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What extracurricular activities would you recommend?
 I have very little extracurricular activities.....
My EC Activities include: 
Science Club
Physics Club
Peer Tutoring
Varsity Soccer team player
Play soccer in a mix-aged soccer group every Friday and Sunday for 2 hours
Only a combined of 40+ community hours
High school co-op? (Not sure if this counts)

And the rest of my time are spent on playing video games, do housework (chore), and practice soccer freestyle. I can see my passion lies on Sciences, and sports

What kind of extracurricular activities would you recommend if I am to apply uoft engineering / waterloo engineering? 
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How do you guys get 90s on math+science
I just do not understand, I do my homework, review my notes everyday. I do all the "practice test" questions on the test book prior the unit test... in advanced function right now, I worked so hard just to get a bare 92%, and I just screwed up a logarithmic function quiz (literally failed) today. The marks I currently have will definitely decrease down to 80s. Why is it difficult to get a 90s even though I work so hard for it?

Sciences will be worse I promise, as I will have physics, chemistry, and calculus all in one semester. To any smart kids that had or currently ace through your math and science courses, how do you guys actually do that? How does one prepare such hard questions on the test, especially "thinking and inquiry" section? Please help, I really want to get a 90s on at least one of my math/science course... any tips would be grateful!! Thank you all and, have a nice day :(((
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Likelihood of being accepted into University of Toronto General Engineering Program?
Hey, so I'm a grade 12 student who really wants to pursue engineering at UofT but at the moment I'm not sure about which one I want to apply to. So, I was going to apply to general engineering at the St.George campus. However, my grades are quite low, in the low 80's range. Do you think that I would have a chance of getting in? What are the admission requirements for the General Engineering program (I checked online but couldn't find the grade requirements)? And what other programs are there that are somewhat related to engineering (the aspect of engineering that requires creating stuff)?
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Chances to get into the following universities for engineering?
Hey guys,

I'm just posting this to ask roughly what my chances will be to get into western, mac, u of t, queens, waterloo, given my marks, and circumstances. I know cutoffs are different each year but I want to know so I can have reasonable expectation for myself (this is for fall of 2018.) 

Grade 11:
3U math -  96
3U physics - 88
3U English - 85
3U chem - 90

Grade 12 (expected grades at their MINIMUM):
4U chem - 90 
4U math - 95
4U English - 87 

*****I was diagnosed with some mental health issues a few months back and this has seriously altered my academic performance in school. I'm planning on mentioning this as extenuating circumstances because had this not been the case, I know I'd done better in my courses

Some ECs:
- lifeguard
- executive position on 2 major clubs in school
- DECA (won some awards)
- did a couple science programs offered through u of t
- 400 hours of comm service

I know chances and such vary from program to program and engineering can be competitive but for those of you who are experienced with this stuff, if you could give me a general idea of what to expect with acceptances, that would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!
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I am an engineering applicant and here is my rant

Thank you for listening.
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applying to engineering programs????
i need help with applying!! im thinking of applying to uoft track one, mcmaster engineering, uoit mechanical (safe choice) and ryerson mechanical
i dont wanna go anywhere far, only applying for mcmaster since my brother is there right now
i want to apply to mechanical eng at uoft too, because im not too sure about my chances with trackone, but i keep seeing that you should only apply to one program in the engineering fielld at uoft? what should i do? which universities are you guys applying/applied to for engineering? have you  gotten accepted and with what average?

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Where should I study for engineering?
My parents will not allow me to study in any out town universities due to some financial issues... and I live in Markham. This has left me with only 3 choices of universities that I can apply: York, ryerson, and uoft. 
I am quite confident I will never make in to u of t engineering because I am not smart enough to get in, and my average is quite low compared to other smart competitive applicants. Studying in a downtown environment like ryerson is something that I dislike,.and York still has some engineering programs that are not even accredited... This leaves me a big question of where should I go for engineering?  What are the major differences if one were to attend u of t versus one were to attend york/ryerson university?

I believe my top 6 average by the end of sem 2 midterm is around 87-88...: . I wish to study mechanical engineering / electrical engineering. there is literally no way for me to get everything with 90s. Therefore, my chance of getting into u of t is very slim. And neither york nor ryerson univeristy are my ideal universities that I wish to attend.... So.. I really want all of you amazing students to give me any sort of advices on deciding which uni should I go. I know all engineering programs are hard as hell, but I have no idea on where should I go. Thank you all,

And Have a nice day everyone! :)
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Do companies care about the university you entered?
I am currently in Mcmaster Engineering 1. Some of my friends in high school went to UoT and UoW for engineering which I admired a lot. I have always been wondering does the university I attended makes a great difference for my future career(specifically referring to salary )? Would it be a big gap between the salary of MAC Eng graduates and Waterloo Eng graduates?
I also have a question regarding the coop in Mcmaster Eng. So for the first year in mac, most of us do not seek out for a coop opportunity since we haven't enrolled in a certain department in eng. But we have a 4-month summer break which is very long. I really want to make the most of it. I want to do something helpful for my resume in the break. Any advice?
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Reality of Lawyers
Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering what type of job aspects I am really looking at with becoming a lawyer. I have a few questions (some of which will be very ignorant --> disclaimer), but I would profusely thank you for your honest responses.

1) I was interested in taking up law as a graduate degree (after an engineering degree in software engineering or computer science. Do you really think it is worth it that with an engineering background, I spend a few more years studying for law rather than focusing my attention towards attaining a secure job?

2) I have read that most lawyers, when they start out, need to go through several years of paperwork filing, etc before actually becoming prosecutors/lawyers, etc. How many years are we talking about pre-lawyer. 

3) I want to focus on either Family Law/ Criminal Law. Okay, ignorance full speed ahead:
----> Which type of a law practice is easier to pursue.
----> Which practice pays the best (not only limited to these two).
----> While doing criminal law, is the safety of prosecutors/lawyers guaranteed? Sorry I watch too many crime shows and see lots of lawyers getting into trouble : /
----> Do you have to be absolutely confident with your oral abilities? I mean I do get a little flustered at times (I'm improving significantly however), but I am somewhat confident about my writing abilities. 

4) How many years before actually becoming a prosecutor? I am looking to becoming a prosecutor, which is better prosecutor/lawyer?

5) If you are a lawyer/prosecutor, etc. Do you get to investigate the scenes of crime or are you just in charge of the necessary paperwork.

6) How hard are the bar exams? What are the probabilities of passing/failing? I have searched some practice tests online and although I am just in high school (gr12), I don't find some questions to be so challenging (not all are easy of course). I may be on the wrong site or something but I just want to get an accurate feel of what its like to have a profession in law.

 Honestly, I don't know if it will be worthwhile that after I get an engineering degree, I start adding a huge loan and get my master's degree under law. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

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Help with Physics
What is the minimum average for physics when applying for engineering for:
toronto, waterloo, mcgill, queen's and western?. Got an A first quarter and bombed my test and currently have a C for second quarter. Hopefully my midterm grade will be a high B. Is this good enough? 
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U of T Eng Sci
Hi guys, I applied to U of T with eng sci as my first choice but I'm worried about how challenging it seems. I've seen people discouraging others because of the workload but was wondering if it's really that bad? Also, does it hold an advantage for prestigious grad schools  in the US? e.g. if you graduate with a 3.8 GPA from eng sci vs 3.8 from mechanical 
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what makes engineering so hard?
I know this is probably one of the stupidest questions out there, but what makes engineering so hard? like I read university confession pages and they make engineering sound like death.  So anybody who's in engineering, could you please enlighten me I would like to know because then I'll think twice when applying for uni. Thanks!
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uOttawa 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering- AMA!
Hey everyone! I did one of these last year and it seemed to help a bunch of people so I thought it would be good to do one of these again. I'm currently in 2nd year Mechanical Engineering with co-op at uOttawa! Feel free to ask me anything about residence, campus life, living in Ottawa, academics (even outside of engineering), admission, etc etc! Whatever comes to mind! Some background info:

-I play on the quidditch team (it's a real thing and we're fantastic)
-I was in Civil Engineering first year, then switched into Mechanical this past summer
-I originally applied and got in for Electrical and Civil
-I lived in residence first year (go Stanton!) as I'm from the GTA

Ask away! :)
uOttawa 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Eng Student

I'm a first year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Ottawa. Feel free to ask me about anything ( residence, admissions, campus life, academic resources, admissions to other Universities, why u of O, etc.) and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Fall last year was really stressful for me when applying for uni, so I hope this thread will help you guys out. 

A little about me : 

- I live in Marchand
- I'm from Western Canada (Saskatchewan)
- I'm bilingual (taking my classes in french)
- I've joined a few clubs (the nerdy ones)

Ask anything that comes to mind! 

MacMaster Supplementary Engineering
I Have applied to Mac eng. Every time I click on that supplementary button to fill out the sup application, it redirects me the information page about the supp. 
Does anyone know if the supp is available yet? 
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My feed hasn't been updated for the past 3 weeks nor am I getting any notifications for the comments being made. Am I the only one?

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Geological Engineering vs Environmental Engineering
considering the future job market, any advice about which would be a better program to go into?
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UofT Engineering to TrentU Teaching Education Stream? Low GPA?
I'm in Track One Engineering at UofT and I am personally not enjoying my program. I am planning to transfer next year into teaching at TrentU - however, my average is not high. (passing, but below a 65). I had low 90s back in high school in courses such as calculus, advanced functions, chemistry, calculus and other engineering courses and I have also built up a fantastic resume with experience in camp counseling, teaching, and tutoring (and plenty of extracurriculars, awards, and volunteer experience). Will I still get a chance of getting accepted despite my low GPA? Will my program be credited with being "harder" which could explain my lower average? (also, I am not looking for any transfer credits - I do not mind starting fresh). Do I have any other option to get into teaching despite my Low GPA? I do not wish to continue engineering next year.
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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW! Some quick facts about me:
-IB alumni from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Next coop in medical device compliance at a startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
Uoft Acceptancces 2018
Anyone accepted to UofT yet? If so, please provide the follow:
Date of Application:
Date of Acceptance:
Grade 11 Average Marks:
Thanks and congrats to everyone!
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programs for genetically modified organisms
if i am interested in genetically modified organisms and want to get a career in it what kind of programs would i apply for in university (i'm in grade 12 right now). I'm really confused over what program it is. Is it biotechnology or biological engineering or life science?

and on a side note if i wanted to work with genetically modified organisms would that be something i need a graduate degree for to get a job and how is the salary and job prospects for it in the future? thanks!!
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Going far worth it?
I plan on going to UOIT software engineering because it's nearby so I can save on both money and time however is it worth the extra thousands of dollars to go to a university like Queens or Ottawa?
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Ask Me Questions on Engineering/Finance
Hi all just thought I'd start this to answer some questions on what life was like in engineering. Think there's lot of misconception on the difficulty of engineering and what the exit ops are. Also thought i'd answer some questions for business students regarding life in finance. Heads up i don't know anything about the recruitment cycle for schools as I have not been through that for a while.

My background: Engineer grad working in buy side. 
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