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Can I use U of T machine shop?
I am an Grade 12 student. I have accepted an offer from Art and Science. However, if i want to use the engineer machine shop, can I do it?
Are my Extra Ciriculars Good?
I'm in grade 11, planning to go to waterloo, for either Mechanical engineering, systems design, or maybe mechatronics if my marks are up there. I anticipate my admission average will be around 90-93. I know those marks are in the ball park for mech. and SYDE, along with good EC's. I don't really know if my EC's qualify as "good". I'll list them below. If anyone can let me know, or suggest some more that I can do in grade 12, that will look good on my application, that would be great.
Extra ciriculars
Student Council Grade 9/10.
Varsity Baseball all years.
Senior Basketball 2 years.
Sound Technology all years.
Tutoring. (will also put 2% on any mark)
Volunteering at soup kitchen (maybe 5-10 hours next year if this will help my case???)
Work at Golf course in summer
Referee in house league
I may consider doing house band or coaching house league ball next year.
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Engineering or Architecture?
Hey guys,

I'm not sure whether I want to go into Engineering or Architecture... I'm creative and have a passion for art, but I also really like courses like math and science. If I put these attributes together, the perfect program seems to be architecture. The thing that I'm concerned about is that architecture programs are mainly studio and design based, and not including the technical courses I was expecting, like math, science, and tech. I prefer to have a balance so I'm able to gain as much well rounded knowledge as I can. Studying sciences, maths, and programming seems to have a wider variety of use and seems to lead to more stable jobs. With that being said,  I also think engineering would have better job prospects, considering that jobs with new technology and software are on the rise. I was looking into Waterloo's Systems Design Engineering, since it seemed to have a 'design' aspect to it as well as science and technology. So my question is, do you think I should stick to architecture or explore more design based engineering programs? If so, do you guys know of any like SYDE? 

*Also, my average right now is 94 so do I have a good chance to get into SYDE, Arch, or other similar programs?
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Engineering Dilemma
Ok so in grade 12, I applied to guelph, uoft, mcmaster, and ryerson for mechanical and aerospace, and I didn't look up any rankings or any of that since those schools were where all of my friends were applying for. I ended up with a 90.16667% top 6 average, which got me a late acceptance to mcmaster, late enough that I originally thought that I wouldn't get in mac, and instead opted for ryerson (with their scholarship money and osap, my first 2 years are basically free, minus textbooks and commute costs).

Then I start looking around forums to see what other people thought of unis, and at first I thought I made a mistake going to rye, but it seems that the general consensus is that it doesn't matter as long as it is accredited and you have experience.

But for some reason, that wasn't enough. During any sort of free time I get, I check forums to validate that opinion that ryerson is good, or good enough. It's not like I want to be remembered for being a world renowed engineer, it's just that I think I should've put more effort into picking which university I'd want to go to.

Does anyone else feel this way? That you're selling yourself short at times? I mean, I have other interests than engineering, like psychology discussions and political debates, but all I can think about is my one friend at mac engineering who's better off, even if I was more hardworking than he was.
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What is systems design engineering at waterloo?
Waterloo describes it as "an accredited engineering program that gives students a full complement of courses in the engineering sciences as well as an unmatched set of courses to learn about and practice engineering design". So is it just a general engineering course? Also what type of jobs could I have if I graduated this program? Thanks
Chances of Getting into Software Eng?
Hey everyone,
I'm interested in Waterloo engineering, specifically software eng but I'd also be ok with computer eng. After reading prof anderson's blog post about alternate choices, I was wondering if I should put comp eng or software as my first choice. Im expecting around a 95-96 avg. thanks!
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SYDE at Waterloo
Hey everyone!
I've recently been interested in the SYDE program at Waterloo because I still don't know what type of engineering I want to do. I'd really appreciate it if someone who is in the program or knows about it could tell me what kinds of things students in this program accomplish (on coops or after graduation) and if it really is the "jack of all trades, master of none". Thank you :) 
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Waterloo Systems Design Engineering
I'm interested in this program but have not had a lot to learn about it. What's the program focus on? Is it super competitive compared to other engineering fields at Waterloo? If you're in it do you enjoy it? I'd like to hear whatever anyone has to say, really
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With my top 6 marks, will a 90 average be good enough to get into management eng, systems design eng, or electrical eng at waterloo?
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Back up for biomedical engineering?
Hey everyone!

I was planning to apply for biomedical engineering at waterloo and since this program is highly competitive, I was wondering (in case I don't get in) what other engineering programs could lead me into a career related to biomedical engineering. Could systems design or nanotechnology engineering relate to this field? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Can someone give me more information about engineering management,
Can someone give me more information about engineering management, is it a good subject to study , because i'm pretty much interested in the subject it songs like a good program to study
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Waterloo Architecture
I received my architecture interview notice mid-March, it was on April 21st. You do not need overly high grades, my overall average is only an 84 but I still received an interview. My friend who has the same mark did not, I think her AIF did not score as well as mine. The most important things are your Admission Information Form(AIF) and your portfolio interview. They do not really look at artwork that is architectural based eg. buildings, bridges. They really just want to see your creativity and the different types of work you can do eg. watercolour, sculptures, acrylic, oil, sketches 

The Mark I submitted:
Visual Arts: 98
Adv. Functions: 80
Physics: 80
English: 80
Data: 86
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Carleton: Myth or True?
I've been doing some research and I've found that apparently, Carleton is very strict and hard on marking in programs like Engineering. Is this true?
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