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Average needed for Sociology at Queens and/or UofT?
I'm a grade 10 student at an Ontario high school looking at different universities to potentially go to and I'm looking into Sociology at Queens or UofT. Next year (grade 11) I'm taking U English, U Advance Functions, U Biology, U Chemistry, M Law, M History, U Intro. to psych., anthro., and socio., and Open parenting. I also plan on participating in multiple EC'S next year and already have over 100 volunteer hours and plan on getting more. I was wondering what my ideal average would be to be accepted into either Queens of UofT (I plan on early admission). I realize both are very competitive. I am aiming for a 90 and above in every course and as my average. Any information that could be useful to me is welcome!!! Thank you!!!!

EDIT: LOOKING AT THESE REPLIES I NOW REALIZE HOW DUMB IT WAS FOR ME TO ASSUME THAT I WOULD NEED A 90% AVERAGE TO GET INTO THE SOCIAL SCIENCE PROGRAM.  Though, if anyone has anything they want to add to this about social science programs, averages needed, good schools, advice for me or whatever, go right ahead :)
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Early Acceptance?
hi there,  

I am a grade 11 student looking ahead to applying to university at the end of this calendar year. These are my grade 11 marks so far:  

First Semester (completed)
HSP 3U- 95  
MCR 3U- 93  
BAF 3M- 93  
*I took a spare this semester as well  

Second Semester (projected)  
ICS 3U- 87 to 93  
HRT 3M- 93 to 97  
MHF 4U- 90 to 94  
ENG 3U- 84 to 89  
*I am also in my school's AP Math program, so that is why I took Advanced Functions in grade 11

 I have heard that they only look at your top six grade 11 3M/U courses, and I only have 6. So, do you think these marks would be good enough? I am looking to apply at U of T, Western, Carleton and Laurier for Statistics, Economics, Financial Mathematics or something similar. I want to become an actuary in the future. Thank you in advance.

Pre-Calculus 12 Help (BC)
I'm taking Pre-Cal 12 in my 2nd semester, and I did very poor on the 1st test. 65%, which was a shocker for me. I'm way better than that.  Is there any online sites that allow you to take Pre-Cal 12 online while you're taking it in class, therefore I could go with the highest mark for post secondary. This is in BC by the way.

If not Pre Cal, how about these for online BC,:
Principles of Mathematics 12
Applications of Mathematics 12
Computer Science 11

However my pre Cal is really important. 
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can i switch porgrams on ouac that i applied for??
SO the deadline has already passed....
i applied to guelph for marketing management, and now I have decided that i would rather go to guelph humber for their business admin. 
Is this possible to switch?
would it be counted as the same university? how do i contact someone to help and how do i do this plsssssss help
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Should I reconsider my career?
Hey guys, I am having a really tough time trying to decide my future career and what to do in university (maybe i am aiming too high). So far i am in grade 11 and my marks are are on the edge of cut off. 

First semester marks:
ENG3U1 - 75%
BMI3C1 - 84%
SBI3U1 - 80%
SPH3U1- 64%

This aren't the best marks i know. I am trying my best to improve and get at least an 80% average. I was planning to go into engineering but the averages are just way too high for me unless i go to UOIT or Carlton. I am also crap at math with a 68% in gr9 and 57% in gr10. I really enjoy doing courses in science and math though but i am just crap at getting good marks in them. Should i reconsider my path to a different career or just head to college which seems like the best choice. I don't want to disappoint my parents and head to college :(
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Grade 12 Philosophy at VHS or ILC?
I go to a Catholic school so religion is mandatory but I don't have space for it in my schedule next year. Can anyone who has done the course at either VHS or ILC tell me about their experience and how easy it was?
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Grade 11 Physics
Hi,  Im deciding if i should take grade 11 physics, does it have a lot of math in it?
And I didn't do well in grade 10 science but i want to do better, so does grade 10 science matter in physics? Or do they review everything?
Improving Grades (Gr. 10)
Hi everyone, 

Grade 10 student here

Currently I'm dissatisfied with my current grades and would like to seek some help on improving them and really pushing myself past the "90" mark which is so difficult for me to achieve since I intend to go into Life/Health Sciences for post secondary. All feedback is welcome but make sure it is constructive. Also do not ask why I have so many arts/electives that aren't more challenging since it is because I did take French originally but the teacher who took over the entire ACL at my school for French was a horrible person and gave me lots of anxiety whenever I was around her.

P.S. -- I have been doing all my homework and trying to put 100% into all of my subjects, especially math but it seems to be not enough. I am trying. I have heard that other students who do not complete homework in math are able to pull off these grades, so I am looking for what to do to really get my grade up there.

Math - 87%
English - 90% (subject to change due to poor performance on recent assignments)
History - 88%
Science - 86%
Band - 95% 
Art - 77%
Civics/Careers - 94% (civics), haven't started careers
Tech - 85%
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Taking Grade 11 accounting in summer school?
Hey everyone! Currently, I am a grade 11 IB student but I will be dropping out next year for Grade 12 (Yup, the rumors are true, it is VERY stressful. I'm very glad to be leaving)! 

  Anyways, I would like to take Grade 12 accounting next year because I feel that it would help me for uni. However, since we receive no electives in IB, I wasn't able to take grade 11 accounting this year, which is a prerequisite.

  Would you recommend that I take grade 11 accounting in the summer? Also, please comment on the difficulty of the course if possible. Is there a lot of content and memorization, or is it mostly focused on math and calculations? 

  Thanks !! :) 
Chemistry Project Ideas?
For my final summative I have to do an experiment on a topic of my choice, as long as it fits within the Grade 12 chemistry curriculum and cross it with STSE. I'm having a hard time trying to think of ideas and which units I could perhaps mainly focus on, as we haven't started anything yet and I'm not sure what to expect in this course. Any suggestions?
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eInfo Grade Range
You guys might know the website known as einfo, a great source of information about Ontario Universities and its programs. The grade range they show for each program, is it the minimum average, or an approximate grade you should try to reach? In the FAQ page, the website mentions that a student with average can compete for a program with a grade range of 82. Therefore, I am guessing the shown grade is an approximate range of the previous year's students? Pretty sure of this, but not certain. Someone clarify this for me please. Thanks.

Here is the website: https://www.electronicinfo.ca/
FAQ Grade Question: https://www.electronicinfo.ca/faqs/8
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Philosophy11 over Biology11?
I'm in Grade 10 and Course submission has passed by nearly a month. I'm still undecisive about a particular course change I might consider. Philosophy I think might be something I might enjoy regarding thinking about things, but cutting Biology I'm scared will cut off the medical field even though I intend to go into computer topics.

I'd be changing Biology11 for Philosophy: The Big Questions 11.

My current roster of next years courses are...
Chemistry11 (AP)
Visual Arts11
Computer Technology11
+ Biology 11 or Philosophy: The Big Questions 11

Should I make this change? Is it okay to cut off a field even though I don't intend to go there at this moment? I could also switch philosophy for computer technology, visual art or financing.

Or atleast, can anybody say anything about one of the two courses from experience or word-of-mouth?

UPDATE: Still looking for answers! If I do continue biology, I'm honestly getting increasingly worried that having a total of 3 sciences will bog my mind down to a dull "textbook mind" and make my future so focused on numbered grades and hardcore memorization - a state of mind I might not recover from in my dream jobs. 
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Open Courses
Do open level courses in highschool boost your average? Do university's include open Courses  aspart of your  average?Stupid question I guess but I still want to know for sure
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Western AEO application essay
I have applied to Western BMOS for my undergrad hoping to achieve the AEO status. However, I must write a 500 word essay concerning 3 extra curricular activities that demonstrate leadership, teamwork, initiative, achievement, commitment and breadth. In addition, I must write another 500 word essay regarding my work experience and it's responsibilities. I am really struggling and worried about writing this.
 I truly do want to make the essay perfect and I'm not too sure how to even start.
 Please help lol.
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Question about early acceptance
As the title states I have a question about early acceptances that have been unanswered even after quite a bit of digging. 

How exactly do universities look at early acceptances? I know they definitely look at grade 11 marks or at least half of them but how do they judge? Is it just an overall average given that the student chose all the right perquisites or an average based only the require perquisites? Because if it's the former I am quite literally screwed for early acceptances I got a low 60 in crappy course I did not sign up for and it REALLY pulls my average down. Although I got low 90s and high 80s in the rest of my courses (Semester 2 just started so I can't say anything about my 4 new classes). 

I'm also currently only in Gr.11.

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grade 11 courses! help appreciated!
I'm aiming for a career in science, especially to make myself look appealing to competitive university programs. Any advice is appreciated! (i.e number of AP courses I should take without overwhelming myself, which AP courses to take, prior experience you may have had in challenging/any courses listed below) Thanks again!!

AP English 11 (not sure yet about AP English if I already have too many) 
University Math 11
AP Biology 11
2 Credit Co-op 
AP French 12 (fast-tracking grade 11 French right now)
Physics 11 (AP physics not available this year unfortunately)
AP Chemistry 11

AP World Issues 12
AP Psychology 12
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Study Tips Please!
Hello fellow students! Next semester will be my last semester of high school ever and I wanna go out with a bang! I tend to get mid-80s in my courses and would really like to get high 80s low 90s. Everyone on this forum seems so smart so if any of you have tips on getting really good marks I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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which subject on VHS should i take if I want to study psychology in university? (emergency!!!)
I am a grade 12 students who took chemistry and advanced function in first semester. And i will be having families in Canada(HHS4U), calculus and vector(MCV4U), ENG4U and data management (MDM4U) in second semester which is in this week. i got a week to change my subject..
I got only 78% in advanced function and probaly 73%-78% in chemistry and I want to study psychology in university which require about 75%-85%.
I am so affraid that I won't get enough average as I am not a English first language speaker. I estimate that I will get a 75% in eng4uonly. 

Here is my question. I don't know what online course subject should I take. I was thinking about advanced function as it should be a lot easier for me to do the second time or chemistry but I hate it chemistry. Is there any relatively easy subject on VHS? 
Also, I am not sure should I study physics instead of families in Canada in my day school(I suck at physics 68% in grade 11).
I am really running out of time as I got ielts test in 3weeks later and I got ontario lliteracy course to deal with. Please give me some advices on what online course should I take and should I change my second semester subject. Sorry for my poor English. Thx a lot.
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Letter grade to Percentages
Can anyone confirm what Letter Grade to percentage is  for highschool?

My research says:

A = 89  
B= 75  
C= 65
I suck at biology!
Well, I wouldn't say I downright suck at bio but I am not the best. So grade 11 bio was a little rocky for me because I did not have a good teacher in grade 10 science. I have grade 12 bio soon and would really like some tips on how to study properly for the tests because that is what got to me last year.
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Transitioning to US University
I've already been told from few people on these forums that U.S. universities look at all marks. But I've been curious; what if I first go to a Canadian University (I'm currently in Canada) THEN go onto a U.S. University? Will they then see your now years-old high school marks or just your new Canadian University marks?
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Do Grade 10 Marks Matter? What about in USA Universities?
I am currently a Grade 10 IBT student in Ontario, Canada. 

I heard from one strongly academic person that they definitely plan to take a top University in the U.S.
They said they look at all your marks from all grades of highschool, and your entire high school average, will be assessed or influence chances of getting accepted. 

I had previously thought I could slack off in Grade 10. To show the difference, I had a 92 in Math Grade 9, but in Grade 10 have a 71. 

Should I be really concerned about that for Canada/Us universities?

(I achieved Overall 87-91% average in Grade 9.)
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