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Ryerson Dance Program vs York University Dance
I am really interested in both York and Ryerson BFA Dance programs.  If you are in one of these programs, what can you tell me about the culture of the program, what are the other students like, is there a sense of community, do you have fun?  I like an environment where everyone works hard, and is super committed but also friendly and supportive.   I am so passionate about dance, and I am so hopeful that I can get into one of the programs.  I would love to hear why you love your program and if there is anything you don't like.
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What is the best electronic polish dance music you've ever heard?
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i need help write and essay for my English any tips or ideas what to write about
Should I do extracurriculars in uni?
I'm planning on going to UofG & joining Atcha Crew or Dance Pak.  Does anybody know how good I have to be to make it onto the team? I did a year of jazz, a year of lyrical/contemporary, and now i'm doing hip hop.  Will these clubs/teams take up a lot of my time and affect my education? 

Should I join extracurriculars in uni at all? Ive done a ton of extracurrics in high school while maintaining above average marks.  
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Dance Univeristy Teams in Canada

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know of any universities that offer dance teams? I LOVE to dance and really want to keep that aspect of my life in uni. Anyone know of university teams in Canada? I don't plan on moving to the States, so please none from there.


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York Dance Program
Did anyone else get an on the spot admittance to York's dance program?
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Wilfred Laurier BBA Acceptences 2016
Hey friends, noticed some of you have received your acceptences! I was wondering how your grades were and your average that you got in with? Still patiently waiting for mine :'(
University of Calgary Dance Team?
I was wondering if calgary has any sort of hip hop team? All I can find is a swing/ball room club but I love hip hop and I'll miss it so much if I can't dance with a team in university. UBC has the thunderbird dance team, dalhousie has a team, does calgary? 

Also, do any of these schools have a crossfit club kind of thing? Or group that gets together and does crossfit? 
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Early Acceptance?
So I applied to four programs this weekend:
York: Dance (BA)
          Social Work (BSW)
Wilfred Laurier: Social Work (BSW)
Carleton: Social Work (BSW)

I was just curious as to when I should start receiving emails from the universities with my reference number and when does early acceptance start? Has it started already?
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