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2017 Waterloo Engineering Applicants
Hello everyone!

I've decided to create a thread all Waterloo Engineering hopefuls could contribute to.

Please include in your post:
• The discipline you're applying to
• Your average (you can be more specific about the breakdown if you'd like)
• Any extracurricular activities, awards, distinctions, jobs, volunteer experience, etc.
• Anything else you believe is relevant! 

Later next year when offers start rolling out, I'm sure a new thread can be created, good luck to all!

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Bioresource Engineering @ McGill????
I'm thinking of applying for that program... for any of you that are in the bioresource eng. program what's it like???? Profs? Courses? Community? 

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Is a female less likely to get into a good Engineering field?
As you may have been able to guess i am a female that is planning on going into Engineering but I'm not sure if I should because most people say that males are most suitable to get into a good Engineering field whereas females are out of luck is this true? which Engineering will be best suitable for a female?
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What are my chances of getting into the U of T Mineral Engineering Program
My grade 11 average is 93, 92 in math 92 in chem 91 in english 95 in physics 95 in social As for grade 12 I have 81 in pre calc 81 in english Physics, Calculus and Chem are yet to be determined because I dropped the courses in highschool considering that the admissions office only looks at first grade attempts for any course Now I am going to do these courses officially for the first time elsewhere in the fall, which is when I would expect to apply to the U of T through Ouac. Do I still have a shot at this program? I also would like to ask, is Laurentian University's Bachelor's of Mining Engineering a good program as well? I am asking this mainly because it would be my second choice to the U of T, but it could arguably contend to be my first depending on some of the answers I receive.

Animal Health Technologist / Vet Technician?
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know if there are any students on here who are doing or who have done
Vet Tech / Animal Health Tech.
Where did you go? How much was it? Did you like it? Did it prepare you for your job? Was it 2 year or longer course? Was their options for Equine classes? What are you currently doing? Do you have any recommendations to help get a better job in the field? 

From what we were told in our Co-op class, In NB, the average Vet Tech makes around $12.50/$13.00. However, I don't mind relocating. What does the average Vet Tech in your Area make?

I'm currently on a "work break" after graduating High School in June. I plan to work for a solid year or two, to save up as much as I can before heading away to University. The less debt I can come out with the better, right? Haha.
I plan to do Vet Tech, focusing in Livestock/Equine. Afterwards get an Equine-extension through University of Guelph.
However I'm not quite sure I have decided where to do my Vet-Tech program at. I am in New Brunswick, so I was thinking Dalhousie University in Truro (Former NSAC) as they are located on the Agricultural Campus and have the option for an Equine Elective. 

Is there anything I could do to help prepare me for Vet Tech? 
I am planning on trying to get some Shadowing/Volunteer work done at a Vet Office starting this upcoming Spring.

I graduated meeting requirements for Dalhousie*, my main course grades are as follows:

English 11 - 82
English 12 - 83*
Biology 11 - 89
Biology 12 - 94*
Chemistry 11 - 64
Chemistry 12 - 94*
Foundations Math 11 - 64
Foundations Math 12 - 87*
Pre-Calculus 11 - 60
Agricultural Science 12 - 88
Co-operative Education 12 - 90 (Equine Placement)

I also took other courses such as History, Graphic Art, Intro to Accounting, Leadership, Nutrition, Wellness, Family Dynamics and Culinary. 

How do requirements differ for your program?
I would love to take other Equine Courses as well, as that is were I really want to focus. Maybe ending up in Ontario or Alberta in a Equine-Vet Clinic. 

I'd love to hear from you; anyone who has, is or even knows someone in Vet Tech/Animal Health Program, or in other Equine Science courses. How it's worked out and any advice you have for me.
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