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How competitive/hard is it to get into a BEd program in BC?
I'm in my first year doing Kinesiology and Geography with the hopes of becoming a secondary school teacher. However, something I really worry about is : what if I don't get into a BEd program? There's nothing else that I'm interested in doing with my degree so it would be a pretty big problem. Can anyone provide me with some info on this?
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Someone help me
I'm failing grade 9 academic geography bcuz I just goof around in that class but I'm doing very well in my other subjects (math.business,gym). my question is do i have to take summer school for geography?
If I don't will I still be able to graduate?
Urban Planning or Architecture
Ive narrowed my program choices to either Architecture or Urban Planning and I was just wondering if anyone could help me in this decision. Which profession is better job wise, which is more enjoyable and how much do each make as I havent been able to find a solid number for either

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Geography and Planning (Queens) vs. Geography and Environmental Management Co-op (Waterloo)
Hi I was wondering what program would be the better one for opening career paths in geography (I plan on minoring in Environmental Studies if I go to Queens) and/or environmental work and my success in the work force? I plan on getting the Certificate of GIS at Queens and Diploma of Excellence at Waterloo to have some knowledge in GIS for GIS related jobs. 

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Geography undergraduate?
This seems very interesting, but I'm wondering what type of jobs you can get from this
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UBC vs Waterloo undergrad for Master's
I plan on getting a Master's of Science at a top university such as Columbia, Yale, Imperial College London, etc. for an environmental disciple.  Would it matter if I got my undergrad from the University of Waterloo or the University of British Columbia? Both would be a major in Geography with UBC giving a Bachelor of Science while Waterloo would give a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. I know that UBC has one of the best geography programs in the world (6th according to QS)  but Waterloo's is also pretty good (48th according to QS). Also while UBC may have a better rep and is ranked significantly higher than Waterloo internationally, Waterloo has the largest co-op program in the world giving me much more work experience than in UBC, albeit some co-ops won't be related to my field. Waterloo's co-op would give me a lot of work experience and virtually no to little student debt while UBC offers a better rep. So...does the undergrad school really matter when applying for my Master's? Thanks!

Btw I am aware that Waterloo has a very good international rep for subjects such as engineering and physics but I'm not too sure about environmental subjects where UBC is a powerhouse. 
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UBC(Arts--> GRS) or SFU(GES)?
Hey guys! So here's the deal, I got 13 days to accept my offer to either UBC or SFU. I got into the Faculty of Arts at UBC, and I'm hoping that in second year I can do Global Resource systems there. I also got into SFU's bachelor of Environment program: Global Environmental Systems. Both offers are extremely enticing and I'm torn between the two. The thing is though; I can't seem to figure out the difference between the two programs. Does anyone know how the jobs/career would differ between the two programs? How is the student life at both universities? Is there anyone here in any of these programs? Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it!!!
Confused with Questions
Hi everyone! I'm going into grade 12 this year and I plan on applying to university. My original plans were to apply to Carleton, McMaster, and Wilfrid Laurier for Social Work. I'm not feeling 100% anymore about it and I started looking into cultural geography and anthropology and urban planning. Could anyone tell me what the first year courses are like in the social work programs and any pros and cons? Also about the other topics that I mentioned?
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Thoughts on job prospects with International Relations/International Development majors?
I'm considering majoring in either IR or IDV - they both look really interesting to me. What are job prospects like with these? I'd be willing to double major in either IR or IDV and either a language or economics. My best subjects are math and geography at the moment. I enjoy learning languages too, so I think these would be a good fit. What kind of careers can you pursue with these majors?
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Just Finished (Ivey) AEO2, Going Into HBA1 - Ask Me Anything
Two short years ago, I was in the position many of you are in right now. Wondering how hard it is to maintain an 80% average through two years at Western. I will not sugarcoat anything like many AEOs did (and still do) on this forum. I will not echo useless sentiments you already know. I will tell it like it is.

In first year I averaged 78.6%

In second year I averaged 86.8%

I studied Geography for my first two years at Western.

Ask me anything - I will answer everything.