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Environmental Studies Program
Hey guys! I'm just looking for some opinions on good schools for environmental studies programs (in the arts, though I do enjoy some bio). I'm currently looking at Dalhousie (for either science or arts, I've gotten into both), Queen's (arts), or McGill (arts, specifically the environment and development program). If anyone has had any suggestion, points to keep in mind, etc. please share!
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Trent Conservation Biology
I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Trent conservation biology program? It is new this year and I heard that acceptances will have to go out later due to finalization of the course. Does anyone know any more information on this? Thanks!
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How much will one bad mark affect your acceptances?
So I know that this is obviously much different depending on the school but I was wondering how much one poor mark will affect your chances? My last semester was:

Religion: 95
Chemistry: 94
Biology: 90
Advanced Functions: 75

Math has never been my strong suit. My program requires advanced functions however it does not focus on it much in the actual course. Will that 75 be a big deal? I will have 7 credits this year but since advanced functions is required for the course I was not too sure how heavily they will weigh it. My program is Conservation Biology at Trent. I know Trent is not the most competitive school but this is a new program so there will be a lot of transfers applying as well. Thanks.
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Opinions on U of Guelph
Any opinions on the University of Guelph, just in general and/or specifically any of the following programs: animal biology, animal science, zoology, wildlife conservation, and equine management. Thanks in advance!
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Wildlife biology/ conservation UNIVERSITIES?
What universities in canada are best for studying animal conservation, biology, zoology or anything wildlife/conservation related? THANK YOU!
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