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Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management(BBRM)- Equine Management
Hey! I just finished Gr.11 and will be starting Gr.12 come September and I'm currently rearranging my courses. I'm thinking of applying to the university of Guelph for the BBRM and majoring in equine management. Would Calculus be a recommend course to take in Gr.12? Or Exercise Science? I checked, these are not mandatory to get into the program, but would they be beneficial if I took them now? Also for anyone who is in or taken the BBRM program what do you think of it? Is it a useful bachelor? What are you doing now? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Really depressed. Accepted my offer of Kinesiology at York University but I can't afford my first year
Hi guys, I live in Venezuela and I don't have family nor close friends in Canada. I applied to York University this year and I've been admitted to the Kinesiology program to start this Fall. Everything went out pretty well but I didn't get any scholarship and in my country we are facing an economical crisis that got worse lately and now it is almost impossible to change our currency in dollars and either way it's an awful lot of money to afford at least my first year at York University. I'll need to pay residence and a meal plan. 

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ANY ALTERNATIVE SCHOLARSHIPS? Do you think if I manage to pay at least for the fees of this first semester I could work throughout the whole fall and save some money to pay the fees for Winter? Is there really anything I can do once I arrive in Canada to help myself pay? 

I have work experience in my country, I'm currently working as an English teacher in my country and I also worked in a travel agency for a time.

My email is dennysmedinar@gmail.com, I have a plane ticket to leave in September and I even though I don't have the money to pay for an education I'm saving and doing my best. If there's anything you advice me to do please let me know.

Thanks a lot! 
Hello all. I have been suffering from a Eustachian tube dysfunction for over a year at this point and it's become quite bothersome. I have visited my general practioner and ENT and they prescribed me nasal decongestants and antibiotics to help eliminate the crackling sounds that occur in my ears when swallowing. However, when I visited my ENT and explained to him that I had a ear infection before experiencing the Eustachian tube dysfunction, and there is a chance there is fluid built up behind my ear drum that needs to be drained, he prescribed me a nasal decongestant and implicitly suggested if the nasal decongestant isn't successful, there isn't an alternative treatment available. In other words, he stated I will be living with it permanently. Additionally, I conducted some research of my own and some individuals (who experienced it themselves or knew someone else who was going through it) stated its not treatable if the common treatments for it are unsuccessful. I'm beginning to think what the ENT told me is true. What is the most appropriate course of action for me at this point?
Opportunities at U of Guelph
Is it easy to get involved at U of G, even if you live off campus? Is there a lot of opportunites to get involved?(extra-curriculars, sports, events, clubs, volunteer, jobs?)
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Grade 12 Biology as a pre-requisite for an international student
Hey guys, I am a prospective international student and I want to study Kinesiology at York University. Since I'm new to this Canadian education system I have a doubt. 

If to take a Biology course they ask as a pre-requisite Grade 12 Biology, is an international student eligible to take the course? I mean, I did see Biology in my senior year. The thing is that since the education system in my country is different and there isn't such thing as Grade 12 because high schools here have one year less than Canadian high schools, I don't know if I'll be elligible to fill this pre-requisite or if I'll have to take an Introduction to Biology course.