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UBC application help!
I am in the middle of writing my personal profile for UBC and don't know if it's worth it trying to finish for the early admission deadline (Dec 1). I am applying to engineering and my grade 11 average is 90%. I am trying to get my grade 12 average up to mid 90s. I would say my ECs are average, but am having trouble figuring out what to write for the other questions.
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Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW! Some quick facts about me:
-IB alumni from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Next coop in medical device compliance at a startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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Some say Mechatronics is great because you learn about mainly both electrical and mechanical so it provides flexibility and the best of both worlds. 

Others say that it's a terrible choice because it's specialized immediately and that an employer rather hire someone who knows more about one specific area. 

Which of these are more true? 
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Engineering Schools - Which do you guys think are the best?
I'm thinking about Software Eng. / Computer Eng. / Mechanical Eng. I'm also having a difficult time picking universities to apply to.

Of all the universities within Ontario, what would be your top 5?
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uoft engineering questions???
hi, if anyone has applied to or is currently in the uoft track one program, i would really appreciate if you could help me out.
i have no idea what field i want to go into, however, i am thinking about mechanical. so should i just apply to both mechanical and trackone? or just one? or am i automatically considered for mechanical when i apply for trackone?
what were the entrance averages for past years? could not find them anywhere online. maybe a friend got accepted or you did?
 finally, how are my chances looking?? please be honest
adv functions- 97
chemistry- 93
physics- 91 OR 92 (not sure)
im a girl and my ecs include DECA and rugby
thank you.

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Does ranking matter?
I'm in grade 12 and wondering of applying for Mechanical Engineering to the following universities: UofT, Western, Waterloo, McMaster and Ryerson. Does the ranking i give affect my chances of getting into the specific universities?
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Engineering Vs Commerce
I'm an ambitious grade 12 student, with a dilemma regarding undergrad studies. I am a successful student (so far) and am interested in courses in both commerce, math, and science. I have always had a passion for commerce, and the idea of working with money, however I am also very good at technical problem solving. 

Would it be more valuable to get a commerce degree at a top school (Queens, Schulich) or a (mechanical?) engineer at a school like Gueens, Mcmaster or Guelph? 

*I have considered the Western Ivey/eng, but the option seems overly-expensive.   
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Good universities for Mechanical Engineering?
I'm a grade 12 student. Its about time to start applying and I want to pursue Mechanical Engineering, but I'm not sure which universities are good for it.
(my overall average right now is 89, i believe)
ATM I'm looking at UofT, Waterloo, McMaster, Ryerson, McGill and Western
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Rmc early admission chances?
Hi, I'm currently in Gr.11 and want to badly attend RMC for either physics Or mechanical engineering hoping to be a pilot in the CAF. My Ecs are Army Cadets, Science club, coding club, Un model club and Luke 4:18. I'm currently taking Physics 11, English 11, World relegions 11 and finally accounting 11. I predict my marks will be around an 81-83 after mid term do I have a good chance of getting in. Oh and I go to the gym maybe 1-2 times a week and have a good fitness level in cadets...so what are my chances of getting an early admission? My next semesters courses are also Biology 11, computer science 11, chemistry 11 and advanced functions 11.
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Western Engineering IB
I am in grade 11 and currently taking only 3 IB courses (HL chem, HL physics, and math). 
If I continue with advanced functions and calc and vectors in IB, will they still recognize me as a partial student (I would be taking academic English). It is too late to drop physics and chem. I am asking to know if I'm just going to waste my time in IB math if it won't count at all anyways. 

I want to apply for mech engineering. 
What are my chances of getting into Queen's or UofT?
Hey guys and gals this is my first post here on yconic!

So I'm in grade 12 now in Toronto, ON, and will be starting to apply to universities very soon. I'm wondering what're my chances of making it to Queen's or UofT for civil or aerospace engineering? 

Grade 11 I had an overall average of exactly 89.5% and I had the usual physics Chem bio functions English and also had anthro/soc/psych, accounting and computer science. 

Grade 12 we're only like 2 months in but this semester I have advanced functions, English and physics. Semester 1 mark estimated to be 90+ probably like 93 if I can keep English mark up at high 80s. Semester 2 I have chem, calc/vectors, and earth and space science. All easy except Chem for me. 

As for ECs I'm in robotics club have been from grade 10 and we're going to VEX In The Zone competition soon. I also joined stage crew and environmental Acton committee this year. I also do kickboxing, boxing, and jiu jitsu outside of school every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hourseach fire
I've also worked for the TDSB 2 summers in a row including 2017 summer. 

I'm applying to, in order of my top to bottom choices, queens, uoft, McMaster, waterloo, ryerson. What're My chances of getting into each for say civil engineering? If you made it into any of those with similar grades let us know
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uOttawa 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Eng Student

I'm a first year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Ottawa. Feel free to ask me about anything ( residence, admissions, campus life, academic resources, admissions to other Universities, why u of O, etc.) and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Fall last year was really stressful for me when applying for uni, so I hope this thread will help you guys out. 

A little about me : 

- I live in Marchand
- I'm from Western Canada (Saskatchewan)
- I'm bilingual (taking my classes in french)
- I've joined a few clubs (the nerdy ones)

Ask anything that comes to mind! 

Grade 12 and stressed about choosing a program?
I would like to know if there's others here in the same position as I am, or somewhat similar.  In a little over a month, applications for universities start and I'm still confused on choosing a program.  I'm a girl in grade 12 and ever since elementary school, I've wanted to be an engineer.  I've always been interested in math, art, and science.  I've always wanted to create, invent, and design new things.  I have been set on engineering ever since.  However, I went to the OUF this weekend with my sister and she compared me to the other grade 12 students there who were also interested in engineering.  The other students were mostly boys and I'm kind of a "girly girl."  My sister pointed out that I wouldn't enjoy the program because I "don't fit in" and I would just be depressed.  She said that I should open up my options and maybe look toward media/communications because it looks more fun and I suit it better.  I know that I shouldn't take other people's thoughts sway my decision for my life, but it's hard not to consider the fact that maybe she's right.  I just don't want to choose engineering and end up hating it and wish I was in a "more fun" program.  I don't really know where I'm going with this but I feel like I'm running out of time and I'm still stuck on what I want to choose and what I'm meant to choose.  Anyone else in my position? Any advice from upper years?
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Ph.D. in Mechanical Eng McMaster vs Guelph University
I'd like to pursue my Ph.D. studies in Mechanical Engineering and I'm really confused which university I have to choose; McMaster or Guelph university? I have these questions I would appreciate if anyone helps me with :

1- Hamilton city comparing to Guelph city which one is more interesting and have more city activities ?!  

2- If I would like to work as TA (Teaching Assistant) while studying Ph.D.; which university has a better opportunity and is the salary paid is almost the same or McMaster pay much more?
approximately how much the difference between the salaries paid for TA in Mcmaster and Guelph?     

3- As it is known studying Ph.D. is not strongly affected by the university ranking, it is more or less affected by your Ph.D. supervisor. However, I heard that McMaster University is so hard for Ph.D. studies in mechanical engineering even, and it is not strongly related to your supervisor.
 So if you are aiming to achieve a high GPA in your Ph.D. studies you've better go for Guelph University, it is much easier than McMaster; is that true?

 4- Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in McMaster comparing to Guelph?
 I hope I can find answer in your forums thank you 

Help with university for mechanical/mechatronic/automotive engineering.
I am a grade 12 student and willing to get into mechanical engineering co-op. In the future I want to master in automotive engineering. I have some questions.  

1) Is early acceptance for universities like Mac based on the specific prereqs like physics and math? Or is it general top 6 grade 11 marks?  

2) If I had a 87 average in top 6 of my courses in grade 11, is my chance of getting early acceptance in Mac or Ottawa good? Also will I be able to apply twice (one for early and one for later) is it a good idea?  

3) I would like to get into Waterloo, Macmaster, Ottawa, or Queens university.  Are my chances likely with a predicted 87 average? I am thinking that is what I will probably end with.  

4) Is UOIT a good idea for me and is it internationally recognized, because it is 17th ranked in Macleans?

5) Should I go into mechatronic engineering and then
Publish specify into automotive engineering? Or is it better to start with mechanical?
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Electrical Engineering Vs. Computer Engineering
For ECE it looks like for the Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer both take all the same courses and then can focus in depth the same courses. So, I'm confused on what's the difference between both? Which would be better to go into if I want to minor in mechanics and systems?
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Admission averages
I am expecting to receive these marks in grade 12. I want to apply to engineering (number 1 choice) and  computer science. Which universities do u think will accept me? And which type of engineering. And did anyone get similar or lower averages than I did and still got into engineering?
English: 80
Advanced functions: 80-84
Chemistry: 95 (online school)
Physics: 80
Calculus: 90 (online school)
Accounting: 89
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AMA: UofT First Year Civil Engineering Student
Hey! I am currently in my first year of Civil Engineering at U of T. I was exactly where you guys were last year, so I'm just looking to give back to the community that helped me!

I also got into Waterloo, Mac, Rye and Western so feel free to ask about those programs too.
HELP with University for mechanical engineering.
I am a grade 12 student and willing to get into mechanical engineering co-op. In the future I want to master in automotive engineering.  I have some questions.

1) Is early acceptance for universities like Mac based on the specific prereqs like physics and math? Or is it general top 6 grade 11 marks?

2)  If I had a 87 average in top 6 of my courses in grade 11, is my chance of getting early acceptance in Mac, Carleton or Ottawa good? Also will I be able to apply twice (one for early and one for later) is it a good idea?

3) I would like to get into Waterloo, Macmaster, Ottawa, or Queens university. If not I want to go to Carleton or Ryerson (which ever is better). Are my chances likely with a predicted 88 average? I am thinking that is what I will probably end with. 

4) Is UOIT a good idea for me and is it internationally recognized, because it is 17th ranked in Macleans?

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Aerospace or Mechanical?
I live in Brampton Ontario and currently enrolled in aerospace eng at ryerson, but i've heard that aerospace in canada is too specialized at the undergrad level/job openings are low, and requires further schooling. While i'd like to go onto grad school in the us or enroll in utias, I would also like to work before attending grad school to pay off tuition.

Is it better for me to switch to mechanical, and specialize later, or can I still work in mechanical fields with an aerospace degree?
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Ask A 3rd Year UOttawa Mech Eng
Ask me whatever you want to know about the university, teachers, extracurriculars, living away from home, or anything else. I will try to answer all questions to the best of my ability.
My physics mark for grade 12 is really bad, what are my chances for UoT and Waterloo?
So I'd like to go into engineering at either UoT or Waterloo and obviously I need physics for that. The only problem with this is that I can't take physics during the regular year so I have to take it as a summer course and I ended up doing very poorly and got a 72. How will this affect my admissions into these schools?

Specific courses: Computer Science, Computer Engineering and (long shot) mechanical and engineering science

I'm going into grade 12 this year by the way so currently the only mark I have for that is my physics mark of 72.

Grade 11 Marks:

Chemistry: 92
Biology: 90
Advanced Functions: 90
English: 85
Philosophy: 89
French: 87
Physics: 72

Be brutally honest please

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