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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
UPDATED April 5, 2018

I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW on my second coop. Some quick facts about me:
-IB grad from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Currently working at a digital health/medical device startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

Also, congrats to all students who received early offers!
Urban Planning Acceptances 2018
Has anyone been accepted yet? Seems like Ryerson has sent some early acceptances but no word from Waterloo. If you have, what were your marks/average? Also, if your waiting, what marks/average do you have?
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McGill Bioresource Engineering
Hello,I can tell Bioresource Engineering is a really small program because I can barely find any information on it, besides from on the McGill website. It seems like an amazing program though and I am hoping  to get some more information on it...
More specifically:
1. What mark did you get in with?
2. How is the program? (In terms of professors, difficulty, student life, etc...)

P.s I am hoping a 93% average will cut it, since the lowest grades used for admissions in 2017 was 75%,  according to the McGill website.

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Queens vs. Guelph Engineering?
I'm deciding between queens and Guelph for engineering. I love Guelph campus and i get along with people there really well, im very comfortable at Guelph but its not as well known for its engineering program . Queens on the other hand is very well known but I dont know how I would feel or fit in there. I've visited Guelph many times so i know i like it and if it had a better program i would do it hands down but i dont want to limit myself either way. 

I basically have to decide if i want to be comfortable or if i want to push myself for a bigger chance of success and i dont know what to do.
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Enginering question
my parents want me to do engineering and my dad whos an engineer says that engineering in the workplace is easy and is about applying the principles you learn, there's not a lot of creativity that has to be involved. However, when I did some research into engineering it seemed to be a lot of thinking outside the box stuff and finding creative solutions to problems, which I happen to not be very good at. I understand that engineering is like the hardest program out there but the job prospects and salary after graduation is rlly good! I know that with my marks and extra curricular, it'll be hard to be accepted into some of the more competitive engineering programs but I've been looking into environmental engineering (in general) and management engineering(at uofW). So, is egineering about creativity and thinking outside the box and how are environmental or management engineering as future careers? Thank you guys for ur helpp!!
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Environmental Science /Environemntal Engineering
what universities would you suggest for environemtnal science in ontario? and which ones for environmental engineering in ontario?
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How many programs
Like many of you I'm applying for university soon and am trying to narrow down where I want to apply. I have an interested in earth/environmental science and have decided that I want to stay reasonably close to home. I'm thinking of applying to 

1.Queens geological engineering 
2.Waterloo geological engineering (I've heard on the aif you put back up programs? So I would put environmental) 
3. Guelph environmental engineering 
4. Guelph water engineering 
5. Waterloo earth science 
6. Western earth science 
7. Brock earth science 

I'm kinda lost about how I should choose what to apply to and how many programs to apply to 

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Best University Programs For Civil/Enviro Engineering
Do yall know of any good programs/universities for civil/enviro engineering? Any info will help as I am extremely confused as to what university I want to go to. All I know is that I don't want to stay in Toronto. Thanks :)

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What mark would be sufficient to get into geological or environmental engineering at waterloo?
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University of Waterloo first year Engineering student AMA!!!!
Hello Class of 2017!

My name is Sam and I am a first year Civil Engineering student at Waterloo. I decided to create this thread since OUAC applications are open now (I think) to answer all of your questions regarding Waterloo engineering, as I know that many of you are keen to study here. I will try my best to answer your questions although, I am usually very busy with school work, and hopefully I can be of benefit to you prospective students!. Thus, go a head and ask whatever you want about Waterloo from admissions, AIF, Cutoffs to student life, CO-OP and academics. 

You can also go ahead and ask me about UofT as I got accepted into it way back then.  

Thanks and good luck ! 

Will I get in Waterloo Engineering?
I am applying to Environmental Engineering, and am currently sitting at 85-86% with English, Adv. Func and music. Next semester I am hoping I can pull my grades up slightly with Chemistry, Physics and Calc. Can I get in with these marks? I have talked to people in the program and they say the cutoffs are low to mid 90's but the website says anywhere between mid 80's - low 90's.
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Chances of getting into Engineering programs
Hey everyone, 
I just wanted some advice/feedback whether I could get into Engineering programs or not 
English - 95
Adv. Func - 82 
Music - 80 

Gr 11 Marks 
Chem - 83 
Physics - 80 
Functions -  89
(will be taking Gr 12 Chem, Physics, Calc next semester) 

-Executive of city-wide environmental council 
-School Band/Wind Ensemble
-Volunteered with youth mental health organization over summer

Applying to Ryerson, UOIT,. Considering either Mechanical/Mechatronics or Civil/Environmental. 
Wanted to apply at U of T, Waterloo and McMaster but I think my grades are too low. If anyone could give me some feedback, that would be great 

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Bioresource Engineering @ McGill????
I'm thinking of applying for that program... for any of you that are in the bioresource eng. program what's it like???? Profs? Courses? Community? 

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What Civil Engineering programs can I get into with these marks?
I was wondering if anyone could direct me to any universities civil engineering programs I can get in to with these marks. I was looking at UOttawa but I am not sure yet.
English: 88
Calculus: Have not completed yet
Data management:88

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waterloo enviromental engineering 2017
My highschool marks are:
Ghemistry 75(took gr12 in gr11 and fucked the dog)
English 75
Advanced functions 89
Physics 89
Calculus 95 
Computer engineering 97

On my AIF i was going to say i've helped coach three different volleyball teams, catained two and succesfully tutored three students in their math courses. Also do cad design and computing as hobbies. 

What are my chances of admission?
What else should i put on my AIF? (awards maybe?)
UTSC HBSc and MEng - What's the program like???????
So right now I am thinking about applying to the 5-yr Combined Degree Program for Environmental Physics (BSc) and Engineering (MEng)... 
Would anyone be able to tell what the program is like?  And how are the facilities/resources/people?  For me, the resources and the social culture are important and I just wanna make sure that this is something that is actually worth considering...

Thanks in advance :)
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Debating between science, art, and engineering
For science I want to do something biology related, like biochemistry or biomed or microbiology. For engineering I'm considering environmental, biochemical and civil engineering mainly because civil and environmental are kind of similar to architecture. I'm good at art and am passionate about it, but that only includes the drawing/painting/designing etc part of it. I don't want to do something like graphic design or art created with a computer. I enjoy making models and dont mind autocad. Architecture seems like a good fit but that'll mean no biology, physics is ok as long as I understand it. I really want to do something art and biology related, even if that means I'll have to learn physics and math. Biology and art come first. What should I do? Engineering or science? Is there a career that combines both biology and art? I know getting a fine arts degree isn't practical so that's out of the picture.
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Environmental Engineering Jobs
What types of Careers do an environmental engineering degree graduates end up with? Are they secure, pay well or  just generally interesting? In reading about this degree I think it may be a good choice for me, but I'm not completely sure of its use in the real world.
How hard is engineering in 1st year?
I was just wondering how heavy is the course work in 1st year and is there still time to pursue extracurriculars/clubs? Plus should I live in residence or rent a condo? How far apart are the classes in 1st year?
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Environmental Engineering or related hopefuls!
Hi, just curious to see who is interested in the environmental field in relation to engineering. This thread is not exclusively  only for those interested in environmental engineering... It could also be other streams of engineering that you are interested in that will help you pursue a career relating to the environment.

So if you are interested:
1.what universities/programs have you applied to? 2. Why did you choose that program? 
3. What factored into deciding that university or program? 

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University Acceptance McGill/UBC
Hi, so I have a problem. I am a CEGEP student in Quebec (CEGEP is like a college. In Quebec, we graduate from High School after only having 5 years of high school and like most student I went to CEGEP in Sciences because I did not know what I wanted to do) and I am almost done my last semester.

At the start of this year, I applied to universities such as McGill, UBC, Waterloo, Guelph and UNBC. Since I really wanted to be in a program in environment and science, I mostly applied to Environment Science programs and Environmental Engeneering.

However, I recently noticed, after many researches, that I really what to be an Environmental Engineer since it perfectly mixes my passion for the protection of the environment and math. Also I really want to create better eco-friendly products and participate in many environmental projects.

Fortunately, last month I was very happy to know that I was accepted to McGill at McGill’s School of Environment in the major of Environment with a domain on Renewable Resource Management at MacDonald Campus. Even though I am not at the university yet, I am already considering to change program to environmental engineering.

I already thought that I was destined to go to McGill but I discovered yesterday that I was accepted to the Science program of UBC. The funny part is that since yesterday was April's Fool, I did not believe it at first, but it seems that it is real!!

Now I have a problem since I really don't know what to do.

If I go to McGill, I will do the normal path since they do not take in consideration my two years in CEGEP because it is in Quebec. Additionally, I will certainly change program to engineering (not sure if I will finish my bachelor in that program or transfer before that).

However, if I go to UBC they might credit most of my course and I could even be credited my full first year. Similarly as McGill, I think I would transfer to Applied Sciences/Engineering because I talked a few months ago to an employer of UBC that told me that it is easier to transfer to engineering once at UBC. 

 Another of my concerns is that since I live in Quebec (Gatineau to be more precise), the school fees at McGill are very cheap compare to any other university but UBC/Vancouver is pretty expensive. (In both cases I would live in residence) 

 Additionally, the two campus were I would study are totally different. MacDonald Campus is not huge as the Downtown Campus in Montreal and it has smaller classes. It would make it easier for me to talk to teacher and easier to make friend since it takes me a little bit of time to be totally comfortable and open with new people. But as you all know, UBC is the complete opposite. 

 Lastly, I would like to mention that I always wanted to go to UBC/Vancouver and it would be like a dream come true.

 So, this huge post is to ask which school would you suggest me. Which one is the best for me depending on my situation or even depending of the rank of the schools according to my program? (According to the MacLean’s Website UBC is first in environmental programs and McGill is second.) 

 Additionally, it will really help to learn of your experiences or someone you know and tips would be very helpful. 

 Thanks in advance!! 

Ps: I did not apply to engineering at McGill nor UBC since I did not have the grades for that program but I will study more seriously to improve my grades and eventually transfer.