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Volunteering opportunities
As a grade 10 student interested in going into the computer engineering or the software engineering field, are there are volunteer opportunities related to that? If not, what volunteer opportunities would you recommend that would be beneficial no matter what career path?
I'm just trying to do things that will make my resume look good because I don't have much ECs.
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Carleton Engineering Acceptance
Hello everyone, 

         I was wondering what is the realistic average FOR A FOR SURE acceptance into Civil Engineering at Carleton, also into their Comp Science or software engineering. I know at their website it says that the ranges of average admission is 75%-85%-above. I know that this averages is varies on some factors such as the amount of students apply and the competition. My question is what is the realistic average to get into their Civil and last years cut off? 

    I hope someone will be able to give a me precise answers, thank you!
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Career and University planning advice from current undergrads

It’s new years time; university admissions and scholarship deadlines are just months away. This is a crucial time and what you decide today will stick with you for the next few years.

You’re trying to figure out which institution you want to attend, and what you want to study--but more deeply you’re trying to figure out what you actually want to do in life.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be - I have been through it. I’ve assembled a few friends in different disciplines who have volunteered their time to help out. If you want to figure out which university makes sense, if you need advice, please reach out.

Comment on this thread if you need any help, no matter your age, grade, or if you’re in University already!


Rahim Shamsy
Western Engineering and Business (Ivey) 2018
Waterloo Engineering Student AMA Thread
I'm a second year biomedical engineering student at UW heading into my second coop. Some quick facts about me:
-IB alumni from Ontario
-Engineering Ambassador
-Orientation Week Leader
-BioMechatronics Design Team member
-Completed 1 co-op in medical imaging
-Next coop in medical device compliance at a startup

Shadow Days: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering-student-ambassadors/future-engineering-students

Chances 2018 from Prof Bill: https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/chances-for-2018

It’s winter break so I have a lot more time on my hands lol. Ask me anything that comes to mind and I'll try my best to answer!
Doing Grade 12 English in summer school
For grade 9/10, I was a high 80/90 student without putting in much effort, but I knew that I would have to put the effort in grade 11. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much effort I would need to put in, and I currently have a low 80 average with a 70 something in English. My plan is to take grade 12 English in summer school and devote all of my attention too it. English has always been my worst subject and the grade 12 teachers at our school mark harder than average from what I can tell. I want to take Computer Science/Software Engineering, will doing this affect my chances of getting into U of T or any other well-regarded university? 

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is Software Engineering for me?
How is it that people know what they want to do? I'm interested in software engineering but I am not exactly sure if it's is a good fit for me. What would be a good criteria? I enjoy and am good at my computer science and math classes. Would that mean software engineering is a good fit?
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Will univeristy look at the grade 11 courses i don't need for the program I want to go in?
So, I'm a grade 11 student that wants to become a computer enginner  and i'm in a dilema right now. I don't know if i should take spanish online or bio even though i don't need them so it can be a distress for my next semester that has chemestry, advanced functions and french. I speak really good spanish but at the same time i don't know if i should take bio. Please help. BTW i`m aiming for early acceptance
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Will universities care about the grade 11 courses I don't need for my program?
So for next semester i'm taking Biology which I don't need because I wanna become a software engineer. Should I take it or not? I'm debating whether I should take spanish instead. I'm also aiming for early admission. Please help.
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SE and CS
This is going to be really dumb. I'm interested in computer science and software engineering, but I'm not sure if I should apply. Based on the descriptions of the two, I think I'd really enjoy SE: I really don't mind taking courses like physics and whatnot and I do prefer the idea of SE focusing on creating the most reliable, consumer-friendly product over CS focusing on tackling interesting or challenging CS problems, etc. I also like that there's some hardware, not that that's important to me at all, but I certainly wouldn't mind learning it. However, I'm wondering if I should bother applying to UW SE at all since I don't feel that I realistically stand a chance. 
Mark wise I'll likely end up in the low 90s (92 lowest possible, 95 highest possible – I think). Currently my marks are around:
ENG4U: 90% (lowest 88%, highest ?? maybe 92? 93?)
MHF4U: 94% ? (I don't remember but it should definitely go up) lowest 93%, highest ~97 (teacher thinks it can go higher though)
MCV4U: predicted to be around MHF, give or take 2% (same teacher)
SCH4U: 91%
SPH4U: 88% ??? (I have no idea what's going to happen to this one, my teacher seems convinced I'll do great since I did very well in Gr 11 but I'm clearly not doing so hot now)
My highest non-required course will be Vocal which is likely to be either 98 or 99. I have one 4U 94% (history) and a couple other bird courses that should all be within the 90s.

My ECs are not fantastic. They're not tech related at all, but I guess they demonstrate breadth. I was part of a few cultural exchange programs, creator of the school newspaper (and now I write, edit, and do layout for that), am part of a few music groups in school, part of SAC, used to be executive member of Yearbook among other things but being in SAC means I'm not allowed to be exec for other clubs anymore (which sucks). Gr 10 RCM piano, can't really think of anything else at the moment. The killer is I really don't have CS experience beyond whatever I can find online (codeacademy, CS Circles, etc). I'm planning on taking the Euclid but I don't know if I'll do well at all. 

It does help though that I know UW boosts marks from my school since we have a reputation for being a difficult school. It certainly takes a genius (of which we actually have a few) to get 95+ averages (unless you're a business student) and students from my school tend to be pretty successful post-secondary so I know UW takes those things into account during admissions (but of course it won't count for as much as marks and ECs). For example, I have friends from my school that got into chem eng with flat 90s, etc.

I'm planning on applying to CS (I can't not try) since it seems to be less competitive admissions than SE. I don't know if I should apply to SE though... The only thing giving me hope is the odd story of people who got into SE and weren't expecting to, or those who got into SE but were rejected from CS, etc. Should I bother?
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Engineering to Arts?
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to ask a quick question. Is there any engineering course (basically I'm looking at software eng, comp sci, comp eng, nanotechnology, or mechatronics) which can be bridged with any type of an Arts background to it? Yes, I know that these are polar opposites, however, you see, I'm not very confident with these engineering choices as my future career choices. 

I am in grade 12, and have been debating for the longest time which I should pursue. My parents highly encourage me to take up engineering for obvious reasons, the "6-digit-salary", while I am somewhat more inclined towards pursuing media arts. A little more about myself:

- My grade 11 and 12 averages --> averaged 89-90% which accounted for the whole year's average (not only my top 6), again for both 11 and 12. I am not too happy with these grades based on my program choices. However, hopefully my participation in extracurriculars and volunteering, etc should fill this 89% void to a 90%.
- My dream is to become an animator or create video games.
- I want a dynamic/exciting day at work.
- Obviously, the job aspects after getting the undergraduate degree should be "good enough" as I have stated above with that "6-digit-salary" notion.
- I like technology and working around with it, however, sometimes I feel as if I can't ever get the code to work (I am especially interested in software eng & comp sci). Does this happen to everyone? Or is it just me who is not passionate/knowledgeable enough?
- I don't really know if this is the right choice for me because although I somewhat enjoy coding and building, I do experience difficulties with the same.
- I'd like to say that I have a creative mind and am able to effectively apply advertising/marketing techniques in order to create various projects.
- Also, at this point I am only considering universities: McMaster, Waterloo, Guelph, UOIT, UofT, McGill, Ottawa. {  I probably shouldn't expect much though :-(  }

Lastly, the BIG question --> I want to satisfy my parents' and my own expectations and dreams, so is there any way for me to complete an undergraduate degree in any of the engineering programs listed above and then go on to becoming an animator (by animator, I mean like the proper pixar animators/the people who create anime/visuals in video games, etc)? 

I would sincerely, sinCERELY, SINCERELY, appreciate some honest and informative responses. I am very stressed since it is time to apply for universities, however I keep delaying it since I am unsure. I don't really know anyone who does engineering as part of an undergrad study so I have ABSOLUTELY no idea of what to expect. Any, and ALL, answers are appreciated. 

Thank you so much for spending the time to read this and responding in advance!

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What's the average entry gardes for computer science in York
Hi guys, I'm a international student and currently studying in PEI. My mark right now is 93 on math, 75 on Chem, and 82 on English(already finished in summer school). I'm pretty sure I can keep my math up to 90, and I'm trying to get my chem up to 80. I have calculus, and physics next semester, I'm sure I can get those two up to 80. I just applied to York yesterday for both Computer science and software engineering. I just want to know do I stand a chance to get into York, or the possibility to get in is very slim, because all of my friends are going to York, So York is my top choice.
Mechanical or Software Engineering
At the moment I'm equally interested in both engineering types but which is a better choice based on pay and employability?
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Engineering Schools - Which do you guys think are the best?
I'm thinking about Software Eng. / Computer Eng. / Mechanical Eng. I'm also having a difficult time picking universities to apply to.

Of all the universities within Ontario, what would be your top 5?
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Software Engineer Student - 1ST YEAR
I am a first year software engineering student at the university of Guelph, if you guys have any question please feel free to ask. I can be any question and I will try my best to answer.
With these EC's and Marks what university/program near Toronto would be best fit for me?
-Was a member of a charity based club that donated money to the SickKids foundation.  
-Attended the dmpg contest and came 8th place out of 64 teams.  
-Was the communications director for the schools hackathon club, helped club members on their projects and guided them for ways to implement their ideas  
-Co-founded an android app developement club in grade 12 and was the VP of this club. In this club, we created an app developement studio called LynchPin. We even have a website on which we frequently post our achievements called www.Lynchpin.Studio.
 -Launched an App, a physics based game called Stagger that was made as tutorial to teach students in the app developement club Unity3D.
-Reference letter from the english head at my school  
-Became part of the mentors club which required me to help students from younger grades. -Attended THacks last october, and made an interactive Holographic display. (Leap Motion integrated with Pepper's ghost technology; Unity3D was used)
-Launched an app "Smokeless" that rewarded users prizes depending on how frequently they used Smokeless to curb their smoking habits. The app keeps track of the amount of time and money users spend on smoking and tries to persuade them to curb their habits by rewarding them. The rewards will be earned by watching ads and the revenue goes to the SickKids foundation via the Charity Club.  
-Was the secretary for the Engineers Without Borders club of our school, this club was in affliation with the EWB charter of UofT  
-organized a workshops for this club

ICS4U: 95
Adv. Func: 90
Chem:85 :(               (set to rise +3%)

With these marks and EC's what are my chances of getting into a good university. The program preferably should be related to the computers field ie Comp Sci Comp Eng. OR Software Eng 

Some universities i've been eyeballing are Ryerson, McMaster, and Toronto

Can I make University?
Hi guys,

I want to do computer science, I'm a student in an Ontario high school in senior yr. My grades, I'll be honest, are very disappointing. I work hard and try my best yet I still don't do well. I attribute this to my untreated ADHD, my parents will not hear my pleas for help and are in denial.

My grades are:

87 - 12 Comp Sci
89 -  12 Law
65 - 12 Earth and Space
92 -12 English
64 - Advanced Functions (taking now)
90 - 12 World History (Taking now)

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Software Engineering at University of Ottawa?
Anyone in this program? Is it a good school for that program and is the co-op really as good as the uni says it is?  I live in Toronto and I'm looking at UofO because I heard the co-op is good and software is a field I've been looking into.  However, is the program worth going all the way to Ottawa? Or am I better off going for a computer science program closer to home?
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Engineering Vs Commerce
I'm an ambitious grade 12 student, with a dilemma regarding undergrad studies. I am a successful student (so far) and am interested in courses in both commerce, math, and science. I have always had a passion for commerce, and the idea of working with money, however I am also very good at technical problem solving.  

Would it be more valuable to get a commerce degree at a top school (Queens, Schulich) or a (mechanical?) engineer at a school like Gueens, Mcmaster or Guelph?  

*I have considered the Western Ivey/eng, but the option seems overly-expensive.
Are these grades good enough for Waterloo Software Engineering or U of T Computer Science?
Hello everyone! I am wondering if my grades are good enough to give me a decent chance at Waterloo's Software Engineering program or the Computer Science program at U of T. These grades are educated guesses but I think knowing my chances of admission with these grades will motivate me to work for them.
Advanced Functions - 98
Computer Science - 98
Physics - 95
Chemistry - 96
Calculus and Vectors - 97
English - 92
Philosophy - 95
Business - 96
Avg of required courses plus next highest 4U course - 96%
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Waterloo Computer Science AiF
Hello, I am very unsure if this is the right place to ask but, I am a senior high school student looking to attend waterloo's computer science program next year. I was going to ask about AiF, In terms of EC's and general experience I am an:

 • Apple WWDC Scholar (1 of 350 Internationally recognized awards) by developing a program that allows students to explore the internal molecular structure of 3-D Molecules (https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/7324671-student-creates-3-d-program-earns-ticket-to-apple-conference), I am also an iOS Developer.

 • Software Engineer Intern at Shopify (developed a data compression system for sending POST Requests over RESTful API which reduced response times by 65%). 

 • Offered 2 full-time job offers from(Amazon & Shopify) also a Machine Learning Development Internship at Apple(Once I attend post-secondary) 

 • Proficient in advanced programming methods and languages. • Have attended many Hackathons including HTN ;) & Am organizing a hackathon at my school.

 •MVP of School computer science team and Chief software developer of schools FRC Robotics Team. 

 • [A few other miscellaneous yet relevant acomplishments] 

 I am expecting an 85-87% grade 12 average (I suck at physics) with all that I've done will waterloo consider me with my average.
Waterloo Computer Science Student AMA
I think there is a huge amount of misconception about our school and our different programs, so I am just hoping to help some people clear it up.

Info about me:
-I am in my 3rd year in computer science
-I have been through 3 co-ops so far
-I have taken a bunch of ECE and physics courses(if anyone have questions)

Just ask away and I will try my best answer. I will add more info about me along the way.
Ivey Dual degree vs UW/WLU Dual degree
I'm planning on applying to both WlU BBA/UW BMATH as well as western with AEO for software eng or CS with the Ivey HBA and plan to complete the fifth year to receive both degrees