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Grade 9
I'm in ninth grade and I was wondering whether these marks are good;  

Math: 90  
Sci: 92  
Geo: 95 
Tech: 97 
French: 93 
Gym: 90
Drama: 90 
English: 80
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High school sciences
I’m taking chem, bio and physics in grade 11 but I’m not sure what science classes to take in grade 12.  help!
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grade 12 English online
Hey there!
I am currently in grade 11 and next year in grade 12, I will have an extremely heavy course load cause I’m applying to chemical engineering. I was wondering if I should take english online during the summer to make sure I will get  high mark. Do you think universities will look down if I take english online? I know Waterloo does but I don’t want to go there, my focuses are McGill and U of T 
Do high school lates or absences affect University Acceptance decisions at all?
It's not like I have reached 10 absences, but should a student strive to keep a perfect attendance record? Will that have any benefit to that at all or are they just stressing themselves without a point? 

With me, it's more of the occasional late or absense. Lates when my transit bus goes slow and arrives 5 minutes late in the morning, or me choosing not to go to school when school buses are canceled or they have a field trip. 
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Summer ELearning
Is doing an english course through elearning during the summer hard? I want to take it so that I can take other classes during the year.
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Do top 6 marks change?
I am applying for engineering and I already have my 5 pre-required  course (chem, calc, ,adv fun,physics,  eng) and my highest mark right now from first sem is bio which makes my top 6. I was wondering after midterm if another course would replace bio in the top 6 if the mark was higher than my bio mark.
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Is VEX Robotics Worlds worth it for AIF / Extracurriculars?
I have the chance to go the VEX Robotics World Competition (In The Zone) in Grade 10, but I don't know if it's worth it in terms of extracurriculars. Does robotics actually mean anything of value or influence when applying for universities? Is going to the Worlds impressive at all on your extracurricular list? I don't even know if this Robotics gig is recognized well. Maybe someone wise who knows about extracurricular acceptances for universities, or experience with Robotics itself, can help offer some wisdom.

- I'd just be going this year in Grade 10 and discontinue in future grades. 
- Probably have interests in Waterloo Computer Science. 

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Study Habits in grade 12?
Hello, I will be entering grade 12 next year and I aim to boost my marks up (Low 80s to 90-ish). People with crazy high averages in high school, how did you manage the workload and your schedule to get the grades that you get?
What was your average getting into SFU?
I'm currently deciding which course I should take in grade 12 in order to boost my average to get into SFU. Which courses did you take in grade 12, what was your average, and what faculty did you go into?
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University of Washington
With my current grades( i am in grade 11 right now), i have like a 85% average. I go to school in Vancouver. Will that take me anywhere in the states? Or is it too low?
My SAT test is  in March this year. 
Thank you
What classes to take to major in accounting
I'm going into grade 11 and these are the courses I'm already planning on taking:
- English: ENG3U1
- Functions: MCR3U1
- Religion (catholic school)
- Physics: SPH3U1
- Financial Accounting Fundamentals: BAF3M1
- Chemistry: SCH3U1\
- ?
- ?
Right now I want to head towards accounting or something in the business field. I was wondering what last 2 courses I should take if I want to go into accounting or something business?

Can I still get into university with these Grade 9 Marks?
Hello, I'm currently in Grade 9 at the IBT Program in Gordon Graydon, but I'm dropping the program to try for Pre-AP  Courses at Applewood Heights.

My courses (that I hope I can take) are:
Gr. 10 Academic English
Gr. 10 Academic Math
Gr. 10 PRE-AP science
Gr. 11 Computer Science
Gr. 10 Computer Technology
Gr. 10 Canadian History (if I do well, I plan on taking AP World History)
Gr. 10 Healthy Living
Gr. 10 Introduction to Business (will probably bump up to Gr. 11 Accounting if I do insanely well)

Gr. 9 Spanish as an alternate in case I don't get one of my selected courses

If I maintain an 80 or higher for this semester science, I can get into the Pre-ap stream at my school. I'm worried however about my first semester grades, which was 90 in Drama, 85 in Geography, 85 in English but a staggering 64 in Math. Would you guys recommend me to continue to pursue these courses despite my abysmal grades, or should I go to the applied stream? My end goal is to get a Bachelors Degree in Either Comp Sci or Psychology, would my first semester marks hinder my opportunities to get into university?
Best online school?
What's the best and easiest online school? I am hoping to take a group 1 credit to get it done with but I want to do something easy and will guarantee me a good mark.I was hoping to do ILC but wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions or feedback.
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Should I replace Biology for Philosophy / Intro to Anthro, Socio and Psychology?
Chance for final course selection happens in a few days, so I'll keep this short and sweet.
For grade 11, should I replace Biology for Philosophy / Intro to Anthro, Socio and Psychology?

I'm considering going into the software / computer field, or business field. I have chemistry (AP) and physics planned as well.
Grade average for UBC Program acceptance
What should the my grade average be at least for grade 11 to get accepted into the UBC-O nursing program?
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UBC Nursing Acceptance?
I'm currently a grade 11 student applying to UBCO nursing with an average of 92%. That is what they are gonna see on my transcript when I apply and I'm wondering if that's good enough to get in? For my grade 12 requirements, I am taking all my sciences second semester so ubc won't see them during admissions. Is this bad and should I push to put in bio 12 and/or chem 12 in first semester so UBC can see those grades during admissions?
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Grade 11 Junior with a question about semester 2 grade 12
Im currently grade 11 (3rd year) at west mount in Hamilton Ontario.

I have a question about my grade 11 and 12 year courses.

question 1: First semester of grade 11 i got an 87% in Math, 91% in chem and 83% in English, i'm actually not used to getting these good of marks as math and English have always been my week subjects. could i purposely take grade 11 math, English and chem second semester of my grade 12 year so universities would be forced to look at my grade 11? would that work? because i have never got marks even close this before. 

I want to go to queens or western as my 2 older brothers are both in med school at queens, so im under a lot of pressure. What is your guys experience of how universities look at semester 2 of grade 12's courses?

P.S. I typed this up while eating so grammar may suck
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How do universities look at your gr. 12 marks when they accept you before grade 12 is over?
For example, I want to apply to Waterloo next year (I'm in gr. 11). They look at your top 6 gr 12 courses, like most universities. However, they have to accept you sometime before June because course selections happen 3 months before the start of courses, which is September. So, to get accepted you need a certain average from your top six, but what do universities actually look at because they won't have access to your 2nd semester marks until the end of June? Can somebody please explain how this works?
Ryerson Media Production
Can anyone give me some insight to this program to see if its worth pursuing. Ive only chosen this school because it seems to have a lot of connections with the entertainment industry in Toronto. If anyone is in this program please help me out, as well does anyone know any nearby apartment complexes to the campus. I live an hour away and can't see myself commuting everyday so if there is some housing option thats out there please enlighten me. 

Average needed for Sociology at Queens and/or UofT?
I'm a grade 10 student at an Ontario high school looking at different universities to potentially go to and I'm looking into Sociology at Queens or UofT. Next year (grade 11) I'm taking U English, U Advance Functions, U Biology, U Chemistry, M Law, M History, U Intro. to psych., anthro., and socio., and Open parenting. I also plan on participating in multiple EC'S next year and already have over 100 volunteer hours and plan on getting more. I was wondering what my ideal average would be to be accepted into either Queens of UofT (I plan on early admission). I realize both are very competitive. I am aiming for a 90 and above in every course and as my average. Any information that could be useful to me is welcome!!! Thank you!!!!

EDIT: LOOKING AT THESE REPLIES I NOW REALIZE HOW DUMB IT WAS FOR ME TO ASSUME THAT I WOULD NEED A 90% AVERAGE TO GET INTO THE SOCIAL SCIENCE PROGRAM.  Though, if anyone has anything they want to add to this about social science programs, averages needed, good schools, advice for me or whatever, go right ahead :)
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Early Acceptance?
hi there,  

I am a grade 11 student looking ahead to applying to university at the end of this calendar year. These are my grade 11 marks so far:  

First Semester (completed)
HSP 3U- 95  
MCR 3U- 93  
BAF 3M- 93  
*I took a spare this semester as well  

Second Semester (projected)  
ICS 3U- 87 to 93  
HRT 3M- 93 to 97  
MHF 4U- 90 to 94  
ENG 3U- 84 to 89  
*I am also in my school's AP Math program, so that is why I took Advanced Functions in grade 11

 I have heard that they only look at your top six grade 11 3M/U courses, and I only have 6. So, do you think these marks would be good enough? I am looking to apply at U of T, Western, Carleton and Laurier for Statistics, Economics, Financial Mathematics or something similar. I want to become an actuary in the future. Thank you in advance.

Pre-Calculus 12 Help (BC)
I'm taking Pre-Cal 12 in my 2nd semester, and I did very poor on the 1st test. 65%, which was a shocker for me. I'm way better than that.  Is there any online sites that allow you to take Pre-Cal 12 online while you're taking it in class, therefore I could go with the highest mark for post secondary. This is in BC by the way.

If not Pre Cal, how about these for online BC,:
Principles of Mathematics 12
Applications of Mathematics 12
Computer Science 11

However my pre Cal is really important. 
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can i switch porgrams on ouac that i applied for??
SO the deadline has already passed....
i applied to guelph for marketing management, and now I have decided that i would rather go to guelph humber for their business admin. 
Is this possible to switch?
would it be counted as the same university? how do i contact someone to help and how do i do this plsssssss help
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Should I reconsider my career?
Hey guys, I am having a really tough time trying to decide my future career and what to do in university (maybe i am aiming too high). So far i am in grade 11 and my marks are are on the edge of cut off. 

First semester marks:
ENG3U1 - 75%
BMI3C1 - 84%
SBI3U1 - 80%
SPH3U1- 64%

This aren't the best marks i know. I am trying my best to improve and get at least an 80% average. I was planning to go into engineering but the averages are just way too high for me unless i go to UOIT or Carlton. I am also crap at math with a 68% in gr9 and 57% in gr10. I really enjoy doing courses in science and math though but i am just crap at getting good marks in them. Should i reconsider my path to a different career or just head to college which seems like the best choice. I don't want to disappoint my parents and head to college :(
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