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Queens Engineering Chemistry
Can anybody tell me a little more about thi program? How are job prospects? What kind of jobs can you get after graduating?
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Easy Uni for Comp Science
What are universities that are easy to get accepted into Comp Science? If you know some Uni can you please list their average of acceptance and their last year cut off for a for sure acceptance? 

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Uni Applications
Does anyone know if UOIT is a good school? I am curious because I live in the area. I want to apple either Mechanical or Automotive Eng? Do they have a good curriculum, because I know UoIT it is not a known school and I am scared applying for it. Plus, is it worth taking Engineering at UoIT? Also, does anyone know when Universities sends their application for acceptance?  Thank you.
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Queen's Engineering Program
Why did you (or why are you planning to) pick Queen's for this program, and do you think the common first year (within the Eng. & Applied Sc. Faculty) benefitted you (or will benefit you)?

Thanks for any helpful opinions/information!
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UofT National Scholarship?
What are your grade averages (from Grade 11) going into applying for the scholarship? Mine sits at an 83 average with my highest mark being an 89. This will probably decrease my chances to be considered but do you think my grades will flat out kill it?
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Civil Engineering at Carleton
Can someone give me a realistic average for Civil Engineering and Software Engineering at Carleton? Their website says 75% - 85% above, and this averages may varies on the competitions and how many students apply. What was last year cut off average for Civil and Software, that is a for sure acceptance?
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IB marks for Computer Science/Engineering
I am an IB student with predicted grade of 34-35 marks. Will I able to get admission from UT, UBC, Queen's? Anyone got same marks and accepted last year?
Electrical Engineering Vs. Computer Engineering
For ECE it looks like for the Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer both take all the same courses and then can focus in depth the same courses. So, I'm confused on what's the difference between both? Which would be better to go into if I want to minor in mechanics and systems?
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Common First Year
For the Common First year program at Western for engineering if I get in and then chose to major in MIE taking MIE first year programs or second year? If I did common first year would it add another year onto my undergraduate studies
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Helpful University Majors?
Hey, I'm in Grade 12 and well it's time to start applying for universities and think about what degree I should get. So, I'm wondering what courses are you taking and for what job? I know personal interest is definitely a factor, but I also want to take something useful. So, for example, I have aspirations of becoming a doctor, but if I unable to get to that level I don't want to be stuck with a degree that I cannot use anywhere else. Any advice?
Track One
For the track one program at U of T if I get in and then chose to major in, say, MIE will I be taking MIE first year programs or second year? If I did Track One would it add another year onto my undergraduate studies?
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Do I have a chance to get into U of T Engineering Science?
Hi, I'm from Manitoba in grade 12 going to apply very soon. Just wanted to know if these marks and extra-curriculars are good enough to get into U of T Engineering Science.

Grade 11 Marks
AP Physics 1: 93%
Honours Chemistry: 92%
English 30S: 93%
Computer science 30S: 99%
Pre-calculus 40S: 96% (Grade 12 course)
Canadian History: 99%
Honours Biology: 91%

Overall Average: 94.2%

Grade 12 Marks
AP Physics 2: 96%
AP Chemistry: 92%
English 40S: 92%
Computer science 40S: 100%
Linear Algebra 1300: 100% (university course at University of Manitoba)

Overall Average: 96.0%


National Level Debater/Public Speaker. Numerous national tournaments attended. Won many provincial level tournaments.

International level taekwondoist. Provincial champion/won many provincial level tournaments.

Teach taekwondo for at least 4 hours a week. Great reference letter from coach.

4th provincially in robotics games.

2nd chair in school jazz band.

Participated in honour band for 2 years in high school. 3rd and 5th chair each year for intermediate and senior respectively.

Practice Tabla (drum) extensively.

Various community service activities throughout high school. Made numerous videos for school. Not going to list all of them here.

uOttawa 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Eng Student

I'm a first year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Ottawa. Feel free to ask me about anything ( residence, admissions, campus life, academic resources, admissions to other Universities, why u of O, etc.) and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Fall last year was really stressful for me when applying for uni, so I hope this thread will help you guys out. 

A little about me : 

- I live in Marchand
- I'm from Western Canada (Saskatchewan)
- I'm bilingual (taking my classes in french)
- I've joined a few clubs (the nerdy ones)

Ask anything that comes to mind! 

Question regarding earning a degree after graduating from college.

I recently graduated and received my advanced diploma as a robotics technician (Mech.Eng Technician) program, early on in my first year I remember my program coordinator mentioning something about receiving my degree but by completing tests/exams and not having to attend a university, he did mention that it is a rather long process and a lot of work is involved but I am not sure what he meant and I can't find any information related to this online, I was wondering if anyone here had any knowledge of this and what the requirements for such a thing are.

Software Engineering HELP?
I'm in grade 12 right now and I'm looking to apply to software engineering program. My average last year was 92%:
math 95%
English 87%
com tech 100%
comp sci 88% (teacher decided to be rude and lower everybody's' mark by 7%)
Chem 95%
phys 85% (class average was 55)
bio 88%
leadership 90%

I can definitely do much better this year, my average would probably be around 95%

I've worked as a lifeguard last year, and right now I work at a company which teaches code to students
I'm involved in a lot sports
have a good variety of volunteering experiences (but only 80 hrs)

My questions are:

Is this good enough for programs such as u of t ece, or uw software engineering?
how many people do u of t and uw generally accept for these programs^?
Do unis look at class average at all?
Other than u of t and uw what are some other good software programs?
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Choosing a program
I am currently in grade 12, and am conflicted in choosing what program I should pursue in university. I really enjoy math chemistry and physics, so I am considering engineering, but I don't know if I can really imagine myself doing that. Another program I am considering is business, which I can imagine myself doing a lot more, but English and social are not my best subjects. How did some of you guys in university end up choosing your programs?
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what are my chances to get into uoft track one?
I'm not sure what field of engineering I want to go into, however I'm leaning towards mechanical. UofT TrackOne is my top choice and i really want to go there, however the sup app and especially the admission average is making me nervous. My grade 11 average was 90.4% (it was a rough year)
english 91
physics 89 (terrible teacher)
biology 88
chemisty 92
functions 91
im hoping for a 92-93 average in grade 12.. i have deca, students withour borders and rugby as my extracurriculars.
what are my chances for uoft trackone and mcmaster gen engineering?
please help, and share your own experience :)
Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
UPDATE: finished my first coop and currently an orientation leader and second year biomedical engineering student.

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018/

Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
Waterloo ECE/CS?
Hello! I am a gr12 IB student and want to do Waterloo ECE or CS but at the uni fair, they said the engineering faculty in general has LESS THAN 10% ACCEPTANCE RATE. What would be an appropriate 2nd choice if I want to do a CS related career? I always wanted to apply software eng but admission rate is way too low. (also chance me pls)

grade 11:
MCR3U - 100
MDM4U - 100
SPH3U - 100
SCH3U - 95
ENG3U - 94
CIA4U - 100 
FSF4U - 97 (bless IB Econ & IB French mark boost)
ICS3U - 92 (teacher was really strict)

currently doing 4 HLs in IB for that ICS4U credit, RIP sleep

I have pretty mediocre ECs tho. A few club exec positions but nothing too great, a few contests/DECA but never won, a few sports but dropped them all this year, a few job/volunteers but it was working fast food & summer camp volunteer, a few math/physics summer programs but rejected by shad twice.
UBC Engineering Undergrad
I was wondering if the undergraduate degree in engineering at UBC is general first year, or do you have to specify what you want to do first year, for example like chemical or mechanical? I would prefer a general first year because I have no idea what specific type of engineering I want to pursue. I know some schools like Queen's do provide that, so I am wondering if that is the case with UBC as well.
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Do my extra curricular have to relate to the field I want to apply for?
I'm currently in grade 11 and I want to go into engineering (maybe electrical, but mostly undecided what kind of engineer specifically) at preferably Waterloo or UofT. I started a finance club with some friends and I'm apart of athletic council and few other smaller things (like deca, election committee, a sport team). I know ec's don't matter that much at Waterloo or UofT but would universities dislike how my ecs don't really line up with the field I'm applying for?
Searching to Discover Engineering Programs
Hello, I am a grade 12 student and am looking into engineering as a possible university program. However, I can't decide what genre of engineering to pursue. So far I'm considering McMaster and am open to any suggestions on other schools. I would also really appreciate anything that students currently enrolled in engineering could share that might help me narrow down to a specific field or at least just lean more on the topic. Thanks in advance!
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Queen's or Waterloo? Math, Science and Engineering Programs
I am currently a senior in high school and I plan to attend university next fall (2018). I love both Queen's and Waterloo equally and for different reasons. I plan on studying either Math, Science or Engineering. I was wondering which of the two universities are better or have a higher reputation for each program.

Also, for those of you who have had trouble choosing between Queen's and Waterloo in the past (regardless of the program), which one did you end up picking and why?

Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated!
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Bachelor of Technology I VS Bachelor of Engineering
Hi guys, 

 What is the difference between bachelors of technology vs bachelors of engineering? Job prospects? Future? Whats the better one? BTech program at McMaster