 
[All of this depends on whether or not these courses are being offered in summer)

Im trying in different fields of study so that if i don't make it in science, i still have other options, even though all of this dreamworld stuff is impossible. 

have 125 hours of volunteering and counting

Computer Science And Criminology
I am very interested in computer science  and I am currently in my first year as an undergrad. I was debating between trying to become a detective and going into computer science. I chose computer science but I am wondering if any universities (Ontario) offer a combined degree/major or dual degree program that would allow me to pursue both criminology and computer science. I can't seem to find much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Would any good university accept me after barely making it out of Secondary School if I upgrade with ILC courses?
I graduated secondary school in 2015 but my grades were quite horrible. I barely made it out of some courses with only 50's thanks to my amazing teachers giving me extra chances. At that time I had absolutely no clue what to do with my life. I planned on maybe joining the military and going on to become a police officer or firefighter after my service. Instead I got a babysitting gig which I became very comfortable with because I still lived at home and made above minimum wage.

 Being so comfortable with the job made me push aside any urgency to figure out what direction I wanted to take in life. I knew I wasn't going to babysit kids for the rest in my life, nor did I want to but I was making money and I could help with the rent. I was just kind of enjoying the simplicity of it all even though I wasn't moving forward in life.

 I eventually lost the job a few months ago due to a shift change of the woman I worked for and finally decided to try and move forward. I ended up applying to the military like I planned to. Unfortunately I had a house fire only a couple weeks before I officially started the process. All of my papers were destroyed and my family and I had a lot of cleaning up and rebuilding to do. After the fire my application was put on hold.

 Now that I have settled down after the fire I believed I was ready to call the recruitment center and continue on with the process. Unfortunately my brain has done a complete 180 on me. I have never considered university before but recently I have been entertaining the idea. I have always been a lousy student, my teachers would straight up tell me how dumb I was. I never did my homework or studied for tests. I never saw myself as "university material" so I just completely dismissed the idea even as a kid. Now I am interested in applying to a criminology program.

 I don't genuinely believe that I am so stupid that I would fail if I actually tried. I think my intelligence is quite... average. What I fear is my terrible performance in school will override any good I achieve in the courses I plan on taking online. If I were to work my butt off to do well with these ILC courses, is it at all possible for me to get into a decent university or am I virtually screwed? 

 TL;DR: I was a horrid High School student who barely graduated pulling 50's in some classes. I plan on taking ilc courses and applying to university. Would I still be able to be accepted into a good university?
Should I Retake Grade 11 Bio/Math?
I wasn't in school a lot this year due to health issues. I took biology as a filler course which was a huge mistake, as I don't need any sciences for the career paths I have on my mind. I got a 58% in bio, I know, not the greatest. I was wondering if this mark would affect my chances on getting into Uni/college in the future. It's not a requires course but i'm afraid the bad mark may look bad on me. 

I also got a 63% in mixed math which could of been worse. Math is needed for me, but guidance said retaking it would be a waste of time unless i'm doing early acceptance in grade 12 (which I don't plan on doing). I'm planning on taking grade 12 data management.

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Grade 11 questions
Hey guys, I am in grade 11 and we just got our first semester report card and my grade are chemistry : 70% physics: 71% mixed maths: 77% and english: 70% , in my next semester i have uni maths and bio and french and fitness but I am scared concerning my 70% for university and I wanna go into criminology can someone give me some advice ?
Ryerson criminology offers ??
Was just wondering if anyone who has applied for Criminology at ryerson has gotten accepted yet?
I know some people have already been accepted for other programs so I am just curious. Also, what are the chances of getting in with an 85 average? 
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